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Re: Renegade Presents: WWE 2003 - Now Go Home And Get Your Fucking Shinebox

Raw Feedback

I donít mind opening the show with Triple H, as obviously heís going to have a bunch of shit to say after being Speared by Goldberg last week. I think it was good how Triple H started off with some meaning, telling The Berg that he made the biggest mistake of his life. To be honest though, from there, I thought things kind of faltered. Whilst the message Hunter was sending was nice, I think certain things could have been done a little better. Firstly, just a small thing, but I could imagine Triple H saying you Speared them, maybe even mentioning The Jackhammer to, but mentioning a couple of Goldbergís other moves doesnít strike me as something that would be said. It honestly seemed like an attempt to just make Hunterís line of dialogue go a little longer. Another thing, I donít think Hunter would ever call the guys from WCW cronies. It just didnít seem right for me at all. From there, it was more of the usual Iím the best spiel from Triple H, pretty solid stuff. Flairís little message to Maven was alright as well, nothing to complain about. Randy Orton and Batista challenging for the tag team titles is actually something I really like the sound of. The Dudleyz? Definitely unexpected, but with Orton claiming they want tag team gold it makes a lot of sense. Bubbaís insult to Orton was nice, but the one to Triple H didnít have the same effect. It felt pretty awkward, imo. at Harlem Globetrotters though. Bubbaís intensity was pretty good for the rest of what he said. Triple Hís little bit before Bubba went on was good as well. Iím not sure about Bubba calling Triple H a bitch, whilst I like it, that just seems to be Steinerís favourite catchphrase, at the moment. The twist with the huge brawl coming at the end was pretty exciting stuff, as was the Spear by Goldberg. Much like the fatal four way in my thread that sounds familiar, I made Goldberg coming out of nowhere and Spearing people famous, so you know, back off . Anyway, Bischoff coming out and restoring order was to be expected. Just like that, two good matches for Bad Blood, and a solid main event for tonight. Overall, a pretty exciting/fun/good start to the show, with just a few tiny issues early on in the piece.

The Divas six woman tag to open things up seemed like a pretty cool match. I was a little surprised they got seven minutes, usually your divas are lucky to get three. Whilst Iím not the biggest fan of them, Ivory and Jackie are solid workers though, so Iím happy to see the match get a decent time. The action seemed solid enough, with the highlight being Victoriaís wig coming off. I still think you should have teased the wig coming off though, instead of just taking it off straight away. Vickie gets a solid win over the champ though, and the cutting of Trishís hair adds some nice heat to the feud.

Bad Blood card is really taking shape tonight. I canít wait to read this bad boy.

I fucking love you when you write The Rock. Awesome interaction between him and Trish, great stuff.

Hurricane/Rocky match would have been damn entertaining; although Iím surprised you had Hurricane hang eight minuted with The Rock. It all honestly seemed a little too much, and not only that, but he kicked out of the Hollywood Elbow, ugh, donít like that one bit. I can understand some of the top guys doing it, but not The Hurricane. The aftermath with Rocky hitting Hurricane again was nice, as was Steinerís appearance. Once again, Steiner brings the bitch comment, which means I donít like Bubba saying it earlier. Once is enough for a show, tbh. Bischoff interrupting this explosive situation, much like earlier just felt necessary. Steel Pipe on a Pole and strap match? Perhaps a little bit too much of a stipulation. It makes sense though after whatís gone down between the two so Iíll wait and judge it after I read it.

Pretty straightforward interview from Victoria, no complaints. Solid Bad Blood hype.

Kevin Nash > Raven. Hardcore match would have made it fun, and I marked for the Jackknife into the shopping trolley, although not sure how that would work without killing Raven. Good win for Nash anyway. Honestly, much like the shit that Szumi did in his WCW thread with the NWO, that Jericho segment was fucking awesome. I loved every moment of it, with Jerichoís cockiness still shining through, along with his sadistic side. The attack on Michaels in his own home was awesome as well, just great stuff there, man.

Decent enough segment between Bischoff and Teddy Long. Thugginí and Bugginí making an impact is definitely something that interests me, as I think itís quite obvious I mark for this version of Teddy. What was up with Teddy calling Bischoff church though?

About time Test got a win. Not much else to add regarding the actual match. Christianís promo was pretty good, and Test accepting was to be expected. It was smart to have Stacy be annoyed at Test for accepting, although I can see her costing Test the match, and siding with Christian. Yet another match added for Bad Blood, cool.

Test and Keibler segment was smart, putting over what has just taken place.

Decent enough interview from Maven. Provided solid hype for main event, and for his match at Bad Blood. I love the route youíve taken Maven down in this thread, by the way. Itís been great.

Before I begin the main event, Goldberg as a lumberjack just seems weird. I feel like heíd personally take too much attention away from the actual match itself. Anyway, the match itself was a pretty enjoyable read. Maven being outwrestled early, only to turn it around was good. One thing though, I just couldnít picture Goldberg cheering Maven on, just doesnít seem like something the big man would do. The rest of the match went along pretty nicely, and the ending came along well, with all hell breaking loose. Maven looks really strong coming out of this one, although Iím not sure Triple H almost being beat, and then needing help to win does much for him as the champion. The aftermath was brutal, awesome Evolution beat down. I really miss these moments.

Overall, definitely a very good Raw. I was entertained throughout, and Bad Blood is looking pretty damn exciting as well.

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