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Re: Renegade Presents: WWE 2003 - Now Go Home And Get Your Fucking Shinebox

Raw feedback

Evolution out to start the show, expected I suppose but I feel as though they always seem to start the show even though it does make sense. Trips was very good here, some of the best Iíve seen you do with him. Running down WCW as the minor leagues was well done. Was nice to see you concentrating on the other Evolution feuds also with Flair wanting Maven and Orton talking about the tag titles. Very surprised to see the Dudleyz come out and take the verbal challenge to Evolution. Bubbaís always been strong on the mic and I thought you captured him well here. Woulda liked to see Orton fight back but again as the leader, Trips prob would stand up for his group. Kane and RVD coming to help, nicely done and the brawl was good. Absolute choas with Regal, Storm, Morley, Maven and Goldberg also coming down, feels like the damn Royal Rumble here.

Good announcements from Bischoff, the four corners match should be a good one, as should Flair/Maven. Lumberjack match tonight? Something different for sure, I like it and should be a good one.

Decent tag match here and the main point of it was to obviously show just how crazy Victoria is. I like the angle of her wanting Trishís hair. Interested to see where this goes.

Rock/Trish segment was alright, feel like weíve seen it before though but I understand you going for it.

Rock/Hurricane was a decent match, no way was Hurricane getting another win here but he doesnít look any weaker following it. Steiner coming down was no surprise and the announcement from Bischoff was strangely good. Steel Pipe on a pole strap match? I say strangely good as itís a hell of a strange match but probably gonna be a good one. Donít quite know how it works though?

Nash/Raven/ Had to be a hardcore match, these two canít really do an awful lot more together. Nash obviously picks up the win, but the aftermath was where this kicks off. Really great stuff with Jericho here, making him out to be a completely ruthless S.O.B. Loved how the nanny conveniently walked out just as Jericho was arriving. Absolutely vicious attack from Jericho and you have to feel that the rematch between these two wonít be taking place for quite some time yet. Really good job though here, including the use of Rebecca and Cameron at the end, just coming home as Jericho goes, great job.

Solid enough segment with Bischoff and Long. Looking forward to seeing what kidn of impact Longís men make if any.

Easy enough win for Test and necessary. Finally, Test/Christian for the title, big stipulation in there as well. I see Stacy turning on Test in that one, should be good either way.

Decent interview with Maven. Liked the importance he placed on the match as the biggest of his career and this is a big chance for you to boost him tonight.

The match itself was a decent one and I think you did show Maven can hang with the big boys, so good job. Trips was always gonna get the win and the end to the match was nicely done with the Lumberjacks getting in there. Aftermath was good also as Evolution finally get the one up on Goldberg, it had to happen at some point and this was certainly a way to do it, nice job.

Overall another solid show from you. I didnít enjoy it as much as the previous weeks but it got the job done and advanced things even further, looking forward to Bad Blood. Keep it up.
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