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Re: Renegade Presents: WWE 2003 - Now Go Home And Get Your Fucking Shinebox

Really, really, really good opening from Trips explaining how WCW was the minor leagues compared to what the WWE is right now, and the competition they have. Trips going through all his competitors I also liked. This was just a great all around speech to really gain some crediablility to his side after getting speared last week. Much like iMac said I really liked the matches made for Bad Blood and for later tonight however Orton should have come back with a remark over Trips. I understand Trips is the leader but still give Orton some mic time.

So I shunned the idea of Victoria losing her hair but it seems to make her character more psychotic but I'm all for it. I don't know if I would have cut Trish's hair off, maybe had the save earlier. I understand she didn't cut all her hair but no hair would have been better, because I think you could have saved it for later on in this feud. I mean she cut someone elses hair the week before and now pulls off a victory over the womens champ. She has enough momentum as is, I feel she didn't need more.

I don't know if this promo was really needed. We got some good laughs but otherwise I felt it wasn't really necessary but that is just me. Anyhow it lead up to the match and I must say Rock finally picking up the win over the Hurricane is a great choice, and then having Scott Steiner interfering afterwards was also great. I have to say an innovative match created for these two. I'm not a big fan of strap matches, but I believe you can pull it off.

I have to say I feel both men are washed up at this point but that is just me. Although this was a nice little match and the ending was a sweet spot. I have to say the Jericho promo...my god what great writing. At first Jericho you know just seemed a bit weird, didn't really feel or sound like himself to me, but when he arrived at the house and started his ass whoopin on Michaels it was perfect. I really enjoyed it. I'm not going to lie a little note from a personal standpoint, I really like how the wife and Cameron were not there. I don't know I guess it makes it feel more humane if you ask me. Honestly if anything I wouldn't have mind the wife maybe seeing the beatdown, but still I like it just the way you wrote it. Great job with this out of the box promo.

A nice little promo out of Long & Bischoff. Served it's purpose.

Again a squash sort of match, however the Christian adding the services of Stacy to the table I really like. I really don't know if Christian to this point needs a female manager but I also feel with that said Christian was going to win this feud anyway Stacy or no Stacy. I just feel that now Stacy is added she will be going to Christian's side.

Maven at this point in his career was really becoming a decent superstar in the mid-card division. It wasn't until Orton got kicked out of Evolution he became a staple in the upper midcard, however I will say with a huge match tonight, and if he can beat Flair a third time at Bad Blood I really think he will obtain that upper midcard status without the way WWE did it IRL. This was a good promo. The match itself was also very good. I don't know I was honestly expecting a win for some reason from Maven, with Berg interfering since so much chaos was happening, however on second thought the champ would have prob looked very weak with that being said so I like that you had Trips win. The beatdown of Berg at the end was good although I wanted more action from the lumberjacks to maybe try to save Berg (Dudley's, RVD etc.) Still with that said it was a good way to close out the show.

Well overall I have to say this was a good show. My only gripe may have been the lack of competition between Nash/Raven, Test/Nowitski (meaning both were kind of one sided matches already knew the outcome) however I have to say Bad Blood is turning out to be a pretty damn good card. Good show and keep it going .

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