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Re: Renegade Presents: WWE 2003 - Now Go Home And Get Your Fucking Shinebox

Hey. First time reading so don't really kn ow much about the current feuds. Will read over some of the past shows later on.

Great opening to the show i thought. Evolution opening was good and Triple H berating his Bad Blood opponent Goldberg's history was what you would experct from Triple H and was good. The segment descended into chaos with the Dudley Boys and RVD and Kane getting involved before Goldberg speared Triple H which was interesting on all accounts. Bischoff's intervention and match making was good. I think the Maven/ Flair and tag title match will be good matches and looking forward to them.

Victoria is crazy in your btb! Interesting storyling you have going with the whole hair shaved so try and shave and cu everybody elses. The 6 diva tag match was a good match.

The Rock/Trish moment was funny, no wonder The Rock is hitting on Trish she is Hot! ha and he got shot down.

The Rock beating the Hurricane at the third time of asking was the right thing to do. I Like the Hurricane but if he beat the Rock three times in a row it would damage the Rock's credibility. The Hurricane did come out the match as very credible though. I am interested to see what you do with the steel pipe strap match between Rock and Steiner.

Nash vs Rave was a little short but was a jobber match and got Nash over well. Jericho coming out and the video with him attacking HBK was great, interested to see how this angle continues.

Only Test could win that match to build momentum and i like the stipulation for the Bad blood match between Christian and Test for IC title and the services of Stacey Keibler. Should be interesting.

The main event was good. The brawl was inevitable and i did think the sledgehamer attack was at the right time. If it is early then you could run with Goldberg away for few weeks and then coming back to attack HHH.

I really enjoyed the show and will continue reading.
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