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Re: Renegade Presents: WWE 2003 - Now Go Home And Get Your Fucking Shinebox

Raw Feedback

After the ending to last week's show, it's no surprise to see you kick off with Evolution en masse. Trips was pretty solid with his rundown of the names he's knocked off, and the way he belittled Berg's achievements in WCW was a nice touch, especially that minor leagues line. Nice to see some attention being paid to the other Evolution feuds, especially Flair mentioning Maven here, should be a boost for him purely by assosciation. While I understand The Dudleys interupting Orton, I wasn't all that happy that the Evolution response caem from Trips. Shoulda let Orton carry on imo. But anyway, the segment descneds into mayhem, and The Berg rocks Trips again. The matches announced for Bad Blood sound cool, especially the tag title match, and the main event tonight will no doubt resemble the chaos of the opening segment. Real good way to kick things off.

I've previously given my opinion on the way Victoria was shaven bald, but I'm glad to see you're using it in a productive way. It seemed a pretty solid match as far as the divas go, and psycho Victoria is always entertaining. Victoria pinning Trish of course means she's in line for a title shot, and the post match angle was a very interesting move, really showing off this crazy streak of Victoria. No complaints here, some real solid booking, although i hope we don't wind up with two bald chicks running around.

Erm, The Rock and Trish bit was kinda funny, it got a few cheap laughs and you wrote The Rock well, but apart from given a few iggles, not really sure what purpose it served. Rocky spent more time talking about his dick than his match tonight.

No way Hurricane is going 3-0 over The Rock, that just can't happen. Hurricane came out of the match not looking any weaker than before, but Rocky had to win ahead of the pay per view. Loved the post match of rocky offering the handshkae then smacking Helms, that was a typical heel move that worked well. Steiner out, and at that match stip. I honeslty can't wait to read it, as it's gotta be a first iirc. Will be very interesting to see how you write it, and just what exactly the rules will be. (First guy to touch all four corners gets the pipe first or something?) Clarification next week plz.

Nice bit of follow up from Victoria, once again putting over this psycho gimmick she's going through right now. Wouldn't mind her winning the title, but as I said earlier, one bald chick is enough.

Lol at using Raven as a punishment. That guy is rather washed up by this point in time. Although that bump at the end of the match sounded brutal, and Nash looks very strong as a result of the win.

Damn good angle here with Jericho, really got Jericho over. I lol'd at the start with the Bischoff ass kissing and then Jericho jumping into the Lambo (doesn't really fit him imo, but whatever), but once we got to Michaels house the angle really kicked into gear. The way you wrote Jericho creeping around was brilliant, as was the assault of Michaels. I'm assuming by the brutal nature of thsi that we won't be seeing Michaels for a good while yet, meaning we'll have to wait a bit longer for Jericho/Michaels II. But this for sure added mroe fire to the Jericho/Nash situation, and I full expect a match between Jericho and Nash to be announced for Bad Blood. But yeah, this was pretty sweet, highlight of the show so far.

Eh, not a whole lot to say on the T-Lo/Bischoff bit, although I'm all for you pushing those guys, especially D-Lo. Underapreciated talent imo.

Another match where one man had to win, and of course Test picks up the victory. Rather interesting match stipulation from Christian after the match, should add to the title match. Stacy's reaction after Test agreed makes me think she could swerve us at the pay per view by costing Test, but I'll wait and see how the rest of the build for the match goes. But at least we've got a nice twist on the match, should be a good one. Christian to win btw.

Pretty standard underdog promo from Maven, understandible since he's taking on the champion tonight. I'm gonna ssume he's gonna beat Flair at Bad Blood, puely because Flair doesn't need the rub, but this match tonight will go a long way to making my mind up. Strong showing from Maven please.

Main event time, and lumberjack stip should make it a fun match. Natural that Trips would be the first to take advantage of the lumberjacks first, and of course it's Batista who does most of the damage. Nice to see Goldberg get a piece of Hunter during the match, keeping them ticking over after what happened at the top of the show. Some nice drama towards the end, with Maven coming close to winning a couple of times, which really helps put him over. Lumberjacka always descend into mayhem, so no suprise to see this here, and it gives Triple H the victory, with Maven not being hurt a bit by the outcome due to the strong showing he gave. Whoa at the beatdown of Goldberg afterwards, I'd have thought there was too much going on for something like that. What happened to everybody else is my first question? Surely there can't have been that much going on outside for not one face to notice a four on one sledghammer beatdown? Wasn't a fan of that tbh, the slegdehammer assault should have waited another week for a time when there was less going on imo.

Overall, an enjoyable show yet again. The hihlight was definately Jericho showing up at Michaels' house, that was a great angle. Most feuds ticked along nicely ahead of Bad Blood, and despite my few reservations over certain things, it was another good show. Good stuff man.
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