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Re: Renegade Presents: WWE 2003 - Now Go Home And Get Your Fucking Shinebox

I see Wolfy and 619 have shows up, review for you two shortly imo.


San Diego Sports Arena
San Diego; California

*Opening Video*


JR: We are live from the sold out Sports Arena here in San Diego. Hello everyone I'm Jim Ross and alongside me as always is Jerry "The King" Lawler and King, we're in for one hell of a night!

King: You've got that right JR! Last week I was wondering how on earth we could top the Raw Roulette but last week's show did a damn good job of that.

JR: Goldberg told the World's Champion Triple H that at Bad Blood, he's next, The Rock challenged Scott Steiner to one more match also at Bad Blood, Victoria tried to avenge her balding the week before by cutting the hair of Jacqueline and Ivory, and Chris Jericho got Jackknife Powerbombed straight to hell!

King: I hope Jericho is alright JR, he looked seriously hurt.

JR: From what we understand folks Chris Jericho will not be here tonight after the injuries he suffered...


The crowd erupts into huge heat as the World Heavyweight Champion Triple H makes his way out on stage, dressed in a sharp looking suit. The Game leads, with Evolution in tow also looking snazzy as in expensive suits. Triple H takes his time heading to the ring as usual, milking his long ass entrance for all it's worth, before finally taking a mic and entering the ring, joining Flair, Batista & Orton

Triple H: I'm out here tonight, to make one thing perfectly clear. Bill Goldberg...

MEGA pop for The Berg

Triple H: Last week when you Speared me in the middle of this ring {another huge pop}, you just made the biggest mistake of your life!

Huge heat

Triple H: You see Goldberg, whilst back in the good old days at World Championship Wrestling, you might've come out to the ring, told some sorry sap they were next and proceeded to snarl and growl like a mad man, you may have Powerslammed them, Gorilla Pressed them, Speared them, Jackhammered them and left without breaking a sweat. But I've got news for you Bill, that was the minor leagues.

More heat

Triple H: This is the WWE. This is Monday Night RAW. I am The Game, and I'm the World Heavyweight Champion. And if you think you can run through me at Bad Blood like you did to all those old cronies and nobodies in WCW, then you're sadly mistaken.

Crowd starts an "Asshole" chant as per usual as Triple H stops talking and lets them have their fun for a moment before he starts talking over them to continue

Triple H: I am the pinnacle of this business. There is none better than me. You may have your power Goldberg, but when you step into this ring with me in thirteen days time, I am going to pick you apart, piece by piece.

The Game strokes his beard as Evolution give him a round of applause for his bullshit

Triple H: I told everyone that Booker T couldn't match me inside this ring, and I proved that two weeks ago on the RAW Roulette when I crippled his ass!

Huge heat for that

Triple H: And you can add his name, to a long, long list of names that have stepped up to face me, and have gone home empty handed. Gone home a shadow of the man they thought they were. Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Mick Foley, The Undertaker, Kane, Rob Van Dam, Shawn Michaels, Scott Steiner, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, The Big Show, Chris Benoit, Hulk Hogan...

Trips pauses after such a lengthly list

Triple H: I could go on all night...

Please don't Hunter

Triple H: But I think everyone sees my point. They all thought they could play The Game and they all fell short. They all lost, to me!

Big heat

Triple H: Because I am The Game, and I am that damn good!

Triple H smirks as the crowd continue to boo

Triple H: All of those guys I mentioned before, past and present, they know, and all the idiots here tonight in Pensacola know {cheap heat}, hell, everyone around the world knows that I am the very best there is right now. And in this business, you're nobody until you've beaten me.

"You Suck" chant starts now

Triple H: So when you consider all those I've beaten Goldberg, that doesn't make me next for you. You Goldberg, ARE NEXT FOR ME!

Triple H seems to have made his point as Evolution laugh at Trips' lame robbery of Goldberg's quote, and hands the mic over to Ric Flair, who's greeted by a bunch of "Woo's" from the Pensacola crowd

Flair: That's right baby, Triple H is going to take Goldberg to school at Bad Blood - WOO!


Flair: Maven!


Flair: Don't think I've forgotten about you, ya punk.

Few smark cheers for Naitch

Flair: I haven't forgotten about you beating me once, I haven't forgotten you beating me twice, I haven't forgot about you eliminating me from the Battle Royal at Backlash.

Cheers for that now from the Maven supporters

Flair: And now you're letting it all get to your head. Well Maven, let me tell you something, you will never hold a candle to the Nature Boy!


Flair: You will never style and profile! You will never steal any kisses! You will never ride in the fancy limousines! You will never wheel and deal like me! To put it bluntly, YOU WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING IN THIS BUSINESS! WOO!

Flair starts to strut around the ring as the smarks love it

Flair: Mark my words when I say, at Bad Blood, the Nature Boy is gonna set the record straight, AND I'M - GONNA - TEACH - YOU - A - LESSON!

Flair is going over the top as usual and is a red as a tomato in anger. Naitch has to be calmed down by Triple H as he passes the mic on to Randy Orton

Orton: It has come to our attention that the current World Tag Team Champions {pop for RVD & Kane} currently have no challengers for their gold.

Orton smirks

Orton: So myself and Batista figure it's only right that we put ourselves forward as the challengers to Rob Van Dam and Kane at Bad Blood...

Pop from the crowd

Orton: And take those titles from them!

Quickly back to the heat

Orton: Bec-



The crowd comes alive out of surprise more than anything as the ever popular Dudley Boyz make their way out on stage to a huge cheer. Bubba has a mic in hand as D-Von pumps up the crowd as their music dies down, whilst Evolution look annoyed they've been interrupted here

Bubba: Randy Orton, you only spoke for about one minute, but already, half the crowd are asleep!

Crowd erupts as Orton doesn't approve

Bubba: But don't worry Randy, Triple H only spoke for five minutes or so, but to the rest of us, it felt like a million years!

Another cheer as Triple H this time isn't happy

Bubba: See you guys come out here every week and talk yourselves up like your some sort of mega force. Like you're the Harlem Globetrotters of the WWE or something. And incase you can't tell by the fact the fans are always chanting "You Suck" or "Asshole" at you guys, nobody else gives a damn!

The crowd is loving this as D-Von chimes in


Bubba: You say you want a tag title shot at Bad Blood? Well you punks better get in line, because no one has waited longer for a chance than myself and D-Von, and if you guys think you can muscle your way to the front of the line th-

Triple H: Oh no Bubba, we don't think, we know!

Huge heat as Trips cuts Bubba off

Triple H: We're Evolution, we ARE the Harlem Globetrotters of this business.

"Bullshit" chant breaks out which D-Von and Bubba encourage the crowd to continue chanting

Triple H: See, we've got it all. The past, present and future of this company.

More heat

Triple H: And who the hell do you think you are huh? Coming out here and sticking your nose in our business? Tell you what, take my advice, turn around and get the hell out of here, before we make you regret it.

Bubba: Oh is that a threat big man?

Triple H mouths "Oh yeah" and smirks back at Bubba

Bubba: Tell you what Triple H, you think you're a big shot, standing there, cowering behind the three stooges like the bitch that you are...

MASSIVE pop for that as Evolution don't approve

Bubba: And talk all the smack you want. But what's gonna happen, when myself and D-Von come down to that ring, and smack the taste right outta your mouth?

The crowd erupts and starts chanting "Dudleyz! Dudleyz! Dudleyz!"

Triple H: Let me think about that for a second {Trips looks around to Flair, Orton & Batista who all look ready for a fight}...two on four? You guys are dumber than you look!

Bubba & D-Von grin

Bubba: See Hunter, there's were you're wrong. Whilst you've only got three friends, who are all standing in the ring with you, we've got a few of our own...


The crowd erupts as Rob Van Dam & Kane make their way out on stage

RVD & Kane seem to be repaying the save The Dudleyz made on RAW Roulette here it seems as they have a brief face off before ALL STORMING DOWN TO THE RING!

The crowd goes nuts as the fight is on and all eight men are brawling in this chaotic start to RAW. It seems to be a fairly even fight as Bubba is paired off with Triple H, RVD with Flair, D-Von with Orton and Kane with Batista and the brawl spills out to ringside aswell. As this happens however the crowd starts booing as WILLIAM REGAL, LANCE STORM & CHIEF MORLEY sprint down to ringside and begin attacking Bubba & D-Von, looking to inflict some more damage after last week when they put The Dudleyz through tables. The Administration's presence turns the tide of the fight but SPIKE DUDLEY comes down to help his brothers out and is followed down by MAVEN, looking to get a piece of Ric Flair! It's absolute chaos now with bedlam breaking out and a pier six style brawl spilling all over ringside, up the ramp and into the crowd too.

Triple H is smart enough to roll into the ring, away from the fight, or so he thinks as he turns around INTO A SPEAR...FROM GOLDBERG! The crowd goes bonkers for The Berg as for the second week running he makes his mark on the World Heavyweight Champion when


The music of the General Manager hits to heat and out comes Eric Bischoff, flanked by tons and tons of security guards

Bischoff: That's it! THAT'S IT! Security, stop this mess!

The crowd boos the shit out of Bischoff as he sends the security down to the ring, and they pour out from the back in drones. There's gotta be atleast thirty of them as they get in between the brawling superstars and restore some order

Bischoff: Now that there's some order restored out here, I've got to address a few things.

More heat for Bischoff, coz, well, he's a dickbag tbh

Bischoff: First off, Randy Orton does make a very good point. As of yet, Rob Van Dam and Kane don't have any challengers for Bad Blood. However, seeing what's been transpiring these past few weeks and tonight aswell, I've come to the conclusion that at Bad Blood, Rob Van Dam and Kane will defend their World Tag Team Titles against...

The Bisch pauses

Bischoff: William Regal and Lance Storm...

Huge heat for that and The Dudleyz and Orton/Batista are pissed off to say the least

Bischoff: ...AND Randy Orton and Batista...

More heat as Evolution like what they hear now

Bischoff: ...AND The Dudley Boyz in a Four Corners Match!

The crowd loves it and finally Bubba & D-Von get their long awaited chance at the tag straps, whilst Chief Morley is shocked Bischoff has given them it, but Bischoff calms him down

Bischoff: And Ric, you want to teach Maven a lesson? You want him at Bad Blood?

Camera cuts to Flair, who's nodding this head and saying "Oh yeah!"

Bischoff: Well you've got Maven, one on one, at Bad Blood!

Another pop from the crowd, although not as big as the cheer for the Tag Titles match

Bischoff: And as for tonight, I'm thinking we out to have ourselves a fitting main event, so it will be Triple H taking on Maven {pop}...IN A LUMBERJACK MATCH!

The crowd eats it up again for that announcement as "I'm Back" hits again and Eric Bischoff heads to the back as the faces and heels start mouthing off at each other and Triple H pulls himself up, clutching his ribs and fuming at Goldberg who stands tall in the ring, smirking back at The Game with that trademark grin of his

JR: Folks what a start we've had to Monday Night RAW! It resembled Muskogee, Oklahoma on pay day out here.

King: And Goldberg once again Speared our World Champion!

JR: We're in for a wild night folks, I suggest you strap yourselves in!


Back from the break to ringside


Hits and the crowd erupts with a big pop as the Women's Champion Trish Stratus, Jacqueline and Ivory make their way out. The faces play to the crowd as the camera catches sight of the new hairstyles Jackie and Ivory are sporting thanks to Victoria last week

JR: Well we're back folks and set for divas action.

King: Look at Trish JR, she looks so happy. And when she's happy, I'm happy!

JR: You can see both Jacqueline and Ivory with shorter hair cuts this week after what that jezzebelle, that psychotic witch Victoria did to them last week on RAW, for those of you who missed it, take a look...

Victoria then grabs the bag she brought to ringside with her and pulls out a pair of SCISSORS! Victoria looks at them with an evil smile before she reaches down, grabbing Ivory by the hair and STARTS CHOPPING IVORY'S HAIR OFF! Victoria then goes over and does the same to Jacqueline, CHOPPING JACKIE'S PONYTAIL OFF! Victoria looks to continue the trim when TRISH STRATUS sprints to the ring to a big cheer from the fans. Victoria swings a shot but Trish ducks under and rocks her with right hands before REMOVING HER WIG! The crowd erupts as Victoria quickly covers up and exits the ring, getting away from the cameras as Trish attends to her friends Jackie and Ivory, saving them from being balded like Victoria was
JR: All I can say is thank God for Trish Stratus last week King.

King: I thank God for Trish Stratus every day JR!

@ King



The eerily tune of Tatu brings out Molly Holly, Jazz who's accompanied by Teddy Long and then finally the unstable Victoria. Victoria is sporting a trucker cap this week and has a ponytail hanging out the back, this clearly another wig cover up

JR: Does Victoria actually believe people are buying this?

King: I don't know what she believes JR...

JR: And look who's back folks, it's that goofier than a pet coon Steven Richards!

Victoria is comforted by her returning man tonight, who's been missing for quite some time for unknown reasons (aka, failed Right's To Censor return). Richards is carrying the same bag Victoria brought to the ring last week. The heels head to the ring with Victoria leading them down, as we see a shot of Jackie, Trish & Ivory standing side by side in the ring, all glaring at Victoria

Match #1
Six Person Tag Contest
Trish Stratus, Jacqueline & Ivory vs Victoria, Molly Holly & Jazz w/Theodore Long & Steven Richards

It's quite a solid match to kick things off with all six women being good workers and former champions. Trish starts things off with Molly and stays on top of her before tagging in Jackie who unloads with right hands on Molly, then whips her to the ropes and takes her down with a Headscissors Takedown! Molly quickly tags out to Jazz who charges at Jackie, but gets taken down with a Drop Toe Hold. Jackie tags in Ivory who mounts the top rope and as Jazz gets back to her feet, Ivory comes off with a Flying Crossbody to Jazz! Cover 1...2.kickout.
Ivory works over Jazz in the corner and then tags into Trish Stratus and the two divas whip Jazz to the ropes and take her down with a Double Hip Toss! Trish then does a Handstand Leg Drop and covers 1...2..kickout again by Jazz.

Trish gets Jazz up and rocks her with some right hands, then goes to send her to the corner, but Jazz counters it and Trish gets sent instead. Stratus sees Jazz charge in and dives through, taking her down with a Schoolboy Rollup 1...2..shoulder up! Teddy Long gets up on the apron, distracting Chad Patton as Victoria enters the ring and flattens Trish with a clothesline! From here, the heels pick the Women's Champion apart as Jazz tags in Molly and the duo stomp away at Trish in the corner. Molly then takes Trish down with a Snapmare and nails a kick to the back. Victoria gets tagged in and she starts roughing Trish up, planting her with a Scoop Slam and saying "How do you like that, pretty girl?" before she drops an elbow. Victoria gets caught out mouthing off at Jackie and Ivory and Trish goes for the STRATUSFACTION...but Victoria shoves Stratus away, however as Trish was holding onto Vickie's head, SHE ENDS UP PULLING THE TRUCKER CAP + WIG OFF! The crowd erupts as Victoria quickly covers up and tags into Jazz who flattens Trish with a clothesline. Cover 1...2...Trish kicks out. Victoria gets her wig back on and tags back into the match, looking furious with Trish. Victoria gets Trish up and loads her up for a Torture Rack, but Trish counters with a Reverse DDT! Jackie and Ivory get the crowd to make some noise as Trish struggles to her corner, whilst Victoria tags in Molly Holly, Trish HOT TAGS JACQUELINE!

Jackie comes in and rocks Molly Holly with right hands, then gives Jazz one for good measure, before knocking Molly down with a clothesline, and then Jazz with one, and then Molly with another. Jackie goes to whip Molly to the ropes, but it's reversed and Jackie rebounds off into a kick to the gut from Molly, who takes Jacqueline down with a Gutwrench Suplex! Ivory gets into the ring now and plants Molly with a Running Bulldog. Ivory gets up and Jazz meets her with a right hand. Jazz then muscles Ivory up with the BITCH CLAMP...BUT TRISH NAILS JAZZ WITH THE CHICK KICK TO THE BACK OF HER HEAD! Jazz drops Ivory face first before going out like a light as Trish tags in from Jacqueline now and sees Molly Holly up on the top turnbuckle and runs to the corner, handspringing up and taking her down with the Stratusphere! Trish then gets planted by the BLACK WIDOW by Victoria! Victoria has tagged in from Molly and covers Trish as Molly trips Jacqueline up and drags her to the outside 1...2...3!
Winners @ 7:29 - Victoria, Molly Holly & Jazz
Victoria gets the win here and it's over the Women's Champ too!

She quickly turns to Steven Richards and tells him to give her something, he reaches into the bag and pulls out the clippers! Victoria takes the clippers and starts to CHOP TRISH'S LOCKS OFF! The crowd is booing as Victoria takes a good chunk of Trish's long blonde hair off before she is taken down by Jacqueline! The crowd pops as Jackie pummels away on Victoria and is then joined by Ivory in sending the psychotic Victoria out of the ring! Ivory attends to Trish as Jackie eyes off Victoria, who looks happy she's taken some of Trish's hair away as she holds up the blonde locks to the fans

JR: This Victoria is obsessed! Last week she tried to bald Jacqueline and Ivory, this week she tried to do it to Trish Stratus! She won the damn match, she should be pleased with that.

King: She lost her hair JR. I may not like Victoria much, but you can't blame her for wanting to give the people that made her bald a taste of her own medicine.


*Video Plays*

Narrator: Sometimes, the Backlash isn't enough...

A pool of blood begins to slowly bubble

Narrator: And when issues are taken further...

The blood begins to bubble quicker

Narrator: And the hatred runs deep...

Again, the blood bubbles quicker

Narrator: The blood will run hot...

The blood reaches boiling point and the screen is engulfed in red

Narrator: And the Bad Blood will be shed!

WWE Bad Blood
Live from the Compaq Center
Houston; Texas

Theme Music: "Trapt - Headstrong"

*Video Ends*

Cut backstage

We return to see THE ROCK walking through the halls backstage. Rocky gets his trademark split reaction as he comes onto our screens. The Rock takes a turn down to the right and ends up stopping as up ahead is Trish Stratus, Jacqueline and Ivory. Jackie & Ivory seem to be consoling Trish, making sure she's alright, and the two then walk off, leaving Trish to get some rest as she takes a sip of water from her bottle, then starts to stretch as The Rock approaches, grinning from ear to ear

Rock: {In a Latin accent} Mamacita!

Trish turns around to see The Rock standing there, grinning at her

Rock: How you doin' honey?

The crowd pops as The Rock adjusts his belt up and down

Trish: I've... well I've been better...

Rock: Yeah, The Rock saw what happened out there. You were layin' some smack down and then BOOM! {Rock slaps his hands together which stuns Trish} you got beat. The Rock wants to let you know, that he's here for you girl.

Trish smirks

Trish: Oh really?

Rock: You betcha mama. The Rock sees you stretching and would be more than happy to help you out. Ya know The Rock's got a big match to warm up for tonight, against The Hurricane...

Pop for Hurricane

Trish: Oh yeah. Good luck with that.

Rock: Luck? The Rock won't need any luck. The Rock is gonna whip that Hamburglar's ass all over Pensacola tonight!

Cheap pop

Trish: {Smirking} Just like the last two times?

Rock: Hey, The Rock was distracted. Distracted by Stone Cold Steve Austin {huge pop} and then by Scott Steiner {another pop}. Both times, The Rock was robbed.

Crowd jeers


More heat

Rock: But The Rock isn't thinking about that anymore. The Rock's thinking exactly what you're thinking about.

Trish: And what's that?

Rock: What's that? That is you, finding out exactly, {whispering} what The Rock is cookin'!

Trish giggles at that and shakes her head

Rock: Ahahaha yeah baby girl. You know it. The Rock sees you thinking about a night with The Great One.

Trish continues to shake her head as she laughs

Trish: As {sarcasm} tempting as that sounds Rock {/sarcasm}, I think I'm gonna have to pass.

Rock looks surprised he's been rejected here

Rock: Whoa! They don't call me The Brahma Bull for nothin', you know what The Rock means? {Rock places his hand on thigh} EASSSEEEEYYY BIG FELLA! EASY!

The Rock nods and laughs

Rock: You know what The Rock's talkin' about hahaha!

Trish again laughs at Rock's advances, before looking like a lightbulb just lit up in her mind

Trish: You know what Rock, I think I do.

Rock: Yeah you do mama.

Trish: But I believe it's actually the TINY DING-A-LING!

OWNED! The crowd erupts as Trish is the one grinning now whilst The Rock is wide eyed

Rock: Oh no! No! No, no, no, no! HEY! There ain't nothing, and THE ROCK MEANS NOTHING tiny about The Rock!

Trish extends her hands to her side, as if to say "Who knows?"

Rock: You know what, get comfortable, kick back and watch, because soon enough The Rock is gonna go out there and electrify like only The Rock can. You think you were all sweaty and wet after your match? You wait till The Rock is done out there, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

The Rock storms off after being rejected once again by Trish who can't help but laugh at the whole conversation that just went down

Back to ringside

JR: Well I think that's the second time The Rock has struck out on Trish Stratus, King?

King: I don't understand how Trish can resist The Rock JR, but I'm also glad, coz that means more Trish for me!



The crowd erupts with a big pop as RAW's resident superhero, The Hurricane, makes his way out. Hurricane is looking to go 3-0 on The Rock tonight, and is really getting over with the crowd thanks to this on and off rivalry

The titantron then shows a helicopter flying over the city of Los Angeles, before it begins focusing in on the top of a skyscraper, and as the camera zooms in on it we hear those ever familiar words



The Rock heads out on stage, soaking up the mixed reaction from the fans. Rocky then makes his way to the ring and walks along the apron before climbing the turnbuckle and raising his right hand into the air, again soaking up the response from the crowd

Match #2
Singles Contest
The Hurricane vs The Rock

The Rock is all business tonight and lays the smack down on Hurricane right from the go, but to his credit Hurricane blocks Rocky's final shot and begins fighting back with rights of his own. Hurricane then rebounds off the ropes but The Rock takes him down with a Overhead Grecko Roman Throw! Rock covers quickly 1...kickout. The Rock then gets up and begins mocking The Hurricane with his trademark pose to a mixed reaction, before stomping at Helms who's trying to pull himself up. Rocky looks to whip Hurricane to the ropes, but Hurricane counters, twisting the arm of The Rock and goozling The Great One, and plants him with a Chokeslam from nowhere! Hurricane covers 1...2...Rock gets a shoulder up! Hurricane starts to unload on The Rock with right hands, backing him to the corner, and then continues the flurry until The Rock grabs onto the ropes and Jack Doan has to intervene and break it up. The crowd jeers Rock's heelish tactic as he then tries to surprise The Hurricane, charging in at him, but Helms has it scouted and takes Rock down with a Jumping Calf Kick! Cover 1...2..kickout again by The Rock.

Both men get to their feet and Hurricane begins unloading with right hands, rocking The Great One, and then rebounds off the ropes, right into the People's Spinebuster! The Rock then KIPS UP to a mark out from the fans before removing his elbow pad, dummying to throw it to the crowd, before telling them to get stuffed and dropping it to the mat to huge heat, before hitting both sides of the ring and nailing the HOLLYWOOD ELBOW! Rock covers 1...2...SHOULDER UP! The Rock can't believe it and the crowd erupts as Hurricane stays alive. The Rock then crouches down, stalking Hurricane for the Rock Bottom. Hurricane pulls himself up and groggily turns around as Rock pulls him in, but Hurricane elbows free, causing Rock to drop to his feet and Helms SCORES WITH THE SHINING WIZARD! The crowd explodes as Hurricane takes a few moments to catch his breath and covers 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPES! The Rock just saves himself much to the crowd's mixture of disappointment and some joy. The Hurricane gets up, feeling he's got the momentum and gets The Rock up for the EYE OF THE HURRICANE...but Rock spins through it and PLANTS HIM WITH THE ROCK BOTTOM! Rock covers 1...2...3!
Winner @ 8:03 - The Rock

The Rock finally gets a win over The Hurricane and exercises some demons. The Rock has his hand raised by Jack Doan but quickly pulls it away and looks down at The Hurricane who is starting to pull himself up.

Rocky turns to the fans, thinking of what to do as he...

... extends his hand to young Helms and offers to help him up! The crowd cheers for that and begins applauding as The Rock helps Hurricane to his feet, with the Superhero taken aback but thanking Rock all the same when ROCK LEVELS HIM WITH A RIGHT HAND! The crowd starts shitting on The Rock for that as he stands over the downed Hurricane, smirking

When SCOTT STEINER jumps the barricade and slides into the ring, steel pipe in hand and Rock turns around AND GETS LEVELLED BY THE PIPE! Steiner cracks The Rock on the shoulder as "The Great One" managed to block it from hitting his face, and he rolls out of the ring, clutching his shoulder as Steiner drops the pipe and starts doing PUSHUPS to a mark out reaction from the crowd. Steiner gets up and yells out "You're on for Bad Blood you bitch!" to which the fans close enough to hear him cheer for when


Hits for the second time tonight and Eric Bischoff makes his way out on stage to heat from the fans, mic in hand as we see The Hurricane make his exit to the side of the ramp

Bischoff: Gentlemen!

Steiner and Rock both turn to Easy E, who's grinning, which usually means he's got a big idea

Bischoff: I couldn't help but think to myself, that whilst another Rock/Steiner clash would definitely be great for Pay Per View buyrates, I feel that the issue between the two of you has gone far enough, that a regular match with regular rules won't be able to contain the hatred the two of you share for each other. So, with that being said, it will be The Rock versus Scott Steiner at Bad Blood...

Crowd pops

Bischoff: In a Strap Match...

Underwhelming cheer now

Bischoff: But not just any Strap match. It will be the first ever Steel Pipe on a Pole & Strap match!

Much bigger reaction to that announcement as Steiner's trademark Steel Pipe and Rock's strap that he used on Steiner last week both find their ways into the match stipulation. Eric Bischoff exits to the back as Steiner leans over the ropes, staring straight at The Rock, he's got the steel pipe back in his hand now, tapping on it

JR: My God! A first for the business! Scott Steiner versus The Rock, in a Strap Match, with a Steel Pipe being legal too!

King: That could get nasty JR, we all know Strap matches themselves tend to be painful affairs, but when you add in that cold, harsh steel to the mix, and the hatred these two have for each other, it's gonna be wild.

JR: A bona fide slobberknocker is what you're looking for King.


We return from the break and are backstage with Mark Lloyd

Lloyd: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, Victoria!

Heat as Victoria steps into view, with Steven Richards by her side

Lloyd: Victoria we've seen you in the past two weeks attempt to cut the hair of Jacqueline, Ivory and now tonight Trish Stratus aswell. Why are you persisting in doing this?

Victoria scowls at the question

Victoria: Why? Why am I doing this? You know why I'm doing this. Two weeks ago, I had a match with Trish Stratus, and I lost. And as if losing to her wasn't humiliating enough, I then had to have her shave my head bald!

Victoria is getting angry

Victoria: And it wasn't just her either. Jacqueline and Ivory both came out and helped her do it. Then they all laughed at me, like I was some sort of freak!

Well tbf Victoria, you are

Victoria: It just eats me up seeing pretty little Trish Stratus with her perfect smile and her wonderful body and her LONG, BLONDE HAIR walking around while I have to cover up my own head because of her!

Victoria adjusts the trucker cap wig she's wearing

Victoria: Trish, you took everything from me. My Women's Championship, my hair, and at Bad Blood, I'm taking my title back, then I'm going to take your hair! {Victoria pulls the lock of blonde hair she cut from Trish into view} All your pretty, long, blonde hair....

Victoria tears the hair apart and throws it down on the floor before storming off with Richards in tow

Back to ringside


To little fanfare, Raven makes his way out on stage, wheeling a shopping cart full of weapons with him. The ECW alumnus wheels the cart down to ringside before beginning to unload the weapons into the ring



The crowd erupts with a huge pop as Kevin Nash saunters out on stage, throwing up the wolf sign before trudging to the ring. Nash steps over the top rope and again throws up the wolf sign to a cheer from the fans

Match #3
Singles Contest; Hardcore Rules
Kevin Nash vs Raven

Supposedly, this match was to punish Kevin Nash for Jackknife Powerbombing Chris Jericho through the ring last week, but Big Sexy dominates Raven with a series of forearm shots, then tosses him into the corner and delivers a bunch of knee strikes. Kevin Nash then picks up a trash can and dents it over Ravens head! Cover 1...2..kickout. Nash brings Raven up, but Raven has a hold of a road sign which he whacks Big Sexy over the head with! Nash staggers and Raven nails him again, but whilst Nash again staggers, he doesn't go down. Raven then rebounds off the ropes and scores with a Flying Weapon shot, this time taking Kevin Nash off his feet! Raven then grabs the trash can, stands it up, brings Nash up, shoots him to the ropes and scores with a Drop Toe Hold onto the trash can! Raven covers 1...Nash powers out.

Raven wears Nash down, using all the tricks of the trade he knows, including placing the trash can down over Nash and wailing away with a kendo stick, mashing the trash can into Nash's face multiple times and then taking Nash down, using the kendo stick in a Russian Leg Sweep! Cover 1...2..kickout again with authority. Raven goes to the outside and picks up his shopping cart now and loads it into the ring! Raven slides back in and looks to run Nash down with the cart, but Big Sexy avoids it! Raven turns back and is wiped out with a Big Boot by Kevin Nash, who then grabs a trash can lid and nails Raven over the head with it. With Raven all spaghetti legged now, Nash loads him up for the JACKKNIFE...AND POWERBOMBS HIM INTO THE SHOPPING CART! Tremendous spot and the crowd marks out for a bit of Hardcore action tonight as Nash drags Raven out of the cart and covers him 1...2...3!
Winner @ 4:23 - Kevin Nash
The crowd pops as Kevin Nash picks up a win, despite him being out of his comfort zone in regards to the match stip. Big Sexy throws up the wolf sign once more

JR: Well, Kevin Nash took a bit of punishment, but he just stamped his authority on Raven here King!

King: Last week he Powerbombs Jericho through the ring, this week Raven into a shopping cart, he's a mad man JR! A mad man!

Nash continues to celebrate when

???: {Clears throat} Up here.

Nash turns around to the titantron and it's CHRIS JERICHO! Y2J gets mega heat from the fans as he smirks at the camera. Jericho is standing outside in the fading sunlight as the dark of night is taking over. Jericho is in a "Jerichohol" shirt and jeans, in a noisy area (presumably close to a highway as we hear multiple cars drive by, some honking their horns like typically impatient Americans)

Jericho: Hey Kevin, hows it going?

Jericho grins as Kevin Nash stands in the ring, glaring at Jericho

Jericho: Don't worry, as you can see that the sun is still just about out, I'm not in San Diego tonight for RAW.


Jericho: And I bet you're wondering why? Well Kev, "Big Sexy", after what you did to me last week on RAW, I needed time to recover. I mean, you Jackknifed me through the ring!

Nash can't help but smile, remembering that well

Jericho: So Eric Bischoff, being the great General Manager he is, was concerned one of his top superstars was treated like that, and as such, has given me tonight off to recover.

Some more heat

Jericho: That's right. So with this time off, I decided to take a little trip. Clear my head, and give my body enough time to recuperate.

Y2J chuckles to himself and strokes his beard

Jericho: And I didn't have to think long about where I wanted to go...

The camera now turns to show a sign that reads "Welcome to SAN ANTONIO; TEXAS"as Jericho has a shit eating grin come across his face

Jericho: So just why am I here? Let's take a little trip and find out, shall we?

With that said, Y2J motions the camera to follow him as he hops into a flashy Lamborghini as the camera cuts out momentarily. In the ring, Kevin Nash is standing, hands on hips, wondering what's going on as suddenly the screen comes alive again as the camera is turned back on

Jericho: Ah, suburbia hell. Look at this place would you? Clean cut green grass on every lawn, white picket fences in front of every home, the houses all look the same, double storied, with a two car garage. What a mundane life some people live.

Jericho scans up and down the street he's standing on, showing off a very typical upscale modern neighborhood, with the sun setting and night almost upon is in this video

Jericho: But this street has something slightly different to it, Kev. Do you recognise it?

Kevin Nash doesn't seem to, looking confused in the ring

Jericho: Yes? No? Well, if you don't, no need to worry. {Smirking} You will, in just a moment.

Chris Jericho begins walking down the street, the camera following as a car drives by down the road, the driver slowing down, seeming to recognise Chris Jericho as he passes by. Jericho comes to the end of the street and spins the camera east, showing off a large double storied home at the end of the road

Jericho: Now that's what I'm talking about.

Kevin Nash suddenly lights up, realising where Jericho's at

Jericho: What am I talking about? Why don't you all look and see?

Y2J points and the camera man uses the zoom on the camera as he focuses in on the mailbox and it's labelled "Michaels". The crowd inside the arena lets out a loud "Ooooooo" as Big Sexy's eyes widen, in a mix of disbelief and anger

Jericho: You recognise it now, don't you Kevin? It's the home of your good friend, The Has Been Kid himself, SHAWN MICHAELS!

The crowd boo's Jericho as he laughs

Jericho: It sure would be rude of me to disappoint all my Jerichoholics if I made the trip all the way out here and we didn't get a first hand update of how Shawn is, wouldn't it?

Big Sexy runs his fingers through his hair, not quite believing what's happening here

Jericho: Let's go check up on good old Shawn, shall we?

Jericho begins heading up the drive way but stops

Jericho: Oh, hang on.

The front door swings open and what we can assume is the household nanny walks out. Chris Jericho quickly backs off from the drive way and out of sight. The nanny hops in her car and ignites the engine before reversing out of the drive way and driving off, leaving the drive way empty

Jericho: Perfect...

Y2J then heads up the drive way and opens the side gate, which is unlocked. Jericho carefully shuts the gate, not wanting to make any noise, and then creeps down the small pathway, stopping at the edge of the house and peeking around the corner, revealing a spacious backyard area and a large patio setting, with a pool, and a few deckchairs alongside it, with the back of a man's head visible on the first one in the row, as the camera zooms in, revealing the trademark long hair of HBK draped over the back of the chair. Jericho turns the camera back to face him, looking completely serious now

Jericho: {Whispering} Kevin, I warned you. I warned you not to mess me with. I told you if you tried to avenge what I did to Shawn, you would pay. I thought that a few weeks ago, putting you through the glass window and then putting you in the Walls Of Jericho would be a good enough warning. But last week, when you Jackknifed me through the ring, you crossed the line junior. You didn't take the warning, you didn't listen to me. I could've come to RAW tonight if I wanted to, and I could've put you in the Walls again, but I just didn't think it'd teach you the lesson I want it to. So I had to step up, and punish you in a different way. Not physically, but mentally and emotionally. Now, how does it feel Kevin, standing there inside that ring, knowing that you can't do anything? That you can't do a damn thing to save your best friend. How does it feel Kevin?

With that said, Jericho heads around the side of the house and onto the patio as Kevin Nash shakes his head yelling out "No!" but it's futile, as Jericho obviously can't hear him

Jericho: HEY SHAWN!

Shawn Michaels quickly sits up and turns around, seeing Jericho and instantly his eyes widen in total shock. Chris Jericho leaps on him and begins pounding on Michaels with right hands! Jericho lays into Shawn Michaels with right hand after right hand, beating the Heartbreak Kid senseless, before hopping off the deckchair and TIPPING IT OVER, WITH MICHAELS FALLING ON THAT DAMAGED LEG! HBK writhes around in pain, yelping out like he's been shot, as Jericho begins stomping away on the leg. Jericho mounts HBK again and unloads with more right hands, as Shawn tries to get his hands up to block them. Y2J then goes back to the ankle, stomping over it again, and then lifting HBK's leg into the air and slamming it down onto the concrete floor, as Michaels screams in pain.


King: I...I can't believe what I'm seeing JR...

Back to the video now as Jericho continues beating on the leg of Michaels and then SLAPS THE WALLS OF JERICHO ON HBK! Right on the concrete floor, Jericho applies the Walls and Michaels is yelling and screaming in agony. Jericho says "I TOLD YOU SHAWN, I TOLD YOU I WOULD END YOUR CAREER!" as HBK taps out, but that doesn't matter as Jericho keeps the hold on with Michaels frothing from the mouth, his forehead busted open too. Jericho lets go of the hold as Michaels grabs at his left ankle, grimacing and groaning in pain AS JERICHO TIPS ANOTHER DECKCHAIR OVER...THIS TIME RIGHT ONTO HBK'S LEFT ANKLE! The yelp is sharp and loud from Michaels. Chris Jericho walks back over to where Michaels was sat and by his turned over deckchair is a small side table with a glass of water on it. Jericho takes the glass and downs the water, pretending to be parched AND THEN SHATTERS THE GLASS OVER THE HEAD OF SHAWN MICHAELS! HBK is busted wide open from that, blood seeping out of his forehead, as Jericho brings Shawn to his feet, with Michaels unable to put much weight on his left leg, he's barely able to stand at all in a combination of his leg not fully healed and the attack from Jericho, as he's leaning onto Jericho's chest, the blood from his forehead dripping onto Y2J's pecs. Jericho glares at Michaels, pure hatred in his eyes. Jericho then grabs onto Michaels like he's going for a Sleeper Hold...BUT THEN DROPS DOWN, SLAMMING HBK ONTO THE CONCRETE HEAD FIRST WITH A SLEEPER DROP! The thud is pretty loud and Michaels is out cold after that, blood pouring from his head, his ankle splint destroyed, glass shattered, deckchairs overturned. Chris Jericho stands above Michaels and runs his hand along the forehead of HBK, collecting some of Shawn's blood, which he then proceeds to wipe across his chest like it's some sort of war paint. Jericho smirks, happy with his work, as we leans into the camera

Jericho: I made a promise I would end Shawn's career, Kev. This, is all your fault. This could've been avoided, and I could've finished off Shawn further down the line, but you forced my hand. You made this happen. And now you have to live with it...

With that being said, we can hear a car pull up out front, which catches the attention of Chris Jericho immediately. The camera man quickly darts to the edge of the house and peeks around as we see it's Rebecca Curci-Michaels hopping out of her car, opening up the back door and helping little 3 year old Cameron out of the car. Rebecca locks the car and begins walking towards the front door as Cameron runs towards it. The camera then turns back to Jericho, who is standing behind the camera man

Jericho: {Grinning} Let's get outta here...

With that being said we see Rebecca walk Cameron out of sight to the front door as Jericho begins to tip toe ahead to the side gate and the video cuts off. The crowd are absolutely stunned inside the arena. Kevin Nash is frozen in shock almost, not quite believing what he's just witnessed. Big Sexy suddenly snaps out of his trance like state and begins rushing to the back as we cut to a commercial


*During the break*

A video plays and we see Kevin Nash running (as quick as he can without tearing anything ) through the halls before bursting into the car park, firing up the engine to his rental car and speeding out of the arena

*Video Ends*

Back to ringside

JR: I'd usually welcome everyone back and enthusiastically get on with the show folks, but after what we just witnessed, I'm just sick to my stomach. We all know Chris Jericho hates Shawn Michaels, we all know he hates Kevin Nash, but what he did for me has just crossed the most personal of lines. Shawn Michaels was on the mend, but now we may not see Shawn for a long time!

King: I'm truly stunned JR. I'm a big fan of Chris Jericho but what he just did was heinous.

JR: Well we've got a show to go on with folks and we'll get you through it the best we can, but I hope Jericho gets what's coming to him, the good for nothing son of a bitch!

Cut backstage

We see Theodore Long, flanked by Thuggin' & Buggin' Enterprises, standing outside the door to Eric Bischoff's office. Jazz is absent. Teddy knocks and then enters as The Bisch is sitting behind his desk on the phone and also typing away at his computer

Long: Easy E! I need ta holla at you playa!

Bischoff puts the phone down and says "I have to put you on hold" as he turns to Teddy

Bischoff: Teddy, I'm a little busy at the moment, incase you didn't catch what happened before the break...

Long: Now I understand you're a busy man Mr. Bischoff, but ease up church, this won't take long.

Bischoff nods for Long to continue

Long: Well you can tell me why there seems to be this conspiracy by the man {points to Bischoff} to keep my boys held back in the shadows?

Bischoff looks quizzically at Teddy

Bischoff: I'm not quite sure if I follow.

Long: Lemme make it clear ta you Mr. Bischoff. Right here I have a former Intercontinental, European, Tag Team and Hardcore Champion in D'Lo Brown. I have "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry. And I've got Rodney Mack, who I'll always back, and they're not even scheduled in a match ta'night. Now what's the deal with that playa?

Again, Bischoff seems slightly confused by this

Bischoff: Well Teddy I can assure you there's been no conspiracy as you put it, to hold your guys down. This business is all about creating an impact. You want your guys to get noticed, have a more prominent role on this show? Go out there, and make an impact.

Teddy Long nods

Long: I feel what you're sayin' Mr. Bischoff. We can definitely do that.

With that said, Teddy leads his troops out while Bischoff picks the phone back up

Back to ringside


Chris Nowinski makes his way out to heat from the fans. Nowinski taunts them and acts like a proper jackass as he approaches the ring


The crowd pops as Test heads to the ring with Stacy Keibler in tow, looking fine as usual. Stacy gives Test a good luck kiss as he steps onto the apron, then over the top rope into the ring

Match #4
Singles Contest
Test w/Stacy Keibler vs Chris Nowinski

Test is all over Nowinski tonight, showing incredible hunger after losing to Christian once again last week on RAW, and taking the frustrations out on the Harvard Graduate. Nowinski does manage to get some offense in after raking the eyes of Test and comes close to putting him away with the Harvard Buster and hooks the legs 1...2.Test kicks out. Test then begins to build momentum after countering an HONOR ROLL attempt, as he scores with all his trademark moves before finishing Chris Nowinski off with the PUMP HANDLESLAM and covering 1...2...3!
Winner @ 3:48 - Test
Test celebrates his win as Stacy Keibler joins him in the ring and the two embrace as Test gets back to winning ways when


The music of Christian hits and out comes the Intercontinental Champion to some good heat from the fans, with a mic in hand

Christian: Well done Test. Congratulations. Once again, you managed to win when it doesn't really matter.

Christian mock applauds Test's victory to heat

Christian: You see, after I beat you again last week, I dashed any hope you had of another chance at the Intercontinental Championship, right?

Test doesn't agree

Christian: See, I knew you wouldn't agree with me, but it's the truth. However, after speaking with Eric Bischoff earlier today and getting his okay on my idea, I am willing to give you one more chance to win this {taps IC Title belt}.

Test is interested now

Christian: I will put up the belt in a match, me and you, one on one at Bad Blood...

Test looks happy as he and Stacy turn and smile to each other

Christian: ...IF...

Here it comes

Christian: You put up the services of... {points to} Stacy Keibler!

Big reaction from the fans, a mix of intrigue and cheers. Test takes a deep breath and looks at Stacy, who looks right back at her man

Christian: What do you say Test? Here's your big chance. Make or break. You always say you can beat me, why don't you prove it?

Test thinks it over as Christian smirks. Finally Test calls for a mic and is handed one. Test looks to the fans who give him mixed signals on what to do, before he looks back at Stacy and begins shaking his head! Some fans boo this as Test lets out a chuckle and turns to Christian, still shaking his head

Test: ...YOU'RE ON!

WHOA! Test accepts the challenge to a cheer from most of the crowd, but Stacy Keibler yells out "WHAT?" looking shocked at her boyfriends decision. Christian grins, having gotten what he's wanted for ages, the chance to be with Stacy Keibler, whilst Test tries to calm Stacy Keibler down, but she's not happy he's risking her for another shot at the Intercontinental Title and exits the ring, storming up the ramp with Test following after her, begging her to listen to him

JR: Has Test just made the biggest mistake of his career? Or will he follow through and finally shut Christian up once and for all?

King: Christian's winning it JR, I can feel it. He's got the gold, he's got the looks, and soon he'll have the woman!

JR: I hope not King. I hope not.

Cut backstage

We catch up with Stacy Keibler who's continuing to give Test the cold shoulder, totally ignoring him in her mood

Test: Stacy!

Stacy continues on

Test: Please, listen to me.

Keibler continues to walk as Test grabs her by the arm, as she spins around, not wanting to make eye contact with Test

Test: Please...just...just hear me out, okay?

Keibler makes the slightest nod, but doesn't stop looking away

Test: Listen to me Stacy. You're everything to me. Everything.

Keibler: If that's so, then why are you risking me fo-

Test: Please, let me finish. I mean it, you mean the world to me. I'm lucky to have you and I wake up every day knowing that. I need you to look at me...please Stacy...look at me?

Keibler begrudgingly looks at Test

Test: I wouldn't have accepted such a huge stipulation if I wasn't sure I could beat Christian. I promise you, I guarantee you, that I will beat Christian. You know I can beat him. You know I can. I know I can. Believe me, if I even doubted myself for a second, I wouldn't have accepted. Please Stacy, I'm going to beat him. Then not only will I have the most beautiful girl in the world, but I'll be the Intercontinental Champion too. I'll be the most luckiest guy in the world, even more so than I am now.

Keibler seems to be coming around to Test here

Test: Trust me, okay babe?

Keibler sighs heavily and thinks it over, pouting her lips as she does

Keibler: I...I believe you.

The relief on Test's face is there for all to see, as the two embrace although Stacy is clearly still thinking it all over it seems

Test: I will never lose you. Never.

We fade to a commercial with the two in their embrace


Back from the break and we are with "The Coach" Jonathan Coachman in the interview pit

Coach: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Maven!

Maven steps into view to a nice pop from the fans

Coach: Maven, we are just moments away from your Lumberjack match with Triple H, how are you feeling ahead of what is arguably the biggest match of your career?

Maven: Arguably? I don't think there's any way to argue it Coach, this IS the biggest match of my career. Triple H may have the experience advantage, he may be the better wrestler, but you can bet that I'm not intimidated by that. I'm gonna go out there and give it my all, and I think I'm gonna surprise everyone.

Coach: And how do you respond to the claims made by Ric Flair earlier tonight that your entire career has been a fluke up to this point?

Maven frowns at that question, clearly getting tired of this treatment

Maven: Ric Flair, don't get me wrong Coach, is a fantastic wrestler. One of the all time greats. A sixteen time World Champion, the master of the Figure Four Leg Lock, he's been around for decades, he'll go down as a true legend of this business. And for that I have all the respect in the world for him. But when I hear him say that about me, and he's not the only person who's said it, it gets to me.

There's a pause as Maven takes a breath

Maven: Ever since I came into the WWE, I've upset the odds. I eliminated The Undertaker from the Royal Rumble match last year. I was the Hardcore Champion less than a month later. I defended that title at Wrestlemania. I've beaten Ric Flair not once, but twice, this year!

Cheers for that

Maven: So when I keep getting told I fluked all of this, it only makes my hunger grow. And tonight, I'm gonna go out there and show everyone I belong here, in big matches, against the best this business has to offer. And come Bad Blood, I'm going to make it three wins against "The Nature Boy" and then we'll see if it's still a fluke, won't we?

Maven smirks and then walks off

Back to ringside

We see a shot of the various lumberjacks who have surrounded the ring. Scott Steiner, Rob Van Dam, Kane, Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, Test, Goldust, Jeff Hardy, The Hurricane, Tommy Dreamer, Al Snow, Spike Dudley are on one side, then there's a slight bit of separation and Christian, Chief Morley, Lance Storm, William Regal, Chris Nowinski, Raven, Steven Richards, Rico, Rosey, Jamal, D'Lo Brown, Rodney Mack, Mark Henry are on the other side. The two groups are eyeing each other off, with the main focus being on RVD & Kane/The Dudleyz with Regal/Storm/Morley and Test/Christian


The crowd EXPLODES as Goldberg steps out on stage, standing inside his pyro set before stepping out, punching and kicking the air, snorting and grunting in trademark Berg fashion as he marches to ringside to join the face side of the lumberjacks with a booming "GOLDBERG" chant ringing out


For the second time tonight Motorhead's rocker blares throughout the sounds as Evolution make their way out. Triple H leads the pack as usual, with Ric Flair, Batista and Randy Orton in tow, to act as lumberjacks tonight. As Triple H climbs onto the apron and goes through his pre match routine, Orton & Batista make some threats to both RVD & Kane and then The Dudley Boyz. Triple H meanwhile is in the ring now, mounting the turnbuckle, doing his pose


The crowd resonates a good pop as Maven comes out on stage, firing up the fans to another positive response. Maven then focuses on his opponent in the ring and takes a deep breath before running his hand along his bald cranium. Maven then begins walking to the ring, stopping at the foot of the ramp as Goldberg comes up to him and gives him a few words of encouragement as the youngster takes it all in, before sliding into the ring

Match #5
Main Event
Singles Contest; Lumberjack Match
Maven vs Triple H

Lumberjacks: Goldberg, Scott Steiner, Rob Van Dam, Kane, Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, Test, Goldust, Jeff Hardy, The Hurricane, Tommy Dreamer, Al Snow, Spike Dudley
Ric Flair, Batista, Randy Orton, Christian, Chief Morley, Lance Storm, William Regal, Chris Nowinski, Raven, Steven Richards, Rico, Rosey, Jamal, D'Lo Brown, Rodney Mack, Mark Henry

Maven shows no fear of The Game in the early going, locking up with him a couple of times, despite losing out in the strength department as Triple H backs him into the corner. The second time they tie up, Triple H quickly goes behind and applies a hammer lock, then grabs Maven and puts him in a side head lock. Maven shoves HHH into the ropes but Trips comes back and knocks Maven down with a shoulder block. Maven springs to his feet quickly but Triple H has him scouted, taking him down with an arm drag. Maven this time stays on a knee in the corner as HHH taunts him, having just out wrestled the youngster. Maven nods his head, accepting he got schooled. Maven gets to his feet as Goldberg yells out "Come on Maven!" Maven and The Game circle each other before tying up once more and quickly, Maven takes Triple H down with a Headlock Takedown! Maven keeps the headlock applied before Triple H is able to break it with a scissors to the head of Maven. Both men spring to their feet quickly but this time Maven has the speed advantage as he takes HHH down with a deep arm drag, then another, then another! This time Triple H is the one who's been out wrestled and he's infuriated by it, kicking the turnbuckle in anger. Triple H charges at Maven and sticks a knee up in his gut, before slugging him with right hands, and then tosses Maven out to the wolves on the outside! The heel lumberjacks start picking Maven apart as Evolution, Raven and Chris Nowinski do the damage until some of the faces come to the rescue, backing the heels off as the crowd comes alive. Batista rams Maven spine first into the ring apron, then rolls him back into the ring.

From here it's Triple H taking Maven to school as he dominates the youngster with a variety of holds. Triple H puts Maven in a Front Facelock as we head to the final commercial break of the night. When we return we see Trips laying into Maven in the corner with right hands, and are shown a During The Break video which sees Maven get dragged out by Ric Flair as the heels beat him down as Triple H distracts Earl Hebner, until once again the faces make the save, backing the heels off. Triple H sends Maven to the ropes and despite ducking a clothesline, Maven gets the Harley Race High Knee, taking him down. Cover 1...2..kickout. Triple H goes for the PEDIGREE...but Maven counters and Catapults the World Champion into the turnbuckle! HHH staggers out and Maven scores with a Dropkick, which sends Triple H out to the floor and now it's the face lumberjacks who get some action! Goldberg leads the attack as Scott Steiner, RVD, Kane and The Dudley Boyz all put the boots to Triple H, before Hurricane, Jeff Hardy and Al Snow roll him back into the ring. Maven mounts the top rope and waits for The Game to get back to his feet and leaps off, scoring with a Missile Dropkick! Cover 1...2...HHH gets a shoulder up! Triple H is reeling now and Maven tees off on him in the corner with right hands, rocking The Game. Maven goes to whip him to the ropes, but it's countered and Maven comes back into the HH Spinebuster! Triple H covers 1...2...Maven kicks out! Triple H berates Hebner for what he deems a slow count, then brings Maven up and levels him with a right hand. Triple H turns to Goldberg and says "This is gonna be you at Bad Blood" as he holds Maven up, then boots him in the gut and again tries to lock Maven up for the Pedigree...but this time Maven trips HHH up and flips over into a Jackknife Pin 1...2...Triple H kicks out! So close!

Triple H gets to his feet, furious he almost lost and swings a wild shot at Maven who ducks AND DROPS HIM WITH THE MPLOSION! The crowd explodes as Maven covers 1...2...THE COUNT STOPS...RIC FLAIR IS ON THE APRON! Earl Hebner is telling him to get down, and as this happens, Batista & Randy Orton slide into the ring and BATISTA NAILS MAVEN WITH A CHAIR! The crowd boos but all of a sudden THE DUDLEY BOYZ GET INTO THE RING AND LEVEL ORTON & BATISTA! The brawl is on as the lumberjacks break out into a gang land style fight all over ringside as the crowd is going wild. Amongst the chaos Triple H is able to plant Maven with the PEDIGREE! The Game covers 1...2...3!
Winner @ 9:42 - Triple H

Triple H gets the win. The lumberjacks are brawling all over the shop, out into the crowd and up the ramp with RVD & Kane and The Dudley Boyz beating on the Administration, auspiciously clearing the ringside area. Triple H begins to beat down on Maven some more to heat but GOLDBERG gets into the ring, looking to stop this, however the rest of Evolution have escaped the lumberjack brawl and rush the ring, and it's a four on one attack!

King: It's on again JR!

JR: Evolution and Goldberg!

Goldberg does his best to fend them off, knocking Flair down, then Orton, but the numbers prove too much as Batista flattens him and they swamp all over "Da Man" and begin to pound on him. Meanwhile Triple H slides out of the ring and shakes the cobwebs loose before reaching under the ring and pulling out the SLEDGEHAMMER! The crowd gives the designated reaction as The Game's eyes stare at his weapon of choice. Triple H then slides back into the ring and tells Evolution to bring Goldberg up, which they do -


The Berg crumbles to the mat in a heap as the crowd boo heavily. The Game however tells them to keep him held up as they do and ONCE AGAIN HHH NAILS GOLDBERG WITH THE SLEDGEHAMMER! Goldberg is a bloody mess but that doesn't stop Trips from ending it with a THIRD SHOT TO THE FACE WITH THE HAMMER! The Game now leans in close to a bloodied and barely conscious Goldberg and grabs him on the chin, mouthing "I told you you'd regret the day you crossed me!" before he slaps Goldberg a couple of times, and then levels him with a right hand

Triple H then gets Goldberg back up and plants him with a PEDIGREE! Randy Orton hands Triple H his World Heavyweight Championship and Triple H gets down, holding a lifeless Goldberg up by his head which is busted open from the sledgehammer shot, and says "This is the closest you're getting to this title Goldberg!" before letting The Berg's head drop to the mat, blood pouring from his forehead. Evolution stand tall over Goldberg as the show ends

JR: My God what carnage! Goldberg is a bloody mess! The Game's message is sent loud and clear! We gotta go folks, we gotta go!

Final shot of Triple H holding the WHC standing over Goldberg as we

Fade to black


Current Card for WWE Bad Blood
Live from the Compaq Center
Houston; Texas

Theme Music: Trapt - Headstrong

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Goldberg vs Triple H ©

Steel Pipe & Strap Match
Scott Steiner vs The Rock

Intercontinental Championship
Stacy Keibler's Services on the line

Test vs Christian ©

World Tag Team Championships
Four Corners Match

RVD & Kane © vs The Dudley Boyz vs William Regal & Lance Storm vs Evolution

One on One
Maven vs Ric Flair

Women's Championship Match
Trish Stratus © vs Victoria



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