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Learning to break kayfabe
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Thanks for the words Shawn Morrison.

Live from New Haven, Connecticut

*** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO ***

Michael Cole and Mick Foley are at the announce table at ringside with the Team SMACKDOWN captain, Big Show, sat beside them as the show begins here in New Haven. Cole and Foley build up the hype for some major matches on SMACKDOWN tonight that will go a long way towards determining the Number 1 contender for the World Championship as well as matches to determine the SMACKDOWN team to face RAW at Survivor Series! Big Show comments on how he wants to see the SMACKDOWN superstars showing their abilities in the ring and not allowing petty squabbles to undermine their chances at Survivor Series like the RAW team are doing right now. Foley hypes up the return of Matt Hardy as he enters the World Championship tournament and a graphic is shown to advertise his match with Dolph Ziggler that receives a loud cheer from the crowd in attendance. Cole announces that we are going to start the night with two matches to determine Team SMACKDOWN qualifiers.


Cole, Foley and Big Show discuss the merits of Chavo Guerrero and what he could bring to Team SMACKDOWN if he were to win his match tonight. They touch on Chavo’s defeat to Alberto Del Rio in the World Championship tournament last week and how Chavo wants to emulate his Uncle Eddie here on SMACKDOWN. Show tells of his admiration for Guerrero and how his experience could prove valuable in the SMACKDOWN vs. RAW contest at Survivor Series ...


Here comes Chavo’s opponent tonight, the joint WWE Tag Team Champion, ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes. Rhodes is another man who last week was defeated by Christian in the Quarter Finals of the World Championship tournament. They discuss the fact that his partner, Drew McIntyre, has made the Semi Finals of the World Championship tournament and how Rhodes must be feeling. They remind us of the Tag Team Championship match at Cyber Sunday where Rhodes and McIntyre used dubious circumstances to defeat Mark Henry and Evan Bourne to retain the Tag Team Championships.


The veteran instincts of Chavo Guerrero allow the Mexican to take control of the match early on as he thwarts Rhodes at every turn and frustrates the ‘Dashing’ one who cannot get into his stride. Chavo thrills the crowd when he hits the signature move of his Uncle Eddie with the ‘Three Amigos’ but on the third one, Rhodes manages to find an answer as he counters with a suplex of his own to even things up. Even now, Chavo manages to get to his feet first and he hits a stiff kick to the chest of Rhodes before a punch to the face sends Rhodes scurrying out of the ring to check himself in the mirror on his coat. Rhodes complains to the referee about the punch to the face and demands more protection. As the referee ‘warns’ Chavo about the closed fist, Rhodes takes advantage as he rushes Chavo and sends him crashing out of the ring with a forearm smash to the back of the head. Rhodes takes control now and he stalks the outside using the barricades and ring to hit further punishment to Chavo. Cody smirks and drags Chavo up before hitting a vicious ‘Cross Rhodes’ on the outside of the ring to the dismay of the fans at ringside. Rhodes has Chavo down and out at the bottom of the ramp with the referee beginning a countout when suddenly ...


Here comes Mark Henry, one of the men that Rhodes and McIntyre screwed at Cyber Sunday in the Tag Team Championship match. Henry comes marching down the ring making a beeline for Cody Rhodes who scuttles away into the ring. With Henry approaching him, the referee’s count ends as he begins to try and persuade Henry to turn round and leave. However, Henry ignores the referee and slides into the ring to go after Cody Rhodes who looks like a rabbit in the headlights. For a moment, Rhodes looks like he is going to stand up to Mark Henry but then he runs out of the ring. As he tries to escape the World’s Strongest Man, he runs straight into Chavo who begins another attack to Rhodes’ face on the outside. He rolls Cody back into the ring and hits the third suplex to complete the ‘Three Amigos’ that he started earlier. With Henry respecting Chavo by remaining outside, Chavo heads for the top ropes and points up at the ceiling before jumping off the ropes ... FROG SPLASH from Chavo Guerrero!

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

WINNER: Chavo Guerrero (6:38)

TONY CHIMEL: Here is your winner ... CHAVO GUERRERO!

Big Show stands and applauds at ringside as Chavo Guerrero becomes the first man to qualify for Team SMACKDOWN tonight. Chavo leaves the ring to high five with the captain before taking a blue SMACKDOWN t-shirt and placing it over his head to show that he is committed to securing the win for his show. In the ring, Mark Henry has now stood over Cody Rhodes and is talking trash to the Tag Team Champion before signalling that he will win the Tag Team Championship soon.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

SMACKDOWN returns with Big Show still at ringside as we prepare for the second qualifying match of the night. Big Show declares that he is pleased to have Chavo Guerrero on board and that he has one more match planned tonight before he goes backstage to speak to a couple of people.

*** I’M COMIN’ ***

As MVP is announced to the crowd, Big Show tells of his admiration for MVP and the qualities that he possesses. Show says that he thought that MVP would have become a bona-fide main event star by now but has been unlucky. He hopes that MVP can qualify for the SMACKDOWN team and get back on the right track.


However, MVP’s opponent tonight is a former World Heavyweight Champion and former enemy of the Big Show, Jack Swagger. Big Show recounts the ill feeling between them earlier in the year when Show and Swagger met on several occasions for the World Championship but Show was unable to find a way to beat Swagger for the title. Swagger casts an eye on the Big Show as he enters the ring and tells him that he is going to be the main man of Team SMACKDOWN! Big Show applauds his comments and tells him to go and get the job done!


An even contest in the first half as both men have a period of control before the match swings one way, then the other. As SMACKDOWN returns from a commercial break in the middle of the match, Swagger has the advantage as he hits a vertical suplex to MVP that leaves him down. MVP kicks out of the pinfall but Swagger is now on top and he begins to work on the knee and lower leg of MVP as he looks to set up for the Ankle Lock. MVP cries in pain as Swagger stomps continuously on the ankle before hitting several moves designed to weaken the leg further. With MVP down, Swagger positions him in the corner before rushing over from the other corner and using the ropes to hit a splash on MVP. Swagger goes for a repeat of the move as he aims to leave MVP out of the match but MVP has it scouted now and rolls out of the way second time to leave Swagger splashing the corner of the ring mat rather than MVP. With Swagger in trouble now, MVP presses the new advantage home with big boot in the corner that sends Swagger down in perfect position for the ‘Ballin’ elbow which MVP hits. However, Swagger is able to kick out of the pinfall. MVP whips Swagger into the rope and hits a flapjack to Swagger to crash him down to the mat again but MVP is still wincing as he walks. MVP steps back and then rushes in looking for a Drive-By Kick but Swagger sees it coming and catches MVP’s leg and locks in the Ankle Lock! Swagger stands up in the centre of the ring and locks the hold in further to leave MVP writhing in agony and he cannot stand it much longer ... Tap! Tap! Tap! MVP submits to Jack Swagger’s ankle lock!

WINNER: Jack Swagger (submission - 8:36)

TONY CHIMEL: Here is your winner ... JACK SWAGGER!

Big Show rolls into the ring with a blue SMACKDOWN t-shirt. He heads over to check on MVP first of all before handing the shirt to Jack Swagger. Swagger takes the shirt and orders Big Show to raise his hand for him ... Show thinks for a moment and the crowd sense that Show is going to flatten Swagger ... but he thinks better of it and does raise Swagger’s hand before Swagger leaves the ring with a smile on his face. Cole and Foley speculate on who else will represent Team SMACKDOWN at Survivor Series now that we know the RAW team and three member of SMACKDOWN: Edge, John Morrison, R-Truth, Daniel Bryan and Ted DiBiase for RAW against Big Show, Jack Swagger, Chavo Guerrero and two more for Team SMACKDOWN.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

SMACKDOWN returns with Teddy Long on the phone in his office. He is asking where someone is and then gets a reply he doesn’t seem to like. He ends the call by telling whoever is on the phone that that person better be here next week on SMACKDOWN because he will be defending his title ... Cole and Foley speculate about who is missing - World Champion Kane or Intercontinental Champion Alberto Del Rio?

Tony Chimel announces that it is time for the Divas Championship Number 1 contender match.


Michelle McCool heads out alone without her usual Laycool partner, Layla, and heads to the ring looking confident. Cole and Foley remind us of last week’s argument between Layla and Michelle McCool and how Michelle McCool promised Layla that she would win the match against Kelly Kelly tonight and earn a shot at Layla’s Divas Title.


Here comes the beautiful Kelly Kelly ready to try and earn herself a shot at the Divas Championship and maybe to become the Divas Champion for the first time ever. Kelly smiles and waves as she heads for the ring delighted to have a one on one chance against one of the women who has made her life miserable so often recently ...

*** NASTY GIRL ***

Layla heads to the ring with her old music from when she debuted in the WWE to emphasise that the split from Laycool is now complete. She heads to the ring with her Divas Championship around her waist with a quiet look of determination on her face. As she nears the ring, she looks at Michelle McCool and points to the Divas Championship before pointing to herself and mouthing ‘Mine!’ ... The crowd seem to be favouring Layla in this rivalry as she gets some applause for her actions ...


With Layla sat in a chair at ringside to witness the match, McCool and Kelly begin their fight with Kelly looking determined to upset the former Womens and Divas Champion tonight. Kelly looks to have the match in hand as she hits the backspring elbow splash – the Kelly Killer – that leaves McCool down on her knee and in trouble. Kelly grabs McCool by the hair and slams her down face first into the mat over and over and over as she looks to drive home the advantage. She lifts McCool up and lifts her leg over to hit the K2 ... However, as she prepares to hit the move, Layla jumps up on the apron to distract Kelly. Kelly heads over to knock Layla down but she jumps before Kelly gets there. As Kelly turns back to McCool, Michelle hits a big boot to the face that leave Kelly sprawled on the mat. McCool looks puzzled towards Layla but carries on and hits the ‘Faith Breaker’ slam that drives Kelly front first down to the mat. Michelle makes the cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

WINNER: Michelle McCool (3:28)

TONY CHIMEL: Here is your winner ... MICHELLE McCOOL!

Layla gets to her feet and takes a microphone before addressing Michelle McCool. She tells her that she distracted Kelly Kelly because she wanted Michelle to win the match and become Number 1 contender. Layla tells Michelle that she is determined to beat her at Survivor Series and that she will prove to the world that she is the dominant diva from Laycool. Michelle responds by telling Layla that she got lucky at Cyber Sunday but this time she will be ready and will become the Divas Champion.

We head backstage as Layla leaves the ringside area where we see Big Show heading down a corridor towards Kofi Kingston. The pair greet each other and Big Show checks how Kofi is after his loss to Drew McIntyre last week – caused by Kane – in the World Championship Tournament. Kofi tells of how he would love to get his hands on Kane but how he will now have to wait. Big Show suggests that Kofi Kingston could represent Team SMACKDOWN instead and Kofi looks delighted to be asked – however, as he is about to agree, Teddy Long interrupts. He apologises to Big Show but says he has an important announcement to make first. He tells Kofi that he cannot face Kane tonight as Kane has failed to show up but that he has decided that Kane will defend the World Heavyweight Championship next Thursday on SMACKDOWN. As the WWE Universe cheer this news, Long proceeds to ask Kofi Kingston if he would like to have a shot at the title next week. Kofi is delighted and agrees before apologising to the Big Show. Show accepts the decision of Kofi and says he doesn’t blame him for making that choice but will keep the final SMACKDOWN spot available for Kingston if he needs it. Kofi heads off looking excited before Long turns to Big Show. He praises his restraint in not knocking Swagger down earlier and says that he is proud of the job his captain is doing. Show promises victory and Long promises, in return, that if Big Show leads SMACKDOWN to a victory, he will get a shot at the World Championship after Survivor Series.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

*** BOOYAKA BOOYAKA - 619 ***

The crowd pop for the return of Rey Mysterio who comes out to his usual pyro despite his arm still being bandaged up. He gingerly salutes the crowd and heads for the ring slowly as he presses his head to those children in the crowd with Rey Mysterio masks. Once in the ring, Mysterio takes a microphone and addresses the WWE Universe. Mysterio vows that he will return to the WWE at the Royal Rumble where he will win the right to headline WrestleMania 27. He then promises that he will take revenge on the man who injured him with the Cross Arm Breaker ...


And speak of the devil, here he comes. Driving out in a Rolls Royce, Del Rio exits the car in his gold trunks with the Intercontinental Championship over his shoulder. He advances towards the ring and laughs at Mysterio with his bandaged arm before entering the ring and staring menacingly at Mysterio. He winks to the master of the 619 before moving over to take a microphone of his own. He accuses Rey of having too much belief in his abilities when he should be using his brain and realising how dangerous Alberto Del Rio is. He tells the ‘chihuahua’ that he is the most dangerous man in the WWE right now and that now he is the Intercontinental Champion, he has proof of how it is his destiny to be the top Mexican superstar in the WWE. He promises Rey that he will win his World Championship Qualifying match tonight and head into the Semi Finals. He tells Rey that he doesn’t have dreams that he cannot fulfil, he has promises of destiny that he will achieve because he is Alberto Del Rio! Mysterio shakes his head and says something in Spanish that annoys Del Rio and he begins to advance on the injured superstar ...

*** CLAVICLE ***

Evan Bourne, Del Rio’s opponent tonight, shoots down the ramp to Rey’s aid and prevents Del Rio from attacking him. Mysterio thanks Bourne for his help and then heads out of the ring and back up the ramp pointing towards Del Rio and promising him a beating next time he sees him ... The following match is announced as being a Quarter Final World Championship tournament match as Cole and Foley remind us of their wins last week to qualify for their matches tonight – Alberto Del Rio beat Chavo Guerrero after he challenged him for his place in the tournament and Evan Bourne defeated his partner, Mark Henry, when Teddy Long couldn’t choose between the pair.


In the early stages, Del Rio is bamboozled by the aerial threat of Evan Bourne as he uses his quickness to take Del Rio down on several occasions. However, Del Rio manages to ground Bourne as he heads to the top rope once too often and Del Rio hits an Inzuguri kick that sends Evan crashing down from the top rope and down to the mat and the sound of the kick echoes through the arena. From this point on, Del Rio has control and he shows why he is the Intercontinental Champion as he begins to wrestle Bourne down on the mat – a perfect counter to Bourne’s high flying skills. A fireman’s carry takes Bourne down and then Del Rio hits a perfect kick to the back that leaves him writhing. Bourne kicks out of the pinfall attempt before Del Rio hooks in a rear naked choke that he uses to wrestle Bourne down to the mat again. Bourne attempts to get back to his feet and fights out of the hold but Del Rio grabs him by the head and throws him back down onto his back with a crash to retain control. Stiff kicks to the head follow as Del Rio keeps Bourne down before using his knee to trap Bourne over the ropes and choke him out for the full five seconds allowed by the referee. More mat wrestling follows as another rear naked choke is locked in and Bourne cannot get going as Del Rio has this one under control ...

A cover from Del Rio fails and he looks a little frustrated and Bourne takes advantage as he launches some punches to Del Rio to fight his way out of the problems he has been facing. Bourne hits a drop kick that staggers Del Rio into the corner and he follows this up with a high knee. With Del Rio looking in a little trouble, Bourne goes in for more but a swift kick from Del Rio puts him back in control and he then powerslams Bourne down to the mat before signalling that it is time for the Cross Arm Breaker. He lifts Bourne, spins around him and looks to take Bourne down but Bourne counters and throws Del Rio off to prevent the submission hold being locked in. A hurricanrana takes Del Rio down to the delight of the fans and as Del Rio recovers, Bourne heads up top. He dives knees first at Del Rio and with his knees on the shoulders of Del Rio, he drives him down to the mat. A pinfall but no 3 count as Del Rio fights out. Another kick leaves Del Rio on the ground and Bourne looks to hit a standing moonsault but Del Rio avoids it and immediately goes to work and locks in the Cross Arm Breaker. The crowd boos but then cheer as Bourne manages to grab the bottom rope ... Del Rio continues to pull and tug despite the referee’s demands to stop and now Bourne taps out. However, the bell rings amid a state of confusion. Has Bourne submitted or has Del Rio been disqualified?

TONY CHIMEL: Here is your winner ... EVAN BOURNE!

WINNER: Evan Bourne (DQ - 5:58)

Del Rio looks amazed at the decision but the referee informs him of why he has chosen to disqualify him and then gets out of the ring. Del Rio looks furious and he decides to attack Bourne again. A kick to the head of Bourne sends him down and then he locks the Cross Arm Breaker in again. With Bourne tapping out and in pain, Del Rio refuses to let go and in the end, Mark Henry heads out to the ring again to try and prevent Del Rio hurting his partner further. However, Henry nevers makes it as he is attacked at the bottom of the ramp by Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre, the Tag Team Champions and they drive him shoulder first into the steel ring post. They back away, job done, as Del Rio continues to tug and wrench at Bourne’s arm before finally letting go. Bourne rolls in pain as Del Rio is showered with boos and jeers as we head into another commercial ...

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

SMACKDOWN returns with Evan Bourne being helped out of the ring and Mark Henry staggering up the ramp clutching his shoulder. Michael Cole informs the WWE Universe that Teddy Long has announced that next week on SMACKDOWN, it will be Mark Henry against Cody Rhodes if the World’s Strongest Man can recover in time. However, Evan looks as if could well be out of his World Championship Semi Final next week.

The cameras switch backstage to show Big Show again as he heads into the locker room. There is CM Punk, his rival in the past few weeks, who looks suspiciously at Big Show as he approaches. After their match last week, Big Show won the right to captain Team SMACKDOWN but Show offers Punk chance to be a member of Team SMACKDOWN anyway. Show says that Team SMACKDOWN needs CM Punk regardless of the differences between them. Punk considers the proposal of Big Show but then rejects it. He informs Show that if he isn’t the captain of Team SMACKDOWN, there is no way he will try to help Team SMACKDOWN to victory at Survivor Series. He walks away leaving Big Show looking a little downbeat about things ...

Michael Cole and Mick Foley remind the audience of last week’s Quarter Finals where Christian beat Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre beat Kofi Kingston and they inform us that next week will see SMACKDOWN hosting both Semi Finals as Christian meets McIntyre and Evan Bourne – if recovered – will face the winner of tonight’s main event. A video package is shown ...

Loud cheers emanate from the WWE Universe in New Haven before the music of one of the most popular WWE superstars of all time begins ...


The crowd go wild for the return of Matt Hardy as he heads out from backstage with a determined look on his face. Hardy salutes the fans from the top of the ramp before running down to the ring. Cole and Foley list the accolades of Hardy in his time with the WWE but focus on the fact that Matt Hardy has never ever managed to win the big one, to go the whole way and secure the WWE Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship. Foley speculates that this could be the chance that Matt Hardy has been waiting for! As Hardy salutes the crowd in the ring, a shrill voice interrupts ... “EXCUSE ME?!” The crowd instantly boo as Vickie Guerrero appears on stage. She belittles Hardy and says that he has never managed to get the job done but her man is different. She introduces the “future World Heavyweight Champion” ... DOLPH ZIGGLER!


Ziggler heads to the ring looking pumped up and ready for his shot. We are reminded that Dolph Ziggler gave up his right to a rematch with Alberto Del Rio for the Intercontinental Championship in order to participate in the World Championship tournament and that he didn’t seem happy about facing Hardy. Which one of these men will advance to the Semi Finals and face Evan Bourne next week on SMACKDOWN?


A loud ‘Hardy! Hardy!’ chant signals the return of Matt Hardy as the bell rings and the match begins. Hardy is a ball of fire early doors and he rushes into Ziggler with a real point to prove delighting the fans with a series of kicks and punches that reels Ziggler back and into the corner ... Hardy hits a clothesline in the corner followed by a running bulldog to take down Ziggler and then he poses with his ‘V1’ symbol as the crowd erupt. Another ‘Hardy!’ chant accompanies Matt as he climbs the ropes and stands in the corner up high before delivering a perfect leg drop from the top rope. Ziggler is down and rattled and Hardy goes for the pinfall as he tries to move into the next round ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Ziggler kicks out! *

Vickie Guerrero screams as Ziggler looks like he might not escape and there is an intense look of relief on her face as Ziggler escapes. Hardy gets back to his feet with Ziggler and hits a Russian leg sweep to take Ziggler down again before riding Ziggler high and delivering a series of punches to Ziggler as the referee demands he opens the fist out. Hardy goes for another pinfall ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Ziggler barely kicks out again! *

Hardy holds his fingers up as he steps back and the crowd respond with the Hardy ‘Ohhhh!’ as he waits for Ziggler to get to his feet. When he does, Hardy hits a Northern Lights suplex and holds on for the pinfall attempt for the third time in quick succession ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Ziggler out just in time! *

With the crowd loving the pumped up start from Matt Hardy, they begin to cheer and roar him on excitedly. Hardy responds by waiting for Ziggler to rise up again and then going for the Side Effect! Ziggler manages to fight out of the move though and counters with a drop kick – that Hardy manages to avoid with ease! As Ziggler gets up again, Hardy goes for a Side Effect again and this time connects with it ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Ziggler escapes again when it looked all over! *

Cole and Foley speculate on how much this match means to not just Matt Hardy but to Dolph Ziggler as well and Foley gives him credit for his battling performance so far. Hardy is now waiting for Ziggler to get back up with his arms outstretched and this could be the end for Dolph Ziggler coming up. He is looking for the ‘Twist of Fate’ but Vickie Guerrero chooses this as the perfect moment to interfere as she grabs Dolph’s arm as he begins to rise up and drags him to the outside of the ring. A dazed Ziggler realises what Vickie is doing and follows her as the referee admonishes her. She tells the referee that she is the ‘Assistant to the GM on SMACKDOWN’ and that she can do whatever she likes. Hardy looks annoyed and he climbs the ropes in the corner and goes for an elbow to Ziggler on the outside. However, Ziggler is protected again by Vickie as she pulls him away again and Ziggler recovers to hit a clothesline to Hardy after the miss as we head into a commercial ...

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

MICHAEL COLE: Dolph Ziggler has taken control of this match whilst you have been away ...

MICK FOLEY: Thanks to a certain Vickie Guerrero may I add, Cole.

MICHAEL COLE: Vickie has had little to do with this, Mick, since she dragged Ziggler out of the ring. This is all his own work!

Ziggler hits a scoop powerslam to Hardy on the outside and then rolls into the ring to break the referee’s count before heading back out of the ring. He drags Hardy to his feet and we are shown a replay of Matt being whipped into the barricades and the ring steps whilst we were away. Ziggler holds Hardy by the back of the neck and drives him towards the ring post but Hardy manages to avoid contact at the last second by grabbing the post with his hands. A back elbow forces Ziggler off Hardy before Hardy goes for the ‘Twist of Fate’ on the outside ... Ziggler counters with push away and as Hardy turns round, Ziggler hits a perfect drop kick that sends Hardy staggering back hard into the barricades in the rampway. Ziggler rolls into the ring as the referee begins to count Matt Hardy out ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *
* 4 *
* 5 *
* 6 *
* 7 *
* 8 *
* Hardy manages to roll back into the ring just in time! *

Ziggler and Vickie both look annoyed but Ziggler goes right back on the offensive as he pounds Hardy in the corner. He lifts Hardy into a fireman’s carry and lifts him off and down onto his knee with a superb gutbuster. Ziggler poses for a moment when he’d be better going for the cover but Vickie yells at him to cover Hardy. He does ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Hardy kicks out *

Ziggler drags Hardy to his feet and locks in the sleeper hold immediately. Hardy fights back though and manages to get his right leg into the ropes to break the hold. The referee counts and Ziggler leaves it dangerously close as the referee threatens a disqualification. As Ziggler releases the hold and Hardy swings out, the referee is knocked down and is down in the corner. Ziggler locks in the sleeper again as the referee is down and Hardy fights again ... this time though, when Hardy makes the ropes, there is nobody there to break the hold. Vickie Guerrero heads round to ‘check’ on the referee and keeps his attention away from the illegal Ziggler sleeper hold. Hardy is fading big time and when the referee finally gets to his feet and orders Ziggler to break the hold, it doesn’t look good. Ziggler drags Hardy to the middle of the ring and makes the pin ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Unbelievably, Hardy kicks out again! *

With Hardy showing the fight that he has maybe been missing in recent months, Ziggler knows he needs something big to win this one. He signals to Vickie that it is time, that it is going to be finished ... As Hardy gets to his feet with help from the ropes, Ziggler rushes in and hits a perfect Zig Zag to Hardy. Cover from Ziggler, surely it is over ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

The referee counts three but then notices what thousands of people are screaming about in the arena. Matt Hardy’s foot is on the ropes! The referee signals that the count is cancelled and that the match must continue! Ziggler and Guerrero go mental about the decision and they both approach the referee, Vickie on the apron. With the referee pointing out why he has cancelled the count, Ziggler allows Hardy time to recover and he rushes over and hits a forearm smash to Ziggler that knocks him into Vickie Guerrero on the apron. Vickie falls to the ground and Ziggler holds his head in his hands. As his attention turns back to Hardy, his opponent hits a kick to the gut and sets it up once more ... ‘Twist of Fate’ from Matt Hardy! Hardy hooks Ziggler’s leg ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

WINNER: Matt Hardy (11:29)

TONY CHIMEL: Here is your winner ... MATT HARDY!

Hardy celebrates with the crowd who are delighted to see that Matt has regained the magic that he had lost before he left WWE a few weeks ago. Ziggler and Vickie stagger out of the arena with a few parting words to the referee but this is Matt Hardy’s moment! Cole announces that next week, it will be Matt Hardy vs. Evan Bourne and Christian vs. Drew McIntyre in the Semi Finals as we get closer to determining Kane’s Number 1 contender for the World Championship. Foley interrupts with a reminder that Kane might not make it to Survivor Series yet as he has to face Kofi Kingston next week in a match for the World Heavyweight Championship! As SMACKDOWN fades out, Matt Hardy is celebrating his returning win on the middle rope with the crowd jubilant ...

********** END OF SHOW **********


Matches Confirmed so far:


Winning brand gets to acquire one of losing brand’s superstars!

(Edge, Daniel Bryan, Ted DiBiase, John Morrison & R-Truth)

(Big Show, Chavo Guerrero, Jack Swagger & 2 more)




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