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Learning to break kayfabe
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Live from Hartford, Connecticut

*** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO ***

JIM ROSS: Welcome everyone to Monday Night RAW with myself, Jim Ross and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler at ringside ...

JERRY LAWLER: Oh, what a night it is shaping up to be, JR!

JIM ROSS: That’s right, King, what will John Cena’s response to the RKO from Randy Orton last week be?

JERRY LAWLER: Orton almost ‘hand-picked’ Wade Barrett as the challenger for his WWE Championship at Survivor Series by delivering the RKO to Cena in their Number 1 contender match. If I know Cena, he’ll have redemption on his mind tonight!

JIM ROSS: Last week, Edge was named captain of Team RAW and we saw the qualifying matches to join him. Tonight, we will see John Morrison, R-Truth and Ted DiBiase in action as they prepare for Survivor Series!

JERRY LAWLER: They’re going to need to be prepared – Big Show will be captaining Team SMACKDOWN!

JIM ROSS: Team RAW looks strong though, King, I’m confident that HBK will be choosing one of the top stars from SMACKDOWN after Survivor Series!

JERRY LAWLER: And tonight we start with a Tag Team Championship Contenders Match!

JIM ROSS: Over to the RAW ring announcer, Justin Roberts!

The cameras switch to the ring announcer in the centre of the ring as he prepares to inform everybody of the first match of the night and the participants.

JUSTIN ROBERTS: This match is Tag Team Elimination Match to determine two Tag Team Championship contenders. Next week on RAW, the surviving two teams will meet in a Number 1 contenders match.


JUSTIN ROBERTS: Introducing first, weighing a combined total of 529 pounds, the team of VLADIMIR KOZLOV and SANTINO MARELLA!

RAW’s oddest Tag Team partners head to the ring without Tamina by their side. They discuss their strategy in the aisle as they head to the ring before their opponents begin their entrance as well ...

*** GET UP ***

JUSTIN ROBERTS: At a combined weight of 470 pounds, from San Francisco, California ... JIMMY and JEY USO!

The twin sons of the former WWE legend Rikishi head towards the ring looking pumped up and ready for action. As they approach the ring, their music fades and is replaced by ...


JUSTIN ROBERTS: From Calgary, Alberta, Canada and accompanied to the ring by Natalya, weighing 449 pounds ... DAVID HART SMITH ... TYSON KIDD ... THE HART DYNASTY!

The Hart Dynasty head for the ring with Natalya in the middle of them wearing their usual pink and black outfits and looking for another shot at the Tag Team Championships that they lost a few months back to the current champions, Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes. Will they get their chance tonight?

*** WE ARE ONE ***

JUSTIN ROBERTS: And ... representing the Nexus ... weighing a combined total of 480 pounds ... HEATH SLATER and DAVID ‘A-LIST’ OTUNGA!

The entire Nexus group except for Wade Barrett head towards the ring in support of Otunga and Slater as they head to the ring looking for their first taste of gold in the WWE. However, Skip Sheffield and Justin Gabriel are immediately sent to the back by the referee who looks determined to keep this match between the eight men in the ring. Otunga and Slater look unhappy but Gabriel and Sheffield are forced to head back out ...


With two falls needed to determine the final two teams, Tyson Kidd and David Otunga are the two men who will start out this match. With tags between teams and partners legal, two teams need to be eliminated to leave two remaining who will meet next week on RAW in a #1 contenders match. Kidd and Otunga grapple for a while before Kidd begins to get the upper hand and takes Otunga down with several high flying moves including a springboard elbow drop before he tags in his partner, David Hart Smith. The big man of the Dynasty goes after Otunga and whips him into the corner before running in with a clothesline in the corner. However, there is a blind tag made by Jimmy Uso who waits outside the ring whilst Hart-Smith hits a belly-to-back suplex to Otunga ... as Hart-Smith gets up, he is hit by a athletic kick to the chest that sends him down to the mat. Jimmy drops to his knees and pummels the face of Smith before tagging in his brother who climbs to the top turnbuckle ... ready to hit a Diving Splash from the top turnbuckle, he positions and prepares before leaping off the rope ... Hart-Smith sees it coming and moves out of the way to leave Jey splashing the mat instead.

As Hart-Smith recovers, Kozlov tags in and grabs Jey before hitting his patented headbutts to the chest of the Samoan before a big boot to the chest leaves him sprawled in Kozlov and Santino’s corner. Kozlov follows in with shoulder to the sternum before tagging in Santino. The Italian stands and surveys the crowd before holding his arm out and signalling for the Cobra to their delight ... Jey Uso staggers towards him and Santino hits the Cobra before covering the Uso.

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

Jimmy and Jey Uso have been eliminated!

Santino celebrates with his musical instrument celebration as the crowd cheer the elimination of the Usos. However, Heath Slater has now entered the ring and he catches Santino off-guard with a forearm to the back of the head and shoulders. With Santino not ready, an angry Kozlov storms into the ring and attacks Slater in the Nexus corner before hitting a belly-to-belly suplex that leaves Slater down on the mat. Tyson Kidd then sails off the top rope and hits a drop kick to Kozlov to knock him through the ropes to the outside before Otunga re-enters the ring with a clothesline to Kidd. Otunga sets up hits a thust spinebuster – the Verdict – on Kidd but then David Hart-Smith slides back in. Otunga tries to attack but Hart-Smith overpowers him and hits a succession of German suplexes to Otunga before allowing him to slide out of the ring. With the referee pleading with everybody to leave the ring, Hart-Smith turns to head for the corner when he is caught off-guard by Santino Marella who hits his second Cobra of the night before rolling Hart Smith out of the ring.

With the legal men of Slater and Santino left in the ring, Santino hits a hip toss to Slater and follows it up with a diving headbutt as he salutes. A ‘Santino!’ chant begins in the arena and Santino pauses for a moment to look modest – mistake! Otunga grabs him and drops him neck first onto the top rope by dropping down onto the floor. With Santino disorientated, Slater manages to pull Santino down into a schoolboy pin ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Kick out by Santino! *

The ‘One Man Rock Band’ Heath Slater drags Santino up to his feet and locks in a sleeper hold before jumping up and slamming Santino down on his back. He covers the Italian again ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Kozlov kicks Slater to break the count! *

With Slater complaining to the referee, Santino slithers to the corner of the Hart Dynasty where Tyson Kidd offers him the tag. Kidd flies into the ring and drop kicks Slater in the back to leave him sprawled over the middle rope. Kidd climbs to the apron on the outside and springboards off the rope to drop his leg on the back of Slater’s head before sliding back into the ring. Kidd hits a series of devastating kicks to Slater that send him down to the mat and then covers him ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Heath Slater kicks out! *

Kidd tags in his partner David Hart Smith and they double team the Nexus man. The WWE Universe cheer as Hart-Smith lifts Slater up and Kidd hits the ropes before hitting a clothesline to Slater whose head is exposed above Hart-Smith’s – the Hart Attack made famous by Bret Hart and Jim ‘Anvil’ Neidhart all those years ago. David Hart Smith is now the legal man and he looks around confidently before locking in the Sharpshooter on Heath Slater. The crowd love it and it looks as if Heath Slater is about to tap out when Otunga hits a drop kick to the unaware Hart-Smith to break the hold. Tyson Kidd jumps in and chases Otunga back out of the ring where Kozlov and Santino block his path. With nowhere to run, Otunga tries to fight out of the situation and a melee ensues with Kozlov and Otunga fighting outside the ring and then Kidd and Santino end up fighting after an accidental clothesline from Kidd to Santino.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Hart-Smith is watching the chaos outside the ring and is unaware of the recovering Heath Slater behind him. Too late, he realises he has taken his eye off the Nexus man and turns to be hit by a jumping falling neckbreaker from Slater. Slater goes for the cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

The bell rings to signal that there are two teams left and that the match is now over. Next week it will be Slater and Otunga against Santino and Kozlov in a Number 1 contender match for the right to challenge for the Tag Team Championships.

The Hart Dynasty has been eliminated!

Otunga escapes from Kozlov and congratulates his mate, Slater, in the ring. As the Hart Dynasty slink away, Santino and Kozlov turn their attention to the Nexus pair in the ring and a battle of the mouths begins. Kozlov and Santino make to enter the ring and get up on the ring apron but Skip Sheffield chooses this moment to reappear from the back with Justin Gabriel. As Slater and Otunga goad Santino and Kozlov into the ring, they are suddenly attacked from behind and the four Nexus men beat the hell out of them. Santino is hit by a vicious clothesline from Skip Sheffield, Otunga hits another Verdict to Kozlov and then Justin Gabriel heads for the top rope before hitting the 450 Splash to the Russian.

JERRY LAWLER: Looks like Nexus are intent on winning as much WWE gold as they can – Otunga and Slater certainly have the advantage heading into the Number 1 contender match next week on RAW!

JIM ROSS: Another attack from Nexus when the numbers are at their advantage – I can’t wait to see them get some!

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

RAW returns with the WWE Champion heading out to the ring ...

*** VOICES ***

The WWE Champion heads to the ring with the WWE Championship over his shoulder to address the WWE Universe. As he enters the ring, the crowd cheer loud and he poses in the corner of the ring with his arms outstretched.

JIM ROSS: Last week, Randy Orton took revenge on John Cena by hitting the RKO on him during his Number 1 contender match with Wade Barrett ...

A replay of the RKO to Cena is shown followed by Wade Barrett’s Wastelands move and the pin on Cena that means it will be Orton vs. Barrett at Survivor Series for the WWE Championship. Orton smirks as the cameras focus back on him.

JIM ROSS: A shocking move from Orton as he basically chose Wade Barrett as the man to challenge him for the title.

JERRY LAWLER: I’m not sure if that is the case, JR, Orton had a legitimate reason for his RKO after Cena almost cost him the WWE Championship at Cyber Sunday!

JIM ROSS: Cena apologised for that, King, he said it was a mistake!

JERRY LAWLER: Look at that man, JR, does he look the type to forgive and forget? It was a mistake from Cena – but Orton does not care about that!

Orton has a microphone and the title is still over his shoulder as his music fades ...

RANDY ORTON: Last week on Monday Night RAW, I took my revenge on John Cena. I make no apologies for this. It was not a mistake. If Cena wants to try and cost me my WWE Championship, he must be prepared for what I will do to him. John Cena got what was coming to him last week.

The crowd is mixed but Orton doesn’t look bothered by that as he continues ...

RANDY ORTON: Because of my RKO to Cena, Wade Barrett won the match and he and I will face each other again at Survivor Series with the WWE Championship on the line. Even with help from Cena and Nexus, Barrett couldn’t get it done at Cyber Sunday ... and he won’t have a chance at Survivor Series either.

Orton’s cold blue eyes stare out as he re-adjusts the title on his shoulder. A small ‘RKO!’ chant begins as Orton composes himself ...

RANDY ORTON: The only way that I can lose this title is if the Nexus are allowed to interfere. Therefore, I have a request to make of Shawn Michaels ... At Survivor Series, I want Wade Barrett, one on one. I want the match to be ...

*** MY TIME IS NOW ***

A determined looking John Cena heads out without the usual smiles and laughter. As he approaches the ring, Cena removes the dog-tags from around his neck and places them in his pocket before throwing his hat into the crowd. He slides into the ring and removes his shirt, tossing it out into the crowd as well, before standing up close with the WWE Champion. Orton stares directly into the eyes of Cena as the crowd goes wild with anticipation ... Could Cena and Orton be about to go at it right now?

*** SEXY BOY ***

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the General Manager of Monday Night RAW ... SHAWN MICHAELS!

Attention turns to the arrival of the GM, Shawn Michaels. He comes out to a great reception and after the usual pyro, he makes his way to the ring and grabs a microphone to address the WWE Champion and the man many people call the ‘Face of the WWE’ ... How will HBK handle this situation?

SHAWN MICHAELS: Gentlemen, hold it there. Now is not the time for this showdown!

Cena and Orton take a step apart from each other to listen to the GM who continues on ...

SHAWN MICHAELS: It is time that you guys realised that you have a common enemy. Cena, Orton ... you are out here ready to beat each other senseless whilst the Nexus and Wade Barrett look on. Ask yourselves - who benefits from this?

Cena nods his head and Orton looks towards him. The tension between the two from moments ago seems to have melted away as HBK speaks to them.

SHAWN MICHAELS: I think that most of the WWE Universe would love to see John Cena and Randy Orton beat the hell out of each other but, right now, you need to work together. You need to eliminate the threat of the Nexus and then you can focus on each other. The Nexus is playing you both for fools ...

HBK looks to both men and says something to them both off the microphone ...

SHAWN MICHAELS: You need to work together. You need to take out the Nexus. So tonight, the main event, I want you to prove you can work together. We are going to have a tag team match. It will be John Cena and the WWE Champion, John Cena ...

The crowd sense what is coming next and they cheer at the thought of Cena and Orton getting their hands on Wade Barrett and the Nexus ...

SHAWN MICHAELS: ... against ... Alex Riley and the Miz.

A look of confusion passes across the faces of Orton and Cena but HBK tries to explain his thinking.

SHAWN MICHAELS: Guys, you’re not ready for the Nexus yet. You need to work together, to test yourselves ... you need to prepare for the Nexus. When you’ve won tonight, then we can start to think about the Nexus. Good luck!

HBK leaves the ring to his music as Cena and Orton begin to talk in the ring as we head into a break ...

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

RAW returns with the music of Ted DiBiase playing and the Million Dollar Champion standing in the ring with Maryse – both are wearing red t-shirts with the RAW logo on them although Maryse’s is the one you’d rather look at ... She looks proud of her man this week for a change and JR and King begin to explain why ...

JIM ROSS: Welcome back to RAW where we have a man who last week qualified for the RAW team by beating Santino Marella ...

JERRY LAWLER: DiBiase is a potential star here in the WWE and having him on our team has got to be a good thing, JR ...


JUSTIN ROBERTS: This match is set for one fall. Already in the ring, from West Palm Beach, California, weighing 235 pounds ... TED DiBIASE!

Big Zeke heads for the ring with a smile on his face as he sizes up his opponent in the ring. DiBiase fixes him a look of confidence but the powerful Guyanan performs a muscle pose in the ring that show how big a challenge this match is going to be for DiBiase!

JUSTIN ROBERTS: His opponent, from Guyana, South America, weighing 309 pounds ... EZEKIEL JACKSON!

Both men begin to prepare for their match when another theme rings out around the arena ...

*** CRANK IT UP ***

SMACKDOWN captain Big Show heads out and makes his way down the ramp in a blue Team SMACKDOWN t-shirt. He looks up at Ted DiBiase as he approaches the ring and gives him a wave before pointing to his eyes and then to DiBiase and mouthing ‘I’m watching you!’ ... Big Show heads to the announce table and takes a seat beside JR and King.

BIG SHOW: You guys don’t mind me joining you, do you? I know I’m the SMACKDOWN captain but I’m just here to check out the competition!

JERRY LAWLER: As if anybody could move you, Show!

JIM ROSS: Welcome to RAW, Show, I guess you’re here to see how Ted DiBiase does tonight?

BIG SHOW: I am, I am. I’m surprised that you guys chose him to be honest, especially without giving Big Zeke a chance ...


The match begins with DiBiase squaring up to Jackson and threatening him – all this leads to is a stare and a confident smile from the Guyanan. Maryse demands that Ted goes for it and he begins to throw right hands at Jackson who blocks them all and then pushes DiBiase down hard onto the mat. He poses again and a look of fear spreads across DiBiase’s face as he looks up at the muscle bound star. DiBiase backs away to the ropes where he is advanced on by Jackson but he manages to dodge him and then hits a dropkick to the back of Jackson’s head. Sensing a chance to grab the upper hand, DiBiase clubs the back of Jackson’s shoulders and wears him down before slamming his head into the middle buckle a few times as well. With Jackson down, DiBiase looks confident again as Maryse claps her man from the outside. He runs towards the corner where Jackson is propped up and hits a running drop kick to his chest and head that rattles Jackson in the corner. Cover from DiBiase, first of the match ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Jackson powers out and throws DiBiase off him! *

However, DiBiase is not put off and he continues to wear down Jackson. He uses his elbow to drive down onto the shoulders of Jackson from behind, alternating from shoulder to shoulder and leaving Ezekiel in pain on the mat. Another pinfall from DiBiase follows ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Another kick out from Jackson! *

DiBiase gets to his feet and waits for Jackson to get up before going to a scoop powerslam ... No way! Jackson cannot be lifted and after three attempts DiBiase moves away clutching his back. Smiling, Jackson heads towards DiBiase to take advantage but a thumb to the eye – missed by the referee – keeps DiBiase in control of the match. He hits another drop kick to send Jackson down before climbing to the second rope and dropping his fist from high. Another cover for DiBiase ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Jackson kicks out! *

Frustrated, DiBiase stomps down on the back of Jackson’s neck several times before backing off with a calculated look on his face. He advances on Jackson again and locks in the Million Dollar Dream to leave Jackson struggling to escape. DiBiase hangs on for dear life and the Guyanan begins to wilt as DiBiase holds on. He drops to a knee allowing DiBiase to grind him further down and the crowd begin to clap to try and encourage Jackson to get out of the hold. The referee checks whether or not Jackson wants to give it up but he begins to fight back up ... DiBiase seems to be allowing him to but as they get to their feet, DiBiase hits Dream Street to smash Jackson back down on the mat. DiBiase goes for the pin ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Jackson’s foot is on the ropes! *

Ted DiBiase and Maryse are incensed but DiBiase hooks the leg and tries again ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Jackson powers out again! *

With DiBiase arguing with the referee, he allows Jackson some recovery time and that is all he needs. Despite Maryse’s frantic warning, Jackson hits a smasher of a clothesline to DiBiase and leaves him propped up on the ropes. A clothesline in the corner allows him to take a moment more to fully recover before a big boot to the face of Ted sees him go for his first cover of the match ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* DiBiase manages to escape from the pin! *

Maryse applauds and encourages her man but Jackson has control now and he lifts DiBiase up into a bone crunching Bear Hug. DiBiase is in pain but he manages to get his feet down as he battles to find a way out. Maryse jumps up on the ring apron to distract the referee and for the second time tonight, DiBiase uses a thumb to the eye to escape a predicament. With Jackson struggling to see, DiBiase hits a Legsweep to take down Jackson again and goes for the pin ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Jackson won’t stay down! *

DiBiase backs away and allows Jackson to get back to his feet before rushing in for a clothesline ... however, Jackson dodges and DiBiase hits the turnbuckle chest first. Jackson lifts up DiBiase with a double handed choke and slams him down on his back. He covers DiBiase ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

WINNER: Ezekiel Jackson (8:42)

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Here is your winner ... EZEKIEL JACKSON!

Maryse helps Ted DiBiase out of the ring as Ezekiel Jackson salutes the crowd after his win leaving King and JR to speculate about whether or not the RAW team would be better off with Big Zeke on their team instead ...

JIM ROSS: Impressive win for Jackson but not a good start for Team RAW as DiBiase loses the first match they’ve been involved in tonight!

JERRY LAWLER: DiBiase showed some guts and determination there though, JR. It’s not easy against Ezekiel Jackson!

JIM ROSS: Jackson was not given a chance to represent Team RAW, maybe he should have been?

JERRY LAWLER: Maybe ... However, he wasn’t so we need to focus on the five men who are representing us at Survivor Series!

BIG SHOW: Let me tell you, I’d be a lot more worried about the Survivor Series RAW vs. SMACKDOWN match if Ezekiel Jackson was on your team. Ted DiBiase just doesn’t worry me a bit – especially with the men I have planned for the SMACKDOWN team!

JERRY LAWLER: Any hints?

BIG SHOW: Well, I’m thinking of bringing back the Gobbledy Gooker ... OK, OK, no, no hints. You’ll have to wait for Friday Night like the rest of the WWE Universe!

Big Show laughs and shakes hands with King and JR before making his way around the ring to exit. However, Ted DiBiase begins to talk trash at him from the ring so Big Show stops and listens. DiBiase is annoyed with Show for turning up and putting him under pressure and he points his finger at Show. He jumps out of the ring and gets in Big Show’s face ... big mistake! Boom! A fist to the face of DiBiase knocks him cold at the feet of a shocked Maryse. Show smiles to her before leaving the ring with a huge grin on his face as he points at his Team SMACKDOWN shirt as he leaves!

JERRY LAWLER: We might be in trouble, JR!

JIM ROSS: We certainly need to find a way to stop the Big Show if Team RAW is going to take one of SMACKDOWN’s top stars away from them at Survivor Series!

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

RAW returns with hype for tonight’s main event as HBK’s announcement that it will be Orton and Cena against the Miz and Alex Riley is replayed. This is followed by a replay of the DiBiase loss to Jackson and the Big Show’s knockout punch to DiBiase before we see him being helped out of the arena with a concerned Maryse looking on ...

JUSTIN ROBERTS: The following contest is set for one fall.

*** WE ARE ONE ***

Nexus leader and the Number 1 contender for the WWE Championship, Wade Barrett, heads for the ring as he prepares for his match. He is unaccompanied by the Nexus and looks confident as he heads into the ring. He removes his Nexus t-shirt and awaits his opponent ...

*** WHAT’S UP? ***

R-Truth raps his way to the ring as replays of his countout ‘victory’ over Sheamus from last week are replayed. Barrett smirks at Truth as he raps around the outside of the ring but as Truth enters the ring, Barrett rushes at him and smashes him with the forearm to the disdain of the WWE Universe. The referee admonishes him as Truth is helped into the ring, dazed and confused ... Rubbing his head, Truth gets to his feet and looks angrily at Barrett before ripping his shirt off and throwing the microphone down to start the match ...


Truth goes for Barrett as soon as the bell rings and this works in the favour of the Englishman as he picks Truth off as he heads for him. Fired up and bent out of shape, Truth is quickly floored with a clothesline and several well placed punches from the former bare knuckle fighter and Barrett stands over Truth with a smirk on his face. He drags Truth to his feet and hits a spinning side slam before covering him for a 3-count ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* A weak kick out from R-Truth *

Barrett continues to offensive by using a forearm uppercut to force Truth back into the corner. Truth attempts a comeback as he hits the ropes but Barrett lifts him up and hits a powerful spinebuster to end the comeback dead. Barrett lifts himself to the middle turnbuckle and drops an elbow on Truth and the match is looking all but over. Barrett lifts Truth up and gets him in position for Wastelands ... but Truth manages to fight out of it and he catches Barrett off guard with a shoulder block that drops Barrett to his knee. Truth looks to hit the scissors kick but Barrett avoids it and Truth hits the mat on his back again before Barrett goes for Wastelands again. This time he connects with it and he covers Truth ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

WINNER: Wade Barrett (4:09)

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Here is your winner ... WADE BARRETT!

JIM ROSS: Impressive performance from the Number 1 contender there, King?

JERRY LAWLER: If I was Orton, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Barrett’s chances as he did earlier tonight. Every time I see this young man, he impresses me and he is improving every week.

The rest of Nexus – Skip Sheffield, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and David Otunga – join Barrett in the ring and congratulate him. They then proceed to beat R-Truth to a pulp with each of the four members hitting their speciality moves to the Team RAW star. The WWE Universe boo but Truth gets no assistance and Nexus push him out of the ring before Barrett gets a microphone to speak.

WADE BARRETT: It looks like Team RAW is a little fragile right now ... Maybe R-Truth will go and speak with his friends, Mr. Cena and Mr. Orton. Tell them that the Nexus are not to be messed with. Tell them that they can join together as they are told by Shawn Michaels, that they can make a pact to destroy the Nexus as much as they want. In the end, they will fail. It is the Nexus who will destroy John Cena and Randy Orton.

The crowd boo as the Nexus lift their hands in a show of unity ...

WADE BARRETT: You see, there are five of us. And only two of Orton and Cena. If we decide to, we can beat down on any RAW superstar that we want. We can strike at any time, in any place and we can destroy who ever we want. At Survivor Series, the Nexus will claim gold for the first time. Heath Slater and David Otunga ... they will become the Tag Team Champions. And I, Wade Barrett, the leader of the Nexus ... I will be the WWE Champion.

DAVID OTUNGA: Oh, you’d better believe it. My man, Wade, is going to be the champion, Orton, whether you like it or not.

WADE BARRETT: Thanks, Otunga. You see, we made a mistake ahead of Cyber Sunday. We didn’t get in Randy Orton’s head ... But we intend to soften up Orton a lot more this time. You’d better watch your step, Randy ... the Nexus is coming for you. We will beat you like a dog and when we’re finished ... when we’re finished, you won’t hear voices in your head ... you’ll hear one voice in your head, the voice of Wade Barrett ... saying one thing. You’re either Nexus ... or you’re against us.

Nexus’ music plays as the group leave the ring and head backstage looking smug and confident as RAW heads for another break ...

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

*** SURVIVOR SERIES 2010 ***
*** 3 WEEKS ***

Arena: Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


RAW returns in the Locker Room with the three remaining members of Team RAW: captain Edge, US Champion Daniel Bryan and John Morrison. Edge looks stressed out as he looks towards Morrison and Bryan ...

EDGE: Guys, we need to get this sorted out. Team RAW is having a terrible night thanks to the Nexus and the Big Show. DiBiase and Truth have both been taken out of here to medical facilities. We’ve got to make sure nothing else goes wrong.

Morrison and Bryan look to each other and Morrison raises his eyebrows. Edge notices and looks inquisitively at Morrison before turning to address Bryan again. He points to Daniel Bryan ...

EDGE: Daniel Bryan, you are the United States Champion, you have no scheduled match tonight. I need you to go out there with John tonight, help to protect him if needed. I don’t want the Nexus to do any more damage.

DANIEL BRYAN: Edge, I know for a fact that John does not want or need me out there with him. The Nexus made a statement with R-Truth but as for DiBiase ... he did provoke the Big Show.

Edge stands up angrily to look down on Daniel Bryan ...

EDGE: Dammit, Bryan, I am the captain of Team RAW and I am ordering you to get out there with Morrison!

Bryan stands up with the US Title over his shoulder ...

DANIEL BRYAN: And I am telling you that I will not be doing that. Healthy competition is what the WWE is all about and I am not interfering, OK?

Bryan walks out of the locker room with Edge staring after him. John Morrison now gets to his feet and looks to Edge with a smile on his face ...

JOHN MORRISON: You know, Edge, Daniel Bryan is right. I don’t want and I don’t need protection. If Justin Gabriel damages me, so be it. I earned my place on Team RAW and I will be at Survivor Series come what may. I can’t say I’m not concerned though ...

EDGE: Oh yeah, why’s that?

JOHN MORRISON: Let’s look at the situation. The captain of the team has problems with each member of his team. Daniel Bryan is refusing to take orders. R-Truth, I know for a fact, has no respect for him. Ted DiBiase is a man who should never have been chosen whilst Ezekiel Jackson was around. And then, there’s me.

Edge looks annoyed but waits for Morrison’s comments about their rivalry ...

JOHN MORRISON: We’ve met several times recently, Edge, and if I’m honest, I think that I would have made a much better captain. The only way you beat me at Cyber Sunday was through dubious circumstances. Let me tell you, Edge ... I respect HBK but he’s made a terrible mistake here. John Morrison is the man, not Edge, that should be the Team RAW captain.

Morrison walks away leaving Edge stunned and his team in complete disarray ... The camera switches to Josh Matthews who is also backstage and waiting to conduct an interview ...

JOSH MATTHEWS: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time ... ALEX RILEY and THE MIZ!

Riley and Miz come into shot as the camera zooms out, both ready for action in tonight’s main event later tonight. Miz is holding the Money in the Bank briefcase and is stroking it as he looks to the camera.

JOSH MATTHEWS: Tonight, gentlemen, you face arguably the two greatest superstars on Monday Night RAW in a Tag Team match. How are you going to set out to win this match?

Miz looks annoyed with the question and turns his gaze to Matthews ...

THE MIZ: Really? Really, Josh? Do you know who you are talking to?

Riley steps in and takes the microphone from Matthews before pushing him aside ...

ALEX RILEY: My man, the Miz, should not have to answer questions like that from an idiot like Josh Matthews. Let me show you, Josh, this is how it should be done ...

Riley straightens up and prepares before launching enthusiastically into his own interview with the Miz ...

ALEX RILEY: My guest at this time is the Money in the Bank contract holder, the guaranteed future WWE Champion and the most must-see superstar here on Monday Night RAW ... he is the one and only, the awwwweessssoooommmeeee ... MIZ!

Miz smiles at Riley’s introduction and nods his head appreciatively ...

ALEX RILEY: Tonight, Miz, you face arguably the two biggest chumps in the WWE in Randy Orton and John Cena. Now obviously you are going to win the match but how do you intend to make the pair of them pay for their lousy wrestling, their awful dress sense and their obnoxious attitudes?

THE MIZ: You see, A-Ri, I have a plan in mind for tonight. This is the first time in a while that I will be facing the WWE Champion and the WWE poster boy. And I know the one thing that both of them prize more than anything else. The WWE Championship that is sitting on Randy Orton’s shoulder as we speak ...

Loud cheers for Orton still being the WWE Champion ...

THE MIZ: Now it seems that Cena, Orton and the General Manager are more concerned about Wade Barrett and the Nexus right now than they are with me. What they all forget is that I have this ...

Miz holds up the MITB briefcase for all to see ...

THE MIZ: ... I am guaranteed, whenever I decide, to be the next WWE Champion. So, Randy Orton should stop concerning himself with the Nexus and he should start worrying about me. Because I’m the Miz ... and I’m ... AWWWWEESSSSSSOOOMMMMEE!

The cameras return to the ring where Justin Roberts is waiting to announce the next match.


JUSTIN ROBERTS: This match is set for one fall. Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 224 pounds ... JOHN MORRISON!

Morrison heads down the ramp in slow-motion as he greets the cheering WWE Universe. With a red RAW t-shirt in his hand, he heads for the ring and holds his hand high with no Daniel Bryan in sight. Clearly, Edge’s advice has been ignored and Team RAW’s problems mount up further ...

*** WE ARE ONE ***

JUSTIN ROBERTS: And his opponent, weighing 223 pounds, from Cape Town, South Africa ... representing the Nexus ... JUSTIN GABRIEL!

Gabriel heads for the ring wearing a Nexus t-shirt and looking confident. This should be a great match between two young, high-flying superstars ...


... and it doesn’t disappoint as the opening exchanges of the match feature back and forth action as both men use their array of kicks and high octane offense to try and gain the upper hand. In the end, Morrison takes control after a spinning roundhouse kick after springboarding off the ropes – the Flying Chuck kick. However, the Nexus representative Gabriel falls down and under the bottom rope to the outside of the ring. Morrison follows him outside and looks to live up to his ‘Prince of Parkour’ nickname as he begins to use the outside of the ring to his advantage. He leaps up onto the barricades before connecting with a flying knee to the face of Gabriel who lands on the mats. As Morrison looks to whip Gabriel into the barricades though, Gabriel manages a reversal and whips Morrison back first into the side of the steel ring steps to leave Morrison sat against the steps writhing in pain. Gabriel rolls into the ring and allows the referee to start the countout.

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *
* 4 *
* 5 *
* 6 *
* 7 *
* Morrison rolls under the rope and back into the ring! *

As Morrison rolls in, Gabriel meets him with a drop kick to the side of the head that leaves Morrison down on one knee and dazed as Gabriel now has taken control. The South African drags Morrison up before hitting an STO legsweep that crashes Morrison down onto his back. Gabriel with the first pinfall ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Kick out from Morrison! *

However, Gabriel resumes the attack and he climbs to the top rope to deliver a drop kick to the chest of Morrison. With Morrison down again, Gabriel looks at the turnbuckles as he considers going for the 450 splash but Morrison begins to recover so Gabriel positions himself near the ropes. He springboards from the middle rope and hits a crossbody to Morrison and lands in a pinning predicament ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Morrison’s right shoulder escapes! *

A little frustrated, Gabriel again glances to the corner but leaves it as he hits a discus elbow smash to Morrison to send him down again. Morrison rolls out of the ring smartly and Gabriel follows to continue the attack. Stalking him, Gabriel hits a running knee into the lower back of Morrison which drives him face first down to the floor where he collides with the barricades. With the referee demanding that Gabriel gets back into the ring, he drags Morrison up and drives him into the steel ring post before rolling him back under the bottom rope into the ring again. He climbs the corner and stands on the top turnbuckle with Morrison in place for the 450 splash preparing himself ... he jumps up and somersaults in the air before dropping down hard ... and missing Morrison who escapes in the nick of time. Gabriel is winded and struggling and Morrison goes for a cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Gabriel escapes easily! *

Attention turns to the rampway where Skip Sheffield, David Otunga and Heath Slater are seen making their way down to the ring to assist their Nexus team-mate. However, Gabriel does not look happy to see them and he tells them to stop as they approach the ring. Clearly, Gabriel wants to make a name for himself as he tries to convince them to return to the locker room. Nexus are stood at the foot of the ramp but Morrison goes for a cheeky roll up while Gabriel’s attention is turned ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Gabriel kicks out! *

Justin Gabriel hits a boot to the head of Morrison to send him back down to the mat as he attempts to get up with the effects of Gabriel’s punishment still not shaken off. Gabriel again re-iterates to the Nexus that he wants them to stay out of the ring before resuming the attack. However, as he looks to lock in a facelock, Morrison counters and hits a kick to the gut before springboarding off the ropes with another Flying Chuck. Morrison eyes the Nexus members suspiciously as they continue to wait outside the ring before standing over Gabriel. He hits a standing shooting star press to Gabriel and goes for the cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* A determined Gabriel again kicks out! *

Morrison whips Gabriel into the corner and rushes after him to hit a drop kick to the chest of Gabriel. With Gabriel staggering, Morrison knocks him down in the corner in perfect position for Starship Pain ... He again shoots a glance towards Nexus before jumping up onto the ropes, springboarding and twisting round to hit the finish move and surely it is all over now? Morrison goes for the cover but wait ... Skip Sheffield jumps up on the ring apron and distracts the referee and Morrison from their pinfall. Gabriel is down and out but Morrison is drawn to Skip Sheffield. With the referee trying to break up their grapple over the ropes, the Team RAW captain Edge jumps the barricades sneaks in behind the referee’s back and hits a vicious low blow that leaves Morrison down in a crumpled heap. Edge escapes without being noticed as the referee orders Nexus to leave but Gabriel gets back to his feet and shoots a look of annoyance at his mates. Gabriel waits for Morrison to get to his feet and then hits a superkick that sends Morrison down to the mat. Gabriel again goes to the top rope and for the second time, he goes for the 450 splash ... and this time he connects perfectly. Cover by Gabriel ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

WINNER: Justin Gabriel (6:54)

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Here is your winner ... JUSTIN GABRIEL!

The Nexus music blares out around the arena as Justin Gabriel is announced the winner. However, Gabriel looks far from happy and he keeps looking up the ramp at Nexus unaware that the Team RAW captain, Edge, also played a massive part in the victory.

JIM ROSS: An awful ending to a match where both men impressed, particularly the young South African, Justin Gabriel, King?

JERRY LAWLER: Wow, what a match that was. Gabriel looks not too happy with his Nexus team-mates though, I think he wanted to make an impression for himself tonight.

JIM ROSS: But what about the actions of Edge there? He is supposed to be the RAW team captain isn’t he?

JERRY LAWLER: Maybe he was just trying to show John Morrison who was in charge of things round here?

JIM ROSS: Surely he could have done that another way though? Team RAW is having real problems getting on ahead of Survivor Series!

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********


JUSTIN ROBERTS: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the ring, accompanied by Hornswoggle ... SHEAMUS!

RAW returns with the first ever Irish World Champion heading for the ring with Hornswoggle by his side to a series of boos and jeers. Replays of last week’s confrontation with Triple H that cost Sheamus a place on Team RAW are shown before the camera switches back to Sheamus and Hornswoggle who both look confident as they head to the ring. They are laughing and joking despite the jeers and once in the ring, Sheamus takes a microphone to address the WWE Universe.

SHEAMUS: Last week, Triple H came out here and cost me my match with R-Truth ... but it doesn’t matter to me. I didn’t wanna be on Team RAW anyway and the whole of the WWE Universe knows that I would have destroyed Truth in an instant. I thort’ I had ended the career of Triple H at Cyber Sunday but it seems that the man is stupid enough to wanna’ come back and face me again? What’s the matter with ya, old man?

A loud ‘Triple H!’ chant interrupts Sheamus as he speaks but he just smirks and allows the chant to fade before he continues ...

SHEAMUS: But if you wanna’ fight, Triple H, then you know where I am. Right now, here I am, middle of the ring. Why don’t ya come out here and fight me?

The WWE Universe cheers for this idea whilst Sheamus gets a look of intense anger on his face and rips his t-shirt off before throwing it down and waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting. Sheamus’ look of anger turns to amusement as he picks the microphone back up and turns to Hornswoggle.

SHEAMUS: Just as I thort. A coward, a weasel, a fraud, an old man. Triple H knows that I can destroy him and he has finally realised that I am not a man to be messed with. Wise move, Triple H, wise move. I am the most dominant man here on RAW now and if I was you, I would never ever come out here near me again.

Sheamus looks contented as he throw the microphone down and he beckons to Hornswoggle to follow him out of the ring. However, as they reach the ropes ...

*** SEXY BOY ***

The WWE Universe cheer the arrival of the General Manager for the second time this evening and he comes out with a smile on his face ...

SHAWN MICHAELS: Now you just wait there, Sheamus. There is only one man on Monday Night RAW who is dominant, my friend, and that man is the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels. Whatever I say, goes. You understand me?

Sheamus looks annoyed with the appearance of the RAW General Manager but he listens to his comments ...

SHAWN MICHAELS: Now you might think that Hunter is a coward and a fraud but let me tell you something. He is none of those things. Tonight, Triple H is not here ...

Boos are audible at the non-appearance of Triple H ...

SHAWN MICHAELS: ... sorry folks, Triple H is not here tonight. And you knew that, Sheamus, didn’t you? You called out a man that wasn’t even in the building? And you call Triple H a coward and a fraud?

Sheamus looks irate and shakes his head at Shawn Michaels ...

SHEAMUS: Now look here, Shawn Michaels, let me tell you something ...

SHAWN MICHAELS: NO! Let me tell you something, Sheamus! You may have beaten Triple H at Cyber Sunday in one hell of a match but I didn’t like the ending. I think that Hunter had you beaten until that little troll in the ring turned on him and joined forces with you. So here is what I have decided ... Survivor Series, three weeks from now, Triple H against Sheamus! What do you think to that?

The crowd erupt as Sheamus stares straight at Shawn Michaels from the ring. He looks annoyed with the decision but confident of victory at the same time.

SHAWN MICHAELS: Oh, and one more thing. Next week, Triple H will be back and I do not want you two to lay a finger on each other until Survivor Series. So, I am declaring now that if any of you touches the other ahead of Survivor Series, that man will be automatically suspended for a full year.

Shawn Michael’s music kicks in again as Sheamus stares after him and RAW heads into another commercial ...

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

RAW returns with JR and Jerry Lawler excitedly hyping up the announcement of a rematch between Sheamus and Triple H at Survivor Series in three weeks ...

JIM ROSS: We’re just twenty nights from Survivor Series and it will be Sheamus and Triple H battling again. Triple H wants revenge after Sheamus’ attack that cost him over six months of his career, Sheamus wants to prove that he is the dominant force in the WWE!

JERRY LAWLER: And after what these two put each other through at Cyber Sunday, I can’t wait to see what they do this time round!

JIM ROSS: It’ll be a real slobberknocker, King, that is for sure! But now it is time to focus on our main event!

JERRY LAWLER: Oh, I’ve been waiting for this confrontation all night long, JR!


JUSTIN ROBERTS: This tag team match is set for one fall. Introducing first, weighing a combined weight of 482 pounds ... the team of ALEX RILEY and THE MIZ!

Riley and Miz come out looking ready for action and confident of an upset as they head for the ring. Miz holds up the briefcase high before leading Riley to the ring. Once in the ring, Riley tries to demand applause and respect for his mentor whilst Miz removes his coat and prepares for the match ...

*** MY TIME IS NOW ***

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Their opponents, introducing first from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing 250 pounds ... JOHN CENA!

Cena comes out and salutes the fans before heading to the ring at a run. In the ring, he bounces back and forth across the ring off the ropes before holding his hands up in salute of the WWE Universe. He throws his hat and shirt into the ring as his partner’s music begins ...

*** VOICES ***

JUSTIN ROBERTS: And from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing 245 pounds ... he is the WWE Champion ... RANDY ORTON!

Orton saunters slowly to the ring in his usual manner with the title over his shoulder. As he enters the ring to pose with the title, he fixes a stare to Cena that shows that all is still not perfect between the two. However, Cena ignores this and prepares as Orton poses ...


The match starts with John Cena and Alex Riley in the ring whilst Orton and Miz head out to prepare for the tag when needed. Riley tries to get into Cena’s face by proclaiming the Miz the future WWE Champion and then moves on to mouthing off at Orton. Orton threatens to punch Riley who staggers back in fear and Cena lifts him up into the Attitude Adjustment immediately ... The crowd go mad as Cena holds Riley up on his shoulders and fixes a look straight to his partner, Orton. The tension on the team is still clear and then ... BAM! The Miz knocks Cena down to deny him hitting the AA and to send Cena down to the mat. Riley recovers from the early scare and starts to pummel away at Cena with hard, right hands that the referee tries to break whilst Orton looks on. Riley goes for a cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Cena fights out with ease! *

Riley takes a step back and waits for Cena to get to his feet before hitting a clothesline that sends Cena down into the Miz and Riley’s corner of the ring. Riley distracts the referee whilst the Miz chokes Cena in the corner with the tag rope. As he does this, Miz looks over at Orton who seems oblivious to the plight of his partner. Miz smiles a knowing smile and releases Cena as the referee turns back round. Alex Riley hits a forearm smash into the head of Cena and tags in Miz who strides through the ropes to jeers and boos. With Cena propped up in the corner, Miz takes a run up and jumps feet first through the ropes whilst hitting a clothesline to Cena that rattles him in the corner. With Miz and Riley in complete control, Miz hits a running knee and follows it with a neckbreaker that has the crowd gasping – the Reality Check. Miz goes for a cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Weaker this time, Cena kicks out with no movement from Orton! *

Miz tags Riley back into the match and he lifts Cena into a belly-to-back side slam that leaves Cena rattled on the mat again. Another cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Kick out from Cena! *

Riley looks frustrated and drops a leg across Cena’s chest and neck before covering again ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Another kick out! *

Miz tries to encourage Riley from the corner but he looks annoyed with the referee. As he argues, Cena crawls to the corner and looks for a tag to Orton but there is no outstretched hand. Orton just holds his hand out in the corner but isn’t striving to get there. Riley notices and hits a running knee to the back of Cena to deny him the tag. Cena is whipped back into the corner of Miz and Riley and Miz is tagged back in. He hits a spinning discus punch to Cena that sends Cena down to the middle rope where he is straddled whilst Miz hits the opposite ropes and jumps onto the back of Cena’s neck to choke him on the rope whilst Miz drops outside. Miz scurries back into the ring and covers a groggy Cena ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Cena barely kicks out this time! *

A knowing look passes the eye of the Miz and he begins to stalk Cena from behind. It is clear what is coming, Skull Crushing Finale time! However, suddenly, Orton is in the ring ... RKO to Miz! What was that for? The referee admonishes Orton before signalling for the bell to disqualify Cena and Orton ... However, Shawn Michaels appears on the titantron.

SHAWN MICHAELS: Referee, this match will not end with a disqualification. I am making this match a ‘No Disqualification’ match. Now continue with the match!

The WWE Universe at ringside cheer their appreciation as Orton heads back to the corner with Cena heading that way for the tag. Miz is crawling to Riley and he makes the tag to allow Riley to rush into the ring looking to prevent Cena making the tag. He grabs the leg of Cena but Cena gets up to one leg and kicks out to send Riley down to the mat. Looking Orton square in the eye, Cena slaps Orton in the chest to symbolise that a tag has been made. Orton looks annoyed with the nature of the tag but he gets in the ring and heads for Riley regardless. A-Ri holds his hands out in some kind of fear but Orton advances like the viper that he is and begins to lay punches to the head of Riley before lifting him high into the Olympic Slam. Orton stands over Riley and looks directly at Cena with his eyes narrowing before starting his patented stomps to the exposed limbs of Riley. He stomps ankles, knees, wrists, elbows and chests before he stands back and allows Riley to stagger to his feet. He locks in a headlock before twisting it into a backbreaker across his own back to leave Riley down on the mat desperately looking for a tag to the Miz. Orton stands back and watches Riley crawl and smirks at the Miz ... it is clear that Orton would like to have some time in the ring with the Money in the Bank briefcase holder. However, as Riley approaches him, Miz drops down from the apron and walks away ... The crowd boo and jeer as Miz backs away up the ramp with Orton staring after him from the ring. Cena also watches Miz leave from the corner with a look of disgust in his eyes ...

*** WE ARE ONE ***

Suddenly, the music of the Nexus blares out again and here come the entire Nexus led by Wade Barrett. He is followed by Skip Sheffield, Heath Slater and David Otunga but Justin Gabriel seems to be a little behind the Nexus as they head for the ring. They ignore the Miz as they head for the ring with Orton and Cena their obvious aim. Cena heads into the ring to back up Orton as the Nexus surround the ring, Alex Riley propped over the bottom turnbuckle in the corner, unaware of the events taking place. Barrett gives the order and in charge the Nexus to attack Cena and Orton. The champion and Cena give as good as they get initially as they trade punches, kicks and clothesline but in the end, the numbers game begins to pay off for Nexus. Barrett directs affairs in the ring as Sheffield hits a clothesline to both Cena and Orton that leaves them face down on the mat. Otunga and Slater each take one man each and hit their finishing moves to further destroy the newly formed team. Barrett then orders Gabriel to the top rope as he sets up Cena for the 450 splash. With a strange look in his eyes, Gabriel heads for the top rope and steadies himself before somersaulting off the top and hitting a perfect 450 splash.

Barrett and Nexus now turn their attention towards Orton, the WWE Champion. Barrett orders his men to lift Orton onto his shoulders ... he anticipates the moment for a second or two and then hits Wastelands to Orton to leave him crumpled on the mat. He gives the signal to Nexus that it is time to leave and the WWE Universe boo the hell out of them as they do. They back away up the ramp and hold their hands high as a signal of their unity – although Gabriel’s looks reluctant – before turning their backs and heading out of the arena.

Suddenly, Miz appears in the corner of the ring. He makes the tag to Alex Riley as the crowd realise what he is up to. He drop kicks the fallen Cena to the outside and then drags Orton from the mat. He locks in the Skull Crushing Finale and drives Orton face first down into the mat. The referee has no option, the match is now a ‘No Disqualification’ match and he makes the count ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

WINNER: Alex Riley and The Miz (10:32)

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Here are your winners ... ALEX RILEY & THE MIZ!

Miz and Riley celebrate in the ring before Miz gets a strange look in his eye. He turns to Riley and whispers something to him that makes Riley’s eyes light up. Alex Riley rushes out of the ring and grabs the ‘Money in the Bank’ briefcase from the timekeeper and heads back into the ring to Miz. The crowd realise what is about to happen and they rise from their seats in anticipation ...

JERRY LAWLER: Oh my god, JR! Miz is gonna’ cash in his Money in the Bank contract right now!

JIM ROSS: No way, goddamnit, it can’t go down like this!

Miz frantically tells the referee that he wants to cash in the contract and hands him the briefcase pointing to Orton. The referee signals to the timekeeper and Justin Roberts what is happening and then heads for Orton to ensure that he is aware of what the Miz is doing ... Miz hops around in the corner waiting, frantically urging the referee to get on with it.

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Miz is cashing in his ‘Money in the Bank’ contract. Therefore, this match is set for one fall and is for the WWE Championship!

With the crowd screaming and going wild, the referee is explaining to Orton what is happening but does not ring the bell as Orton is not back on his feet yet. Groggily, Orton is helped up by the referee ... suddenly, John Cena rolls back into the ring and surveys the situation. He looks to Orton and then to the Miz, what will Cena do here? Miz rushes at him to try and get him out of the ring but Cena ducks and lifts the Miz up on his shoulders ... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! Cena hits the Miz with the AA! Miz rolls out of the ring and Riley rushes to him to check he is OK as the music of John Cena echoes out. Miz is struggling but is ordering Riley to do something ... Riley rushes back round and grabs the briefcase before heading back to the Miz and waving his arms. It seems that Miz’ contract has not been cashed due to the actions of John Cena.

JIM ROSS: It looks like John Cena just saved Randy Orton’s WWE Championship, King!

JERRY LAWLER: After all their recent problems, the team of Cena and Orton work together to deny the Miz!

JIM ROSS: What a night, King! What a night we have had!

JERRY LAWLER: I thought the Miz’ time had come right then!

JIM ROSS: Goodnight everybody, we’ll see you next week!

RAW ends with shots of Cena helping Orton to his feet whilst the Miz and Riley recover on the ramp with the Money in the Bank briefcase clutched close to him by the Miz ...

********** END OF SHOW **********
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