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Re: Lucha Libre Match/Show Discussion/Reviews

double post w/e.

Blue Panther/Negro Navarro v Solar/El Satanico (FMLL 5/3/11)
--Just awesome. Everyone here is well over 45 years old and they still work the mat better than 95% of wrestlers do in their peaks. Only goes two falls because of the demented finishes (which I won't bother touching on), but all up they get almost 30 minutes to work with and I adored every bit of it. There's a whole lot of arguing going on before the bell even starts and we open with Panther vs. Satanico which obv. leads to Navarro vs. Solar. There's only a certian amount of things those two can do after being filmed a billion times but I haven't gotten tired of it and I suspect I never will. There was one really awkwardly painful looking submission from Solar I don't recall ever seeing before though and it looked tremendous. They keep with the "both partners tag out simultaneously" trend through the whole thing, and, for whatever reason, it doesn't bother me a bit. Not here, not in WWE, not in WCW, not anywhere, and it really seems liek the kind of stupid thing that should bother my picky nerves. They swap things over come second fall and we get Solar vs. Panther, which, no joke, was the best part, like better than Navarro vs. Solar. They were moving stupidly fast for 50+ year olds and the counters and everyhing were executed better than any moves you'll see anywhere else. Satanico vs. Navarro was great as well obviously but Solar vs. Panther rocked my world sideways. I hate seeing Panther without his mask but he does some really good facial expressions. Like I said weirdly booked finish but just a great, great match and these four should be worshipped like giant island stone heads.
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