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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

10-29-06 Necro Butcher vs. LuFisto Stranglehold

LuFisto is showing off her belt, which Necro takes from her and hits her in the face with it. Necro chops LuFisto right in the tit. He tosses her around on the outside until she fires back with kicks and punches while screaming quite loudly. LuFisto throws Necro and he does a flip bump on the concrete floor. They exchange more punches on the floor where Necro nails her with a right cross to the jaw, which the announcer asks, “Is this legal?” Inside the ring they go and LuFisto goes to work on Necro. She places light tubes on his head and does a running knee smash to break the tubes in his face. LuFisto throws a bunch of chairs into the ring and Sabu throws at his head. Necro is legit selling the light tubes in the face moments ago. LuFisto goes all Kawada on Necro’s face. She is kicking the shit out of him, and is now carving his lower back with a broken light tube. She rubs blood from Necro’s back on her stomach. LuFisto breaks a light tube on Necro’s stomach, which is obviously legit painful and then busts it further over his head. Necro comes back with a belly slap and then scoop slams her with a chair on her back. Necro sets up two chairs, back to back, and delivers a backbreaker on it. That was truly a painful looking bump – and there is absolutely no way it did not hurt her. Necro sets up the chairs so they are facing each other and they are doing the punch in the face spot. Necro hits LuFisto really hard in the face again and again. Necro puts the light tubes in-between the two chairs and wants a powerbomb, but LuFisto gets out and German suplexes Necro through the light tubes for the victory.

I don’t really know what to say about that “match.” It was like Fonzie/Beulah on steroids with an eight ball of cocaine while driving 165MPH in the wrong lane. LuFisto took some hard punches to the face but still kicked the crap out of Necro. Obviously this is wrestling and women beating men is accepted, but holy shit, Necro’s right crosses on LuFisto were…really screwed up. I’m not going to give this match a rating, not because it was a DUD, but because I don’t know what would be appropriate and what would be considered overrating/underrating it. I can’t recommend this match to everyone, and I’m not even sure what type of fan would really want to see this. But if you are a hardcore Deathmatch fan, this is probably right up your alley.
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