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Learning to break kayfabe
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*** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO ***

SMACKDOWN begins with Michael Cole stood in the ring with a microphone. He complains about the unfair treatment that he received on RAW from Shawn Michaels and says that he is finished with RAW anyway. He claims that he has returned home to where he belongs – Friday Night Smackdown. The crowd aren’t pleased but he continues on and introduces his new broadcast colleague for Friday Nights ...

*** WRECK ***

The SMACKDOWN crowd go wild for the return of Mick Foley to the commentating positions. He waves to the crowd before heading to the announce table where he sits besides Michael Cole with a smirk on his face and refusing to shake hands with his new broadcast colleague ... not a great way to start a new partnership! As Cole tries to welcome Foley to SMACKDOWN, he ignores his new partner and continues to acknowledge the fans around him ...

*** MAN ON FIRE ***

Kane makes his way to the ring with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist and a maniacal grin on his face as he steps through the ropes surrounded by the eerie red lights that accompany him nowadays. He performs his exploding ring post move before taking a microphone and standing centre of the ring. He tells the world that last night at Cyber Sunday, he finally defeated the Undertaker in the Deadman’s signature match – a Casket Match. Laughing out loud despite the boos, Kane goes on to inform the world that he has driven the Undertaker out of the WWE and invites the WWE Universe to chant for their ‘hero’ that he has retired once and for all. Despite the chants of ‘Un-der-ta-ker!’ from the crowd, nobody comes out to confront the demonic Kane and he looks around smugly before declaring that he is the most dominant man in the WWE and that nobody can come close to defeating him ...

Kane ends his address by acknowledging the achievements of his older brother: 7 times the World Heavyweight Champion, the WrestleMania streak of 18 and 0, the destruction of several monsters of the WWE ... Kane admits that those are impressive achievements but that the Undertaker’s career is now over and that he will ... Rest ... In ... Peace.


SMACKDOWN General Manager Teddy Long appears on stage and addresses Kane who is still in the ring. He congratulates Kane on retaining the World Heavyweight Championship at Cyber Sunday but informs Kane that even though the Undertaker’s WWE career may be finished, the World Champion’s career isn’t and that he will face a new challenger at Survivor Series. Kane tells Teddy Long that there isn’t anybody on the SMACKDOWN roster who deserves a chance at the title, that they have all failed in the past and that they will continue to fail, that none of them have been able to hold on to the title. Long reassures Kane that the title shot won’t be going to somebody who has held the title before and announces the World Heavyweight Championship Breakout Star Tournament that will determine the new challenger for Kane’s title. Eight WWE superstars who have never held the World Heavyweight or the WWE Championship will get the opportunity to earn the right to face Kane at Survivor Series and challenge for the title. Kane looks unruffled as SMACKDOWN heads into its first commercial break of the evening.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

*** CLAVICLE ***

Evan Bourne heads to the ring as SMACKDOWN returns for a Qualifying match to be one of the eight men to participate in the World Championship Tournament. His opponent is announced by Michael Cole as being his Tag Team partner, Mark Henry, with Teddy Long unable to choose between the pair for the final place in the tournament.


Henry heads to the ring and embraces his friend and partner Evan Bourne before the match begins. Foley and Cole discuss the chances of the much, much smaller Bourne and speculate that Henry’s cheery attitude towards his partner displays a confidence that he will overcome Bourne to earn a place in the tournament.


Henry dominates the early stages of the contest but is unable to get a hold of Bourne who keeps sliding out of his grasp and launching mini-comebacks with surprising kicks and high flying offence that is too quick for Henry to handle. Henry begins to get a little frustrated and ends up pushing Bourne hard in the chest as the friendliness between the two thaws and the tension rises a notch. Foley speculates that this could be bad news for Evan Bourne as Henry resumes his dominance again before going for several covers that fail at 2. Bourne staggers into the corner and Henry tries to lift him up and drag him to the middle of the ring to deliver the finisher but Bourne grabs hold of the turnbuckle pad and Henry can’t drag him away. Eventually, Bourne’s grip on the corner comes away as the pad rips off the buckle and with a look of annoyance on his face, Henry does the unthinkable and tries to ram his friends head into the exposed steel. However, Bourne defends and avoids the impact before launching defensive kicks to escape. Henry goes for a splash in the corner but Bourne moves and Henry’s chest hits the steel buckle before a huge springboard spinning kick from Bourne sends Henry down. Bourne quickly scales the ropes and delivers the AIR BOURNE shooting star press before covering the huge Henry ... 1 ... 2 ... 3! EVAN BOURNE QUALIFIES!

WINNER: Evan Bourne (7:39)

After the match, Bourne and Henry face each other and Henry apologises for his actions and congratulates Bourne on the victory before raising his friend’s hand. It shows just how much the superstars involved want to be in the tournament and how much they are going to want to win it declares Mick Foley on commentary.

Attention turns to Todd Grisham who is backstage with the new Intercontinental Champion, Alberto Del Rio, who defeated Dolph Ziggler last night. Del Rio points out that he has only been in WWE for three months and that he is already the Intercontinental Champion. He suggests that he is destined to win the World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series and that he will wear all the gold. He likens himself to King Midas – everything he touches turns to gold. He is rudely interrupted by Chavo Guerrero who receives a small pop as he comes on camera. Chavo says he has been overlooked for too long and that it is time that stepped out of the shadows. He points out that he has never held the World Heavyweight Title and mentions that he wants to bring more pride to the Guerrero name by emulating his Uncle Eddie and becoming the champion. A loud ‘Eddie! Eddie!’ chant begins in the arena and Chavo points to the ceiling before continuing. He tells Del Rio that the Guerrero name is the most famous in Mexican wrestling history and that Del Rio is nowhere near making the same impact as his family. He challenges Del Rio to a match later tonight for a place in the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament which Del Rio accepts. Del Rio declares that he will prove tonight that Alberto Del Rio is the man who will lead Mexican wrestling to the top in WWE – and that Chavo will long be forgotten once he has been destroyed tonight.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

SMACKDOWN returns with confirmation of the Chavo Guerrero vs. Alberto Del Rio and the camera shows Chavo in the ring with his music playing as he prepares for the match.


Del Rio’s announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, announces the entrance of the Excellence of Excellence, the pride of Mexico, the Intercontinental Champion, Alberto Del Rio. He heads out in a flash car and winks at the members of the WWE Universe as he heads to the ramp with the Intercontinental Championship around his waist. He poses on the ramp as the pyro falls in a curtain behind him before he heads into the ring.


With the fans solidly behind Chavo and the Guerrero family name, the Mexican warrior flies out of the blocks and has Del Rio reeling. With the fans getting right behind him, Chavo manages to hit the ‘Three Amigos’ move to the cheers of the crowd who follow up with a loud ‘Eddie! Eddie!’ chant as homage to the former World Champion and Chavo’s uncle, Eddie Guerrero. Chavo heads to the corner of the ring with Del Rio down in the middle of the ring and climbs the ropes ready to get ‘froggy’ and seal a priceless victory. Chavo launches off the top rope, going for the Frog Splash but fails to make contact as Rodriguez pulls Del Rio to safety just in time ... With Chavo stunned, Del Rio hits an Inzuguri before rolling Chavo into the devastating Cross Arm Breaker and forcing Chavo to submit quickly.

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio (2:57)

Michael Cole and Mick Foley hail the skills of Alberto Del Rio and his ability to change a match in the blink of an eye as well as his undefeated streak since his arrival in the WWE. Del Rio has now qualified for the Quarter Finals of the World Championship tournament where he will face Evan Bourne next week after his win over Mark Henry earlier tonight.

A vignette plays advertising the return of Matt Hardy to SMACKDOWN next week. After Matt’s announcements on SMACKDOWN a few weeks back, it appeared unlikely that we would see Hardy in a WWE ring again but he will be back next week. Cole announces that he will not only return next week but he will be entering the World Championship tournament. The camera switches to the General Manager office where Teddy Long is reading the latest WWE magazine when in walk the former Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler with, of course, Vickie Guerrero by his side. Ziggler is unhappy that he had to face Alberto Del Rio at Cyber Sunday with no notice – despite the fact that every WWE superstar knows the concept of Cyber Sunday. Vickie backs Ziggler up and informs Teddy Long that Ziggler deserves to be treat better than he has been. Long informs Ziggler that he has a proposition for him: he suggests that if Ziggler is prepared to give up his rematch for the Intercontinental Championship, he will be given a place in the World Championship tournament next week. Ziggler agrees immediately but Vickie interrupts and asks Long to tell Ziggler who is opponent will be next week. Long smiles at Ziggler before announcing that he will face ... the returning Matt Hardy! Ziggler looks disgusted with this news but the crowd love the idea and the match is set – next week on SMACKDOWN, Dolph Ziggler vs. Matt Hardy.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********


The arrogant Cody Rhodes heads towards the ring with a swagger in his step as he prepares for action in the first official Quarter Final match in the World Championship tournament. With Del Rio facing Evan Bourne and Matt Hardy facing Dolph Ziggler next week, there will be two matches tonight to determine the first two semi finalists. Rhodes – after posing in front of the mirror – heads into the ring to await his opponent for the first match.


Crowd favourite Christian comes out to a great ovation as he surveys the arena for his peeps before heading into the ring to face ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes. Both men have never won the World Championship which makes them eligible for the Breakout Star tournament and an opportunity to earn a shot at Kane at Survivor Series.


The younger Cody Rhodes takes the early advantage as he goes to work on Christian as he looks to secure a Semi Final place. Rhodes hits some of his big moves early as he hits the Beautiful Disaster – a springboard kick – that gets a close 2 count. Christian fights back valiantly and both men go close to hitting their finishing moves in a frantic few seconds – Christian’s Killswitch reversed into the Cross Rhodes before Christian manages to fight back out of it and settles for a flapjack that leaves Rhodes down on the mat. The match continues evenly as we head into a commercial ...

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

... but on the return, Rhodes has taken control after slamming Christian shoulder first into the steel steps as the action spilled out of the ring. With Christian now struggling, Rhodes focuses on the shoulder and beats the hell out of it with Christian struggling. A dropkick from the top rope almost leads to a Rhodes win but another attempt at Cross Rhodes fails as Christian escapes by clutching the ropes. More work on the shoulder leaves Christian down on the mat before Rhodes goes for a Moonsault as he looks to end the match. However, Christian moves and manages to hit the Killswitch instead and despite the injured shoulder he goes for the pin ... 1 ... 2 ... 3! CHRISTIAN MAKES THE SEMI FINALS!

WINNER: Christian (8:01)

Rhodes looks unimpressed with the referee as he leaves the ring despite a decent showing from the Dashing superstar. Christian celebrates in the ring but is clutching his shoulder as he does. Cole and Foley discuss the second Quarter Final of the night – Kofi Kingston and Drew McIntyre – which will be up next with the winner set to face Christian in the Semi Finals in two weeks time. The camera switches backstage where Big Show is walking down a corridor towards a door. He is grinning and smiling as he reaches the door – the General Manager’s office – but his mood darkens a little as he opens the door to see the man he knocked out at Cyber Sunday, CM Punk. Teddy Long demands that neither man attacks the other and says that he needs to speak to them both about an important matter. He praises both men and their contributions to SMACKDOWN and points out that both men would make fabulous captains for the SMACKDOWN team at Survivor Series. Punk interrupts and declares that he has experience of leading the Straight Edge Society and that he should be trusted to run the SMACKDOWN team because he is simply better than the Big Show. Show chuckles at this and reminds Punk of what happened to him last night before both men start to get a little irate with each other. Long orders both men to back away before telling them that he wants their situation resolved tonight in a one-on-one match: Big Show vs. CM Punk. Both men agree to the match but then Teddy Long adds a stipulation ... the winner of the match will captain SMACKDOWN at Survivor Series. Both men nod their heads and they stare into each other’s eyes as the camera heads back to the ring ...

*** S. O. S. ***

Kofi Kingston heads for the ring in his usual excitable manner but there are a number of boos mixed in with the usual cheers as he heads to the ring. Foley and Cole discuss Kingston’s actions at Cyber Sunday where he came out and interfered in the World Championship Casket Match between Kane and the Undertaker and ultimately helped Kane to retain the title. Kofi completes his ‘Boom!’ pose in the corner and then takes a microphone to explain himself. Kofi tells the WWE Universe that he has been trying to get the respect of both Kane and the Undertaker for weeks now but he has not managed it, that neither man has taken him seriously. Kofi explains that when you want to make a name for yourself, you go after the biggest names and the biggest stars and that he interfered in the title match last night as a way of demanding respect. He apologises to the Undertaker and confirms that he wasn’t trying to cost him the World Championship – just looking to get respect. Although there are still boos, the WWE Universe seem to have accepted Kofi’s story. He declares that he is now going to earn a World Championship title match at Survivor Series by destroying Drew McIntyre and anybody else who gets in his way and that at Survivor Series he is going to shock the world by winning his first ever World Championship ...


Drew McIntyre comes out to boos and jeers and Foley declares his admiration for the man named the ‘Chosen One’ and how he is his pick to win the tournament and go on to Survivor Series. Cole agrees with Foley and suggests that McIntyre will do whatever it takes and has a mean streak that could take him all the way. As Drew gets into the ring, Kofi bounces from foot to foot in preparation.


As always, the Kofi-Drew match is a solid match with both men hitting their major offense in a bid to win the match. The styles of the high-flying Kingston and the mean and nasty McIntyre fit well in a back and forth contest that nobody seems to get on top of. The match spills out of the ring and Kofi and Drew fight up the ramp before Kofi is suplexed onto the metal floor. With Drew back in the ring, the referee takes up the count ... 6 ... 7 ... 8 ... 9 ... Kofi manages to roll back into the ring just in time. McIntyre looks to take control now and sets about punishing the Ghanaian superstar as he pounds him with clubbing forearms that leave Kofi on his knees. Drew goes for the Future Shock DDT but Kofi manages to fight out with a push away followed by a dropkick that staggers Drew. With Kofi building up some momentum and the crowd behind him, Kofi steams into the corner after Drew but he hits a Big Boot that flattens Kingston and lays him out. Cover from McIntyre ... 1 ... 2 ... Kofi escapes in the nick of time! Drew looks like he has control of this one and he stalks Kofi on the outside before ramming him into the barricades and leaving Kofi writhing on the floor.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

SMACKDOWN returns with the match still on the outside and Drew in control. However, you can never discount Kingston and he manages to fight back with his educated feet and Drew is forced back into the safety of the ring. McIntyre looks for another Big Boot as Kingston returns but Kofi avoids it and hits the ropes before delivering a jumping clothesline. With McIntyre down now, Kofi looks to set for the Trouble in Paradise ... clapping his hands together in the corner as Drew gets to his feet, Kingston waits ... BAM! He hits it perfectly and goes for the cover ... 1 ... 2 ... WAIT A MINUTE! The lights have gone out and there is no bell ... Could this be the Undertaker? The crowd go wild and then ...


The eerie entrance of the Undertaker begins and the gongs echo through the arena – it looks as if the Undertaker has an issue with Kofi. The cameras pick their way through the smoke ... but there is no figure in the mist. No Undertaker ... The music stops and the lights are back on with Kofi in the ring on his feet. McIntyre is still on his back, the referee is looking round confused ... and KANE is outside the ring with the World Title round his waist laughing out loud. Kofi looks quizzically at the champion who is stood on the ramp and gets no answers before realising that his match is not over yet. Kofi turns back to Drew and is hit by another Big Boot that leaves Kofi down and in trouble. The referee enters the ring again as Drew drags Kofi to his feet and sets up ... Future Shock DDT! Cover by McIntyre ... 1 ... 2 ... 3! Drew McIntyre will face Christian in the Semi Finals!

WINNER: Drew McIntyre (9:43)

‘Broken Dreams’ plays as the camera follows Kane out of the arena with the World Championship around his waist and a grin across his ugly face. Kingston is stood at the bottom of the ramp with a look of anger on his face – it looks as if Kane has cost Kofi Kingston a shot at the World Championship by using the music of the Deadman to distract him. Kingston does not look impressed and has certainly not got the respect he has been demanding from the World Champion.

The cameras head backstage where Layla is waiting with Todd Grisham. Grisham asks Layla about her cheeky win over her best friend Michelle McCool at Cyber Sunday. Layla informs Grisham that Laycool had made an agreement that if the WWE Universe voted McCool to face Layla at Cyber Sunday, they had agreed not to fight. Michelle broke that promise when she indicated that she wanted a shot so Layla took the chance and scored the quick pin. Highlights of the action are shown as Layla declares that she did what she needed to do. However, Michelle McCool chooses this moment to show up and she heads over to confront Layla. Both ladies argue about who won the title in the first place, who has defended it, the co-Divas Championship etc ... Eventually, McCool quietens Layla with an announcement that next week, it will be Michelle vs. Kelly Kelly in a Divas Championship Number 1 contender match. Michelle tells Layla that she intends to win that match and challenge for Layla’s title in the future.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********


CM Punk heads to the ring for the main event as he looks to secure his place as the captain of Team SMACKDOWN heading to Survivor Series. Michael Cole and Mick Foley remind us of the RAW matches that determined the whole of Team RAW – captain Edge, R-Truth, John Morrison, Ted DiBiase and Daniel Bryan – and they speculate on whether the fact that SMACKDOWN is at least a week behind in determining their team will have an effect on the outcome. Punk looks confident as he enters the ring and talks trash to several members of the WWE Universe at ringside before ...

*** CRANK IT UP ***

The Big Show comes out looking confident and waving to the fans at ringside as he heads into the ring for the match. Punk waits in the corner as Big Show salutes the fans and Cole and Foley discuss the benefits of having a 500 pounder as captain of the team for Survivor Series – especially one with a fearsome knockout punch like Show has.


Punk goes to ground in this match as he wrestles a tactical and clever match to try and take away Big Show’s size advantage. He works on the legs of Big Show as well as his bandaged hand – still not fully recovered from Punk and the SES’s attacks a few weeks ago – and manages to get Show down to the mat on several occasions. However, Show pulls back his big right fist and threatens to knock Punk cold and he escapes a few times by the skin of his teeth. Show manages to take over control and uses his giant hands to slap the bare chest of the Straight Edge superstar who drops out of the ring in protest before complaining to the referee about Show’s actions as we head into the break ...

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

SMACKDOWN returns with Punk back on the offensive as he hits the high knee to Show in the corner of the ring. He follows this with the Bulldog and manages to take Show down and shakes the ring in the process. Punk signals that it is time for Show to ‘Go to Sleep’ – a bold statement of intent considering Show’s mass! However, Punk has no intention of going for the GTS and locks in the Anaconda Vice instead. Big Show is vulnerable as he is locked into the submission move with CM Punk hanging on for dear life as he tries to contain the World’s Largest Athlete in the submission hold. Show tries to fight out but Punk wrenches the hold on harder as he attempts to keep Big Show down on the mat ... Show is unable to get to his feet and Punk continues to tighten the hold as much as he can with Show close to tapping out now it seems. Show goes for one last effort as he pushes up as far as he can. He manages to get to a knee with Punk now hanging on to the hold desperately ... suddenly, Show finds an ingenious escape. He reels back his huge right hand and swings it wildly ... connecting perfectly with the side of CM Punk’s face! The hold is broken and Punk – not knocked cold but knocked for a loop – is down on the mat as well. Show gets to his feet slowly and waits for Punk to do the same ... BAM! CM Punk is out like a light, Big Show covers ... 1 ... 2 ... 3! TEAM SMACKDOWN’s captain will be BIG SHOW!

WINNER: Big Show (6:43)

SMACKDOWN ends with CM Punk being helped out of the arena by the referee as Big Show celebrates in the ring. He takes a SMACKDOWN blue t-shirt and holds it up high in the ring as Foley and Cole suggest that SMACKDOWN now have the upper hand with a giant on their team! SMACKDOWN ends with the grinning Big Show celebrating in the ring ...

********** END OF SHOW **********
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