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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 2/5/05- TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, Massachusetts

We go to a highlights package from last night at Backlash. We see all the goings on, including Muhammad Hassan winning the Intercontinental title thanks to two new acquaintances. We see Trish Stratus retain her Women’s championship thanks to some Stratusfaction. We are shown the return of the Dudley Boyz to win the Tag Team Titles from William Regal and Tajiri. We then see Matt Hardy winning back Lita after defeating Kane in a gruelling No Holds Barred match. Then we are shown Randy Orton pinning Shawn Michaels thanks to an RKO, before we see Christian hitting an Unprettier on Ric Flair during his ‘retirement’ speech. Finally, we are shown highlights of the World title match and Edge trying to cash in but getting out of it before Batista hits Triple H with a Batista bomb to retain his title.

We then cut backstage where Mr. McMahon is at a desk and is greeted with a mixture of boos and cheers.

Mr.McMahon: Welcome to a 3 hour special edition of Monday Night Raw, I’m Vince McMahon and tonight, tonight marks the dawning of a new era here on Raw, on Smackdown, in the entire WWE. Tonight, Teddy Long and his Smackdown superstars will be here and tonight we shake things up again!!

Good pop from the crowd.

Mr.McMahon: Tonight marks the 2005 WWE draft lottery!! Eric Bischoff for Raw and Teddy Long for Smackdown will pull five names from the separate tumblers out on the stage inside the arena (We see a shot of it). And at the end of the show there will be a 16 man over the top rope battle royal!!

Pop from the crowd for this

Mr.McMahon: 8 guys from Raw, 8 from Smackdown. The winning superstar will earn two drat picks for their brand. So without further a due, I think I speak for everyone here in Boston tonight when I say, let’s get this show on the road!!

Big pop again from the crowd as we go to the opening video and Pyro.

Jim Ross: 24 hours removed from Backlash, the WWE rolls around to Boston Massachusetts and tonight we bring you the annual draft lottery!!

The Coach
: Oh baby!! Who’s gonna be coming to Monday nights? Who’s gonna be joining the A show? I can’t wait J.R!

Jim Ross: We are joined here tonight by our broadcast colleagues from Smackdown, take it away, Michael Cole and Tazz!

Michael Cole: Thanks J.R and Tazz, what a night it’s gonna be here on Monday night Raw!!

Tazz: Blockbuster Cole. Smackdown is gonna strike it rich here tonight in this draft, lemme tell ya!!

‘Medal’ then hits to a chorus of boos as Smackdown’s Kurt Angle makes his way out to the ring to kick off the show.

Michael Cole: And we are kicking things off Smackdown style!! Kurt Angle will take on JBL and Rey Mysterio here tonight with the winner going on to face John Cena for the WWE championship!!

Tazz: A huge way to kick off Raw Cole. Our Smackdown guys are gonna prove why we are the premiere show here in the WWE and this man is the prime example of why. Kurt Angle, one of the best in the business.

‘Booyaka’ then hits and out comes Rey Mysterio to a huge pop from the Boston crowd.

Michael Cole
: Rey Mysterio is the only competitor of the three men involved here tonight who has yet to taste a World title. Tonight is Mysterio’s biggest opportunity yet to amend that.

Tazz: This huge for Rey. If he can get the win here, he knows that he is then just one step away from becoming the WWE champion. Massive night in Rey Mysterio’s career, no doubt about it.

Michael Cole: Rey Mysterio of course got here due to the controversy in last Friday’s semi-final match up with JBL. The match ended in a no contest as JBL’s cabinet came down to try and help JBL but the tables were turned when John Cena and Kurt Angle came down to fend them off. The referee lost control and we ended up with Teddy Long making this a triple threat match here tonight!!

Tazz: The right call in my opinion and I think this one is gonna one for these Raw guys to remember.

‘Longhorn’ then hits and out comes JBL in his famous limo, he isn’t accompanied by any of the Cabinet and is looking very focused.

Michael Cole: JBL feels that he deserved to be handed the #1 contender ship after he never received a championship rematch following his defeat to John Cena at Wrestlemania but the facts are that JBL is where he is right now because of the actions of him and his Cabinet. Without their interference, it may just be him and Kurt Angle one on one here tonight, instead JBL must now also deal with Rey Mysterio.

Tazz: I think ya gotta cut JBL some slack Cole. He should have had his shot by now , fact. He felt that by using Orlando Jordan and the Bashams, he could get exactly what he deserved a whole hell of a lot easier.

Match One: Triple threat #1 contenders match for the WWE Title

Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio vs. JBL

In what was a great way to kick off Raw, three of Smackdown’s best superstars went at it in a huge match up.

The early going was dominated by the little high flier Rey Mysterio, who really took it to JBL especially. The ultimate underdog knocked Bradshaw out of things early on, jumping off the top rope and hitting a hurricanrana which took JBL flying across and out of the ring.

Angle and Mysterio then went at it as JBL was out of things. Angle came closest to ending things with an Angle slam but Rey managed to get his foot on the bottom rope much to Angle’s displeasure. Mysterio attempted a 619 on Angle, but the Wrestling Machine managed to duck it, however, straight from that, Mysterio rolled Angle up into a cover but Angle kicked out at two. The fans thought this one was over for a split second.

JBL managed to get his way back into the match and went at it with Angle, trading right hands before JBL went for a clothesline but Angle ducked it and hit a nice belly to back suplex. Mysterio though was straight in on Angle’s toes and turned Angle round, before whipping him into the ropes but Angle smartly rolled out of the ring, only for Mysterio to hit Angle with a baseball slide through the ropes, knocking Angle into the barricade.

With Rey and Kurt on the outside, JBL now held the advantage and followed them to the outside where he whipped Mysterio into the ring post, damaging Mysterio’s shoulder before kicking Rey in the gut and delivering a vicious clothesline from hell on the outside!! Mysterio looks out of it as JBL now set his sights on Angle.

The two fought back inside the ring where JBL got on top of things. Hitting Angle with a nice german suplex, before a cover, but Angle got the shoulder up. The fans began to pop as Mysterio made his way to his feet and back inside the ring. JBL and Rey now going at it, with Mysterio getting the upper hand and hitting a kick to the back of Bradshaw, setting him up for the 619!!

Mysterio connects!! JBL goes flying!! Mysterio up on top of the ropes, goes for the springboard off the top but Angle catches Mysterio mid air by his ankle!! Angle has the ankle lock locked in, Rey’s gonna tap!!

‘Sexy Boy’

What the hell?! Shawn Michaels’s music plays. Michaels was banned from interfering in this match by Eric Bischoff. Angle immediately breaks the hold and looks up to the ramp. No sign of HBK but we see Orlando Jordan and the Bashams come out on stage laughing their heads off as Angle goes ballistic. Angle turns around to go back after Rey but is hit with a CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!! Out of nowhere!! Cover, 1-2-3, JBL is #1 contender

Winner: JBL(15:26)

Michael Cole: JBL steals one, yet again John Bradshaw Layfield has stolen a victory here tonight!! He needed his damn cabinet to deal with Rey Mysterio and then he used Kurt Angle‘s rivalry with Shawn Michaels to get inside the head of the Wrestling Machine.

Tazz: He didn’t steal nothing Cole. JBL simply played the game, he played Kurt Angle and he won. You can question it but ya can’t deny how smart the former WWE champion is.!

Michael Cole: I can question his morals though Tazz. JBL has none whatsoever and now at Judgment Day he will get the chance to reclaim the WWE championship. It’ll be John Cena and JBL in a Wrestlemania rematch.

Tazz: Oh man, what a match we’re gonna be getting’ at Judgment Day.


We return and Eric Bischoff and Teddy Long are both on the stage, separate sides next to their tumbler, ready to make the first draft picks of the evening.

Bischoff: Well then people, let’s get this show on the road properly now as I, Eric Bischoff reveal to the world just who the first man coming to Monday Night Raw will be!!

Small pop as the crowd is buzzing to see who will be drafted.

Bischoff spins the tumbler and puts his hand inside, rummaging around before picking out the ball and announcing Raw’s newest member. Bischoff looks pleased with who he’s acquired

Bischoff: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome haha, to Eric Bischoff’s Monday Night Raw, a former WWE champion and one of the most dominant superstars on the entire roster, THE BIG SHOW!!!

Jim Ross: Wow, a major draft pick for Monday Night Raw!! The Big Show is headed to Monday nights!!

Tazz: Man, disappointin’ to lose someone as tough and as monstrous as the Big Show, lets just hope Teddy Long makes up for it wit’ this next pick.

Big pop here from the crowd as ‘Crank it up’ plays and Big Show makes his way, pandering to the crowd before looking directly at Bischoff, seemingly sending a message not to mess with him.

Bischoff: Come on then Teddy, try and top that one my man.

Long feels around his tumbler before taking his pick and looking fairly happy with his selection.

Long: Comin’ to Friday nights, please welcome to Smackdown, da ‘Man Beast’ RHYNOOOO!!

Michael Cole: Oh what a pick by Teddy Long!! Rhyno is heading to Friday Nights!

The Coach: You can have Rhyno Cole. We got a 500 pound giant comin’ to the ‘A’ show and you get this piece of nothing’. Have him, take him, we’re ridin’ high here on Raw baby!!

‘Man Beast’ then hits and out comes Rhyno who shakes Teddy Long’s hand and poses to the crowd as Eric Bischoff heads to the back looking pleased still having managed to draft Big Show.

We then head off backstage where we see Shawn Michaels walking round backstage, greeted by a big pop from the crowd. Michaels soon stops in his tracks though as he sees the man he lost to at Wrestlemania, Kurt Angle, who is still looking drained from his match moments earlier. Angle is staring right back at HBK across the hall. Michaels and Angle both walk forward to each other, the crowd are going crazy in anticipation. Michaels and Angle come face to face.

Michaels: You better pray that neither of us get drafted Kurt.

Michaels looks intently straight through Angle.

Angle: Shawn, I’m begging for one of our names to come out of the tumbler tonight. BEGGING. I want nothing more than to tear you apart again Shawn. I promise that this time I WILL break your ankle. Oh it’s true, it’s damn true!!

Michaels laughs slightly.

Michaels: Y’know something Kurt, I‘d love to see ya try. I saw your match out there tonight. Liked the little stunt JBL pulled. And it had me realise that you aren’t the brightest spark in the bulb are ya Kurt? At Wrestlemania, you may have got the job done. Next time around though? I won’t be stupid enough to let it happen again. I’ve got your number Kurt, believe me on that one. What happened at Wrestlemania, it’s done. It’s history, but what happens in the future, believe me, history won’t be repeating itself.

Small pop from the crowd.

Angle: You saw my match tonight huh? Well I saw your match last night Shawn. I saw Randy Orton beat you WITHOUT the help of any of his little buddies, like JBL did tonight. Randy Orton beat you fair and square, just like I did at Wrestlemania. You got the nerve to call me stupid? You believing you’ve got my number, now that, that’s stupid Shawn.

Angle pauses before going to talk once more.

Angle: You say Wrestlemania is history Shawn, you’re right it is. And the history books show, Kurt Angle 1, Shawn Michaels 0.

Boos from the crowd here for Angle.

Angle: That’s all that matters and I know, I know for a fact that it is eating you up inside, it’s tearing you apart Shawn. But I got bad news for ya, history WILL repeat itself because no matter how much it eats you up, no matter how much it tears at you, you… can’t… beat me. I’ll see ya around Shawn. Say your prayers.

Angle walks away as Shawn looks on clenching his fist, desperate to face Angle again, desperate to get drafted.

Jim Ross: Wow, what a confrontation we have just witnessed there folks. At Wrestlemania those two men wrestled a classic and I damn sure hope one of ‘em gets drafted here tonight so we can see ‘em go at it once again.

The Coach: Simply put J.R. I wanna see Kurt Angle finally break Shawn Michaels ankle in two! He came within a whisker at Wrestlemania and if indeed they do meet again, HBK will be leaving on a stretcher.

‘Time to play the Game’ then hits and the crowd rises to their feet in expectation, knowing that Triple H isn’t gonna be happy here tonight. A lot of heat as always for the 10 time World champion who is set to compete here tonight. His opponent is already in the ring, the Big Valbowski, Val Venis.

Jim Ross: Last night at Backlash, Triple H came up short in reclaiming the World title and yet again he was defeated by his former protégé’, ‘The Animal’ Batista. You gotta wonder how much this is affecting Triple H.

The Coach: Not at all is the answer J.R Two defeats doesn’t mean a damn thing in this industry. Triple H is a ten, count em, ten time World champion here in the WWE. Batista? He’s held that tile for about a month. Means absolutely nothing, he will lose it soon enough and in all likelihood he will lose it to the man in our picture.

Michael Cole: I gotta agree with J.R on this one Coach. I me..

The Coach: What in the world?! Who asked you Cole?! Since when were Smackdown allowed to get involved in Raw’s business? J.R tell Cole here to shut up.

Tazz: Hey watch your mouth Coachman before I come over there and shut it for ya.

Jim Ross: Will you all just stop it for gods sake.

Match two: Singles Match

Triple H vs. Val Venis

Trips wastes no time in finishing this one early. Venis got absolutely no offense in as The Game just beat him to a pulp. Some strong right hands in the early going followed trademark Triple H. A running knee to the skull, a spine buster and a brutal pedigree later and this one was over within the blink of an eye as Trips sends a message to Batista.

Winner: Triple H (3:34)

Triple H immediately asks for a mic from ringside and is given one by Lilian Garcia.
The fans are booing as Trips, slightly out of breath begins to speak.

Triple H: There’s a pattern repeating itself here lately and quite frankly, I’m sick to death of it.

More heat for Hunter

Triple H: Every week I’m having to come out here and talk about how I’m going to win BACK the World Heavyweight title and yet as the weeks go by, I still haven’t done it.

Trips pauses still out of breath after his match

Triple H: Well I am putting you all on notice here tonight, I am putting Batista on notice. Dave, listen closely to me. Playtime is over, no more time wasting, no more cutting corners. You and me. The World Heavyweight title. Vengeance. Where I promise, I GUARANTEE that the World Heavyweight championship will come home to me.

Strong heat for The Game here

Triple H: Last night at Backlash was meant to be my night. The night I right a wrong. It was meant to be the night where the King returned to his throne, where I became an 11 time World champion. But things didn’t go to plan, and that’s not because Batista is better than me, that’s because I’ve got two punks runnin’ around getting’ involved in business which doesn’t concern them.

Trips starts to look increasingly angrier

Triple H: Chris Jericho( decent pop), Edge( good heat). I warned you both to stay out of my business. This is between me and Batista, this dates back to the Royal Rumble, this dates back to when Batista turned his back on me, to when he made the decision that will ultimately define his career, he made a decision that was career suicide. He tore Evolution apart and in doing so made the choice for me to tear him apart.

Trips’ voice is getting deeper as he continues to get angrier

Triple H: This has NOTHING to do with Chris Jericho, this has NOTHING to do with Edge, so as far as I’m concerned, this is the very last time I‘m gonna say this. Stay the hell away from my business, and if you don’t, you’re gonna be joining Batista on the career suicide list.

Hunter stares directly into the camera looking just about ready to blow

Triple H: Dave, you better give me what I want. Give me what I deserve. Cos if f you don’t, I’ll damn well make you.

Triple H goes to speak again but is cut off immediately as ‘Break down the walls’ hits and out comes Y2J, Chris Jericho to a pretty good reaction once more. Jericho makes his way down to the ring to confront The Game.

Jericho: Welcome to Raw is Jerichooooooooooooooooooo.

Good pop for that.

Jericho: Hunter I couldn’t help overhearing your little speech and I just wondered where exactly Chris Jericho fits into all the talk about a World title shot?

Triple H: Jeri…

Jericho: Shut up!! I am far from finished here Hunter.

Good pop again with even a small Y2J chant breaking out.

Jericho: Facts are facts, there’s nothing hidden in them and the fact is that last night at Backlash, I had Batista beaten.

Some in the crowd pop but the majority boo this.

Jericho: I had Batista locked in the Walls of Jericho when that son of a bitch ,that Y2J wannabe, Edge, smashed me over the head with his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Boos now fill the arena as Jericho nods.

Jericho: Oh believe me Boston, I’ll deal with Edge. As he would say, ‘Bank on it’.

The crowd pop again for Jericho.

Jericho: But then there’s the other fact you’re forgetting Hunter. And this is the funny part, see, you come out here with your statements about how (Jericho puts on a fake deep voice) ‘Playtime is over’.

The fans laugh as Jericho continues.

Jericho: Play time was over last night when Batista pinned YOU in the middle of the ring AGAIN. So if anybody deserves a title shot at Vengeance, it’s me.

Jericho has gotten in HHH’s face but Hunter backs away to respond.

Triple H: Chris, you want the facts? The facts are that you had no right even being in the match at Backlash, let alone standing a chance of winning. I’m still waitin’ for my one on one rematch. The rematch that I am entitled to. Your time’s come and gone Jericho, time for you to go to the back of he line while I take back what is rightfully mine. And Chris, I’m not taking no for an answer.

Jericho: Not taking no for an answer huh? Well, how about I give you an answer you can well and truly understand.

The crowd pop as Jericho drops his mic and takes off his t-shirt. Jericho is ready to go after Triple H when ‘I’m Back’ hits to a chorus of boos and Eric Bischoff comes out.

Bischoff: Jericho!! Jericho you even think about it and I will fire you on the spot!!

Huge heat here as Bischoff prevents the two from getting at it.

Bischoff: I’m not gonna allow this to turn into a fight, no. What I am going to do though is make an announcement regarding the World title you both crave.

Jericho mouths ‘What?’ to Bischoff.

Bischoff: Next week, live on Monday Night Raw, providing that neither one of you are drafted to Smackdown, we will see Triple H go one on one with Chris Jericho and the winner will go on to face Batista at Vengeance for the World Heavyweight title!!

The fans pop as Triple H looks on in disbelief at the announcement with Jericho grinning from ear to ear.

Jim Ross: Huge announcement from our general manager! Next week, The Game one on one with Chris Jericho in a #1 contenders match for the World Heavyweight title!

The Coach: That’s why Eric Bischoff is the best in the business at what he does. What a match we’re gonna see next week on Raw baby!!

Jim Ross: And when we return we’ll find out the next two draft picks in the 2005 draft lottery!!

We see Jericho mouth ‘next week’ to Triple H who leaves the ring running his hands through his hair looking furious.


We return and see Eric Bischoff and Teddy Long are coming out to the stage once again ready to get on with their next draft picks.

Long: Smackdown to pick first this time Eric. Boston, it’s time to find out who’s comin’ to Friday Nights, ya feel me?

Bischoff: Just get on with it Teddy, preferably in English.

Long fiddles around in the tumbler before picking up his ball and looking fairly happy with his selection.

Long: Alright, I can live wit dis. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome to Friday Night Smackdown, the ‘Masterpiece‘, Chris Masters!!

Masters makes his way out to little to no reaction posing to the crowd with a few groans going round.

Michael Cole: No doubt about it, Chris Masters is one of the brightest young talents in the WWE and a great addition to the Smackdown roster!!

Jim Ross: Masters is certainly talented and if he gets his head straight, there is no doubting he could be a potential star. Could be a loss in the future for us here on Monday Nights I gotta admit.

The Coach: Don’t sweat it J.R. The Bisch is gonna bring it home here!!

Bischoff feels around before making his next selection and looking happy with his choice.

Bischoff: Hey Teddy, you gained a bright young superstar there in Chris Masters but then just like that(Bischoff clicks his fingers), you lose one. Please welcome to Monday Night Raw, the ‘Reflection of Perfection‘, Mark Jindrak!!

Again, virtually no reaction from the crowd as Jindrak makes his way out and shakes Eric Bischoff’s hand.

The Coach: Mark Jindrak on Monday Nights, now I can live with that!! A potential star right there J.R. I told you Eric Bischoff would turn this round!!

Jim Ross: This kid has all the tools to be a major asset on Monday Nights, looking forward to seeing Jindrak in action.

Tazz: Jindrak and Masters switchin’ up, I think Smackdown hit the lottery on dat one man.

The Coach: Who asked you Tazz? Huh?

Once again, the two general managers retreat to the back as we go back to the broadcast team.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentleman if I could stop Tazz and Coach bickering.

Coach rolls his eyes as J.R continues

Jim Ross: Last night at Backlash we saw the return of Ric Flair, who was we believe all set to announce his retirement from wrestling, let’s take a look at what went down.

We go to a highlights package of Christian and Ric Flair’s confrontation from last night’s PPV and eventually see Christian’s attack on the Nature Boy. We go back to J.R. and Coach as the crowd in Boston boo loudly at the video they just saw.

Jim Ross: Well, quite disgusting actions from Christian last night and we have been informed that two weeks from tonight, Ric Flair will be here live on Raw to address the WWE Universe and in particular to address Christian.

The Coach: What the hell is Flair’s problem J.R? Christian told it how it was last night, until Ric Flair beats him, he’s done nothing. Why can’t Flair just be a man and face Christian?

Jim Ross: I’m not even going to respond to that Coach, the mere fact that you and that idiot Christian think Flair has anything left to prove is insane. Well, let’s head backstage now where I believe Todd Grisham is standing by with that very man, Christian.

Grisham: Thanks J.R and indeed my guest at this time is none other than Captain Charisma, Christian.

Christian comes into shot alongside Tomko with the crowd pouring heat on them.

Grisham: Christian, we all saw last night at Backlash what you did to Ric Flair, I think we all want to know just why you did what you did?

Christian: What kinda stupid question is that Todd? I explained everything last night. I told Ric Flair that until he faced me one on one inside the ring, until he BEAT me one on one inside the ring, that he had proved absolutely nothing. Not a damn thing. And what does Flair do? He hides from it. He doesn’t man up and accept my challenge, he takes the shortcut and attempts to retire. Well I got news for ya, not on my watch Ric.

Boos from the crowd.

Christian: Let me make this crystal clear to you Todd, to all these idiots in the audience, and most importantly to Ric Flair himself.

Christian looks like he means serious business here

Christian: Flair, you aren’t finished until I say you‘re finished. Now in two weeks, I hear that you’re coming to Raw to ‘address’ the world, to ‘address’ me. Well Ric, let me address YOU here and now. I am warning you, you better be coming to Raw to give me the news that I wanna hear, that my peeps out there wanna hear or believe me, what happened at Backlash will be NOTHING compared to what I do to you in two weeks time.

Strong heat here for Captain Charisma.

Christian: So Ric, think long and hard, take your time, sit at home and dwell on it. This is your future Ric and you got two choices.

Christian holds his chin thinking for a moment

Christian: You come to Raw in two weeks, you announce you’re retiring and you get your ass kicked by Captain Charisma. Or option number two, you show some guts, you be the Nature Boy, the old Ric Flair and you accept my challenge, you go one on one with me and you pass the torch once and for all. I’ll see ya in a couple of weeks Ric, make the right choice.

Christian walks away to strong boos from the crowd as we return ringside and ‘We’re Coming Down’ hits to a good pop as the NEW tag team champions, the Dudley Boyz make their way down to the ring, ready for action.

Jim Ross: Indeed, in two weeks time Ric Flair will have a decision to make and I’ll be damned if Flair does retire, I know Ric Flair and I know he won’t shy away from what happened at Backlash. But moving on to the here and now and last night we witnessed the shocking return of the Dudley Boyz who defeated William Regal and Tajiri to become World tag team champions.

The Coach: What a beautiful speech from my boy Captain Charisma!!

Jim Ross: Enough already Coach, we’ve got a match to take care of here.

The Coach: Ric Flair is done!! 2 weeks J.R!! 2 weeks!!

Born Naughty’ then hits and out come Regal and Tajiri to a decent reaction from the crowd as we get set for a tag title rematch.

Jim Ross: Well as we said these two men came up short in retaining their titles last night but there’s no doubting they’ve got every chance of winning them back right here tonight. Two very talented, very experienced individuals.

Match three: Tag team match: World Tag Team Championships

The Dudley Boyz© vs. William Regal and Tajiri

The match began with Bubba and Regal starting off and the challengers took an early hold on things with Regal getting a couple of near falls after some impressive suplexes. Bubba eventually got himself back into things, taking it to Regal in the only way he knows how, with his fists.

A straight up brawler Bubba, who eventually took Regal down before the challenger returned to his feet but Bubba hit a nice back body drop before going for a cover which Regal kicked out of at two.

Tajiri and D-Von didn’t see too long in the match but when they did it was the Japanese Buzzsaw ho held the advantage, locking in his trademark tarantula to which the Boston faithful cheered loud for.

The legal men as the match came to a close were Bubba and Tajiri, with D-Von knocking Regal out the ring, this allowed the Dudleyz to hold the numbers advantage and the duo rounded things off by hitting a nasty 3D to Tajiri before getting the three count and retaining their titles

Winners and still World Tag team champions: The Dudley Boyz(7:16)

Jim Ross: The Dudley Boyz retain the gold here tonight on Raw!! Big win for Bubba Ray and D-Von!!

The Coach: A huge win J.R. But come on, these guys don’t need to do this!!

Bubba Ray has told D-Von to yep, you guessed it, ‘GET THE TABLES!!’ The crowd are going crazy as D-Von brings the table into the ring and sets it up. Tajiri is helpless as Bubba whips him into the ropes nd lifts him up, D-Von comes crashing down!! 3D through the table!! Huge pop from the Boston crowd as Tajiri is broken in half with a devastating 3D.

Jim Ross: I think that right there confirms that the Dudleyz are well and truly back!!

The Coach: Poor Tajiri J.R. He didn’t deserve that, these two brutes had the match won, they had no right to bring the table out here.

We see the Dudleyz celebrate on separate turnbuckles with their title belts.

Commercial break

We return and head backstage where we go to the locker room of the World Heavyweight champion Batista!! Batista is reading the latest issue of WWE magazine when in walks the WWE champion from Smackdown, John Cena to a huge pop!!

Batista: John, good to see ya man, how’s it going?

Batista and Cena shake hands as Cena spins his title belt.

Cena: Things are alright Dave, you know how it is, I got my problems on Friday nights man, I gotta deal wit’ JBL comin’ after me now, lets just say I’m takin’ care of business come Judgment Day.

Batista: That’s what I like to hear man, I’m likin’ that championship belt you brought with you, lemme see that spin again, come on.

Cena spins it saying ‘You like that huh’ with Batista laughing.

Cena: But on a serious note man, I came here to congratulate you for last night. I mean, Triple H and Chris Jericho, that ain’t a walk in the park. You gave a serious performance out there.

Batista: Well I appreciate that John. It took an awful lot outta me but as you always say, the fact is that the champ is here!

Pop from the crowd as Cena laughs slightly.

Cena: I know how much it means to be the man on your brand Dave , to hold the World title, and well, you are that man, ain’t a doubt about it. But Dave you are that man on THIS brand, not mine.

A few oooohs in the crowd as Batista looks a lot more serious now.

Batista: You tryin’ to say something’ here John?

Cena: Easy, I’m just sayin’ that if it came down to it, Cena vs. Batista, battle of the brands, there would only be one winner and Dave, the champ would still be here.

Cena points at himself as Batista smiles again.

Batista: One day John, one day. We’ll see.

Both men laugh as Cena walks away saying ‘Take it easy big man.’

Jim Ross: Quite the confrontation right there ladies and gentleman, the World champion from Raw, the WWE champion from Smackdown, the two dominant forces here in the WWE coming face to face. I think I speak for everyone when I say I’d love to see those two go at it somewhere down the line.

Michael Cole: J.R. I think that match would go down as a dream contest for all in the WWE universe! And I mean, with the draft here tonight, it’s still possible one of those men do get drafted and we see them collide!!

Tazz: Speakin’ of the draft, look who’s back.

We head to the stage where Eric Bischoff is back and Teddy Long not far behind him as both men approach their tumblers.

The Coach: Come on Eric, bring Kurt Angle to Raw, bring JBL over here, bring us a star.

Bischoff: Ahem, I believe it’s time for Raw’s third pick in this draft lottery.

Bischoff fiddles around before picking the ball up and looking pretty unhappy with his pick.

Bischoff: Raw’s newest addition, ladies and gentleman, please welcome Charlie Haas.

Jim Ross: Alright!! One of the best technical wrestlers in the WWE today and a great addition to the Raw roster. Charlie Haas heading to Monday nights.

The Coach: Haas can go in the ring J.R but does he not just bore you to tears? I mean come on, I need to give this guy some lessons in personality.

Jim Ross: As long as Haas gets it doen in the ring, I don’t care how you perceive him Coach.

Haas makes his way out on stage to a modest crowd reaction before Eric Bischoff stops proceedings.

Bischoff: Hey, Charlie, I just got a great idea man! Ha ha. Listen, I saw what happened last night to your former partner, your little buddy Shelton Benjamin(gets a good pop from the crowd) and hey, seein’ as you’re gonna be here on Monday Nights now, I figured why not kick your Raw career off with a bang?

Haas looks on intrigued

Bischoff: So tonight, Charlie Haas, you will go one on one in that very ring with the NEW Intercontinental champion, Muhammad Hassan!

Haas mouths ‘Oh yeah’ as the crowd pop for this, hoping Hassan gets what’s coming to him later on.

Teddy Long takes over for Smackdown’s third pick. Long reaches around the tumbler before picking out his ball

Long: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome to Friday Night Smackdown, a great new addition to the Cruiserweight division!! The Hurricane!!

Decent response from the crowd as Hurricane comes out and ‘flies’ towards Eric Bischoff before heading over to Teddy Long and shaking hands with his new boss.

The Coach: Ha ha!! Michael Cole, looks like you got someone who has something in common with you now on your show.

Michael Cole: Oh yeah ,what’s that then Coach?

The Coach: Super powers, yours being the ability to make me fall asleep every time I hear your voice.

Coach laughs at his own joke as Tazz butts in.

Tazz: Real funny Coachman, what exactly do you bring to the table huh?

The Coach: Is that some kind of sick joke shortstack?

Tazz: Hey, hey watch your mouth!!

Jim Ross: Alright enough of this crap!! Lets focus on the business at hand here, Raw has landed the gifted Charlie Haas who we now know will face Muhammad Hassan later on tonight in a huge match up!! Whilst Smackdown has received a huge boost for their Cruiserweight division with the arrival of the Hurricane!!

Michael Cole: Great additions to both rosters J.R. I can’t wait to see The Hurricane on Friday Nights!!

The Coach: I’ll bet Michael.

We then head to a video package for Vengeance: 26th June 2005: Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

Jim Ross: Indeed, Vengeance is right around the corner for all of us here on Monday Night Raw and we found out earlier tonight that either Chris Jericho or Triple H would be in line for a World title shot at that pay per view. Next week, live on Raw, barring one of the two men being drafted, we will see Y2J one on one with Triple H, with the winner heading to Vengeance.

The Coach: Gonna be a huge main event next week J.R!!

Ain’t a lady to mess with’ hits and out comes Victoria to some heat alongside Molly Holly as we get ready for a Women’s tag match.

Jim Ross: Well 24 hours ago Victoria came up short in her efforts to win the Women’s title from Trish Stratus.

The Coach: A great effort though from my girl Victoria, I think it’s only a matter of time before she takes that title away from Trish Stratus, just my personal opinion J.R.

‘Time to rock and roll’ then hits to a good reception as out comes Trish Stratus and her partner for the evening, Torrie Wilson.

Match four: Tag team match

Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson vs. Victoria and Molly Holly

The match doesn’t last all that long and the majority of the match sees Trish and Molly going at it. There wasn’t even a single attempt at winning the match as eventually Molly tagged Victoria in, while Trish tagged Torrie in and Victoria beat the hell out of poor Torrie, refusing to break a hold, resulting in a disqualification.

With Victoria refusing to let go, Trish attempted a save but in came Molly Holly and eventually it became two on one with Victoria hitting Widow’s peak on Trish before signalling to the Women’s championship once again

Winners via disqualification: Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson(4:46)

Jim Ross: For the love of god, Victoria had no right to do that to poor Torrie!! She is just crazy!! She had her chance last night and she couldn’t do it!!

The Coach: I don’t think Victoria is gonna rest J.R until she finally gets her hands on that Women’s championship and if that is the case I think it’s gonna be a bumpy ride for Trish Stratus.


‘Arab America’ hits to rapturous heat as we return and the new Intercontinental champion, Muhammad Hassan makes his way out to the ring with Daivari by his side and the two mystery men from last night at Backlash, the massive giant behind the three of them. The smaller man is standing beside Daivari.

Jim Ross: Well, last night at Backlash Muhammad Hassan stole the Intercontinental title from Shelton Benjamin. Thanks to the help of these two new ‘recruits’. I was amazed at the lengths Hassan went to to defeat Shelton.

The Coach: Wait a minute J.R. Did you just say Hassan stole the Intercontinental title? Cos I didn’t see that. What I saw was Muhammad Hassan outsmart Shelton Benjamin. When the chips were down, Hassan delivered and you may not have liked it but I loved it. Was genius from Hassan.

Hassan stands in the centre of the ring with Daivari beside applauding him as well as the smaller man, however, the large man is standing behind all three with his arms folded. The heat for this group of men is unbelievable.

Hassan: The disrespect, the prejudice, it all ends now as I AM YOUR NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!!!

More boos for Hassan here who poses with the belt held high above him.

Hassan: Now last night at Backlash, I showed why I am the future here in the WWE. I deserve to be recognised and appreciated by you people, all the more so now that I hold this. (Hassan points at his title belt.)

Hassan: Now ever since last night, people have been questioning me, people have pestering me about who these two gentleman alongside myself and Daivari are. Not only who they are but why they have aligned themselves with me.

Hassan: And the answer is simple. These two gentlemen have experienced the same kind of suffering as I have. They are both Arab Americans, but instead of people respecting that, people form an opinion immediately.

The crowd has begun a ‘WHAT’ chant now to Hassan’s annoyance.

Hassan: The man standing beside Daivari is one of the most underrated performers out there, Sonjay Dutt and you might ask why? Simple fact is that the colour of his skin means people disregard him! They don’t put him in the same bracket as other superstars and it is a disgrace!!

More heat here for Hassan as Dutt nods his head in agreement.

Hassan: The man standing behind me, is quite simply one of the most dominant and fearful men in the world!!

Strong boos here as a lot of the crowd see the image of this man on the big screen and are taken aback by his size.

Hassan: He is over seven feet tall!! He is the Punjabi nightmare and he will strike fear into the heart of all those who even THINK of setting foot near him!! He is The Great Khali and he is here to stand up for not only us( points at himself, Daivari and Dutt) being disrespected but also for himself.

‘You suck’ chants are now going strong

Hassan: People ridicule him for his size, they look at him as though he’s some sort of sideshow, well they will no longer look at him in that way, they will no longer look at us in that way!! We are the Arabian Entity and we are taking over the WWE!!!

Daivari, Dutt, Khali leave the ring as Hassan remains and ‘World’s Greatest’ hits and out comes Charlie Haas for his Raw debut after he was drafted to the red brand just moments ago.

Jim Ross: The Arabian Entity? I am shocked at what is developing here on Monday Night Raw ladies and gentleman. This man, Muhammad Hassan has taken things onto a whole new level here. Forming a group to deal with prejudice, to deal with disrespect. Sonjay Dutt and this behemoth The Great Khali have joined forces with Hassan and Daivari. Hassan claims that they will no longer tolerate any disrespect. Coach, I mean what prejudice do we here in the WWE have towards Hassan? What disrespect do we show him exactly? What is he talkin’ about for god sake?

The Coach: He’s talkin’ about things like last night J.R when you disrespected him after he won the Intercontinental title. You don’t like his methods, so what cowboy? Deal with em. If Batista did what Hassan did last night, you and these people would be all over him!! Hassan does it and you look down on him, you disrespect him.

Jim Ross: What I said last night was nothing to do with the kinda things Hassan claims Coach!!

Coach falls silent as J.R tries to look Coach in the eye but Coach is having none of it.

Jim Ross: Well, anyways, clearly Charlie Haas I’m sure didn’t take kindly to what happened to his former partner last night at Backlash and I’m bettin’ that he’s gonna seek some retribution here tonight.

The Coach: Tonight, Charlie Haas is gonna learn some boundaries here on Raw, he’s gonna learn what it’s like to play with the big dogs baby.

Match five: Singles match

Muhammad Hassan vs. Charlie Haas

The match began in surprising fashion with Haas getting the upper hand and really taking it to the Intercontinental champion. A series of submission attempts and some nice chain wrestling from Haas, even prompting a ‘Charlie, Charlie’ chant from the crowd.

Hassan though eventually got a grip on the match and had a couple of near fall attempts that Haas did well to kick out of, especially after a big snap suplex from the champion. With Hassan’s group of associates ringside, Haas was always up against it and midway through the match, Haas was thrown to the outside where Daivari got up on the apron to distract the referee, allowing Sonjay Dutt to stomp away at the fallen Haas, before throwing him back into the ring for Hassan to continue with.

A pinfall immediately after saw Haas manage to kick out to Hassan’s disbelief. Hassan then took his eye off the ball and Haas hit a nice belly to belly suplex with the crowd egging him on, but Hassan kicked out.

The match eventually came to a conclusion as Haas grabbed the initiative but once again, locking in the Haas of pain, with Hassan looking likely to tap but this time Sonjay Dutt came up on the apron, distracting the referee, allowing The Great Khali inside the ring who pulled Haas away from Hassan and delivered a huge chop to the skull of Haas, knocking him down. Hassan then locked in his own submission, the Camel Clutch, to which Haas eventually tapped out to

Winner: Muhammad Hassan( 9:41)

Jim Ross: Hassan steals one AGAIN!! What is it gonna take for Muhammad Hassan and his chronies to..

The Coach: Whoa, J.R they have a name, the Arabian Entity and I LOVE it!! They are smart, they are calculated and they are dominant baby boy, straight up dominant.

Jim Ross: Hassan didn’t look so dominant when Haas had the submission locked in did he? He needed Daivari and Dutt to cause the distraction, he needed Khali to damn near break Haas in half before he could get the job done.

The Coach: He got the job done though J.R and that is why he’s OUR Intercontinental champion. I will..


Shelton Benjamin is taking it to Hassan inside the ring before Khali realises and goes straight after Benjamin but Benjamin fights back!! Benjamin is taking it to the big man!! The crowd are going wild for the former champion!! Khali isn’t budging though as Hassan takes Benjamin down from behind to massive disapproval from the crowd. Hassan begins to stomp at Benjamin but Charlie Haas is back to his feet and goes after Hassan!! Another big roar from the crowd but Dutt and Daivari are in the ring now and Dutt takes Haas down with a drop kick. Daivari is playing the role of cheerleader as Hassan locks in a camel clutch on Benjamin who is tapping relentlessly. Dutt lifts Haas up away from that and feeds him to the waiting Khali who hoists Haas up and drops him back down with a vicious double handed choke slam as Hassan lets go of Benjamin and the four men line along the ring and hold their hands high in te sky to insane heat from the crowd.

Coach is applauding as J.R shouts ‘It’s four on two for crying out loud!! Somebody needs to put an end to this!!

The four men stand tall as we go to a Commercial break

Jim Ross: Welcome back ladies and gentleman and before our commercial break we witnessed yet another disgraceful act from Muhammad Hassan and his followers, take a look.

We see highlights of before the break.

The Coach: What is so disgraceful about that J.R? Shelton Benjamin didn’t need to come down here. Shelton Benjamin knew that if he came down to this ring, the Arabian Entity were gonna tear him to pieces and baby boy that’s exactly what happened. Shelton played with fire and he got burned.

Jim Ross: You may see it that way Coach but the way I see it, Shelton Benjamin had every right to want some payback here tonight after what went down at Backlash.

The General managers return to their tumblers, ready to make their fourth draft picks of the evening. Teddy Long is set to pick first.

Long: Welcome back to the next pick in this draft lottery and it’s Smackdown to pick first!!

Long feels around the tumbler before picking his ball and looking a bit concerned by Smackdown’s new addition.

Long: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome to Friday Night Smackdown, Sn…S…Snitsky.

Snitsky comes out and stares down Teddy Long who looks petrified.

Bischoff: Good luck with that Teddy, you’re more than welcome to have him.

Bischoff smirks before making his next pick and looks torn on the addition.

Bischoff: Teddy, Teddy, lemme do ya a deal here. I just picked one half of the best tag teams on Smackdown, one of the best tag teams in the WWE. But you can’t have one without the other. So I’m askin’ you to give Raw his partner as the fifth and final draft pick, what do ya say?

Long: Alright, I can live wit dat playa. Who is it?

Bischoff: Ha ha, well your number one contender isn’t gonna be a happy man. The newest additions to the Monday Night Raw roster, Doug and Danny, The Basham Brothers!!

Teddy Long looks quite happy as does Bischoff.

Bischoff: What are you so happy about?

Long: Well, lets just say that the Cabinet ain’t gonna be makin’ my life so difficult anymore playa!!

Teddy begins to do his dance as the crowd pop slightly.

Long: Eric, before ya go, how bout seein’ as you’ve made all your draft picks tonight, how bout I make my final pick right now?

The crowd get excited about the 5th draft for Smackdown as Bischoff nods and says ok. Long fiddles around before taking his ball out and looking quite happy.

Long: Ladies and gentleman, he took a heck of a beatin’ earlier tonight but he’s gonna make one hell of an addition to the Cruiserweight division!! Tajiri is comin’ to Friday Nights!!

Small pop as Eric Bischoff laughs.

Bischoff: Teddy congratulations on that pick.

Bischoff rolls his eyes before continuing

Bischoff: Well, I guess that’s it folks, the picks have been made until the battle royal and it is only a matter of time before Eric Bischoff’s Raw welcomes two more new faces to Monday Nights!! Teddy, good luck out there, you’re gonna need it!

‘I’m Back’ hits and Bischoff walks to the back laughing as Teddy follows behind smiling also.

We head backstage where we see Mr.Money in the Bank, Edge, dressed to compete in the upcoming battle royal, talking with Muhammad Hassan and his group of associates

Edge: Look Muhammad, I saw what you did out there tonight to Charlie Haas, to Shelton Benjamin. And I gotta tell ya, I liked what I saw.

Daivari is smiling as the rest look on intently.

Edge: That’s why I have a proposition for ya. See, I got a lot of people gunnin’ for me. They see this(points at his MITB briefcase) and they see a threat. Chris Jericho, Triple H, Batista, at Backlash they were all looking over their shoulders, hoping, praying that I didn’t cash this baby in. And I gotta protect my interests, which is why I’m coming to you.

Hassan: I’m listening. Cut to the chase Edge.

Edge: I want protection. I want you and your group to protect me, to protect this(again points at the briefcase). If we join forces, we can take over Monday Night Raw, we can take over the WWE!!

Heat here for the suggestion of an alliance. Daivari then guides the group away as Edge has a strange look on his face.

Edge: Is that it? What, you can’t even give me an answer? Huh? Well, screw you!! While I hold this I don’t NEED ANYBODY!!

Heat once more as Edge turns around and sees Batista standing right behind him!! The crowd pops big time for this.

Edge: Whoa, whoa, Dave, hold it right there, I..I..

Edge attempts to walk away but Batista grabs him by the shoulder and turns him back round, with an angry look on his face.

Batista: Going somewhere? I heard your little speech there. And you know what? You’re right, you DO need protection. I promise you here and now Edge, if you even THINK about usin’ that on me again, I will break you in HALF!!

Big pop from the Boston faithful
Batista: Your little stunt at Backlash was all well and good, but when it came down to it, you backed out. Cos that’s all you are Edge. You are a COWARD.

A few ooohs in the crowd

Batista: You wanna use that briefcase? How about you be a man? Me and you, one on one, face to face. And if you don’t choose to do things that way and you wanna cash in when my back is turned? Trust me when I say that you will be making the single, biggest mistake of your damn career.

Batista pushes Edge away as the Rated R Superstar looks on scared to death before composing himself again.

Another Vengeance promo before we get the first entrant in the interbrand battle royal as ‘Live for the Moment’ hits and Matt Hardy makes his way out to the ring to a big pop after his win last night.

Jim Ross: Well, last night, Matt Hardy scored the biggest win of his young career so far, defeating the monster Kane and winning Lita back at long last from the Big Red Machine. Hardy the first man out for this upcoming battle royal, stay with us folks to find out who the final two draft picks will be!!


We return and ‘Metalingus’ hits as Edge comes down to the ring looking over his shoulder, convenient after what he said earlier. All the other participants are in the ring as Edge is the final man to come out and we get set for this battle royal

Match six: 16 man interbrand battle royal (Winning superstar earns two picks for their brand in the draft lottery)
Randy Orton vs. Big Show vs. Mark Jindrak vs. Matt Hardy vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Christian vs. Edge vs. Eugene vs. Chris Masters vs. Snitsky vs. Joey Mercury vs. Johnny Nitro vs. Rhyno vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Booker T vs. Carlito

The match of course is fast paced and high intensity with everybody gunning for one another. MNM go straight after Big Show, trying to remove Raw’s newest and biggest superstar. Rhyno and Edge lock horns while RVD goes at it with Randy Orton. The first elimination sees the ruthless Carlito who has torn apart Smackdown recently, take Eugene over the top rope and onto the floor seeing Smackdown gain first blood.

The second elimination wasn’t far behind as Raw evened the score. One of Smackdown’s new draftees Snitsky went flying as Matt Hardy took to the big man, with Hardy getting the crowd standing on their feet. Hardy though was then met by Carlito as the two men traded blows with Hardy seemingly getting the upper hand and throwing Carlito over the top rope but Carlito hung on for dear life!! Somehow Carlito stays in this thing!

Elsewhere we saw a third elimination as RVD hurled Mark Jindrak over the top rope much to the crowd’s pleasure as RVD did his signature ‘R-V-D’ pose to the crowd but was then taken down from behind by Edge. Edge hammered away at Mr.Friday Night as chaos was still going on in and around them.

Randy Orton was now dealing with one of Smackdown’s key men here, Booker T. Booker was hanging on for dear life onto the ropes as Orton tried to force Booker out of this thing, but it was to no avail as from behind Orton turns round right into a GORE from Rhyno!! The crowd popped huge for this as Rhyno looked down on Orton, ready to finish him off but out of nowhere, Christian pushes Rhyno over the top rope!! Rhyno is eliminated as Christian looks absolutely thrilled with his work.

Christian began to slap his chest before looking for his peeps in the crowd but was turned around into a Bookend!! Booker T back inside the ring, takes down Captain Charisma and a spin-a-roonie for the crowd!!

Whilst Booker is doing his thing in the middle of the ring, towards the corner, Sonjay Dutt making his Raw debut along with Big Show are going at it with MNM. Dutt, despite being a heel is doing his best for his brand. It comes to nothing however, as Show is taken down to his knees and Dutt runs at Mercury who hurls Dutt over the top rope and onto the outside.

Several superstars still remain but one more drops as Randy Orton, back to his feet, throws Chris Masters over the top rope before setting his sights on RVD, who is still battling with Edge. Orton and Edge now double teaming RVD. MNM are still looking at disposing of Big Show. Christian and Booker T are fighting in one corner. Matt Hardy is dealing with Carlito in another.

Hardy whips Carlito into the opposite corner where he runs after him but Carlito connects with a big boot and hit’s a backstabber!! Backstabber to Hardy, but Carlito runs right into Big Show who has toppled MNM. Show tosses Carlito over the top rope!! Carlito eliminated!!


We return and we immediately see Booker T eliminate Christian to probably the loudest pop of the night!! Christian can’t believe it and demands he get back in the ring but the referees make sure he doesn’t go back as Christian marches to the back, with Booker T laughing on. But Booker has no time to celebrate as Edge comes from nowhere and tosses the former WCW champion over the top rope!!

We are now down to MNM, Randy Orton, Matt Hardy, Big Show, Edge and RVD. MNM and RVD the only Smackdown guys left in and they have had their problems in recent weeks over on Friday nights. Can they put those problems aside for their brand?

Mercury goes after Matt Hardy , Nitro after Big Show while Orton and Edge once again set their sights on Van Dam. RVD though takes Edge down with a massive kick to the head before hitting Orton with a drop kick!! Van Dam runs to the ropes and looks for rolling thunder but after his roll is stopped by Big Show who grabs the throat of RVD!! Show lifts him up, CHOKESLAM!! But Big Show is grabbed either side by MNM and the duo eliminate Big Show!! Show is gone!!

Orton is down, Edge is down, Van Dam is down as MNM celebrate their achievement in knocking the 500 pound giant out of this. But Matt Hardy is not down!! Hardy brings the fight to MNM! The crowd start a ‘’Hardy’ chant as Matt takes Nitro down with a DDT but Mercury pounces immediately. Mercury takes Hardy down with a clothesline before whipping Hardy into the corner where Mercury attempts a running clothesline but Hardy hoists him up in the air and over the top rope!! Mercury is eliminated as Nitro, now to his feet goes for the same move as his partner but Hardy lifts him up in the air and over the ropes!! But Nitro hangs onto the outside, showing great athleticism.

Hardy realises and goes to knock Nitro off but Nitro ducks it and hits Hardy in the gut with a shoulder. Nitro gets back in the ring but Hardy immediately sends him back out with a vicious clothesline taking himself out as well!! Hardy and Nitro eliminated!!

Edge and RVD are slowly making their way to their feet. Orton is already back but getting a breather in the corner, the final three men size each other up. Two from Raw, one from Smackdown. Who will come out on top?

Van Dam makes the first move, going straight after Edge with Orton steering clear. RVD and Edge trade blows with Van Dam coming out on top but Orton comes from nowhere and takes RVD down from behind. Orton and Edge take turns to stomp away at the ECW original. The crowd are willing Van Dam on with ‘RVD’ chants filling the arena. Orton gets Van Dam to his feet but RVD with a kick to Orton’s gut!! A kick to the gut of Edge also. RVD takes Orton down with a big roundhouse kick before turning round, where Edge comes from nowhere and hits Van Dam with a spear!! Van Dam is broken in half as Edge poses to the crowd.

Huge heat for Mr.Money in the Bank but suddenly the boos turn to cheers as Edge is grabbed from behind and thrown over the top rope by CHRIS JERICHO!! Jericho has eliminated Edge, he wasn’t even in the match!! Edge is gone. Coach is going berserk on commentary as Jericho goes to the outside after Edge. Jericho is beating the hell out of the Rated R Superstar, throwing him into the barricade before delivering a brutal DDT to the mat! Jericho then locked in the Walls of Jericho before screaming in anger to the crowd!

The fans are loving Y2J who eventually stops and tells Edge that ‘this is what happens when you mess with the King of the World’. Jericho leaves to a huge pop as inside the ring, Randy Orton is back up to his feet almost, with RVD down on his knees. Both men get themselves back up and go right after one another again.

The crowd are really into this as Orton and Van Dam head to the corner. Van Dam whips Orton from one corner opposite to the other but Orton bounces back and takes RVD down with a thunderous clothesline. The crowd can’t believe the impact as Orton goes after Van Dam again and brings him to his feet before whipping him into the ropes but RVD hangs on!! Orton charges at Van Dam but Van Dam ducks it and lifts Orton over the top rope!! Orton stays on the apron though!! Orton hangs in as RVD realises and goes back after him, but Orton hits Van Dam in the stomach before getting back in the ring, taking RVD down with a scoop slam.

Orton’s now waiting, pleading with RVD to get up. Orton looks primed for an RKO. RVD slowly gets back up and Orton goes for the RKO, Van Dam counters, pushes Orton into the ropes, Van Dam straight after him, hit’s a drop kick, Orton flies over the ropes!! Orton is eliminated!! RVD wins!! Smackdown wins!!

Winner: RVD( 18: 35)

Michael Cole: RVD wins it!! RVD has earned Smackdown two extra draft picks!! Who will be heading to Friday Nights!!

The Coach: You’re kiddin’ me!! Edge had the damn thing won!! Orton had it won!! How in the?? What in the??

Tazz: Hey, you better believe it Coach!! RVD brings it home for Smackdown!!

Teddy Long comes out back on stage beaming and takes a mic.

Long: RVD congratulations playa!! And lemme thank you for bringing the braggin’ rights to Smackdown!! So without further a due, the first bonus pick and heading to Friday nights is……….

Long fiddles around in the tumbler before picking up the ball and smiling even greater than before

Long: Holla, holla!! MATT HARDY!!!

RVD nods his head inside the ring as Matt Hardy makes his way out to pose with Teddy Long and to the fans who give a big pop.

Michael Cole: Alright!!! Matt Hardy is coming to Smackdown!! What a pick for Teddy Long!!

Tazz: And we still got one more to come!!

Long fiddles around once more before taking the final pick in the 2005 draft lottery.

Long: Ladies and gentleman, the final draft pick, for Friday Night Smackdown, please welcome, Randy Orton!!!

A mixed reaction with a lot of heat but some cheers at the fact a big name has jumped brands. Inside the ring RVD shrugs his shoulders but the crowd is now booing profusely as RVD is turned round right into an RKO!! RKO from Orton who had made his way back inside the ring after being last eliminated.

Orton then smiles broadly as he shouts ‘Oh yeah, Deadman I’m coming for you’ and does his classic pose but…. GONG. The Boston crowd erupts as the lights go off and come back on and The Undertaker is inside the ring!!! The Undertaker is here and Orton turns around!! Orton is stunned and can’t believe it!! Taker hoists Orton up and sets him up for a vicious TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!

Jim Ross: By god, The Undertaker is back!! The Deadman has returned and he has Randy Orton in his sights!! Be careful what.. You.. Wish.. for!! Goodnight everybody!!

The camera shows Undertaker doing his signature pose over a fallen Randy Orton as the show comes to an end.
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