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Re: Dexter Mafia Gameplay Thread

Night 7

scrilla was feeling afraid that his time had finally come so he locked himself in his house. He didn't know that someone else was also in the house with him. The person approached scrilla slowly and carefully and sliced his neck open.

scrilla was:

Character: Jordan Chase
Role: Double Voter (Your vote counts as 2 and anytime in the game you can decide if your lynch wants to kill the person you have lynched even if majority isn't already on that player. You can only do this once though and let me know over PM
Win Condition: Win when all threats to town are eliminated
The mysterious figure then stalked his final prey in InstantClassic2.0 as it was revealed that this man was Dexter. Dexter finished off InstantClassic2.0 leaving him for dead.

InstantClassic2.0 was:

Character: Little Chino
Role: Bodyguard (Select a player at night and you will protect them if they are selected for a kill. You can also self protect but not twice in a row.)
Win Condition: Win when all threats to town are eliminated
Postage had done it for himself and his brother. After the town dominating the mafia they couldn't quite get rid of the last few remaining threats.

Postage was:

Character: Dexter Morgan
Role: Serial Killer Mason with Hohenheim of Light (Each night select a player to kill. You are both also NK Immune on odd nights and untraceable on even nights and investigation immune every night.)
Win Condition: Win when you outnumber everyone
Safe Claim: Lance Robinson



Played a great game overall with help from his partner HoL. Was hardly suspected by anyone and when he was he managed to get out of the situation. He didn't even have to role claim as well which is a first

Thanks for the game guys hope you enjoyed yourselfs


Night 1

Hohenheim of Light kills Leeroy-Riz
DH kills IC2.0 (Doesn’t work)
Hiplop investigates IC2.0
Roy no wait Rigor match makes Hiplop
Bkb Hulk tracks Hohenheim of Light
IC2.0 protects himself
Scrilla roleblocks Leeroy-Riz
sXe_maverick watches scrilla (Doesn’t get results)
Rawlin tracks IC2.0
Rising kills Postage (Doesn’t work)
Rising blocks sXe
CM Dealer steals DH’s role
Leeroy-Riz cops Hiplop (Doesn’t work)
iMac lawyers Leeroy-Riz

Night 2

DH kills dan_marino
BkB tracks Rising
Rawlin tracks sXe_maverick
IC2.0 protects Hiplop (Actually BkB Hulk due to bus drive)
Hiplop investigates DH
Scrilla roleblocks Rising
sXe_maverick watches Postage
Rising blocks DH (Doesn’t work)
Bartman busdrives BkB Hulk and Hiplop
Roy no wait Rigor match makes IC2.0 with Hiplop
Postage kills Roy no wait Rigor
Rising kills Hohenheim of Light (Doesn’t work)
iMac lawyers Rising

Night 3

Hohenheim of Light kills scrilla
Roy no wait Rigor kills Rawlin
DH kills sXe_maverick
BkB Hulk tracks sXe_maverick
IC2.0 protects STUFF (due to busdrive)
Rush protects IC2.0
sXe_maverick watches Hohenheim of Light (Dies)
Hiplop investigates BkB Hulk
Rawlin tracks Hiplop (due to busdrive) (Dies)
Bartman busdrives Hiplop and STUFF

Night 4
BkB Hulk tracks Kiz
Rush kills STUFF
DH kills Kiz
Hiplop investigates Postage
Hohenheim of Light kills DH

Night 5
BkB Hulk tracks Postage (scrilla due to busdrive) (dies)
IC2.0 protects himself
Rush roleblocks Postage (scrilla due to busdrive)
Hiplop investigates Rush
Bartman busdrives Postage and scrilla
Postage kills BkB Hulk

Night 6
Hiplop investigated scrilla
IC2.0 protects Rush
Postage kills Hiplop

Night 7

Postage kills scrilla
InstantClassic2.0 protects Postage

Serial Killer QT - http://www.quicktopic.com/46/H/bD8XkyrhUAN
Mafia QT - http://www.quicktopic.com/46/H/W8MLSTZ44sV6

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