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Better than Lawls mafia game Game Thread Thread

Finally, this thread is up! We've been planning this game for over two months. We would come up with roles and ideas, and then stop...and go back to it after a while.

Few basic concepts and rules you gotta know:

- Lostfap and I are co-modding the game.
- You know there is at least 1 'town aligned' player in the game.
- You know there is at least 1 mafia faction.
- You know there are no jesters or cults.
- The town win condition is some variant on 'you win when all threats to town are eliminated'.
- Don't use PM structure to confirm yourself or I'll modkill you w/o pity.
- No pm quoting.
- Night actions in quickly (or I'll not count em)
- Bold votes and unvotes!
- Keep it reasonably classy, unless you've a very funny really offensive insult. That's okay.
- Claim whatever and however you fucking want.
- This game may/may not be vaguely bastardish.
- No talking outside the thread, unless your role has allowed you to do so.
- Try not to get all the mafia members out of the game in the first couple of day/night phases like in Lawls' game.

K. Thx. Enjoy.

- - - - - - - -

List of current players


KK Punk
Mike J Caboose
IC 2.0
Hiplop (Replaced: STUFF)
dan_marino (replaced: Mr. Lawls who had replaced: Metal X who had replaced: Dodgeball)
Hohenheim of Light
Rush (Replaced: Kiz)

Stone Cold Sxe - Tri-Branded Mafia
Rush - Heroes Mafia
Roy no wait Rigor - Post Restriction Mafia
Lawls - Pokemafia
DH - 24 Mafia
Rawlin - No Idea mafia
BKB Hulk - South Park mafia
RKO920 - Resident Evil mafia
CM Dealer - Super Wildlife mafia

Mcqueen - Dragonball Z
Hiplop - Survivor Mafia
Dan_Marino (Replaced: Stone Cold 4 life) - Pokemon Mafia
Bartman - Mushroom Kingdom
Roy no Wait Rigor (Replaced: NotTheRealOwen) - Buffy the Sexy Vampire mafia

IMPULSE - Movie Mafia
Rising - GTA Mafia

- - - -

Day and Night Write Ups
Day 1
Night 1
Death via Poison
Day 2
Night 2
Day 3
Night 3
Death via Poison
Day Four
Spirit Bombed
Night Four
Death via Poison
Day Five
Night Five
Death via Poison
Day Five
Night Five

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