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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Solid enough opening video, you seemed to be giving a kind of 'youth movement' theme throughout, nothing wrong with that especially since in Batista you have a brand new leader of the brand.

Opening commentary seemed fine, Coach was used well. Perhaps I'd have liked to have seen a quick rundown of the card, highlight and hyping the main event/more important matches with a few mentions of the lesser matches.

Following on from the video, it makes sense to kick things off with a relative newcomer in Hassan receiving a title shot. Liked the mention of the "USA! USA!" chant, that was a nice attention to detail. Seemed a solid enough match, although I'm not too sure about a ref bump in the opening contest. Crazy ending though, with these two newcomers helping Hassan to victory. Is this a new faction perhaps? Anyway, I always liked the Hassan character, the IC Title is a solid spot for him to be in, so be interesting to see how you use him from here on in.

Solid enough from Big Dave, but as I always seem to say from you, I'd like to hear more from your promos and interviews. Really get the point across and hype what needs to be hyped.

Can't really say too much about the divas match, although I did like the way it got a bit vicious once it went outside the ring. Trish retains pretty convincingly, so I'll assume a new challenger will be found over the next few weeks.

Again much the same as the Batista interview, a bit more depth to the promo would have been nice.

I remember saying a while back in this thread how I could see no obvious contenders for Regal and Tajiri to face, so this was a nice surprise to see you bring back The Dudleys to give them a challenge. I'm assuming from the description of the huge pop that The Dudleys are faces? A little surprised that you've had them win straight away, as now you need to find a challenger for the new champs. I'd have perhaps had a solid face v face match here, with the champs retaining, but a clear indication that a rematch is on the cards, having The Dudleys win then. So yeah, the new champs are an exciting change, the way you brought them out for the surprise was fine, but it's perhaps a little too quick. Will reserve judgement until I see how you use them going forward.

The characterisation wasn't the best here tbh. I struggled to imagine much of this being said. The ending from Trips was probably the best part, that seemed a lot more like him. But it was kinda lame and not what you'd expect from a Trips/Jericho confrontation imo.

Much better job in the Hardy/Kane match, it had a few cool spots to reflect the no holds barred nature of it. The twist of fate through the announce table was a big spot for a midcard match, but I guess it reflects the nature of the feud. A huge win for Matt, and I'd like to see you do something good win him off the back of it, perhaps even have him and Hassan go at it for the IC belt. But yeah, you did much better here, certainly continuing the idea from the earlier video that newcomers will be elevated by the show.

I guess this was just a way to get Edge on the show, as there wasn't a real clear message regarding the briefcase, which you wouldn't expect. Picked up a bit when Teddy entered, some nice hype for the draft tomorrow night. Nothing much wrong here.

This was definitely the match of the night so far, you seemed to have all the standard Orton and Michaels spots involved. The way Michaels recovered from the DDT near the end was too quick for my liking. Just a simple drag up and then the fists landed. I'd have liked to have seen an RKO attempt or something from Orton that Michaels managed to counter. Would have lead in better to the recovery and given a better flow to the ending. As it was, it came across a little bit rushed, like dashing from one spot to the next instead of slowing things down a bit to build the suspense. Little things like that add a lot of drama to matches, so try work on that.

You did a much better job with the Peep Show segment. Christian came across as the cocky, arrogant young heel, while there wasn't too much wrong with the Flair retirement tease. The best part was the way in which Christian ran down Flair's achievments when comparing them to the fact Flair hasn't beat Christian yet. Again, just in general, it was a bit rushed and not really long enough to be written out like that. But in terms of putting Christian over and having him rob Flair of his moment, it worked fine adn sets Christian up nicely for a program with a true legend, one that Christian should really win if he's going to amount to anything.

And main event time. Seemed a pretty good match, although surprised to see Jericho have so much control of the match. I've already stated that I wasn't happy with the way Jericho was inserted into the match, but at least he was used well and worth being inserted into things. Very surprised to see Edge come down during the match. That's usually save for afterwards, although you obviously wanted it as a way to screw jericho. Can only assume a program between the two to keep Edge occupied before he cashes in. Once again, the ending was very rushed, after so much drama and excitement from Edge, I'd have rather seen the match settle down a bit slightly before the finish. You could have even had Triple H hit the pedigree with Batista kicking out, would have made the final Batista Bomb all the more exciting.

Overall, a mixed bag tbh. If you're determined to write out promos like this, then try and make them a bit longer, with more detail. Have you ever considered writing in recap form? Perhaps read some of the better recap threads, they emphasis the main points much better than your current method. Also, I'd have to have seen a bit of colour in the show to break things up a bit, it was very bland to look at. You're slowly getting better, there is improvement from page one to now, but you've still got a bit of work to do. Keep on reading the better threads around, there's plenty fo material to learn from. But congrats for getting a pay per view written, most people don't make it this far.
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