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Re: Lucha Libre Match/Show Discussion/Reviews

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Psicosis [AAA 9/22/95]
Upon rewatching this, I'm actually disappointed with this match. When I was just getting into lucha, this was my #1 match but this isn't the best lucha match that I've seen from 1995. I'm going to get some slack for this but I prefer Rey's work that he's done in the WWE over what he was doing in Mexico as I feel that even though he couldn't do the same breathtaking spots, he had to use actual storytelling and psychology to get his work over and in my opinion, he's easily the best worker in the WWE along with Daniel Bryan. Onto the match, maybe it's because I've been watching a lot of early 90s CMLL but this lacks any of the real smooth technique and mastery of the likes of Dandy or Casas and is more of a spotfest but I guess that's the point of the match. Too bad that I don't really like spotfests. Well, I did mark out when Psicosis goes for a spot because he's so out of control and I love that. I consider him one of the best bumpers in the business at the time along with Foley and Sabu. Not an out and out terrible match, in the case of a spotfest, it's a pretty good one and people should seek it out but at this point of my lucha viewing this doesn't do much for me. I do love their ECW 10/7/95 match.

Lucha Libre Match/Show Discussion Thread

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