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Re: Renegade Presents: WWE 2003 - Now Go Home And Get Your Fucking Shinebox

Bi-Lo Center
Greenville; South Carolina

Instead of the usual opening, we are treated to a highlights package of the first ever RAW Roulette which took place in Las Vegas last October. We see Booker T beat The Big Show inside a Steel Cage, Triple H cheat to beat D'Lo Brown in a Blindfold Match, Trish retain her Women's Championship against Stacy Keibler in a Bra & Panties Paddle on a Pole Match, William Regal knocking out Goldust with the Brass Knux in a Las Vegas Showgirls Match, Al Snow beating Test in a Las Vegas Streetfight with a bowling ball, Jerry "The King" Lawler winning an It's Legal in Nevada Match and getting to celebrate with The Godfather and the Ho Train, and finally the crazy spots from the TLC 4 match which sees Kane retain against RVD/Jeff Hardy, Bubba & Spike Dudley and Jericho/Christian despite his own partner, The Hurricane, being taken out by Triple H & Ric Flair earlier on

*Opening Video*


The camera pans around the arena as JR & King welcome us to the show

JR: Hello and welcome folks to Monday Night RAW, we are live from the sold out Bi-Lo Center here in Greenville, South Carolina and it's a very special edition of RAW, as tonight marks the second ever RAW Roulette! As always I'm joined by Jerry "The King" Lawler and King, tonight has all the makings of one of the greatest shows we've ever seen.

King: It sure does JR, I can't wait to see what matches and stipulations the roulette wheel comes up with tonight, as we've got some big matches on tonight's show.

JR: And none bigger than our main event, Booker T will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Triple H in an I Quit Match, the only match tonight that will not have it's stipulation decided by the roulette wheel, thanks to Triple H winning his match last week and Booker T losing his. We've also got the Tag Titles on the line as RVD & Kane will defend, and Trish Stratus will take on Victoria with the Women's Title on the line. Also, Goldberg will face Randy Orton, Batista & Ric Flair of Evolution, and all these matches will have stipulations decided by the roulette wheel...


The crowd breaks out into a massive chorus of boo's as Triple H makes his way to the ring, dressed in a snazzy looking suit. The Game heads to the ring alone and takes a mic from Lilian Garcia before entering the ring and waiting for his music to die down

Triple H: Ton-

The Game is cut off by a huge "You Suck" chant which enrages Tripper


Yeah, coz that worked. Crowd shits on HHH for that

Triple H: As I was saying, tonight marks a significant point in two men's careers. Those two men are me...

Huge heat as The Game scrunches up his face at the fans

Triple H: ...and Booker T!

The crowd erupts for the mention of the World Champion

Triple H: Tonight is significant for me because I will reclaim MY World Heavyweight Championship...

Once again, the crowd craps all over Trips

Triple H: You people boo it all you want, but you know it's going to happen. You boo because it's inevitable. That World Heavyweight Championship is mine and rightfully so.

The Game paces back and forth now

Triple H: When Eric Bischoff decided RAW needed it's own Heavyweight Championship title, he didn't hesitate to hand it to me. Me! Because I was, and still am, the single best wrestler on this show. Bischoff rewarded me for being the best, with the title to show I was the best. There was no competition. And since I was given that belt, I've beaten everyone that's been put in front of me. Kane, Scott Steiner, Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam and Booker T aswell!

The Game strokes his chin for a moment before continuing as a small "Booker T" chant breaks out by some fans at ringside

Triple H: Yeah him. I beat his ass at Wrestlemania, and I would've again at Backlash. That that didn't happen, Booker T ended up pinning me!


Triple H: But it was a complete fluke, he won that damn title thanks to help from that bald bastard Goldberg!

MEGA pop for The Berg

Triple H: At Wrestlemania, and then again at Backlash, I proved to everyone that Booker T cannot hold a candle to me inside this ring. He's not even good enough to kiss my damn boots!

More heat

Triple H: Booker, you may have all these idiots out here {huge heat} eating out of the palm of your hand, hanging on every word you say, but you don't fool me. I know who you really are. You're nothing more than a common street thug, and 19 months of hard time backs that up.

The Game pauses as the crowd starts an "Asshole" chant

Triple H: Believe me when I say, you're gonna need to rely on all those street skills tonight, because this match is going to be the longest, most painful moment of your shallow career. I promise, no, I guarantee that I am going to make you say the words "I Quit". After I'm through with you, you'll be regretting the day you crossed my path Booker!


The crowd erupts with a huge pop as Booker T makes his way out on stage to a fantastic reception from the crowd here tonight. Booker has a mic in hand and his World Heavyweight title draped over his shoulder

Booker T: Man I been sittin' out da back listenin' to ya come out 'ere and talk nothin' but crap fo' da last five minutes!

Crowd erupts

Booker T: Every week ya comin' out 'ere and borin' everyone to death with ya long ass stories. I've heard enough sucka!


Booker T: Ya claim dat I'm a fluke champion? Dat I'm gon' be sayin' "I Quit" tanight? I don't think so dawg!

Booker begins to head down the ramp as he continues

Booker T: Coz I ain't no fluke champion. Sure, I did some things in mah earlier years dat I ain't too proud of, but dats all in da past, and dis is right now, and tanight, it's gonna be yo ass sayin' "I Quit" coz I'm gon' shut yo big mouth up fo good!

Huge pop

Booker T: Ya keep tryin' to talk da talk, but ya ain't walkin' da walk yet, and I'm not gon' lose this title {taps on his WHC} to yo punk ass tanight, in fact, I don't plan on losin' dis title fo a long, long time. So after I make yo ass say "I Quit" ya can go and soak yo head fool, coz da Book is gon' continue bein' da man 'ere on Monday Night RAW, now can you dig that, sucka?

Triple H: Wow Booker, that was quite possibly the biggest load of crap I've ever heard!


Triple H {Smirking}: I mean, for one, I didn't understand a word you said.

More heat

Triple H: And two, who do you think you are? Huh? Look at you. You're a joke. Everything about you is a disgrace to the World Heavyweight Championship!


Triple H: Your nappy hair, your ghetto babble, your criminal record! It's an insult to think of the men that have held that title and then compare that to you!

More insane heat for the most hated man in South Carolina (and quite possibly America)

Booker T: Nah dawg, da only disgrace to dis World title is da fact dat yo Pinocchio ass held it!

Crowd erupts

Booker T: Ya say ya beat Kane, ya beat Rob Van Dam, ya beat Scott Steiner, ya beat Shawn Michaels. How many of dem did ya beat fairly? How many of dem did ya beat without yo boys in Evolution savin' ya? I'll tell ya, NONE!

Another pop

Booker T: Ya couldn't win a match fairly if yo life depended on it sucka! Ya need yo puppets to do yo dirty work, coz yo jus' a big phony! And now, yo got no help tanight sucka, it's just me and you, and da Book is gon' dance all over you!

The crowd erupts, The Game is irate with that as he takes off his jacket and undoes his top shirt button

Booker T: Oh, ya punk ass wanna preview of da main event?

Trips dares Booker to get into the ring and the Book Man doesn't think twice about it, sliding in as tensions begin to mount when


The crowd let's out a collective groan and then pours the heat in as Eric Bischoff appears on stage

Bischoff: Booker! Hunter! Don't you dare lay a finger on one another! If you do, the main event is cancelled, Hunter you'll lose your title shot, and Booker, you'll be stripped of the title!


Bischoff: You guys have an I Quit match to do as much damage as you want to each other tonight, and I will not risk jeopardizing my main event so you two can get into it now. We've got a big show tonight, the Roulette is about to begin. So, both of you, get out of that ring, and get ready for your match tonight.

The Bisch makes a motion for the two rivals to leave as The Game does so, leaving Booker in the ring, with the two locking eyes as HHH heads back up the ramp and Booker slowly follows him

JR: Tensions are running high between champion and challenger ahead of our huge main event King!

King: They are JR, I can't wait for Triple H to shut that loud mouth Booker T up for good tonight.

JR: Who says Triple H is gonna win King?

King: I did JR!

JR: Folks, coming up after the break, the RAW Roulette will begin, don't go anywhere!


We return to ringside with the crowd buzzing in anticipation as


Hits and the crowd erupts with a huge pop as the World Tag Team Champions make their way down to the ring. RVD does his thumb point as Lilian announces his name and Kane let's the pyro fly from the turnbuckles in the ring. The duo await their opponents ERIC BISCHOFF appears on the titantron! The crowd jeers The Bisch as he's standing backstage in front of the Roulette wheel

Bischoff: RVD, Kane. It's time to start the RAW Roulette!

Huge pop

Bischoff: So without further ado, let's spin the wheel, and find out what kind of match you'll be defending your World Tag Team Championships in!

Bischoff spins the wheel as the crowd awaits with baited breath. The wheel spins around a few times before stopping on a DUMPSTER MATCH! The crowd pops for that, having not seen one for over two years as RVD extends his hands out to his side in a "What the fuck" pose and Kane tilts his head

Bischoff: There you have it! It's gonna be Rob Van Dam and Kane, defending their tag titles in a Dumpster Match! And now gentlemen, it's time to meet your challengers...


Somewhat predictably, the music of William Regal & Lance Storm hits, causing a huge chorus of heat to flood. After a few seconds we still haven't seen the duo appear from the back, but then suddenly a DUMPSTER appears from behind the curtain, with Regal & Storm behind it, wheeling it down to ringside

Match 1
World Tag Team Championships; Dumpster Match
RVD & Kane © vs William Regal & Lance Storm

It's a wild affair as RVD pairs off with Storm and Kane with Regal as the match begins on the outside, with the champs not wanting to waste any time in this one. After some brawling on the outside, weapons come into play as Storm pulls a trash can out from under the ring and whacks Kane over the back with it! Kane turns around and STORM WHACKS HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH IT! That takes Kane off his feet. RVD brings a baking sheet into play and DENTS IT OVER THE HEAD OF LANCE STORM! William Regal then grabs RVD and Irish whips him into the dumpster! Regal unloads on Van Dam as he's propped up against the dumpster. Kane gets back up and takes a hold of the trash can now, walking around to Regal and HITTING REGAL ON THE HEAD WITH IT! Kane then takes the can and turns it upside down, before putting it down over Regal! Regal, not able to see with the trash can over him, stumbles around and KANE HITS A BIG BOOT INTO THE CAN, MASHING REGALS FACE INTO IT! The can comes flying off Regal's head after that. Kane brings Regal up and loads him onto his shoulders, looking to place him in the dumpster but Lance Storm clubs Kane from behind. Regal drops off Kane now and the two double team The Big Red Machine, hammering away with rights and lefts and kicks. Storm and Regal get Kane on his feet and load him into the dumpster, and turn to focus their attentions on RVD now, who leaps onto the steel steps and flies off with with a Split Legged Dropkick, taking both men down! The crowd pops for that.

Van Dam gets to his feet and grabs Regal, introducing the Englishman's face into the steel steps. Kane meanwhile is climbing out of the dumpster, with the heels failing to get RVD in there too. Storm rolls RVD into the ring and begins to go to work on him in the corner with some knee strikes, before sending him to the ropes and taking him down with a Leg Lariat. Kane sees his partner in trouble and comes to the rescue with a trash can lid, BLASTING STORM OVER THE HEAD WITH IT! Kane then shoots Storm to the ropes and catches him with a TILT-A-WHIRL SLAM ONTO THE TRASH CAN LID! William Regal slides in with a kendo stick in hand and hits Kane over the back with it and then CRACKS IT OVER THE BACK OF KANE'S HEAD! Regal then takes Kane down with the REGAL CUTTER! Regal tells the officials to open the dumpster up as he rolls Kane towards it, but Van Dam from the apron springs onto the top rope and then comes off with a Springboard Leg Drop onto Regal! Van Dam drops down and hits him with a couple of right hands, then rebounds off the ropes and connects with the Rolling Thunder! RVD gets to his feet and COPS A SUPERKICK ON THE JAW FROM LANCE STORM! Storm drags Van Dam to the outside and loads him into the dumpster. Storm gets back into the ring and starts teeing off on Kane who's downed in the corner. We see RVD trying to get back out of the dumpster when suddenly THE LID IS SLAMMED DOWN ON HIS HEAD...BY CHIEF MORLEY! Mega heat as Morley comes to help his buddies and keeps RVD inside the dumpster.

Kane gets sent to the ropes by Storm and Regal but comes back, taking them both down with a double clothesline! Kane then knocks Storm down with a right, and the same to Regal. Kane meets Storm with a Big Boot and then goozles Regal going for the CHOKESLAM FROM HELL...BUT GETS LOW BLOWED BY CHIEF MORLEY! Kane drops to his knees as Regal grabs the trash can lid and CREAMS KANE ACROSS THE FACE WITH IT! The crowd is booing heavily as Morley helps Regal get Kane to the outside, looking to get him up into the dumpster when THE DUDLEY BOYZ RUN OUT FROM THE BACK! The crowd goes wild as Bubba and D-Von dart to ringside and Chief Morley gets the hell outta dodge, leaping over the barricade and running away into the crowd with the Dudleyz in chase. All this has distracted William Regal as Kane grabs him and LAUNCHES HIM INTO THE DUMPSTER FACE FIRST! RVD climbs out and shuts the lid, standing atop the dumpster as Kane places a trash can in front of Regal, who's propped up against the steel steps. RVD does his self thumb point as the crowd chants along "R-V-D" and then Van Dam LEAPS OFF AND SCORES WITH THE VAN TERMINATOR TO REGAL, SANDWICHING HIM BETWEEN THE TRASH CAN AND STEPS! Lance Storm tries to make a save for his team charging at Kane, but Kane picks up a baking sheet and BLASTS STORM OVER THE FACE WITH IT! The tag champs put their opponents in the dumpster and win the match
Winners @ 8:23 - RVD & Kane
Retain World Tag Team Championships

The crowd erupts as RVD & Kane retain with some help from the Dudleyz. Bubba and D-Von head out through the crowd after they cancelled out Chief Morley's attempted screw job leaving the champs to receive their titles and celebrate with the fans

JR: RVD & Kane retain the titles King, and the Dudleyz just chased that no good Chief Morley away!

King: I can't believe it JR, but this is what the Roulette is all about! RVD & Kane are still the champs and does this end the opportunity for Lance Storm and William Regal?

JR: I don't know about that King, with Bischoff in charge, I feel his boys are always gonna be in with a chance...


Back live from the break and we are in the presence of Eric Bischoff who is standing by at the Roulette wheel. The camera then focuses out to show SCOTT STEINER standing by to a huge pop. Steiner is glaring at Bischoff, looking like he's finding it hard to hold back from destroying him

Bischoff: Thank you for coming Scott. First off, let me congratulate you on your victory over The Rock last week.

Bischoff forces a fake smile, obviously disappointed The Rock didn't beat Steiner again whilst Big Poppa Pump sees right through it and rolls his eyes

Bischoff: I ho-

Steiner: Cut the crap Bischoff and spin the God damn wheel!

Bischoff is taken aback by that and frowns at Steiner, before accepting Big Poppa Pump is always gonna hate him and spins the wheel. Steiner stands there, arms folded as the wheel lands on the "___ on a Pole Match" to a decent reaction from the crowd

Bischoff: Ah, the on a Pole match! Well, I guess all that needs to be decided now is what will indeed be hanging on that pole. What could I possibly pick, hmm?

Bischoff pretends to think as Steiner rolls his eyes, getting impatient of being in the same room as Bischoff

Bischoff: How about a...no wait that wouldn't be right. Maybe it could be a....no, not that either. Ma-

Steiner's had enough as he grabs Bischoff by the collar and pulls him in close as Bischoff looks like he crapped himself

Steiner: Pick something, now, before I shove my foot down your throat!

The crowd erupts as Bischoff holds his hands up, pleading with Steiner who relaxes his grip on Easy E

Bischoff {Gulps}: Ok Scott, ok! Tonight, you'll be competing in a Steel Pipe on a Pole Match. Ok? How does that sound?

Steiner let's go of The Bisch, happy enough that he's got his favoured weapon and smirks before walking out, with Bischoff composing himself as we cut back to ringside as


Hits and the crowd erupts with a huge pop as Scott Steiner makes his way out, extending his arms out to his side. Steiner pauses on the ramp and flexes to the camera, and kisses his bulging bicep before continuing to the ring. Steiner removes his chain mail headset and awaits his opponent when

??? {Clears throat}: Ahem!

The camera turns to see ERIC BISCHOFF up on the titantron again, getting more heat. Bischoff looks extremely pissed off

Bischoff: Up here Steiner.

Big Poppa Pump looks up at Bischoff on the titantron

Bischoff: Don't worry, you still have your match. However, you just put your hands on me, and that is something I refuse to tolerate. You put my safety and well being in jeopardy, and that's something you're about to regret Scotty boy. I demand respect from all members of the RAW locker room, and you failed to give me that! So consider this opponent as nothing other than pure punishment for your actions!

Huge heat Bischoff's anger fades away as he grins

Bischoff {Grinning}: So now that I've got that out of the way, let's meet your opponent shall we?


The crowd boos as "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry makes his way to the ring in a usual foul mood, with Teddy Long by his side, as D'Lo Brown & Rodney Mack bring up the rear. Steiner knows this is serious business, as the 400 plus pounder enters the ring and pounds on his chest

Match 2
Steel Pipe on a Pole Match
Scott Steiner vs Mark Henry w/Thuggin' & Buggin' Enterprises

It's far from pretty as Steiner hits Henry hard with some rights and Steinerlines in the early going but with D'Lo & Mack around, he's constantly out numbered and it doesn't take long for the tide to turn as Steiner climbs the corner to grab his Steel Pipe, D'Lo gets onto the apron and Big Poppa Pump swats at him, as Mark Henry POWERBOMBS HIM OFF THE TOP ROPE! Cover 1...2...kickout. From here Henry takes over, squashing Steiner with a Body Avalanche in the corner and then hitting a running splash and covering 1...2...shoulder up. Teddy Long coaches Mark Henry from ringside, telling him to break Steiner in half as he locks on a Bear Hug. The crowd gets behind Steiner and he fights out of the hold and takes Henry down with a Spinning Belly To Belly Suplex! Steiner plants Henry with the FLATLINER and then climbs the turnbuckle and unhooks the Steel Pipe! The crowd erupts but Rodney Mack gets onto the apron and STEINER CRACKS HIM WITH THE PIPE! D'Lo slides into the ring and Steiner HITS HIM IN THE GUT, THEN OVER THE BACK! Scott Steiner is rolling now but Teddy Long is up on the apron now, and as he distracts Jack Doan, THE ROCK SPRINTS DOWN THE RAMP! Rocky slides into the ring, takes the pipe off Steiner and LEVELS HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH IT! The crowd boo's the shit outta The Rock as he quickly exits the ring as Teddy Long stops his argument with Doan and Mark Henry comes to and hits another Body Splash onto Steiner then covers 1...2...3!
Winner @ 4:36 - Mark Henry
Mark Henry is joined by his team mates as they celebrate an up turn in fortunes as The Rock is standing at the top of the stage, grinning at his handy work as Big Poppa Pump comes to, with a cut above his forehead, and glares at The Rock mouthing "I'll get you, you piece of shit"

JR: Well I think we all heard what Scott Steiner just called The Rock.

King: Completely uncalled for JR!

JR: What the hell do you mean? The Rock hit Steiner with the steel pipe!

King: He was doing us all a favour JR. Scott Steiner is a thug.

JR: The Rock had no business in there dammit!


Once again we go back to Eric Bischoff's office where he is standing by when there's a knock on the door

Bischoff: Come in.

The door swings open and in walks THE ROCK to a huge split reaction. Bischoff & The Rock shake hands and hug it out to heat from the fans, both looking pleased

Rock: Did you see what The Rock just did to Scott Steiner's monkey ass?

Bischoff: You bet I did, and Rock, I gotta say, I loved it! Loved it.

Bischoff grins and applauds The Rock when


The camera spins around and it's THE HURRICANE flying into view to a pop from the crowd as The Rock rolls his eyes

Hurricane: You, The Rock, the so called People's Champion, resulting to a sneak attack on Scott Steiner. What happened to your courage? Your fortitude? I'll tell you what happened. You Rock, have become a coward. WHASSUP WITH DAT?

The crowd erupts

Rock: Whoa, whoa! The Rock is not a coward.

Hurricane: Yo-

Rock: SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Know your role you little green jabroni, The Rock is not a coward. The Rock is the greatest of all time. All time!

Heat as The Rock turns to the noise from the crowd

Rock: Oh The Rock said he's the greatest of all time!

More heat

Rock: And let The Rock remind you of something, you ain't nothing. You're not a superhero, look at you. You're the leader of the Hamburglar fan club!

Crowd laughs

Rock: The Rock isn't afraid of anybody. Not Scott Steiner and certainately not your skinny green wanna be superhero ass. Do you remember The Scorpion King? Now he's a real super hero.

Hurricane: Oh I remember The Scorpion King. But Rock, do you remember, the {uses thumb and index finger to emphasise his point} TINY DING-A-LING?

The crowd erupts and The Rock's eyes burst wide open

Rock: WHAT? Oh no, no no no no no!

Hurricane: Yes, very, very tiny.

Rock: No! Nuh-uh! Hey, you know what they say {places palm of hand on leg} eeeeeeasyyyyy big fella, eeeeeeeasyyyyy!

The Rock cracks a wry smile

Rock: And you keep running your mouth, The Rock is gonna whip your candy ass all over this arena!

Hurricane: Oh so you think The Scorpion King could beat the Hurricane?

Rock: I don't think I kn-


The crowd EXPLODES as Hurricane turns one of Rock's trademark insults against him which stuns The Rock, wide eyed in disbelief after hearing that

Rock: Did you... did you just steal The Rocks catchphrase? {Cuts off Hurricane before he can answer} Nah nah, don't bother answering that. Does The Rock think he could whip your scrawny ass? Damn straight The Rock will layeth the smacketh down all over your green Hamburglar monkey ass. {Smirks} I mean what could you possibly do to The Rock? You gonna throw chicken nuggets at The Rock? Hit The Rock over the head with a Quarter Pounder? You got nothing. Nothing.

Bischoff seems to have heard enough

Bischoff: Gentlemen, please. Tell you what, seeing as you're both here, why don't we spin the wheel, and you two can settle your differences, once and for all, inside the ring tonight?

Rock and Hurricane nod in agreement as The Bisch spins the wheel and it lands on "Bischoff's Choice Match". There's some confusion to that as Bischoff smirks and then turns to the two men

Bischoff: Well, this is intriguing indeed.

Bischoff ponders for a moment before lighting up with an idea

Bischoff: I've got it! Tonight, it's going to be The Hurricane... versus The Rock... in a Clash of the Superheroes match!

Crowd pops

Bischoff: The Hurricane will dress as, well {looks at Hurricane}...himself, and The Rock will wrestle as none other than The Scorpion King!

Laughter in the crowd as The Rock seems a little confused by that

Rock: You want The Rock, to dress up as The Scorpion King?

Bischoff: Yes.

The Rock thinks it over for a second before chuckling to himself and shrugging his shoulders

Rock: Whatever, The Rock's an entertainer. He's gotta entertain the millions {Crowd: AND MILLIONS} of The Rock's fans! And if that's what it takes, then that's what The Rock will do. As for you {points to Hurricane} you get ready for the biggest ass whippin' of all time, because The Rock is gonna plant you with the Rock Bottom, then he's going to hit the Hollywood Elbow and pin you one... two... three and yell out Haku Machente!

Jeers as The Rock gets right up in Hurricane's face


The Rock storms off as we cut to a commercial break


We return to an outdoor shot of the Bi-Lo Center as JR & King welcome us back

JR: Yes folks we have sold out the Bi-Lo Center here in Greenvile for the second ever RAW Roulette and what a night we've had so far King?

King: You said it JR, a Dumpster Match and a Steel Pipe on a Pole Match, and we just saw before the break The Rock and The Hurricane will meet in a Clash of the Superheroes Match! I can't wait to see The Rock beat some respect into that idiot Hurricane!

JR: Don't shut down Hurricane so quickly King, he holds a victory over The Great One from earlier this year in March.

King: Yeah when Stone Cold distracted The Rock! One on one with no distractions, The Rock will take Hurricane apart JR!


The crowd erupts with a nice pop as the Women's Champion, Trish Stratus makes her way to the ring ready to defend her title. Trish plays to the crowd getting another good reaction as she gets into the ring and points out to the fans


The psychotic Victoria heads to the ring getting some heat from the fans. Victoria gets into the ring and grits her teeth as she glares at Trish

As the two divas await their fate Eric Bischoff once again appears on the titantron, standing by with his roulette wheel

Bischoff: Ah, what a night we've had so far. Once again, the RAW Roulette proves why we are just that much better than SmackDown! in every way. But enough gloating, it's time to find out what kind of match you two will be competing in. So, without any further delay, let's find out...

Bischoff spins the wheel and it goes round and round before finally landing on "Hair vs Hair Match"! The crowd erupts and both divas look horrified by the stipulation. Bischoff however, seems delighted

Bischoff: Oh! Hair versus Hair match! I really don't think I need to explain the consequences of losing this match. Not only will the winner of this match be the Women's Champion, they will also get to shave their opponent's hair!

Crowd pops

Bischoff: So referee, ring the bell!

Match 3
WWE Women's Championship; Hair vs Hair Match
Trish Stratus © vs Victoria

Chad Patton rings the bell and Victoria attacks Trish as she attempts to remove her Women's title from around her waist. The psychotic challenger works on Trish, beating her around the ring and coming close to finishing the match off early with a Spinning Rack Pancake and covers 1...2...kickout by Trish. Victoria puts Stratus in the corner and kicks away at her midsection, then hits an elbow smash, before whipping Trish across the ring and looking to follow in, but Trish gets an elbow up in the face of Victoria! Trish quickly mounts the top rope and leaps off looking for a Crossbody...VICTORIA CATCHES HER AND HITS A POWERSLAM! Vickie hooks the legs 1...2...shoulder up! Victoria applies a Reverse Chinlock on a downed Trish. Stratus refuses to stay down however as the crowd wills her on, making some noise as Trish gets back to a vertical base and fires some shots into the gut of Vickie, then shoves her to the ropes and Victoria rebounds back INTO A CHICK KICK! Trish falls on Victoria 1...2...NO! Victoria kicks out! The crowd is surprised and Trish can't believe it, wincing in pain. Both women are slow to their feet and Trish rocks Victoria with a series of rights, then goes to whip Victoria to the ropes, but it's countered as Vickie sends Trish instead. Stratus rebounds and Victoria lowers her head too early as Trish puts the breaks on, grabs Victoria by the head in a headlock position and goes the STRATUSFACTION...but Victoria counters it and SENDS TRISH FLYING INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Trish is down after that and Victoria makes a cover 1...2...shoulder up!
Victoria let's out a yell in frustration as he pulls at her hair. She mounts Stratus and wails away on her with rights and lefts before bringing her up and going for the WIDOWS PEAK...but Trish fights it and counters into a Sunset pin 1...2...3!
Winner @ 6:41 - Trish Stratus
Retains Women's Championship

The crowd erupts as Stratus retains against Victoria once more

JR: She's done it King! Trish Stratus retains!

King: I'm so happy for her JR, she looks hurt though, maybe I should go and attend to her.

JR: This means Victoria's gotta have her head shaved!

King: Oh no here comes the barbers chair!

Right on cue a couple of road agents wheel out a barbers chair onto the stage. Victoria is on the outside, holding her head, saying "No! No! No!" as Stratus is handed her Women's title by Chad Patton


Back from the break and we are shown some footage

*During the break*

Eric Bischoff comes out and orders Victoria to accept her fate. Victoria refuses to and attempts to flee backstage but JACQUELINE & IVORY appear and block her path! Victoria threatens the two to move but they don't and Vickie backs off, but Trish Stratus comes from behind and brawls with her up the ramp with right hands, with the final one knocking Victoria ass first onto the barbers chair. Bischoff orders her to be tied down so she doesn't try and flee as Jacqueline and Ivory do so whilst Trish Stratus is handed the scissors and she starts chopping off the long black hair of Victoria! Vickie is going nuts, continually trying to fight out of the chair to no avail as Stratus trims her hair short, and then is handed the motorized clippers as she begins shaving away the shortened hair of Victoria!

*Back to live action*

We return live and see that Victoria is almost completely bald by now with the crowd laughing at her. Victoria is gritting her teeth as Trish takes a clump of her hair and waves it in her face, infuriating the psychotic diva as Trish, Jackie and Ivory share a laugh

JR: Well this is a first for the WWE King!

King: Just look at Victoria JR, she'll never want to be seen in public again. This is crazy.

JR: What a night the RAW Roulette has given us, and we're far from finished folks.

Cut backstage

We are in the presence of the Evolution locker room now. Randy Orton & Batista are sat on a coach as Ric Flair is talking to Triple H, who's warming up ahead of the I Quit Match with Booker T later tonight

Flair: Don't worry Hunter, you're the best in the business. The very best. Booker T? He's got nothing on you. He's not half the man you are. Not half the wrestler. And damn sure not half the champion you were.

Naitch gives HHH a quick shoulder massage to loosen up the tense looking Tripper, who turns to Flair, nodding in agreement with his words

Triple H: Yeah, you're right. You're completely right. I've said it all along he's a fluke champ, and tonight I'm gonna prove it to everyone.

There's a pause from The Game as Orton & Batista agree with him too

Triple H: But he's only half the problem, and we all know who the other half is... GOLDBERG!

The crowd EXPLODES at the mention of The Berg

Triple H: Now, whatever match Bischoff's stupid wheel comes up with, I want you guys to teach him a lesson. I want you guys to drill it into him, that if you mess with Evolution, bad things happen. I want you to make sure he pays for what he did to me at Backlash, costing me my World Heavyweight Championship! And for what he did to all of us the night after Wrestlemania, when he attacked us when we were fatigued, after giving Booker T and that reject friend of his Goldust the ass kicking they deserved!

Randy stands up

Orton: You got it Hunter.

Batista follows suit

Batista: Yeah, you leave him to us.

The Game seems happy enough with his troops motivation

Flair: Alright, let's go see how that wheel spins for Evolution.

With that said Flair, Orton & Batista exit their locker room as The Game sits down and starts taping up his arms and fists

-WWE Bad Blood Promo-
Live from the Compaq Center
Houston; Texas

We return to Eric Bischoff's office once more with The Bisch standing by when Evolution walk in

Bischoff: Good evening gentlemen.

Flair: Easy E! My man.

Naitch and Bischoff shake hands, and then Orton and Batista follow suit

Flair: What's the good word?

Bischoff: Oh I think this may be the single greatest show in the history of the WWE. I mean, we've seen Victoria have her head shaved, the Tag titles be defended in a Dumpster match that didn't involve the New Age Outlaws, {smirking} Scott Steiner got his just desserts...

Flair: And soon you can add Goldberg got his ass kicked by Evolution, and Triple H took the World Heavyweight Championship back from Booker T! WOO! {Crowd: Woo}

Bischoff grins

Bischoff: I love it. Shall we find out how you'll be, as you put it, kicking Goldberg's ass then?

Bischoff turns to the roulette wheel

Flair: Oh, we shall.

Flair rubs his hands together as Orton & Batista look smug as Bischoff spins the wheel and it goes round and round before landing on "Gauntlet Match". The trio of Evolution instantly lose their aura of excitement

Bischoff: Errr...

The four men look to each other, knowing that's not the match they wanted to get

Bischoff: Well, it's not perfect. But think of it guys, he's gotta basically wrestle three matches in a row with no intermissions and win them all, just to win the entire thing! I mean, there's no way he'll be able to do that when you look at the quality of his opponents...

Bischoff forces a smile, trying to pass the idea off. Evolution look at The Bisch, knowing he's trying to save face somewhat and then walk out with Easy E breathing a heavy sigh

JR: Goldberg's gotta survive the Evolution Gauntlet to get a title shot King!

King: Well it's not the ideal match that Evolution would've wanted, but Eric Bischoff is right Ross, he'll be wrestling three matches in a row with no rest. Goldberg's an animal but I don't know if it's possible for him to do it!


The crowd EXPLODES as the familiar drum march starts up

JR: Well, we're about to find out King.

We join the camera backstage outside Goldberg's door as a backstage worker knocks on the door and says "It's time Goldberg". We hear the usual banging around before the door is swung open and Goldberg emerges, snarling and huffing like a man man to another huge pop. The Berg marches through the corridors and up the stairs, through the curtain out onto stage as his pyro sprays across, before Goldberg steps through it, kicking and punching the air as more pyro fires off behind him. Goldberg gets into the ring and begins warming up


Motorhead's rocker blares through the speakers as the heat pours in. After a few moments, ALL 3 MEMBERS of Evolution appear on stage and begin heading to the ring together. Lilian Garcia is confused, not knowing who is up first to announce as Goldberg's eyes dart back and off. Evolution all hop onto different sides of the apron, the same trick they used against Booker T last week, and as Ric Flair looks like he's about to step through the ropes, Orton quickly gets into the ring

Match 4
Gauntlet Match; If Goldberg Wins he gets a World Title shot
Goldberg vs Evolution
Fall 1: Goldberg vs Randy Orton

Orton comes from behind and DROPS GOLDBERG WITH THE JUMPING CUTTER! Orton covers The Berg 1...2...NO! Goldberg kicks out to a huge pop and saves himself from a shock loss.
Orton keeps Goldberg grounded and does the best he can, taking it to Da Man and using the Sleeper Hold to wear The Berg down. However Goldberg's sheer power gets him back to his feet and despite Orton jumping on his back and applying the Sleeper again, Goldberg grabs him and pulls him over his shoulders, slamming him to the mat! Goldberg steams through Orton with a clothesline, then powers him into the air and drops him with a Military Press and transitions it into a Front Slam! Goldberg covers 1...2...kickout. Goldberg brings Orton to his feet but Randy rakes the eyes to halt his momentum. Orton drops The Berg with the Inverted Headlock Backbreaker and covers 1...2..power out from Goldberg. Randy Orton takes Goldberg to the corner and tees off with right hands to Goldberg's temple. Orton brings The Berg out and tries to whip him to the ropes, but it's reversed and Randy rebounds INTO THE SPEAR! Goldberg covers Orton 1...2...3!
Winner @ 4:01 - Goldberg

Fall 2: Goldberg vs Ric Flair

Ric Flair gets into the ring just as the 3 count comes down. Goldberg gets to his feet but Flair chop blocks out his left leg! Naitch goes to town in Goldberg's leg, specifically his knee, softening it up for the Figure 4 and keeping Goldberg grounded. Flair drops an elbow down across the leg and then applies a simple Leg Lock. Goldberg struggles across and grabs the ropes to break it. Flair goes over to the corner and unties the top turnbuckle covering, and as Mike Chioda fixes it back up, Goldberg begins fighting back with right hands to Flair, but Naitch drops to his knees and hits a LOW BLOW! Goldberg falls to the mat clutching at his groin and Flair wastes no time APPLYING THE FIGURE 4 LEG LOCK! The crowd "Woo's" as Ric Flair applies it in the middle of the ring and Goldberg's pain is clear for all to see. Chioda asks The Berg if he wants to give it up but he refuses to do so as he writhes in pain, sucking it up, and then begins to turn Flair over! The crowd starts a deafening "Goldberg! Goldberg! Goldberg!" chant as GOLDBERG TURNS IT AROUND AND NOW FLAIR IS IN THE FIGURE 4! Naitch is the one in all the pain now as he yells out but he's close enough to the ropes to grab and cause Chioda to force a break. Both men are slow to their feet as Flair lights up Goldberg with some chops, but then he rebounds off the ropes and Goldberg elevates him with an Over the Shoulder Back Body Drop! Flair gets up and Goldberg rocks him with a series of rights as Flair stumbles away and FLOPS TO THE GROUND! Goldberg hobbles over to the corner and crouches down, ready to uncoil. Ric Flair slowly gets to his feet and Goldberg charges in but he stops, his knee giving him trouble as he's unable to run properly. Flair capitalizes with a kick to the kneecap, taking The Berg off his feet. Naitch goes for the FIGURE 4 AGAIN...but Goldberg uses his free leg to shove Flair into the turnbuckle! Flair hits chest first and staggers out into a front face lock AS GOLDBERG POWERS HIM UP AND DRILLS HIM TO THE MAT WITH A JACKHAMMER! Goldberg hooks the leg 1...2...3!
Winner @ 5:38 (9:39) - Goldberg

Fall 3: Goldberg vs Batista

Batista breaks free from the containment line of officials and gets into the ring and wipes out Goldberg with a clothesline! Quick cover 1...2..kickout. Batista brings Goldberg up and sends him into the corner and follows in with another clothesline, sandwiching The Berg into the corner. Batista goes to work with a series of rights to Goldberg, then grabs him by the leg and takes him down with a Dragon Screw, and keeps ahold of the leg as he gets up and starts stomping at the knee again. Big Dave intimidates Mike Chioda away as the ref tries to get him to stop. Batista then brings Goldberg up and plants him with a Suplex! Cover 1...2..kickout again. Batista gets Goldberg up and attempts to finish him off with a DEMON BOMB...but Goldberg counters it with a Back Body Drop, elevating Batista up over his shoulders to the mat. The Berg gingerly gets to his feet and rocks Batista with a stiff right hand, as Batista fires back and the two get into a slugfest. Goldberg gets the upper hand and goes to whip Batista to the ropes but Big Dave counters it and catches Goldberg with the Spinebuster! Cover 1...2...NO! Goldberg kicks out again! The crowd erupts as Batista slaps the mat, annoyed he didn't put Goldberg away. Batista takes too long in getting angry at Chioda and Goldberg scores with a Side Kick to the chest of Big Dave as he regains his footing, taking him down. Goldberg grabs his knee, wincing in pain and tries to shake it off as Batista gets back to his feet. Goldberg charges at Batista looking for the SPEAR...BUT BATISTA GETS A KNEE UP IN HIS FACE! Goldberg staggers away and Batista scoops him up and hits a Running Powerslam! Cover 1...2...shoulder up! The crowd pops as The Berg stays alive and Batista let's out a yell in frustration. Batista gets up and exits the ring, grabbing a steel chair and jogging around sliding it into the ring. Chioda sees this and takes the chair away as Batista takes a second chair and gets into the ring behind Chioda's back, raises the chair up WHEN GOLDBERG EXPLODES WITH A SPEAR TO BATISTA! The crowd goes wild as Goldberg motions it's Jackhammer time. Goldberg brings Batista up and POWERS HIM UP FOR THE JACKHAMMER...AND HITS IT! Goldberg hooks the leg 1...2...3!
Winner @ 6:03 (15:42) - Goldberg
Has World Heavyweight Championship Shot

The crowd explodes as The Berg beats Evolution and gets a title shot. Goldberg gets to his feet gingerly and lets out a trademark yell in victory

JR: GOLDBERG HAS DONE IT! He's beaten Evolution, and has a title match! We could be seeing Goldberg challenging Booker T at Bad Blood.

King: No we won't JR, we'll be seeing Goldberg losing to Triple H at Bad Blood!

JR: We'll find out for sure later tonight folks, but what a win for Goldberg!


Back from the break and we're zoomed in on the roulette wheel. The camera zooms out and Eric Bischoff is there, ready to spin the wheel

Bischoff {Shrugging shoulders}: Welcome back to the RAW Roulette! Let's find out what our next match will be...

Bischoff spins the wheel and it eventually stops on "Strange Bedfellows Match". There's a decent pop from the crowd as Bischoff cracks a smile

Bischoff: Ah yes, the Strange Bedfellows Match. The title will surely give away what kind of match it is, but who will be competing in it? Well, you're all about to find out.

Back to ringside

JR: Strange Bedfellows Match? This sounds exactly like the kind of match Bischoff wants to see. Controversy is sure to follow.

King: But who's going to be in it JR? I'm so intrigued!



We don't have to wait long as Chris Jericho appears on stage, arms extended as always. Jericho spins around and taunts the fans on the way to the ring, looking cocky as ever. Jericho stands on the apron and leans on the ropes looking out into the crowd before getting inside the ring and awaiting his partner and opponents

Lilian Garcia: And introducing his tag team partner.....


The crowd gives some good heat as Christian makes his way to the ring. The Intercontinental Champion slaps on his chest and points to a few "Peeps" in the audience before continuing to the ring


The crowd pops as Test marches to the ring, Stacy Keibler around his arm. Test looks all business as he doesn't take his eyes off Christian, who has his stare locked on Stacy. Stacy notices this and pulls Test in and wishes him luck with a big kiss, which Christian rolls his eyes at


The crowd erupts with a HUGE pop as Kevin Nash trudges out on stage. Nash instantly locks his eyes on Jericho and death stares him the entire way down to the ring, before stepping up onto the apron and then over the top rope into the ring as Jericho & Christian scatter to the outside

As Nash's music dies down Eric Bischoff appears on the titantron once more

Bischoff: Hey guys, up here.

The four men turn to face The Bisch up on the screen

Bischoff: I see there seems to be a bit of confusion here. See, this match is a Strange Bedfellows Match. Now, Chris Jericho and Christian, you guys know each other quite well, you're good friends, you've tagged together before and that's not strange at all.

Crowd pops

Bischoff: You see, you four are competing, but it's not Kevin Nash and Test versus Chris Jericho and Christian. It's actually Kevin Nash and Christian versus Test and Chris Jericho!

The crowd erupts for that as none of the four men are happy about that

Bischoff: So, Timmy White, ring that bell!

Match 5
Strange Bedfellows Tag Team Match
Kevin Nash & Christian vs Test w/Stacy Keibler & Chris Jericho

Obviously, this match doesn't take long to dis-integrate into a mess as there's about thirty seconds of Nash and Test telling each other to tag the man they want in, before Kevin Nash LEVELS HIS OWN PARTNER CHRISTIAN, THEN MAKES A BEELINE FOR JERICHO! The crowd erupts as Big Sexy brings Jericho into the ring and begins pummeling him as Christian gets to his feet AND TEST WIPES HIM OUT WITH A BIG BOOT! Kevin Nash doesn't give a damn about the match as he hits a series of elbows to Jericho in the corner before throwing Y2J out to the floor and following after him. Test brings Christian to his feet and loads him up and HITS THE PUMP HANDLE SLAM! Test covers Christian 1...2...3!
Winners @ 1:48 - Test & Chris Jericho
Test pins Christian much to the delight of the fans, but he can thank Christian's supposed partner Kevin Nash for the assist. Stacy joins Test in celebrating, with the fact Test accidentally hit Keibler last week seemingly all forgotten

JR: Test has just pinned the Intercontinental Champion!

King: He only did it because Kevin Nash hit a cheap shot on Christian, his own partner!

JR: I don't think Nash gives a damn about this match, he just wants to get revenge on Chris Jericho after all the things Jericho has said lately about Shawn Michaels, after all the things Jericho has done to Nash aswell!

King: It's a travesty JR! But I'm always happy to see Stacy Keibler smiling!

We see a shot of Chris Jericho escaping Nash into the crowd, who obviously can't run quick enough to catch up with Y2J (otherwise he may tear his quad ) as Jericho tells Nash "You'll never learn!"


JR: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW folks and we are ready for our Clash of the Superheroes match!

King: I can't wait to see The Rock shut that idiot Hurricane up for good tonight JR!


The crowd pops as The Hurricane makes his way out. The ever popular superhero gets into the ring and does his pose to another pop

The Hollywood titantron of The Rock begins playing as we see the overhead shots of Los Angeles before the small intro comes to a conclusion with the zoom in on the tower


The crowd gives the usual mixed reaction as The Rock appears on stage, dressed like he was in The Scorpion King (with the exception of not having long hair, he's bald yo) to a few pops in the crowd, although the heat of attacking Scott Steiner earlier drowns them out quickly. The Rock looks confident ahead of this one as he climbs the turnbuckle and soaks up the crowd's response

Match 6
Clash of the Superheroes Match
The Hurricane vs The Rock (as The Scorpion King)

The Rock makes this match nothing short of hilarious as he takes young Hurricane to school and continually mocks him whilst doing so, ending a brief fight back from Helms with a People's DDT before springing to his feet and mocking The Hurricane's pose. The Rock also takes some time to pretend he's the Scorpion King fighting with a sword as the crowd laughs, but Rocky's showmanship costs him as Hurricane hits a Flying Clothesline! Rock gets to his feet and Hurricane plants him with a Chokeslam! Cover 1...2...Rock just gets a shoulder up! Hurricane goes for the EYE OF THE HURRICANE...but Rocky shoves him into the ropes and plants him with a Spinebuster! The Rock then removes his warrior costume (thankfully he still has his wrestling trunks on) getting dead serious after almost being embarrassed and springs to the ropes ready to hit the Hollywood Elbow when


Hits and the crowd erupts as Scott Steiner, steel pipe in hand, marches to the ring. The Rock tells Steiner to "Just Bring It" but as Steiner stands there, threatening The Rock, Hurricane rolls him up with a Schoolboy 1...2...3!
Winner @ 3:21 - The Hurricane
The crowd erupts as Hurricane gets an unlikely victory and celebrates it like he's won the World title as Steiner grins at Rocky, who's wide eyed in shock he lost to Hurricane for the second time this year aswell. Big Poppa Pump points to Rock with his pipe and says "Told you I'd get ya, ya piece of crap!"

JR: I don't believe it! Hurricane Helms beats The Rock! Again!

King: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

JR: It serves The Rock right after he stuck his nose in Steiner's match earlier.

King: This is a humiliation JR! The Rock doesn't deserve this.

*Video Plays*

We are shown two guys, named Chris Harris and James Storm, showcasing themselves and mixing up the hype with police car sirens and footage of criminals on the run (from Wildest Police Videos etc). The video ends with the duo standing next to each other, arms crossed before both saying "RAW...sorry about your damn luck!" before the vid cuts out and across the screen comes the following

America's Most Wanted - Coming Soon

*Video Ends*


We return and are at ringside as


Hits and the crowd erupts with huge heat as Triple H steps out on stage, water bottle in hand. The Game goes through his usual pre match routine on the way to the ring, spraying water out into the air and again on the ring apron before mounting the buckle and taunting


The crowd explodes with a huge ovation as Booker T makes his way out. Booker let's his pyro's fly off on the ramp before heading to the ring with his game face on, knowing this is serious business

JR: Well here we go folks, the main event. Either Triple H will quit his pursuit of Booker and the World Title, or Booker T will quit as the World Heavyweight Champion. Someone's gonna say I Quit, for this one to end.

King: I'm pulling for The Game JR, he's got the edge, I can feel it.

JR: Well as usual, I hope you're wrong.

Main Event
Match 7
World Heavyweight Championship; I Quit Match
No Interference
Booker T © vs Triple H

The beginning of the match sees both men trade blows and hit some relatively safe moves to stay on top as neither man presses for the other to quit until Triple H applies a choke on Booker and asks him, but Booker gives an emphatic no to that. Triple H attempts an early Pedigree but Booker blocks it and catapults HHH over the ring ropes out to the floor. Booker then takes a risk and climbs to the top rope before leaping off with a CROSSBODY DOWN ONTO TRIPLE H! Booker fires right hands at Trips as he takes over. Booker wipes out the Game HITTING HIM WITH THE RING BELL but Hunter refuses to quit, however as usual in stip matches, he bleeds profusely after that. Booker takes Triple H back into the ring and fires up with a chop and right hand combo, mixing his strikes as he rocks Trips back into the corner. The Game however turns the tables with a rake of the eyes, and then a DDT! Triple H exits the ring and grabs Booker by the legs and PULLS HIM GROIN FIRST INTO THE RING POST! Booker's eyes pop out of his head on impact but Triple H doesn't stop there, grabbing a steel chair and SMASHING IT AGAINST BOOKER'S LEG, SANDWICHING IT BETWEEN THE CHAIR AND POST! HHH then applies a FIGURE 4 ON BOOKER AROUND THE RING POST! The crowd groans with this, fearing Booker may give it up early, but credit to the Book as he simply refuses to give in as Earl Hebner asks him. Triple H yells at him to do so, but Booker doesn't give in which incenses Hunter. Triple H lets go of the hold and grabs Booker's leg and wraps it around the post hard! Booker rolls away clutching at his legs in pain as Triple H grabs the steel chair again and enters the ring.
Triple H walks over to Booker and lifts it up high ready to bring it down on the World Champion, but Booker GETS HIS FOOT UP AND KICKS THE CHAIR BACK IN HHH'S FACE! The crowd erupts as Trips staggers backwards and the blood pours out from his forehead again. Booker pulls himself up using the ring ropes and again heads to the top rope. Booker gets his balance on those sore legs and FLIPS OFF WITH THE HARLEM HANGOVER AND CONNECTS! The crowd pops as Booker asks if HHH wants to give it up, but The Game refuses to.

A loud "Booker T! Booker T! Booker T!" chant gets going as the Book Man brings Triple H up and performs an Arm twist, and then hits a Hook Kick to the jaw of Tripper, sending him stumbling back into the corner. Booker unloads with right hands on Triple H then shoots him to the ropes, but Booker lowers his head too early and Hunter catches him out with the Facebreaker Knee Smash! Booker this time is the one to stagger from that and Triple H takes him down with a Running Neckbreaker! The Game now mounts Booker T and pummels him with right hands, asking Booker if he wants to give it up, but Booker responds with "Hell no sucka!" to a huge pop. Trips shuts him up with another right hand, then grabs the steel chair and uses it to choke Booker T with! Again however Booker T refuses to quit much to the chagrin of Trips. HHH exits the ring and dislodges the top half of the steel steps and places them in the ring but Booker comes from nowhere and BASEBALL SLIDES THEM BACK IN HHH'S FACE! The crowd pops as the echo rings around the arena. Booker slides out of the ring and grabs Triple H, scooping him up and DROPS HIM RIBS FIRST ACROSS THE BARRICADE! Booker leaves The Game placed on the barricade as he hobbles around and takes another steel chair, folding it up and SLAMMING IT OVER THE BACK OF THE GAME! Trips' yells out in pain as Booker HITS HIM AGAIN! AND AGAIN! Booker goes nuts with what surely was close to 15 CHAIR SHOTS before he asks HHH to quit, but The Game says "no". Booker slides the chair into the ring and then climbs onto the apron, and with Triple H still hanging over the barricade, Booker leaps off with a SPINNING LEG DROP...BUT HHH MOVES AND BOOKER CRASHES HIS LEG ACROSS THE BARRICADE! Booker's legs cop some more punishment as he writhes around in pain. Triple H starts getting back up off the floor and wipes the blood from his face, a near crimson mask. Hunter hops back over the barricade to ringside and brings Booker T to a vertical base and rocks him with a right hand. Booker's legs give out on him and he falls backwards into the ring apron, as Trips grabs him and rolls him into the ring.


Triple H attacks the legs of Booker again and locks on a Reverse Indian Deathlock! Triple H continues to keep the hold on, telling Booker to quit but his refuses to do so. Earl Hebner is ready for Booker to say he gives in but the Book Man shakes his head despite being in incredible pain, Booker reaches out with his hands and grabs onto one of the steel chairs and HITS TRIPLE H OVER THE HEAD WITH IT! The Game lets go of the Deathlock as he eats steel again. Booker finally manages to recover and uses the ring ropes to pull himself up. Booker waits for Triple H to get to his feet and places a kick to the gut then rebounds off the ropes gingerly, barely able to run with the pain his legs are in BUT HHH CATCHES HIM WITH THE HH SPINEBUSTER ONTO THE STEEL STEPS! The crowd groans at that spot as Booker gets drilled spine first and writhes around in pain. HHH, a blood mess, tells Booker to give it up, but Booker refuses to as the crowd chants "Booker T! Booker T! Booker T!" again. Triple H exits the ring and reaches under, pulling out the SLEDGEHAMMER! It's serious business now as Tripper slides into the ring, the hammer in hand and charges at Booker who's slowly bringing himself up, looking to wipe the World Champion out...BUT BOOKER DUCKS UNDER AND PLANTS HHH WITH A BOOK END ONTO THE STEPS! The crowd erupts as Booker finds another way to keep himself in the match after looking like he was about to lose. Booker T gets to his feet and hobbles towards the Sledgehammer! Booker looks at the destruction device that's been used on him many times down the past few months and picks it up much to the crowds delight. Booker T now walks over to The Game who sees him with the hammer and backs off to the corner, holding his hands up, pleading with Booker T not to use the weapon. Booker looks to the crowd asking them if he should use it and they emphatically cheer but this lapse in concentration allows HHH TO KICK BOOKER IN THE GROIN! Huge heat for that cheap tactic as Booker drops the hammer and Triple H picks it up and STABS BOOKER IN THE LEFT KNEECAP WITH IT! Booker screams out in pain and drops to the mat. Triple H stands over Booker and looks to repeat the process BUT BOOKER GIVES HHH A TASTE OF HIS OWN MEDICINE AND KICKS HIM IN THE NUTS! The Game drops to his knees and lets go of the hammer. Booker T grabs the hammer and uses the ropes to pull himself up, barely able to put any weight on his left leg. Booker looks at the Sledgehammer again and this time DRILLS TRIPLE H IN THE FACE WITH IT MUCH TO THE CROWDS DELIGHT! The Game's bloodied face cops the hammer and he goes out like a light. Booker drops the hammer and crumbles to the mat clutching at his left knee, selling the hammer shot well. Another "Booker T!" chant breaks out as the World Champion crawls over to a near lifeless Triple H and asks him if he wants to give it up, but Trips refuses to still! Booker gets to his feet and is measuring Tripper for the Scissors Kick. Triple H gets to his feet, still double over though and Booker comes in looking for the SCISSORS KICK...BUT HHH GRABS THE SLEDGEHAMMER AND STABS BOOKER IN THE KNEE WITH IT AGAIN! Booker drops to the mat writhing in pain, clutching at the left knee again. Triple H, spaghetti legged and all stumbles to Booker and BRINGS IT DOWN ON BOOKERS KNEE AGAIN! The crowd is stunned as TRIPLE H DOES IT AGAIN! AND AGAIN! The Game threatens to do it a sixth time when Booker says "I QUIT"!
Winner @ 16:43 - Triple H
The crowd is still stunned as Triple H raises the hammer into the air before flopping to the mat, exhausted and bloodied

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner and the NEWWW World Heavyweight Champion, TRIPLEEEE H!

The crowd boos heavily as Triple H's music hits and Earl Hebner hands The Game the World title, which Triple H basically snatches from Hebner and hugs it. Evolution come down to attend to their leader whilst Earl Hebner checks on Booker T



JR: Triple H has done it, he's reclaimed the World Heavyweight Championship in one of the most brutal matches I've ever seen here on RAW!

King: Credit where it's due to Booker T, but The Game is the best in the world JR, and he proved it here tonight!

The final shot of the night sees a bloodied and out on his feet Triple H, propped up by Evolution, raising the World Title as we

Fade to black


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