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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Can you good people rate and predict My Wrestlemania 26 card please?

Money In The Bank (MVP Kane, Christian, Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne and William Regal) -
Not much to say here, like any other MITB match.

ShoMiz(c) Vs Cryme Tyme Vs The Worlds Greatest Tag Team, WWE World Tag Team Championships -

Cryme Tyme earned a Tag Title Shot in February, and The Reformed WGTT want in, and draw with Cryme Tyme in a match for the No1 contendership, so the decision is made that the three teams will face off in a triple threat tag team match.

Randy Orton Vs Ted DiBiase, Special Guest Referee; Cody Rhodes -
After DiBiase & Rhodes inadvertently cost Orton the WWE Title at The Royal Rumble, tension rose in Legacy, DiBiase and Orton were constantly fighting. After breaking up several brawls, he decided he's had enough and was leaving Legacy. He left Orton and DiBiase to it and they brawled without security being able to even stop them so RAW General Manager Byron Saxton announced that Orton & DiBiase would face off at 'Mania with Rhodes as the special guest referee!

John Morrison Vs Kofi Kingston -
After impressing their respective General Managers, Morrison & Kofi were selected to face off in an inter promotional match at Wrestlemania with the winner getting a future World Title Shot.

Chris Jericho W/Bret Hart Vs Sheamus W/Vince McMahon -
Bret Hart came back January 4th to make amends with Vince McMahon, McMahon replied with a kick to the balls and throwing Bret out of the arena. Bret was furious and attacked McMahon the next week, but was hospitalised by Batista! At Elimination Chamber, McMahon pretty much gave Batista the title, putting him against John Cena after an Elimination Chamber match. After this, McMahon was, in turn attacked by Bret Hart! The Next night Hart challenged Vince to a match at Wrestlemania, Vince said no and that he had no intention of wrestling again. Hart then reminded him of Wrestlemania 23, where Vince and Donald Trump had representatives wrestling for them, Vince agreed to this, and chose his representative as Sheamus! Hart chose David Hart Smith. Later that night Sheamus faced off against, and beat, Tyson Kidd. After the match Sheamus also beat up DH Smith! Chris Jericho came down and shook hands with Sheamus, he got on the mic and said that he has a lot of respect for Hart. Maybe too much, before flooring Sheamus and locking him in the walls of Jericho! Hart informed the Universe that Jericho was his pick all along!

CM Punk(c) Vs Rey Mysterio, World Heavyweight Championship Match -
Punk was celebrating his Elimination Chamber win, but festivities were cut short as Theodore Long told his he'll be facing Rey Mysterio that very night! Rey Mysterio beat CM Punk despite SeS interferance, and was awarded a No1 contender match against Kane. The Next week he faced Kane, and Kane was dominating until Luke Gallows distracted the Ref while Punk hit Kane with a Chair and put Rey on him! CM Punk said he will avenge his loss and all the embarresment Rey has caused him. The Next SD! CM Punk was looking for Rey, and was told he wasn't there, as he was celebrating his daughters birthday. CM Punk grabbed a camera and went to the resteraunt where Rey was, and trashed his daughter's birthday party before attacking Rey and throwing him out the window!

Triple H Vs Shawn Michaels, Last Man Standing -
At the 2009 Slammys, Shawn challenged The Undertaker to a match at Wrestlemania 26, and started to act a little wierd, in January, he walked out on Triple H when they were defending their tag titles, leading to them losing said titles. Shawn said he was going to win the Rumble and challenge Undertaker, and Vigenties started to play for a new superstar! At The Royal Rumble, Shawn, Edge and Jericho where left in the ring, Shawn nearly eliminated Edge, before the hype video played again, then STING!!!!!!!! Came out and got in the ring attacked Shawn and threw him over the top rope! The next night on RAW Sting said he is going to face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania! Shawn came out and attacked him, and a match was eventually set, saying that the winner would face Undertaker at Wrestlemania, as Edge had already chosen to face the WWE Champion. The RAW before EC, Shawn told Triple H that if he lost to Undertaker at Wrestlemania, he would retire! Triple H was alarmed by this. At Elimination Chamber, Triple H came out around the 15 minute mark and nailed Sting with a sledgehammer from behind, giving Sting the win by DQ. The Next night on RAW, Triple H tried to apologise to Shawn, saying the obsession wasn't healthy and that he just wants his friend back, they embrace, before Shawn superkicked Triple H! Shawn went crazy and even tried to set fire to Triple H on one occasion.

Batista(c) Vs Edge Vs John Cena -
After going through a gruelling Elimination Chamber to win the WWE Championship, Vince came out and gave Batista a title shot, allowing him to win the title! Cena, the next night, said he wanted his rematch, but was told he had to beat Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre in a handicap match to get it! Cena won with the help of Cryme Tyme and Batista Vs Cena III was set in stone... Until Edge came out! He reminded everyone he was still challenging for the WWE Title, and if it's a triple threat match, so be it!

Sting Vs The Undertaker, Streak Match -
After beating Shawn Michaels at Elimination Chamber, Sting had a match set in stone with The Undertaker, however, that same night he cost Undertaker the title inside the Chamber! He said it was to add, 'more fuel to the fire.' He said he wanted Undertaker at his best, and played mind games with him, Attacking his druids, beating his past Wrestlemania opponents like Mark Henry and Kane, and even brought in Paul Bearer to f*ck with 'Taker! Undertaker seemed Phased, but still fought back, brawling with Sting on two occasions! Heading into 'Mania, Undertaker seemed not himself, his weakest, as opposed to his expected strongest.... Who will come out in the battle of parralells?

My Fave Five Dawg.
1. CM Punk 2. The Miz 3. Dolph Ziggler 4. Triple H 5. Randy Orton

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