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Re: Being The Booker

Really, really, REALLY sorry I haven't left any feedback for you recently, mate. I had a fairly awful Xmas/New Year period that I don't really want to put on here, but that melodramatic statement should hopefully suffice for my laziness. What? It doesn't? Dammmit. Ok well I'll try and leave some overall comments on the goings on in your thread as I make my predictions.

First off, the KOTR tournament has been bubbling along nicely. My only fear is that you'll have Umaga steam-roll through everyone on his way to the title, which I know is possible becuase, along with Mac, you have to be the biggest 'Mags mark I've ever seen. I seriously can't see him EVER losing a match in this thread. Seriously. Who the hell deserves to beat him? I know you're not going to WCW us and have Scott Hall come in a tazer his arse, so I don't think he'll be losing for a long time at least. The only guy I could maybe, maybe see doing it is Christian during their inevitable feud over the title, but even then I'm not sure. I just think that seeing as he's already got 'THE STREAK' and the MITB briefcase, he doesn't really need to KOTR as well. Have him get counted out or DQ'd or something. I'm personally pulling for Albright or Benjamin. Albright could really do with the crown to elevate him into the main event following losing the U.S. Title, and the same goes for Shelton. Plus, how awesome would 'The Black Diamond' be as King with Tedd Long calling the shots. Damn, that would be pretty amazing.

As for SD itself, I can't say I've been that into it. Randy Orton is his usual boring self as WWE Champion. I'd say get the title off him ASAP, but who are the other options? Brock Lesnar? Yawn. Edge? Pfft. Batista? Dear God. You need some new blood in the main event scene. Jericho and Van Dam are sorely missed. Like I said, hopefully Albright gets a push.

Also, WTF on the burial of The New Wave? I know it was a shitty, Legacy knockoff group in the first place, but I don't think I've ever seen someone cool on his characters so fast. Oh wait, yes I have, the WWE do it all the time. You seriously need to keep up your pushes, Wolfy, otherwise you're going to have no one left! Dinsmore, Cade and Doane are all good, pushable talents.

Shame about the tag division being reduced to two teams. But I have to say, your AMW stuff is the best on SD right now, Great team and I really hope you rebuild the division around them because I'd LOVE to see tag team wrestling get some attention in BTB. I've given up in real life.

Kudos on the booking of the JBL/'Taker feud. It's been great. My only problem is that I haven't cared about JBL as a wrestler since 2005. 'Taker really needs a good worker to carry a feud, kind of like you did with Jericho.

The feud between London and Kendrick kind of highlights the lack of depth in your mid-card division, as you're basically forced to merge the U.S. and CW ranks to get a competitive match. London should have ready made feuds with Finlay, Jeff, Doane, Dinsmore, Haas and Cade all raring to go for his - hopefully - lengthy reign, whilst Spanky should be moving onto Bourne eventually. I understand you're heavily pushing Kendrick as a heel, but don't lose sight of the rest of the division.

I', surprised, but I actually quite like the Edge/Batista feud. You've really built it well. I'd keep it short and sweet though. Maybe a dodgy finish at The GAB leading to a gimmick match down the line or something?

Thumbs down at Arn getting the boot. Bischoff is absolutely terrible and needs to go.

Okay, I think I've covered everything. I'll address RAW in my predics:

Official Card for WWE Vengeance:

Date: 17th June 2007
Location: Ford Centre, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Event Music: The Killers, Move Away

World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Christian vs. Mister Kennedy
This has been superbly booked. You've managed to make Kennedy look like a star without taking anything away from Christian. You've also managed to put over his new finishing submission by using a theme from another feud. Very smart. Obviously Ken isn't winning here, but I think the point is making him a real main event player for the future. Do NOT drop the ball with him though.

30 Minute Ultimate Submission Match:

John Cena vs. Kurt Angle
The booking of this has kind of reminded me of Cena's feud with Trips at WM 22 when the whole thing was about him not being able to wrestle. Now we've got Cena going up against a great technical wrestler in a submission match. You've made Cena look vulnerable to Kennedy's Krossface, but he's still never tapped. That's why I'm predicting the draw. I can see Angle dominating, but Cena refusing to quit. I still think Angle is getting the title shot at SummerSlam too, so I don't think he's losing.

Last Man Standing Match:

Shawn Michaels vs. Umaga w/Armando Estrada
I'm a little disappointed that this feud is already getting a gimmick match in their first encounter. I was hoping that would come later down the line. It's been a fun feud though, mainly thanks to Estrada, but the stipulation makes me think that HBK is getting destroyed and Umaga's going after the title at SummerSlam.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:

Shelton Benjamin w/Theodore Long vs. Matt Hardy
Great choice for an IC Title fued. Could be the sleeper match of the night if given enough time. Shelton and Teddy are tremendous together, so I hope you continue to push them. I'd like to see this feud continue though.

World Tag Team Championships | Fatal Four Way Match:

Straight Edge vs. The British Lions vs. The Brotherhood vs. X-Pac & Tyson Tomko
Awful, awful tag team divisions, mate. Straight Edge are great, but are weak as hell. They lost to the worst tag team I've ever seen in X-Pac and Tomko, and then Punk lost in 6 mins to Regal. Not very good for the champs. TBH, it makes me very sad seeing the weakness of the tag division, so I hope you get rid of Pac/Tomko and build the other three teams more.

WWE Womens Championship Match;

If Mickie James no-shows, she is stripped of the Womens title and instantly fired.
Mickie James vs. Melina
Brilliant, original feud. Reminds me of old ECW booking or something. Not quite cheesy enough to be OTT, but still entertaining. I see Mickie taking some time off because of this. She's no showing. I think you can keep us hooked.

One on One:

Rhyno vs. Rey Mysterio
This is wishful thinking really. I don't really care for this feud, as I'm not a Rhyno fan, and have no idea what he's doing wrestling in 2007.

1. Predict the match order (7 points on offer)

2. What match will be longest?? {Ultimate Submission Match DOES NOT COUNT} (3 points)
Last Man Standing

3. What match will be shortest?? (3 points)
Women's Title - won't even start

4. What team will take the fall in the tag team title match?? (2 points)
Hopefully Pac and Tomko.

5. Will Mickie James show up and compete?? (2 points)

6. Will there be any surprise appearances - if so, who?? (3 points)
Triple H promo probably.

7. What will be the final score of the Ultimate Submission Match?? {i.e 8-7} (3 points)

{Total Points on offer (including predicting of winners) 30}
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