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Re: Historical Figures Mafia Game

Roy no wait Rigor has been modkilled for not following his post restriction in some random post. FYI, his role was incorporated into night and still didn't make any difference. This is also flavour.

Role: Enchanter (With your music, you can enchant someone each night, effectively preventing them from using their role that night.)
Class: Singer (Your posts must have musical elements to it: alliteration, onomatopoeia, rhyme, metaphors or something of the like).
Win Condition: Free the town from all threats.

Hitler cried b/c of reasons in here. Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were the only townsfolk remaining. Poor frail old men. Mussolini decided to stab a knife into Rising's throat first.

Role: Ahimsa (Whoever kills you/hammers you will effectively lose their role).
Class: Leader (It takes one more than majority of votes to lynch you).
Win Condition: Free the town, even by sacrifice.
Nelson Mandela died of a heart attack from all the blood. Not irl ofc.

Role: Prisoner (No role used on you bar killing roles will work. The role of whoever kills you will be publicized to town).
Class: Criminal (Every vote on you counts as two, but you can escape one lynch).
Win Condition: Free the town, even by sacrifice.

Winners: Hiplop, DH, IMPULSE, STUFF, InstantClassic2.0

Congratulations to the mafia for winning the third straight Hohenheim of Light game.

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