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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Feedback

Iím happy to say that I read through a whole bunch of your shows, catching right back up, and I must say, you havenít missed a beat. No ass kissing though, Iím going to get straight into the good stuff.

Opening the match with JBL/Noble was definitely unexpected, tbh. Iíve no idea why really, but I just didnít expect this to open the show. I have adored your writing of JBL since he returned, so Iím a little disappointed to see him get no time on the microphone tonight. The attack from Noble during JBLís entrance, imo, was an awesome way to kick things off, pretty much giving JBL a taste of his own medicine. I personally didnít really like the way JBL went through the table, I felt it was a bit soft. Itís a tiny thing, but I just couldnít really picture a Drop Kick causing enough impact to make JBL smash through the table. I thought the rest of the spots throughout the match were written well, finishing off nicely with the Powerbomb onto the steel steps. Whilst I think the booking of this match was perfect, ala The Undertakerís ominous signs, causing JBL to be distracted and lose, I didnít really agree with the way it was done. Nothing major, but I just donít think Noble would have been able to get up at all, or even just that quickly, after being Powerbombed onto the steel steps. I just felt as if you didnít sell that spot enough, but besides that, it was a very enjoyable match.

The interview after the break with JBL was kept short and sweet, as it should have been since he would have been pissed. He basically continued to goad ĎTaker, and I love how he kind of refers to himself as a hero. Good stuff, Wolfy.

In all honesty, now I think about it, I probably would have expected a pissed off Batista to open the show after what went down last week. Iím not saying he had to or anything, Iím just throwing it out there, considering before I said I had no idea what would have opened. Batista was ultra intense, and short and sweet, much like JBL earlier, and once again, it was the right option. At this stage, I still canít help but feel a little awkward seeing Bischoff as GM of Smackdown as well; itís entertaining as hell, just weird though. Batista threatening to maim superstars in the locker room was nice as well, adding to the intensity of the situation, but Bischoff announcing it for GAB is the smart move. This early on I canít help but think maybe some sort of situation will be added to their match at the PPV. Anyway, the Spear from Edge was a good move as well, continuing this thing nicely, and angering Batista even more. Iím kind of hoping to see a pissed off ĎTista searching for Edge throughout the night now, it would certainly equal ratings.

A little note on the King of the Ring tournament real quick, I think youíve done a brilliant job with it so far. At this point in time, I see Umaga taking the crown, but the way it has made up for Smackdownís not so great mid card has been tremendous. Pretty much every show has had stacked match cards due to this tournament, very smart booking.

Jeff Hardy not getting an entrance? A bit surprised with that. Donít get me wrong, I donít like the guy at all, but at the end of the day, I just feel as if heís a big enough name to get an entrance. Not only that, the KOTR is a big deal, so Iíd expect no match to come across as having a pre determined result, but only giving Albright an entrance does that. The match itself was as youíd expect, Albright keeping Hardy grounded, until Hardy makes his run at the end. A simple yet effective formula, and Hardyís error was a good way for Albright to pick up the win.

It was good to hear from Cade and Doane in this interview, just to know what they are thinking. I thought it was pretty funny how they were going to demand things, but when Orton actually showed up, all they did was listen. I actually liked how Orton explained himself, trying to fire the two guys up, and Iím intrigued to see whether the group becomes stronger, or explodes now. Either way, I thought this segment was written perfectly to continue down whatever path you want.

Umm, at least Ken Doane got half an entrance I guess. I always knew that Paul London was going to get the win here, simply because you love him. I guess heís probably the guy from SD I can see winning this tournament the most, but once again, I canít see anybody getting past Umaga. The match seemed alright, although I probably would have liked Doane to get to hang with London for a little more then five minutes. With that being said, itís another good win from London, fresh off his rub in that triple threat match last week, and probably confirms that Thew New Wave is going to die. I canít see them sticking together, after the talk Orton just had with them, and then Doane loses again.

I enjoyed the video, highlighting everything thatís taken place between Carlito and MVP. It has definitely been a brilliant mid card feud.

In the recent history of this thread, Brian Kendrickís character change has been amazing, and it continues down that path now. It seems youíve finally made him a fully blown heel, and after costing London last week, a feud between the two partners is inevitable. I like the way youíve built this up though, as both guys are having singles success, so this match is really going to mean something, whenever it happens. Once again, Kendrick was spot on, his usual cocky self here, and Chavoís little bit at the end was good as well, just getting the attention back on Chavo, which is smart, considering they have a match against each other tonight.

With Bischoff in charge, and not resting on his laurels, Iíve a feeling weíre going to get an awesome card for GAB. Not sure if you can top the triple main even thatís happening at Vengeance though.

Randy Orton showing up at ringside for this one was definitely unexpected, although considering Lesnar is his opponent, it makes sense. I just thought he wouldnít be supporting Cade due to the dramas within their faction at the moment. The match itself was alright, with Cade able to get the advantage through Ortonís interference which was to be expected. Lesnar, even though he didnít have advantage for the whole match, was never going to lose this one, and looked pretty impressive. The aftermath was terrific stuff, making Lesnar look like a huge threat, whilst also having The New Waveís dramas continue. With just Orton and Doane left now, itíll be interesting to see what happens next, awesome stuff.

I mark for Nemeth, and it seems like youíre going to give him a real egotistical character. I canít wait.

The intensity from Carlito is exactly what was needed, after what has happened with MVP. A nice interview, keeping us in suspense for tonightís main event.

at Cole leaving. Iíll mention it now, so I donít need to bring it up throughout, your commentary on both brands is head and shoulders above everybody else in this section.

There wasnít much detail put into the Cruiserweight Championship match due to its time restraints, so thereís not really all that much to say. I guess, despite making Kendrick seem like an egotistical prick all the time, it was smart to give him the clean win, because it still puts him over as a legit competitor. Iím pretty sure Chavo is going to start jobbing now though, which is sad, because he owns.

I really enjoyed this AMW promo. I just thought the characterization was pretty much spot on throughout. Whilst I thought the Hardy Girls insult was a little lame, it is definitely something I can picture two rough, rugged type of guys saying about the Haryds. at the ownage of The Murdoch Twins though, we all know theyíre terrible. The rest of the promo went along nicely, with the insults at Booker T, and then the proposition for next week. Youíve left a bit of mystery which is always good too, so Iím definitely intrigued to see what goes on.

Primo making an appearance was a nice touch, as it now it looks as if Carlito is just going to try and beat MVP. Yet another good segment.

Main event time, and Iíve got to commend you on how youíve built this up, it has been great. I loved the psychology you went with pretty much throughout the contest, with Carlito constantly holding himself back, due to what Primo said. It was smart to have MVP take advantage of this at the beginning, allowing him to get into his usual rhythm, and not just be dominated by ĎLito. I also liked how Porter went back to the knee, as thatís pretty much what this thing personal in the first place, it kind of symbolizes that this feud has come full circle, and will end tonight. The ending was nice too, with Porterís temper getting the best of him, which I thought was pretty ironic. Once again, this main event was awesome to read, not because of any epic exchanges, or spots, but the psychology was simply spot on all the way through. The feel good moment with Primo was the perfect way to cap off the show as well, imo.

Overall, it has been awhile, since Iíve looked at one of your shows like this, and looked for things to scrutinize. I have to say though, not much has changed, as everybody says, you still are the man around here. Pretty much everything on SD is churning along nicely, at the moment, and with two big main event matches announced for the GAB, and the KOTR tournament to only get even better, I canít see things slowing down. Beautiful stuff, nothing wrong with this show at all, keep it up.

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