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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry for the uhm, double post.


Friday Night Smackdown | June 15 2007 | Greensboro NC


There’s no opening video, or pyro - it’s a cold opening, right into the familiar music of JBL. The stretch white limo appears, driving out by the side of the stage, as Michael Cole et al welcome us to the show…

Michael Cole: Welcome one and all, to a HUGE Friday Night Smackdown in Greensboro, and we are kicking things off without any hesitation!!

Joey Styles: Loaded, stacked, use whichever words you want to describe tonights line up; THREE King of the Ring second round match ups are scheduled, the Cruiserweight Championship is on the line, and the new Number One Contender is in action!!

Tazz: But we’re kickin things off with JBL, the man who has been houndin The Deadman for weeks, and he’s takin on his former Chief of Staff, Jamie Noble!!

Michael Cole: Well, Noble has been pestering JBL for weeks, sticking his nose in Bradshaws business - where it’s not wanted. JBL has more important things on his agenda, and don’t be surprised if he’s especially ruthless tonight in order to eliminate this nuisance, especially when there are NO disqualifications.

Joey Styles: Well I certainly question Jamie Nobles thinking, after the brutal beating he suffered at the hands of JBL a month ago, but you cant question his tenacity. Jamie Noble wants JBL to know - win, lose or draw - that he’s not a doormat.

JBL exit’s the limo, and parades his toothy grin to the fans, making his way onto the stage, and down the aisle … but as he walks … JAMIE NOBLE ATTACKS HIM FROM BEHIND!!!

The fans cheer, as Noble puts the boots to Layfield, and grabs the towel, choking the big self made millionaire. Layfield tries to struggle free, but is absolutely taken aback by the run in. Noble slams Layfields head off the steel steps, then runs him into the ring post, with JBL staggering around ringside like a blind drunk!! Noble then dropkicks the knee of his former boss, putting JBL down, and follows up with a stiff kick to the head!!!

Noble looks to capitalise on his hot start, struggling, but managing to roll JBL into the ring, and follows in, immediately making a cover…

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Jamie Noble
Noble hooks the leg, 1...2...NO!!! Layfield JUST gets a shoulder up, but Noble doesn’t stop, hammering at the Wrestling God, and slams his opponents head off the canvas, before rolling out of the ring. Noble looks under the ring, pulling out a trash can, throwing it into the ring, and also pulling out a table, but leaves it outside. He then picks up the trash can lid, and SMASHES the cranium of Bradshaw, who had peeked through the ropes to try and grab Noble.

The former cruiserweight champion now gets back inside, and lines up another shot - NAILING Bradshaw again. Noble grabs the trash can, and places it in the corner, set at the middle buckle, and looks to deliver an Irish whip to send Layfield into the can … but JBL reverses … AND NOBLE CRASHES INTO THE TRASH CAN!!! Noble stumbles out of the corner, and straight into a big boot from JBL. Layfield drops to his knees, taking a moment to shake the cobwebs whilst Noble is down.

JBL pulls himself to his feet, and watches as Noble struggles up, putting the pest back down with a swinging neck breaker. Immediately, Layfield rolls under the bottom rope, and outside, pushes past the staff at the time keepers table, grabbing the ring bell, and throwing it into the ring, as well as TWO steel chairs, before picking up the table Noble had pulled out earlier, and slides that inside too. Layfield steps back inside the ring, booting Noble in the face to keep him down, then picks up the table, setting it up in the corner, upright. He turns around … AND IS DROPKICKED BY NOBLE … AND LAYFIELD FALLS THROUGH THE TABLE IN THE CORNER!!!

The fans cheer, as JBL lays amongst the rubble, whilst Noble picks himself up, backing up, before running across the ring, and delivering a dropkick in the corner to JBL!!! He drags the big man out to the middle of the ring, making a cover, 1...2...NO!!! It’s not enough to put JBL down, but Noble goes back to the drawing board, reaching out, and grabbing the ring bell, running off the ropes, and dropping his weight (and the ring bell) across the back of his opponent. Straight away, Noble gets up, and proceeds to climb the turnbuckles, perching himself up top, waiting for Layfield to rise, and launches at him as he does … BUT JBL CATCHES HIM … FALL AWAY SLAM CONNECTS!!!

Suddenly, the fans enthusiasm dies down, as Noble writhes on the mat. Layfield sits on the canvas for a moment, allowing himself to clear his head and think about his next move, before getting up. JBL grabs one of the chairs, and sets it up in the middle of the ring, before grabbing Noble, and delivering a succession of open handed - HARD - slaps to the skull of his opponent, before firing him off the ropes … AND DRILLING HIM THROUGH THE CHAIR WITH A SIDEWALK SLAM!!! Layfield doesn’t bother going for a cover, and instead smiles - having an idea - and rolls back out of the ring, making a beeline for the steel steps.

Bradshaw struggles, but picks the steps up, and sets them on the apron, but NOBLE IS SOMEHOW UP … AND BASEBALL SLIDES THE STEPS … CRASHING INTO JBL!!!!! JBL crashes into the barrier, whilst Noble remains on the canvas, still looking worse for wear, having had to dig deep to get to his feet moments ago. The man from the trailer park shows his tenacity and heart, and crawls out of the ring, looking to take it to Layfield, and with everything he’s got, he hammers his former mentor, letting out ALL his pent up frustration.

Noble gets JBL back into the ring, and picks up the second steel chair, turning around to whack Layfield … BUT JBL KICKS NOBLE IN THE NUTS!!! Without any hesitation, Layfield takes the shortcut, and Noble drops to his knees, with JBL ripping the chair from his grasp, and SMASHES THE CHAIR ACROSS THE SKULL OF NOBLE!!! Layfield SLAMS the chair off the canvas, and makes a cover, 1...2...JBL PULLS HIM UP!!! The fans boo, as JBL shakes his head, saying he’s not done yet, wagging his finger at the referee, as he drags Noble back up.

JBL grabs Noble by the throat, telling the pest that “I‘m gonna make sure you never bug me again son” … and catches Noble with a big right hand, dropping him to the canvas again. With Noble easy pickings, JBL drags the steps to the middle of the ring, and gets Noble up, and after playing to the crowd (much to their chagrin) looks to POWERBOMB NOBLE ONTO THE STEPS … AND DOES!!!!! It’s surely over now, but Layfield DRAGS Noble - the lifeless body of Noble - back up, grabbing his arm, possibly setting up for the Clothesline From Hell …


The fans GO NUTS, as the lights stay out for a few seconds … but eventually come back on … and the fans boo, as nothing appears to have come of it. JBL though, looks slightly spooked momentarily, and lets go of Noble, taking a look around the ring, before shaking his head. On commentary Cole apologises for the ‘malfunctioning electrics’, as JBL picks Noble back up, again looking to deliver the Clothesline From Hell …



The lights come back again … and again, the fans are left disappointed, as nothing comes of it. JBL though is furious, and yells around the arena (to no one in particular) “SHOW YOUR FACE, COWARD!!” He eventually gets back to business, and picks Noble up, one more time, still looking around the arena, not noticing what Noble is carrying, then turns his attention to Noble … AND NOBLE NAILS HIM WITH THE RING BELL!!! JBL falls back, bouncing off the ropes, AND NOBLE CRADLES HIM … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Jamie Noble @ 08:39

NOBLE HAS DONE IT!!! The dogged trailer park boy springs a HUGE upset, beating JBL - even if it was thanks to a few possible outside influences - getting one over on his former boss!!! Jamie immediately rolls out of the ring, and stumbles up the aisle, selling his injuries after suffering a brutal assault from JBL.

On commentary, Cole, Styles and Tazz discuss the ‘spooky’ goings on, with all three agreeing that for the lights to go out once could be an accident, to go out twice MUST be the work of The Undertaker.

In the ring, JBL is beside himself, not only trying to shake the cobwebs loose, but having suffered a humiliating loss, gets to his feet, and watches as the battered Jamie Noble stands on the aisle, with his hand raised, with JBL seething in the ring.

Commercial Break

We return, straight backstage, with the caption *Moments Ago*, as we see JBL walking through the curtain, with Josh Mathews there to meet him, having to walk and talk, as JBL doesn’t stop…

Josh Mathews: Mister Layfield, if I could have a moment of your time, what are your thoughts on what just happened moments ago. Do you believe that the lights going out - twice - was the work of The Undertaker??

JBL stops at the mention of The Undertaker. He stays silent for a second, staring a hole through Mathews.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: My thoughts Josh, are that cowards hide in the shadows. Heroes don’t. What happened a few minutes ago Josh … was the work of a yellow … coward.

Layfield sneers at Mathews, then storms off, walking down the hall, as we cut back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Gentlemen, I am still in shock. I cannot believe that Jamie Noble defeated JBL.

Joey Styles: There’s a saying that goes “Never tickle a sleeping dragon” Michael. JBL for the last three months has been goading, and dogging The Undertaker. JBL had to know that at some point, he would be confronted by-

Michael Cole: CONFRONTED?? It’s parlour tricks!!!

Tazz: If you ask me, it’s a warning shot. The Deadman is lettin JBL know he’s in his sights. JBL has begged for The Undertaker to show his face, and in my opinion, I think it’s a matter of time now before we see the return of The Phenom.


To a big reception, the music of BATISTA brings the crowd alive, and The Animal walks onto the stage, looking PISSED after being screwed out of the WWE Championship last week. Batista makes his way down the aisle, and quickly looks to get into the ring.

Joey Styles: Last week, Edge cost that man the WWE Championship for literally NO reason. The Rated ‘R’ Superstar has been on the brink for months, and his failure to capture the WWE title has sent him spiralling. It seems to me, Edges train of thought is that “If I cant have the title, NO ONE can”.

Tazz: Edge is certainly -mentally- one messed up individual, but if Batista gets his hands on him anytime soon, he’ll be messed up - physically.

Batista stands in the ring, not even waiting for the music to stop before getting to business.

Batista: EDGE!!! Get out here RIGHT NOW, and face me like a man, you whiny ass BITCH!!!

Pop from the fans for the insult, and the straight to the point manner of Batista, as The Animal paces the ring, waiting for Edge. After a few seconds of waiting, Batista turns his back to the entrance, and speaks again…

Batista: Would you be more comfortable if I’m not looking?? COME ON OUT HERE!!!

With his back still turned, Batista waits for another few seconds.

Batista: You don’t have a say in the matter, Edge. Either you come out here now, or I’m goin back there to get you anyway.

Batista waits again for a few seconds, but still, no sign of Edge.

Batista: COME ON!!!

**I‘M BACK**

It’s not who Batista - or the fans - wanted to see. The interim Smackdown GM briskly walks onto the stage, whilst Batista turns, shaking his head.

Eric Bischoff: Batista, Batista-

Batista: Don’t try and palm me off Eric. You better get Edge in this ring, or you’re gonna have a lot of people gettin hurt back in that locker room.

Eric Bischoff: Settle down, big guy. Look, I can understand that you’re angry. Really, I can. But this isn’t the way to go about getting what you want.

Heat from some fans, thinking Bischoff is trying to palm Batista off.

Batista: Eric, I’m not here to negotiate. I want Edge, in the ring, RIGHT … NOW!!!


Eric Bischoff: Listen, I’m not happy that Edge ruined the WWE Championship match last week either. I don’t want to see my title matches end that way. But look at this on a business level … I’d be insane to give that match away on television, without the proper advertising-


Big pop for Batista … but Eric merely shakes his head.

Eric Bischoff: Cant do it, Dave.


Eric Bischoff: It’s my responsibility to promote a worthy line up for the Great American Bash, and after what happened last week, I know I want to see you and Edge lock horns. And, I know these fans want to see it, and that kind of thing sell-

Batista: But the fans want to see it TONIGHT!!

Cheers from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: Well I’m afraid Dave, that just like you … they’ll have to be patient.


Eric Bischoff: You’ll get Edge, one on one, AT THE GREAT … AMERICAN … BASH!!!

Batista shakes his head, frustrated that he has to wait nearly a month for a shot at Edge, whilst Bischoff walks off the stage. Batista continues to look up the aisle, fuming that he wont get Edge tonight, and turns away …


Edge SPEARS Batista!!! The Rated ‘R’ Superstar - who must’ve came from the crowd - crouches over The Animal, tugging at his hair, before looking up, with a devilish grin on his face, before rolling back out of the ring, and hopping the barrier, making a statement, and getting out of dodge to avoid the repercussions… whilst in the ring, Batista writhes, clutching his ribs, as we cut to a commercial.

Commercial Break

Clip of Bret Hart rolling up Bam Bam Bigelow to win the King of the Ring tournament in 1993.


Narrator: It has given the platform for champions to establish themselves.

Clip of Owen Hart being crowned King of the Ring in 1994, as we hear him yell over it.


Narrator: It has immortalized greats forever.

Clip of Stone Cold Steve Austin winning the 1996 King of the Ring tournament, with the sound bite over it.


Narrator: It ushered in the birth of a new attitude.

Clip of Triple H having his hand raised in 1997.


Narrator: Stars have been born.

Clip of Kurt Angle dropping to his knees in victory in 2000.


Narrator: Legends have been made.

Clip of Brock Lesnar having his hand raised in 2002, as we hear Paul Heymans voice over the top.


Narrator: Careers have skyrocketed.

Clips of Mister Kennedy with the crown last year, and Edge with his trophy in 2001

Narrator: The King of the Ring tournament has provided some of the most memorable moments in sports entertainment history, and on Saturday, June 23, 2007 … the King of the Ring lends itself to another staple in the illustrious history of the WWE … Saturday Nights Main Event.

Clips of current superstars, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Straight Edge, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, MNM, Carlito and Brent Albright.

Narrator: The year, the King of the Ring tournament climaxes on NBC, with quarter finals, semi finals and the grand final, on the most special edition of Saturday Nights Main Event in history!!!

Quick clips again of the prominent former winners.

Narrator: Which superstar will use the King of the Ring tournament to follow these legends, icons and immortals into the pantheon of greatness??


Back into the arena, where JEFF HARDY is waiting…


The former United States Champion, Brent Albright makes his way to the ring, looking to book his place at Saturday Nights Main Event, and the King of the Ring quarter finals.

Michael Cole: We are all set for the first of THREE second round match ups in the King of the Ring tournament. Tonight, the Quarter Final line up will be complete, and we’ll be a lot nearer to knowing which Raw or Smackdown superstar is about to take a step toward immortality.

Joey Styles: And personally, I cannot wait for tonight’s main event. Carlito and M.V.P have been at one anothers throats for the last four months on Smackdown. They’ve traded victories, but over that same period a rivalry that began as a clash of personalities has become more personal than anyone could ever have imagined.

Tazz: That could be a real disaster tonight, guys. Carlito has made it clear he’s still out for revenge after what MVP done to Carlitos little brother, Primo a couple months ago.

Michael Cole: I still don’t agree with it. MVP is putting his career at stake tonight, by being forced to get in the ring with that lunatic!! He has no choice, if he refuses to compete, he misses out on being King of the Ring, if he does, he has to contend with a bloodthirsty nut job!! I don’t agree with what MVP has done, but no one deserves to be forced to face someone that has made it clear they want to end careers ahead of winning matches.

Jeff Hardy vs. Brent Albright
Albright dominates the early going, making sure he keeps Hardy on the ground, where he is less of a threat, but Jeff has too much heart to take it lying down, and battles back, eventually clotheslining Albright over the top rope to the floor, and follows up by hopping to the top rope, and splashing outside onto his opponent!!! Whilst outside, Jeff continues to excite, and runs the rails, smashing Albright with a flying forearm, putting the former U.S Champ back onto the ground!!!

Back inside, Hardy scores a few near falls, but Brent is able to recover each time, and eventually, the reckless nature of Jeff backfires, with Albright crotching him on the top rope, and hauls him down, stomping away at his opponent, looking to weaken him up for the Crowbar. Despite doing the work, Brent is unable to apply the hold, with Jeff battling it at every attempt with all he‘s got, knowing the game is over if the submission is locked on. He battles to his feet, but after catching Brent with a few big rights, he looks for a run off the ropes … BUT IS CAUGHT ON THE RETURN … WITH A HALF NELSON SUPLEX!!! Jeff lands ugly, with Brent making a cover, thinking he’s done enough … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Brent sits up, in disbelief, and drags Hardy back up … but Jeff springs to life, hitting his jawbreaker, and follows up with a front suplex!!! He covers, 1...2...NO!!! Jeff struggles up, but strikes first, putting Brent back down with a neck breaker, and now has a finish in sight …and climbs the ropes looking for the SWANTON BOMB … BUT HE MISSES!!! ALBRIGHT AVOIDS THE SWANTON!!! The former U.S Champ bounces back up … AND APPLIES THE CROWBAR!!! Hardy is easy pickings at this point, caught in the middle of the ring, and despite making a reach for the ropes, but they are too far … AND HE SUBMITS!!!
Winner: Brent Albright @ 06:07

Brent Albright advances to the next stage of the King of the Ring tournament, cementing his status as a pre-tournament favourite. Albright has his arm raised, and now meets the winner of tonight’s main event; MVP vs. Carlito.

Joey Styles: The Hardy Boys final is officially off the table!! Jeff Hardy gave it his all, but ultimately, Brent Albright just had too much on this occasion.

Tazz: Albright has been extremely impressive ever since losin the United States Title at Judgment Day. Right off the back of that loss, he immediately switched his focus to the King of the Ring tournament. Like him or not, the guy is a competitor of the highest order.

Michael Cole: Brent Albright is a man that feels he didn’t get the credit he deserved during his seven month reign as United States Champion. Many called him a lucky champion throughout that run, and that really rankles with Albright.

Joey Styles: Well, he now has the opportunity to stick to those doubters a week from tomorrow at Saturday Nights Main Event. Brent Albright is just three wins away from becoming King of the Ring.

Michael Cole: And the entire quarter final line up WILL be complete by the end of this night. The CURRENT United States Champion, Paul London, will meet Ken Doane, and as mentioned earlier, it’s Carlito and MVP, one on one for the last remaining spots in the ‘Elite Eight’.

Joey Styles: But coming up next, we are set to hear from both Garrison Cade and Ken Doane. The cronies of the WWE Champion, Randy Orton were conspicuous by their absence last week, after Orton symbolically kicked Nick Dinsmore out of the New Wave. What does the future hold for the group, two weeks after that incident?? We’ll find out, after the break.

Commercial Break

We return, with Kristal Marshall smiling to the camera…

Kristal Marshall: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown. Right now, I’m here with Ken Doane and Garrison Cade of the New Wave- or should I say, formerly of the New Wave. Gentlemen??

Both men enter the picture, with Cade nodding.

Garrison Cade: That’s a good question, girl. I mean … what does the future hold for Ken and ma’self if we forget what happened two weeks back?? If we just saddle back up with Orton, is it just a matter of time until he kicks one of us in the head??

Cade turns to Doane, with Ken now giving his two cents.

Ken Doane: Look, I’m grateful for all the help Randy has given me personally over the last six months. I’ve improved in the ring, I’m a lot more smarter than what I was … but like Cade said, what’s to stop Randy from doing to one of us what he did to Dinsmore a few weeks ago??

Garrison Cade: What Ken’s tryin to say, is that we still haven’t decided what to do about our future. We haven’t spoke to Randy, and neither of us have seen him tonight … we don’t even know if he wants the New Wave to remain as a unit. But Kristal, if we do join up with Randy again?? … Mark my words … Ken and I will demand that things in that group …

Cade pauses, as RANDY ORTON walks into the picture, looking interested to hear what is said.

Garrison Cade: … Change.

There’s an awkward silence for a moment, before Orton softly speaks.

Randy Orton: Have you ever heard of the term … ‘tough love?’

Doane nods slowly, whilst Cade remains stoic.

Randy Orton: What happened two weeks ago was for our benefit. I took the weakest link of our unit OUT … for our benefit. Not only our benefit, but Nick Dinsmores too. As the WWE Champion, I cannot afford to be associated with losers. When I formed this group, the three of you were NOT losers. I brought in Nick Dinsmore because he had all the tools to wrestle rings around ANYONE … Garrison, you have beaten BOTH Shawn Michaels and The Rock. I picked you because you’re big, powerful, and tough as nails. And Ken, you’re only twenty one years old. I gave you the moniker “The Future”, and that’s what you are. I wanted to guide you, like Triple H and Ric Flair did for me.

Both Doane and Cade nod, whilst the fans pop for the mention of Flair, due to the show being in ‘Flair Country’.

Randy Orton: But over the last few months, for whatever reason, the New Wave simply looked like losers. I had to make an example of someone to snap you both out of it. For the last few months, Nick was simply riding on our coattails … he let his standards slip, and I cant afford to carry ANY passengers. Once he recovers, he’ll realise that too.

Orton grabs Doane around the neck, looking at him, forehead to forehead.

Randy Orton: If you think about it clearly … YOU … will realise it too.

The Champion lets go of Doane, and points at Cade.

Randy Orton: And you. Together, the three of us can be a stronger unit … and we can start that tonight.

Orton prods the chest of Doane.

Randy Orton: Ken, you’ve got Paul London. Beat him, and not only are you a step closer to becoming King of the Ring … but you jump to the head of the line for a shot at the United States Title.

Orton turns, and looks at Cade.

Randy Orton: And you?? Cade, you’ve got Lesnar. Forget the fact I defend my title against him at the Great American Bash … take him out … for yourself. Like I said, you’ve got victories against BOTH Shawn Michaels and The Rock. Not even I can say I’ve done that. You’re on a select list … so why not add Lesnar to it??

Orton nods at the two, and takes a step back.

Randy Orton: Listen … I cant make the decision for you. I don’t think the New Wave is dead … but the next move … is yours.

The champion backs away, leaving the picture, as Cade turns to Doane, with both seemingly unsure what to say.

Back to ringside…

Michael Cole: Some interesting developments there, gentlemen. Is the New Wave dead, or is it about to get a brand new lease of life??

Joey Styles: Well, if you ask me, Randy Orton is desperate to keep the group together. I don’t think the WWE Champion believes he can survive as champion on his own.

Tazz: But like Cade and Doane said themselves, how long will it be before Orton makes an example outta one of them?? That’s gotta be goin through their minds constantly.

Joey Styles: And later tonight, Garrison Cade takes on the #1 Contender, Brock Lesnar. Will Cade do Orton a huge favour and dent the confidence of The Iron Man later??

Tazz: He’s got the tools to do it, Joe.


And to a big pop as ever, the United States Champion waltzes onto the stage, ahead of his second round match in the King of the Ring tournament.

Michael Cole: And when we come back, will Paul London or Ken Doane advance to face Charlie Haas in the Elite Eight of the King of the Ring tournament next Saturday Night?? Don’t go away!!

Commercial Break

And we return, with Ken Doane on his way to the ring, whilst London nods, watching his opponent, waiting patiently.

Paul London vs. Ken Doane
Doane keeps up with the high flyer in the early going, showing off his own athletic abilities, but the more experienced performer in London eventually takes control, becoming too quick for the youngster. Doane though, switches up his gameplan, realising he’s second best at the speed game, and uses his superior size and power to gain control of the United States Champion.

‘The Future’ keeps it simple with his approach, keeping London grounded, scoring a few near falls, but not overly troubling the U.S Champ. Doane then applies a sleeper in an attempt to weaken London further, but inevitably, London finds a second wind, and battles back, elbowing Ken in the gut repeatedly to free himself, then mounts a comeback, but the comeback is eventually derailed, with Doane catching him off the ropes, and hitting an Orton-esque power slam.

With London down, Doane believes he has an opening, and climbs the ropes, perching himself up top, looking to deliver his Leg Drop … BUT LONDON NIPS UP … AND LEAPS UP TOP!!! London hammers at Doane, and eventually, after a struggle, back drops Doane off the top, before getting himself set up … AND DELIVERS THE 450 SPLASH!! London covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Paul London @ 05:17

The fans pop, as London overcomes Ken Doane, and books his place in the Quarter Finals of the King of the Ring tournament.

Joey Styles: There is no one in the WWE right now riding a hotter wave of momentum than that man, Paul London!! He’s the United States Champion, and now has the opportunity to add the King of the Ring crown to his accomplishments next weekend. And right now, I don’t think it matters to London WHO he even faces, he truly believes he can beat ANYONE!!

Tazz: And if it wasn’t for Brian Kendrick last week, Paul London could well have been on his way to a date with the WWE Champ at the Great American Bash, don’t forget that!!

Michael Cole: A great win for London, but what a hard loss for Ken Doane. In charge for a long period in that contest, and looking to prove a point to Randy Orton, but he came up just short of his intended goal.

Joey Styles: Well, we now have SEVEN of the eight quarter finalists confirmed for next Saturday night. Only one more is left to be determined, and that’ll be later tonight, in our main event, as MVP and Carlito collide, with Brent Albright awaiting the winner.

Michael Cole: And realistically, Brent Albright could be looking at a bye to the semi-finals. Carlito has no interest in the King of the Ring. He doesn’t care about what that could do for his career. He just wants to end another mans career, and no one seems to care about that, except for me. Carlito is gonna come out here later tonight, get himself disqualified, end MVP’s career, and Brent Albright is getting a clear path to the Final Four.

Tazz: That remains to be seen, Cole. I aint saying that’s not gonna happen, but I just hope that Carlito sees sense, and sees what’s at stake here tonight.

Joey Styles: It just shows gentlemen, how far that rivalry has come. What started as a personality clash has grown into something out of all proportion. And right now, let’s take a look at how this mutual dislike managed to fester into pure hatred.


An innocuous, one off meeting backstage, on Smackdown in February, a few short weeks after Carlito moved to the brand, where two smart mouthed stars had a few choice words for one another.

In the following weeks, both men would qualify for the Money in the Bank ladder match, and in the run up to WrestleMania, met, one on one, where MVP (still undefeated at this stage) would squeak out the win through nefarious means.

At WrestleMania, MVP and Carlito would involve themselves in each others business during the Money in the Bank match, eventually taking each other out of the match, in order to prevent the other from grabbing the briefcase.

Then, on March 30, Carlito would officially end MVP’s undefeated streak, cleanly defeating the highest paid superstar on Smackdown, and sending Porter on a path of destruction…

Starting the following week, where Montel would attack Carlito from behind, targeting the knee of his rival, smashing it with a television camera, forcing Carlito to be taken out of the arena on a stretcher, where it was believed that the damage done to the knee would put Carlito out of action for up to six months.

But, just two weeks later, Carlito - albeit on crutches - would provide a distraction to help Paul London eliminate MVP last from a battle royal to determine a number one contender for the United States title, making MVP even more furious.

It would then be revealed that the damage to Carlitos knee was not as serious as first believed, and that the man from the Caribbean would be able to return for May 20 to face MVP at Judgment Day, BUT wouldn’t be allowed to appear at Smackdown before that.

And whilst Carlito - under doctors orders - couldn’t physically appear on Smackdown, he still managed to make life hell for MVP, costing him a relatively routine match up against Funaki, using his music as a distraction, before dressing up as a cameraman, and spitting his apple at Porter, helping Funaki score a shock win, further embarrassing Mr. 305.

But then, Porter would take it to another level. Unable to cope with the mind games from Carlito, MVP would look to draw his injured opponent out, by inviting his younger brother, Primo, to Smackdown for an ‘exhibition’ match … but would brutally dismantle the younger Colon … and like he did with Carlito a month prior, would target the knee with a camera … and whilst Carlitos damage was luckily minor … the damage done to Primo was much worse, with the aspiring grappler being put on the shelf for six - eight months.

This act would send Carlito over the edge, and at Judgment Day, the hot headed Caribbean looked for revenge, not caring about winning or losing, instead, he attempted to attack the knee of MVP with the camera … but Porter would JUST escape, thanks to a low blow, losing the match via DQ, but saving his career.

Following Judgment Day, MVP then claimed to be ‘done’ with Carlito, suggesting that Carlito should be happy to have won at Judgment Day, and Porter not wanting a rematch to settle the score … but with both men in the King of the Ring tournament, the brackets did not work out kindly for MVP, as a potential meeting with Carlito lay in wait should both men make it through the opening round.

And both did. However, whilst Porter is keen to become KOTR, be it for the prize money, the bonuses or perhaps the actual prestige of being KOTR … Carlito has made it clear he is out for revenge, and nothing more.


Commercial Break

And, we return with Josh Mathews standing by…

Josh Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, my guest at this time … the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Brian Kendrick.

Kendrick, looking cocky as ever, nods into the picture, relaxed, despite having to defend his title later tonight.

Josh Mathews: Brian, last week, you abruptly brought to an end a long time friendship with your former tag team partner, Paul London, when you cost him a shot at the WWE Championship. Why though, woul-

Brian Kendrick: Whoa, whoa. Hold the phone Jay. This is my interview time, right??

Mathews shrugs.

Josh Mathews: Of course.

Brian Kendrick: Then why are we talking about Paul London?? Let’s talk about me, huh?? Let’s talk about Brian Kendrick- THE, Brian Kendrick. Y’see Josh, some people get jealous when they see their friends make something of themselves. They cant deal with the fact that their friends have went on and become successful, whilst they’ve had to feed off the scraps in life. Unfortunately, that’s what became of my friendship with Paul London.

Josh Mathews: You mean you cant accept the fact that Paul London is the United States Champion, and in the Quarter Finals of the King of the Rin-

Brian Kendrick: Huh?? I cant accept- What?? No. Paul London cant accept that I’ve outgrown him. Look at me. I’m the Cruiserweight Champ my friend. I’m riding as high as a kite. Look at him. He didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t his ‘little buddy’ anymore. He didn’t have a right hand man to fall back on and help him out. He couldn’t deal with my success, so he had to run out there and grab himself a title belt of his own.

Kendrick shakes his head.

Josh Mathews: Uh, I thought you didn’t want to talk about Paul London??

Brian Kendrick: Well if YOU’D stop bringin him up, I wouldn’t. But since you mention him … I think it’s about time Paul London was taught a lesson, don’t you?? No, you wouldn’t. You love Paul, don’t ya?? Yeah you do. Well what does Paul Londons biggest fan think about this idea … Brian Kendrick, WWE Cruiserweight … AND United States Champion??

Heat from the fans in the background. Mathews, again, shrugs at the idea.

Josh Mathews: Well, don’t you think you should be more concerned with, say, retaining your own title first?? Tonight, you’re defending the Cruiserweight title against Chavo Guerrero in a rem-

Brian Kendrick: Didn’t I already beat him?? Chavito is just another example of someone that couldn’t handle my success. He threw my friendship back in my face to try and take my title. Well, I wonder how Chavo is gonna feel when I’ve got TWO title belts around my waist?? I bet he’ll be jealous. So jeal-

Suddenly, Kendrick feels a hand rest on his shoulder, and looks around … seeing CHAVO GUERRERO. Kendrick pulls away, keeping his distance from his challenger.

Brian Kendrick: Don’t touch the merchandise, dude. This is my interview time, so what do you want??

Chavo smiles, knowing Kendrick is uneasy.

Chavo Guerrero: I just found it interesting that you’ve got your sights on holding double gold … because by the time this night is over esse?? You wont have ANY gold.

Guerrero smirks, nodding, before walking by Kendrick, patting the CW champ on the shoulder as he walks off. Kendrick watches his opponent leave, and shakes his head, as we fade out…


Opening shot of the American Flag waving proudly.

“What makes a GREAT American?”

Clips of Booker T & Elijah Burke high fiving, Paul London celebrating at Judgment Day with the United States title and Brock Lesnar fighting off The New Wave.

“Pride? Honour? Fighting spirit?”

Fade to darkness, then clips of the cocky Brian Kendrick holding the Cruiserweight and United States titles on June 1, Edge screwing Batista out of the WWE title, and Randy Orton punting Nick Dinsmore.

“Or is it Greed? Callousness? Malice?”

Shot of JBL looking cocky, arms spread wide, soaking up heat most likely, before switching to the rugged Batista, shaking the ropes in the ring during a match.

“In todays society, it becomes more and more difficult to decipher just who are the noble, and who are dishonourable by looks alone”

Clip of Americas Most Wanted, decked out in their ring attire containing the American Flag.

“There are those that bring shame to the stars and stripes”

Shot of M.V.P throwing money away, whilst sporting an overload of bling necklaces, and JBL assaulting Jamie Noble.

“There are those that have brought shame to living the American Dream”

Clip of Randy Orton hitting the Hangmans DDT on RVD at Judgment Day, Americas Most Wanted getting in the face of young fans at ringside, and Brian Kendrick strutting.

“Champions with no class, dignity, honour or respect”


“But a true hallmark of ALL Great Americans … is hope”

Euphoric music kicks in, and lots of rapid shots are shown now, of Paul London soaring through the air, Brock Lesnar with an F5 on Garrison Cade, Brian Kendrick running like a scalded dog, Booker & Eli getting the better of AMW … and a flashing image of a dark figure (The Undertaker??) in the distance??

“On July 8, the WWE welcomes ALL Great Americans to gather as one, and HOPE for justice … HOPE for righteousness … HOPE that good overcomes evil … ”

The euphoric music stops, and slow images of the cold Randy Orton, the bitter Edge, the cocky Brian Kendrick, then the toothy grin of JBL.


Banner Credit; TKOW (As always )


Back into the arena…


Brock Lesnar - the man that challenges Randy Orton for the WWE Championship on July 8 - enters the stage, getting the kind of greeting he gets every single week.

Michael Cole: He is the Number One Contender, the man that looks to dethrone Randy Orton at the Great American Bash, and when we come back, Brock Lesnar will take on one of Randy Ortons henchmen, or at least a former henchman, Garrison Cade. Can Cade spring an upset?? Find out, when we return!!

Commercial Break

We return with Brock Lesnar pacing the ring, whilst Garrison Cade walks down the aisle, taking his time. The big Texan reaches the bottom of the aisle, but stops when he hears …


Surprisingly, the WWE Champion enters, and gets heat from the fans, whilst Cade doesn’t look terribly pleased to see his (former) leader. Lesnar though, walks to the ropes, opening them, inviting Orton to meet him inside.

Tazz: Now this … could get interesting.

Michael Cole: It seems to me as if Cade doesn’t want Orton out here. I think Garrison Cade wants to test himself against Brock Lesnar, one on one.

Joey Styles: And why shouldn’t he?? The guy is over six and a half feet, weighs near three hundred pounds. Garrison Cade should be a match for ANYBODY on his day.

Michael Cole: Suddenly, Brock Lesnar has his hands full. This could show us just how close … or how far apart the New Wave really is.


Match 4:
Brock Lesnar vs. Garrison Cade w/Randy Orton
Initially, both competitors seem ill at ease with Orton at ringside, making for a slow start to proceedings, but after a feeling out process, both Cade and Lesnar begin to let loose, with Cade giving a good account of himself, equal to Lesnar in the power stakes, not giving the #1 Contender an easy ride. Throughout, Orton supports his wavering brethren vocally, trying to help Cade overcome the Iron Man. After the even opening exchange, Lesnar begins to dominate, overpowering the Big Texan into the corner, drilling him with shoulder thrusts in order to weaken Cade down. Lesnar soon follows up, hitting a delayed Fisherman - showing off his power - but only scores two as Cade kicks out.

Despite having the upper hand, Lesnar allows the advantage to slip, with Orton distracting him, and the two men that headline the Great American Bash next month share a few words and threats … all the while giving Garrison Cade time to recover, and the Texan takes full advantage of the distraction, attacking Lesnar from behind, and driving him into the corner. Cade doesn’t waste the opportunity, and looks to break down Lesnar, stomping a mudhole in the Iron Man, and dropping an elbow for a near fall. Cade continues to beat on Brock, showing off his own impressive strength with a gut buster on the #1 Contender, but again, fails to score the vital three count to put Lesnar away. On the outside, Orton continues to offer vocal support for Cade, also adding a few ‘suggestions’, such as “make him suffer, Garrison”, and “don’t let him walk outta here!!”.

The Big Texan continues to put the pressure on Brock, but after a period on the back foot, Lesnar turns the tables, reversing a whip off the ropes, and catching Cade on the return, DRILLING him with a Belly to Belly!!! It’s only good enough for a two count, but Lesnar is back in control, and sends Cade into the corner, showing his impressive athletic ability with a high running knee in the corner to his opponent, before executing a German Suplex as Cade stumbles out, and looks for a cover again, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Orton is beside himself outside the ring, watching on, as Brock begins to find another gear, and begins to show why he is the #1 Contender.

Lesnar makes a point of catching Ortons attention, as we see Cade pulling himself up in the corner, with Lesnar sizing him up, and charging in … BUT CADE MOVES TO SAFETY!!! Cade watches, as Lesnar staggers, favouring his knee seemingly … AND RUNS THROUGH HIM with a BIG Texas sized BOOT to the face!!! Cade hooks the leg, looking to score the upset, 1...2...NO!!! In frustration, Cade hammers the mat, but with the words of Orton from the outside, Cade keeps focus, and doesn’t give Lesnar time to recover. Garrison gets up, dragging the dazed Lesnar with him, softening him up with big blows to the head, then shoots him off the ropes, and catches him on the return, DRIVING Lesnar into the canvas with a sit out spine buster!!

Interestingly, Cade stops himself from making the cover, and we hear applause from Orton, who nods at Garrisons direction, with the big Texan looking to punish Brock, dragging the Iron Man up, sending him into the corner, and uses it as a set up for the Razors Edge … but it simply takes too long to execute, and Lesnar is too big and heavy to throw around, and Brock fights free, running Cade into the corner, then hitting a side suplex, following that up with a stunning MILITARY PRESS SLAM, all the while taunting the raging WWE Champion. Lesnar doesn’t even bother with a cover, and instead, drags Cade back up, scooping him onto his shoulders … and looks to deliver the F5 … BUT ORTON SLIPS IN THROUGH THE BACK OF THE RING … AND CHOP BLOCKS THE KNEE OF LESNAR!!!
Winner: Via DQ - Brock Lesnar @ 07:03

It’s a win for Lesnar, but he may just pay for it, as Orton stomps the knee of the challenger, targeting the body part specifically. Working quickly, Orton slips outside the ring, grabbing the legs of Lesnar, dragging the body of the Iron Man towards the ring post, looking to continue the damage … until Lesnar uses his INCREDIBLE strength, and with leg power alone, overpowers the champion … pulling back … WITH ORTON RUNNING INTO THE POST!!!!!

Lesnar looks to find his feet again, but as he pulls himself up on the ropes, Cade is on him, hammering away, as we see KEN DOANE sprint down the aisle, looking to support Cade and Orton. But as he reaches the ring, Lesnar turns the tables on Cade, surprising the Texan with a BELLY TO BELLY!!! Doane looks to strike as Brock gets to his feet, but ‘The Future’ simply runs right into a SPINEBUSTER!!!

Lesnar bounces up, as we see a recovered Orton hopping onto the apron, but immediately hops back off, with Brock making a lunge toward him. Orton turns, kicking the barrier in frustration, whilst Lesnar again opens the ropes, inviting Orton inside. The Champion thinks it over for a moment … but soon creeps backward, with the fans showing their displeasure for the chicken shit Champion.

As Orton slowly backs away, Lesnar dumps Cade out of the ring, motioning to his own knee, then smirking, shouting toward Orton “YOU DIDN’T TAKE ME OUT ORTON!!” … before proceeding out of the ring himself, lifting Cade up, onto his shoulders, again looking up the aisle at the Champion, and shouting at him “LAST CHANCE TO SAVE YOUR BOY!!” … but Orton shows no regard for Cades wellbeing, and simply stands watching … AS LESNAR DELIVERS THE F5 TO CADE … SMASHING CADES KNEE OFF THE RING POST!!!

Cade crumbles, instantly grabbing his knee, whilst in the ring, we see a shocked Ken Doane, on his knees, hands on head, in disbelief as to what he just saw, with Orton leaving Cade out to dry. On the stage, Orton is seething with rage, pacing back and forth, whilst Lesnar stands at the bottom of the aisle, challenging Orton to come and meet him like a man … but Orton refuses the offer, and instead storms to the back, with his plans being well and truly demolished tonight, whilst medics now rush down the side of the aisle, in order to tend to Cade, who continues to clutch his knee in agony, with Doane checking on his friend, as we fade to a commercial.

Commercial Break


The scene opens with a blonde haired man swimming lengths of a pool. The man reaches the edge, and bursts from the pool, pulling himself up, over and onto the floor. He is met by a beautiful woman, handing him a towel. He dries himself a little, before looking towards the camera, with a smile on his face, handing the towel off to the woman, who continues to dry him off as he talks.

Blonde Man: Hi there. My name is Nick Nemeth. I bet you think you recognise me, I get that a lot.

Nemeth turns, and smiles at the woman, looking toward the sky, with the camera shifting focus, around the poolside arena, the sky, and the scenery in the distance.

Nick Nemeth: Beautiful … aint it??

It seems like Nemeth is referring to the scenery … but as the camera focuses back on him, we see Nemeth is looking into the pool … at his own reflection.

Nick Nemeth: I could just sit here all day …

He snaps out of his daydream, and stands up.

Nick Nemeth: … But I’ve got things to do.

Nick stands still for a moment - waiting - as two different ladies approach, one holding a mirror, and the other hands him a comb. Nemeth walks, combing his hair, looking into the mirror with the first lady carrying the object for him.

Nick Nemeth: Unfortunately, I don’t have all day to sit around and admire my surroundings. I have a public profile to keep. There are a lot of people that I have to see, lots of appearances I have to make. Nick Nemeth … is a man in demand.

He smirks toward the camera, before stopping, as the girl that helped dry him off earlier returns, putting a crisp white shirt on him, as the girl that handed him his comb buttons the shirt up.

Nick Nemeth: And in the very near future, my life is about to get a lot busier.

Nemeth is handed a pair of trousers, going to the trouble of putting them on himself, before looking at the camera once more.

Nick Nemeth: Because I’m coming to Friday Night Smackdown.

Once again, he smiles, before walk by the camera, and down a long path, where he is joined - again - by two of the ladies that served him earlier, each taking an arm, as the video fades…


… SOON …


We return to Smackdown, with clips from before the break, where Brock Lesnar smashed the knee of Garrison Cade into the ring post, forcing the New Wave member to be taken out of the arena on a stretcher, with Ken Doane joining him as we watch the ambulance speed off…

Michael Cole: A harrowing scene here in Greensboro moments ago. Garrison Cade leaving the arena on a stretcher. And gentlemen, for what?? Brock Lesnar went too far. I get that he wanted to send a message to Randy Orton … but that’s going too far. What kind of damage has Lesnar done here!!??

Joey Styles: Well, I certainly find it hard to disagree with the sentiment, Michael, but The New Wave are far from innocent in this situation. Remember, moments earlier, Orton had targeted the knee of Lesnar!! What kind of damage was Orton intending to do to the number one contender??

Tazz: And guys, lets not forget, Lesnar offered Orton to chance to stop it. He challenged Orton to come and face him like a man, but Orton simply stood there and watched. He showed no interest in saving his supposed ‘friend’, Garrison Cade.

Michael Cole: Well, I knew you two would stick together. The bottom line is this, Brock Lesnar has just put Garrison Cade on the shelf for god knows how long, and there needs to be severe repercussions for his actions.

Joey Styles: Do you have any suggestions??

Michael Cole: A fine … a suspension …

Joey Styles: But Randy Orton gets away scott free for his actions over the past three months?? Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho and Nick Dinsmore, all on the shelf because of that sickening punt kick that Orton has delivered on occasion.

Tazz: He’s got a point, Cole. Turnabout’s fair-

Michael Cole: Y’know, I see what’s goin here. Ever since he (points to Styles) talked his way onto this show, the two of you have been trying to squeeze me out. I’ve had to deal with you pair of bullies for the last month, and honestly, I’m starting to get a little sick and tired of it. I’ve worked in the WWE for over ten years. I’ve been the voice of Smackdown since day one. I’m not going anywhere. So whatever plan it is that you two have hatched to force me out, you can forget it!!

Tazz: Easy, Cole. Y’need to relax, partner. Nobody is tryin to push you out. You’ve got some issues Cole, stop being so paranoid.

Michael Cole: Paranoid?? Listen, I’m not stupid. I can see-

Cole continues to rant, as the camera switches elsewhere …

And backstage, Josh Mathews is standing by…

Josh Mathews: Um, ladies and gentlemen, I am Josh Mathews, and in just a second, I will be joined by the man who meets Montel Vontavious Porter in tonights main event, with a Quarter Final spot in the King of the Ring tournament up for grabs. That man of course is Carlito, and here he is.

Carlito comes into the picture, nodding to Mathews.

Josh Mathews: Now Carlito, there has been much speculation that tonight, you will intentionally cost yourself the opportunity of becoming King of the Ring in order to exact revenge on MVP for his actions last month-

Carlito: Uh, let me correct you Josh. Dere’s no speculation. I AM out for revenge tonight.

Mixed reaction from the fans.

Carlito: An’ I don’t want to say dat de King of de Ring isn’t a huge opportunity for Carlito … but sometimes in life Josh … deres more important things. And for Carlito, family comes first.

As serious as a heart attack, Carlito looks at Josh.

Carlito: M.V.P put his hands on Carlito’s family. My little brother man. He put the brakes on little Primos career for the next six to eight months. An’ for dat?? He HAS to pay a heavy, heavy price. Tonight Josh, the King of the Ring tournament doesn’t exist for Carlito … only justice.

Carlito cuts the interview short, walking off the set, as Mathews looks on, quickly trying to cover for Carlito storming off.

Josh Mathews: Well ladies and gentlemen, you’ve heard it for yourselves. Justice is on the mind of Carlito tonight. Just what will that mean for MVP, and indeed, the King of the Ring tournament. Back to ringside.

Into the arena, and ringside, where Joey Styles and Tazz are sat…

Joey Styles: As you can tell at home, it is just myself and Tazz now at ringside. Uh, Michael Cole has taken a leave of absence for the rest of the evening it seems.


The music of Brian Kendrick is greeted with definite heat now - no mixed responses about it - The Cruiserweight Champion is officially - if he wasn’t already - a heel.

Joey Styles: Well ladies and gentlemen, we are getting set for a rematch that has been brewing since Judgment Day, when Brian Kendrick escaped with the Cruiserweight title in tact, just as it seemed like Chavo Guerrero would pull off the victory.

Tazz: Yeah, and with Kendrick casting glances at the United States title, that title is in REAL serious jeopardy. The kid needs to get his own house in order before targeting double gold.

Joey Styles: We are set to find out if Brian Kendrick can hold off the challenge of the vastly experienced, multiple time Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero and keep the title around his waist. Join us on Smackdown when we return!!

Commercial Break

Brian Kendrick vs. Chavo Guerrero
Sorry folks, there isn’t enough time for these two to put on a high quality memorable match. Instead, Chavo starts off aggressively, taking the fight to Kendrick, rocking the champion with stiff blows in the corner, forcing BK to cover up. Guerrero then takes the fight to the outside, softening Kendrick up further, dropping him on the barrier, then sending him into the steel steps, before dragging the champion back inside the ring for a near fall.

Chavo looks to continue his assault, but Kendrick lures the challenger in, and pokes the eyes, giving himself a window of opportunity to spark his own comeback. Brian scores a succession of near falls in the ensuing period, but cant put Chavo away, much to his chagrin. As the match progresses, Kendrick taunts his opponent, talking trash as he hammers Guerrero, and looks to add insult to injury, using the famed Guerrero trifecta of vertical suplexes. The fans shit all over the insult to the Guerrero family … but after he pops off two verticals … CHAVO BLOCKS THE THIRD … AND COUNTERS WITH HIS OWN!!!

Chavo quickly pops the hips, and hit’s the remaining two verticals, much to the joy of the fans, and now, the tables have certainly turned, with Guerrero now in the drivers seat, and Kendrick there for the taking. The challenger signals to the corner, and advances, climbing the turnbuckles, looking to fly … BUT GETS KNEES AS HE LOOKS FOR THE FROG SPLASH!!! Chavo rolls around in agony, clutching his ribs, as Kendrick struggles back to his feet, lying in wait, as Guerrero tries to get back up, but the challenger is easy pickings … as Kendrick delivers SLICED BREAD!! He makes the elementary cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: And STILL Cruiserweight Champion - Brian Kendrick @ 05:49

Kendrick is victorious, and does it cleanly in the end, to establish his credentials as a worthy - if rather egotistical - champion.

Joey Styles: Brian Kendrick has made no secret of his desire to become a dual-championship holder, and tonight, he has done his case no harm, with a solid title defence of the Cruiserweight championship.

Tazz: Yeah, Kendrick has had plenty of critics since becoming the kingpin of the Cruiserweight division, but tonight he showed all those doubters that he can prevail without bending the rules.

Joey Styles: But has he done enough to warrant a shot at the United States title, currently held by his former friend, Paul London??

Tazz: Don’t see why not, Joe.

Joey Styles: Time will tell where Kendrick will factor in in the title picture when it comes to that United States title, but ladies and gentlemen, our main event tonight is still to come.

Tazz: Oh man, Carlito and MVP, potentially off the hook. King of the Ring spot up for grabs, but for Carlito, it aint about the glory of the King of the Ring. It’s all about revenge for the Cool One.

Joey Styles: Well, in recent weeks, Carlito has been far from ‘cool’, but rather, has shown the famed latin temper, and after Carlitos comments earlier tonight, he isn’t interested in keeping his temper in check. In fact, it seems he WANTS his temper to boil over. A powder keg atmosphere here in Greensboro.


Much to the surprise of both Styles and Tazz on commentary, the music of the WWE Tag Team Champions hits, and AMW walk onto the stage, dressed casually.

Joey Styles: Well … the WWE Tag Team Champions had not been scheduled to make an appearance tonight … but, err, it seems …

Tazz: AMW don’t really follow orders Joe. These two have a huge opinion of themselves, and I bet they weren’t happy to be off tonight’s show.

The champions stay at the top of the ramp (with Brian Kendrick seen leaving via the side of the stage) and wait for the music to die down.

James Storm: Surprise, surprise kids. It’s YOUR Tag Team Champs, bringing a public service announcement for your pleasure.

Harris nods, before speaking up.

Chris Harris: For those of you keeping score, James and I have now racked up six months as the WWE Tag Team Champions, and in that time we’ve faced a wide variety of challengers. Good, bad, and ugly, we’ve faced - and beaten - them all.

James Storm: From that big ‘ol stage at WrestleMania, to the sunshine state of Florida, and even across the pond, Chris and I have performed to the maximum level every night … a level that no other team has reached - including the “legendary” Hardy Girls … and the not so legendary Murdoch Twins.

Chris Harris: But while those teams at least had the sense to come to terms with the fact that they couldn’t compete on our level … there has been one team DUMB ENOUGH to keep comin’ back for more … that, of course, is Elijah Burke … and Booker T.

Slight pop, with the crowd supporting Booker & Burke. Storm walks to the cameraman, looking for a close up, as if to send a message to the pair.

James Storm: Boys, it don’t matter a jot how many times ya beat us in non-title matches. When (shoves his title belt into the lens) THESE big, gold, shiny things are up for grabs … THAT’S when it matters. An’ WE ALWAYS prevail when it matters most, when the stakes are highest.

Harris walks over, putting a hand on his partners shoulder to calm him.

Chris Harris: It’s called being ‘Big Match Performers’, gentlemen. Something the two of you don’t possess … or at least in Bookers case … something you don’t possess anymore.

Heat for the low blow on Booker.

James Storm: Chris and ma’self don’t care much for ‘reputations’. Booker, your glory days are way, way back in the past. You may be a FIVE TIME, FIVE TIME, FIVE TIME, (Harris is shown mocking Bookers hand pose in the background) FIVE TIME, FIVE TIME … Dubya ‘C Dubya Champ … but that was in a company that DIED six years ago.

Chris Harris: Whereas Americas Most Wanted are FOUR TIME, FOUR TIME, FOUR TIME, FOUR TIME-

James Storm: And CURRENT-

Chris Harris: WWE Tag Team Champions. Y’see, we are in our prime, our biggest achievements are current.

‘ASSHOLES’ chant begins to stir from the fans.

James Storm: An’ we’re fed up of havin’ to deal with a glory hog, and his little protégé. We’ve already beat ya handsomely TWICE. Deal with it fellas, accept the fact that ya cant compete with the best. Sorry bout your damn luck.

Harris shakes his head in disappointment.

Chris Harris: Yet … you pair of fools cant accept it, can ya?? You keep comin back, don’t ya??

James Storm: You two boys want what we got … and we want you outta our hair once and for all.

Harris nods.

Chris Harris: And that’s why next week on Smackdown, we’re gonna have a little proposition for the two of you. Something that should see us all get what we want.

James Storm: We’re gonna give you two boys one last opportunity. Not because we have to … but because we want to. But t’get what ya want … you boys are gonna have to give us somethin’ in return.

Storms tips his hat to the fans, as Harris disingenuously speaks to the fans.

Chris Harris: Thank you for your time Greensboro. On behalf of YOUR WWE Tag Team Champions, I wish you an enjoyable evening.

The fans don’t buy the friendly comments of the champions toward them, booing AMW as they leave the stage.

Joey Styles: Talk about cryptic clues, Tazz. What could AMW have in store next week for Booker T & Elijah Burke??

Tazz: Beats me, Joe. All I know is that our Tag Team Champ’eens are a little loose with the facts. They got themselves disqualified in the first rematch for the titles, and last week, nearly lost those titles in record time, before stealing the win to retain the titles. If you ask me, Booker T & Elijah Burke have the champs number.

Joey Styles: Well, it seems that next week, Harris and Storm will offer the aspiring challengers one last shot at the titles, but what could they possibly want in return??

Backstage now, we see Carlito making his way down a hallway, with the main event up next … but the Cool One stops himself.

Carlito: What de hell?? You shouldn’t be here man.

The camera turns, and we see … PRIMO COLON!! The younger brother of Carlito - on crutches - nods at his older sibling, before speaking.

Primo: I had to come, Carlito. I needed to speak to you before it’s too late.

Carlito looks confused, as Primo comes forward on the crutches.

Primo: Don’t ruin your opportunity bro. Not for me.

Carlito: It’s about more dan de King of de Ring tonight, Primo. This is about redemption for what MVP did to you.

Primo: You can do that Carlito … but you don’t have to do it this way. If you go out dere and put him on the shelf, you’re no better than him. And you are Carlito. You are better than MVP. So why not go out dere, and hurt the guy where it hurts most, huh??

Carlito seems torn, as Primo continues.

Primo: It’s up to you bro. But think about it. You can do to him what he done to me, and lose your shot at the King of the Ring. But then what?? Huh??

Carlito doesn’t respond.

Primo: Nothing. That’s what. But if you go out there, and beat him, one, two, three, you injure something far more important to a guy like MVP, and that’s his pride. If you go out there and beat him, he has to watch as you move on … and he’ll have to watch when you’re crowned King Carlito.

Carlito smiles at the prospect.

Primo: At the end of the day bro, it’s your life. But imagine what it’ll do to MVP if you beat him tonight. Forget about the money he’ll lose out on, and all the bonuses he’ll miss out on. Think about the fact that he’ll have to eat all his words about being better than you, and he’ll have to accept that YOU are better than HIM. It’s your choice Carlito … but I know what I’d want to do.

Carlito nods, not saying anything, before patting his brother on the shoulder, and walking on. Primo nods, believing he’s convinced Carlito to do the right thing, as we fade out.

Commercial Break

Joey Styles: We are just moments away from our main event this evening, but here on Friday Night Smackdown, the show doesn’t sit still - Eric Bischoff has already announced a match for next weeks show, with MAJOR implications ahead of the Great American Bash.

Tazz: Without a doubt, Joe. Brian Kendrick has been looking for an opportunity to contend for double gold, and next week, it’s put up or shut up.

Joey Styles: Indeed, the cruiserweight champion will face off with Jamie Noble, and should Kendrick win, he goes on to challenge Paul London for the United States Championship on July 8. Lose though, and Kendrick will defend the Cruiserweight title instead at the Great American Bash against Noble.

Tazz: Obviously Jamie Noble has impressed Bischoff with his pugnacious attitude the past two weeks, and his win tonight has shot him up the ranks. Can Noble take the opportunity next week, and defeat the reigning Champion??

Joey Styles: And of course, as we learned just a few moments ago, AMW will have a proposition for Booker T & Elijah Burke. What kind of offer will the WWE Tag Team Champions have for their most recent challengers??


The music of MVP gets a reaction from the fans, and the highest paid superstar on Smackdown bursts from his elaborate entrance setting.

Joey Styles: And of course, we will be just twenty four hours away from crowning the 2007 King of the Ring this time next week. Seven of the eight quarter finalists have already been determined. One spot remains, and it’s set to be decided in this main event.

Tazz: Biggest grudge match in King of the Ring history Joe. The hatred has been well documented.

Porter reaches the ring, looking a little pensive - not as cocky as usual, knowing the evil intentions of Carlito…


The fans pop for the music of The Cool One, and Carlito walks out onto the stage, not smiling, or looking relaxed, but snarling, staring straight ahead to the ring, where MVP waits.

Joey Styles: Just what state of mind is Carlito in?? Will he persevere with his notion of injuring MVP in retaliation for Porters actions in recent months?? Or, has the Cool One being convinced to instead look to win this match, and stick to Montel Vontavious Porter in the best way possible?? We’ll find out ALL the answers, when Friday Night Smackdown returns…

Commercial Break

M.V.P vs. Carlito
The show rejoins just as the bell rings, with Carlito looking calm, not jumping straight away, which seems to surprise Porter. MVP looks to circle the ring, with Carlito doing the same, and the Cool One slowly closes the gap, with MVP still tentative, and the two lock up. Carlito tussles Porter into the corner with Scott Armstrong quickly moving in, forcing the break … and Carlito pulls away, leaning back to strike MVP … but stops himself, breaking clean instead.

MVP smiles, as a torn Carlito backs away, looking angry for pulling away, but remembers his little brothers wishes, and refocuses, going in for another lock up, and like before, he aggressively backs Porter into the corner, and thinks twice again about a right hand as he breaks … but his dithering costs him, as MVP cheap shots him instead!!

Quickly, MVP goes on the attack, taking advantage of a timid Carlito, scoring a near fall off a gut wrench suplex.

Porter stays on Carlito for the time being, working the back of his opponent, before the man from the Caribbean mounts a comeback, springing off the ropes from an Irish whip, and taking Montel off his feet with a splash, following up with a series of right hands, letting out his pent up frustration, which has been building for months. The official eventually looks to break up the beating, and counts Carlito out, with CCC just stopping his onslaught before a possible DQ, realising he was coming close to going too far.

Carlito calms down, and listens to the referee as he is admonished, before getting back to work, and scores a couple of harmless two counts. Carlito gets to his feet, watching as MVP looks to rise, then runs to the ropes, looking for another springboard off the ropes - but MVP dodges out of the way. Luckily for Carlito, he lands on his feet … but MVP RACES IN WITH A BIG BOOT TO THE FACE!!! He quickly hooks the leg, 1...2...NO!!! Carlito kicks out, but doesn’t have time to recover, with MVP desperate to keep on him, and whips Carlito off the ropes … but CCC springs onto the ropes, bouncing back off them with a reverse elbow!!!

MVP is quickly up, but looks worse for wear, with Carlito delivering a quick Hurricanrana … and follows up with another athletic display, HITTING A DOUBLE SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT!!! The cover, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!! MVP kicks out, with Carlito looking up, shaking his head, thinking he’d won it there and then. Carlito doesn’t sit still though, and drags Porter back up, sending him into the corner, running in after him, but Montel gets an elbow up, stopping his opponent in his tracks, then follows up with a running modified bulldog, planting Carlitos face off his knee. He quickly covers, 1...2...CARLITO KICKS OUT!!!

Carlitos kick out aggravates Mr. 305, and Montel punches the mat in frustration, before pulling Carlito up, looking to hit a vertical suplex … but Carlito lands behind … AND DELIVERS THE BACK CRACKER!!! It could be over, with Carlito hooking the leg, 1...2...NO!!!!! CCC puts the kick out behind him, and drags MVP up, looking for a side suplex, but MVP somersaults over, landing on his feet behind Carlito … AND SWEEPS THE KNEE!!! Montel goes to the potentially weak area of his opponent - the knee he demolished in April. Quickly, MVP gets on the knee, stomping at the joint, leveraging the body part on the ropes and landing his body weight on top of it, with Carlito wincing in pain, showing that he is still not fully recovered from that attack two months ago.

Meanwhile, confidence grows for MVP, and that cocky swagger returns, with his enemy at his mercy now. Porter drives his elbow to the point of the knee, and a second time, before dragging the Cool One to the apron, dangling the knee over the edge, and SLAMS it off the apron, with Carlito reeling away, clutching his knee, rolling around the canvas. Taking his time, MVP gets back inside, and AGAIN drops his elbow onto the knee.

He then gets to his feet, smiling at his work, before looking to apply a single leg crab, but in desperation, Carlito quickly scrambles, making the ropes. It’s only a brief reprieve though for the Caribbean native, as MVP continues to work for the submission hold, and after more focus on the bad wheel, Montel DOES get Carlito turned over, and applies a single leg crab, with Carlito in a world of hurt - and a lot of trouble too.

Gritting his teeth, The Cool One has to dig into the reserves, and bring out all his grit and determination, scratching … clawing … inching his way toward the ropes … AND GRABS THEM!!! Gratefully, Carlito clutches the ropes, and MVP is forced to break the hold, much to his chagrin. Porter starts to lose his cool, and kneels down, mounting CCC, and raining down blows to the skull, before grabbing him by the head, telling him “YOU‘RE GONNA JOIN YOUR LITTLE BRO IN REHAB!!”, before getting up, and stomping the bad knee, over and over and over.

MVP now stands back, watching, as Carlito tries to get to his feet, reaching one knee … AS MVP NAILS THE DRIVE BY KICK!!! He makes a cover, 1...2...NO!!! He may be physically weakened, but Carlito isn’t out of this match yet. Montel gets up, grabbing the face of Carlito again, shouting at him “YOU JUST DON’T KNOW WHEN TO GIVE UP, DO YOU??”, before SLAPPING his nemesis across the face, getting heat from the fans. He then grabs CCC by the face once more, but before he can do or say anything - CARLITO SLAPS MVP!!! The fans cheer for the show of tenacity, but MVP doesn’t think so highly of it, and kicks Carlito in the face, before looking to humiliate the Cool One, and pulls him to his feet … grabbing his good leg, forcing Carlito to balance on his bad wheel. Montel taunts Carlito for a few seconds, enjoying seeing Carlito in trouble … BUT CARLITO NAILS HIM WITH AN ENZIGURI!!!


All of a sudden, the match has turned!!! Both men are down off the kick, but Carlito crawls toward Porter, draping an arm over his rival, 1...2...NO!!!!! It’s still not over, but can Carlito mount a serious comeback on one leg?? He has to use the ropes to stand, trying to shake the leg loose and get the circulation flowing again, as MVP gets to his feet, coming toward Carlito, looking to land a right hand - but it’s blocked - and Carlito nails MVP with a right instead!!! Porter looks to fire back, but again, it’s blocked, and Carlito strikes again!!! MVP steps back, then swings wildly, but Carlito ducks under, running (slightly hobbling) off the ropes … BUT RIGHT INTO AN OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY!!! MVP sits up, suggesting ‘It’s Over’, then makes a cover … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

Porter has a little bit of a temper tantrum, pounding the mat … then seems to lose all control, and rolls out of the ring, grabbing a cameraman … AND TAKES THE CAMERA FROM HIM!!! Porter chucks the camera inside, and follows in, picking it up, ignoring the protests of the referee, and stands over Carlito … looking set to decapitate him once and for all … even at the cost of a DQ, and the end of his run in the King of the Ring tournament … BUT CARLITO SHOCKS HIM WITH A DROP TOE HOLD!!!!

MVP drops the camera as he hit’s the mat, and both men struggle up, with CCC still favouring the knee, but striking first with a kick to the gut of MVP … AND SCORES WITH A DDT!!! The cover is there … but Carlito doesn’t take it … and instead … EYES THE CAMERA!!! The Caribbean native - still limping - looks to have lost his composure now … and it’s revenge on his mind!!! He lifts the camera, then turns, with MVP at his mercy. Carlito thinks it over … THEN LEANS BACK … BUT DOESN’T USE THE CAMERA!!!

Carlito sees sense, and shakes his head, deciding to chuck the camera out of the ring … and now sets himself, waiting, as MVP slowly stirs … pulling himself to his feet, with Carlito sizing him up … and as soon as Montel reaches his feet, Carlito SPINS HIM AROUND … AND DROPS HIM WITH THE APPLE CORE!!! Carlito hooks the leg tightly, as the official makes the count, 1...2...3!!!!!!!
Winner: Carlito @ 16:53

Carlito has done it!!! The Cool One gets the final word over MVP in the climax of a four month blood feud, ended unconventionally, in a straight up wrestling match, in which Carlito has proven that he is better than MVP!!! Carlito has his hand raised in victory - and books his KOTR quarter final spot in the process - and plays to the fans, jubilant to have shut MVP up, before leaving the ring … leaving MVP to stir, and realise what has happened!!

Styles and Tazz on commentary talk up the heart of Carlito to battle back, putting over his ‘cool’ for keeping his head throughout the match, and now blowing the opportunity that he had tonight, before shilling the King of the Ring tournament, as the final eight are now known.

Carlito reaches the top of the stage, as we now see his little brother Primo - on crutches - hobble onto the stage to join him. The brothers share a moment, before hugging, to a nice pop from the fans, as Smackdown comes to a close on a feel good note, with Primo raising Carlitos arm in the air … as we fade to black.



Official Card for WWE Saturday Nights Main Event:
Date: 23rd June 2007
Location: The Pyramid, Memphis TN
Event Music: POD, Lights Out


Umaga vs. William Regal
Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy
Carlito vs. Brent Albright
Charlie Haas vs. Paul London

Umaga / William Regal vs. Shelton Benjamin / Matt Hardy
Carlito / Brent Albright vs. Charlie Haas / Paul London

Umaga / William Regal / Shelton Benjamin / Matt Hardy
Carlito / Brent Albright / Charlie Haas / Paul London


Current Card for WWE Great American Bash:
Date: 8th July 2007
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: Alter Bridge; Rise Today

WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar

Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista

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