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Re: Renegade Presents: WWE 2003 - Now Go Home And Get Your Fucking Shinebox

Hello, gonna leave so feedback.

I honestly like this being the first match to start off the night. I always loved Matt Hardy V.1 so him being champion is great and honestly him retaining it is even better. Matt even getting help from his followers Crash and Moore is a great way for him to retain the strap.

Lol at Cena's rap. Great rap tbh. As for the match I thought it might have been later in the card but nonetheless it was a great match-up really well written. Much like someone mayu have already said Cena countering two 619's in a matter of minutes I really didn't like and I felt a bit more action should have went on. However still a nice match-up as Cena picks up a great win.

Some great spots and a great ending if you asked me. I read over 619indahouse comment and I have to agree. Foot on the rope in a match where two guys are beating the living hell out of each other with absolutly no rules does not seem right at all. Just saying it seemed a bit odd, as I was scratching my head. Still some great spots were written especially the ending.

I miss the APA but anyway let me get back to things. I really liked the action between these two teams. The cheating was nice although that is the second time tonight we saw cheating in some way out of four matches...still it was a nice ending.

I don't know if I really like Eddie breaking out of TWO CROSSFACES. Sure he is Eddie Guerrero a legend but still I feel like you went into the first cross face way too earlier. However besides that up to this point this was one of the best written matches in the PPV. Great stuff with Benoit retaining after a hard fought match. However one more thing I am surprised with is by how much time you gave it. However on the other hand you made it work so good job. And I do like the sign of respect between these two at the end of the match. Nice touch.

Much like people have already stated I don't like all the submission reversals (Angle had to apply the Ankle lock three times). I do like however the finishers not doing the job. That just shows the star status of both of these superstars. As for it being another 20+ match I didn't mind, but like I said before I really didn't think Benoit/Eddie deserved 20 mins. This is the type of match does deserve the 20 mins plus.

I didn't like the huge blocks of paragraphs mainly in this match. Try to make them shorter I kind of started getting drained. For the action however I love the crowd reaction being split right down the middle. Nice spot with the Tombstone counter followed by a German suplex. Lesnar retaining is fine, however I was surprised throughout the entire night not a single championship switched hands. I mean that is fine, but usually with four championship matches you at least expect one. Anyway you really like people kicking out of each other's finishers . I don't know if I like to keep seeing that repeating you know. It gets boring after a while especially when we have seen it the last three matches plenty of times.

Overall: While the last three matches tended to drag a bit....I still enjoyed this. It wasn't the best thing I read, but I was very impressed. You are a good match writer (besides finisher kickouts and submission counters). That is the only thing I would watch. Good job man .

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