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Re: Renegade Presents: WWE 2003 - Now Go Home And Get Your Fucking Shinebox

Better late than never imo.

Judgment Day Feedback

Strange choice to start the show with, as despite this being an exciting match, the was probably the title match with the least chance of a title changing imo. Would certainly have been entertaining though. Some nice spots throughout, such as the moonsault from Kidman that took everyone out and the big suplex/powerbomb combo. And of course the green mist <3 The interference from Holly and Moore (why weren't they at ringside from the start?) added to the drama of the finish, but there was never any doubt that Hardy would retain.

Another good job with the rap. That's something you consistently do well.

Very pleased with the outcome of this match. Cena is a star on the rise right now, and he needed a big feud ending win over Mysterio. Very surprised to see Cena hit a counter off of the 619, not once, but twice. Doesn't do much for Rey tbh, and while it made Cena look great, shouldn't make Rey look too weak in the process. Anyway, was another cool match, and the right man won and looked good in doing so.

Some real sick action in the ECW Rules match. Awesome was such a talented big man, and you seemed to want to push him hard as he had the majority of the big spots throughout the match. Infact, aside from the low blow, Awesome was rather face like during the match imo. Anyway, to this point the most enjoyable match on the card imo, and really establishes Awesome as a force in the mid card. Big things for him plz.

A decent showcase for the tag division here, with a by the numbers tag match. Again, very little chance of a title change here, but the action was solid throughout. Tend to agree with the review above, that second paragraph could have done with a break in it somewhere. Interesting that the finish involved a title shot to the face, as I didn't think there would be a rematch. Maybe a rematch on Smackdown with a cleaner win for Team Angle, but I can't see there being another ppv match between the two teams. Solid match, nothing spectacular, but it was placed in that it took place in the middle of the card. And again, the right team won. Can't say I've faulted any of your booking thus far.

Now this was a match. Face/face matches are always fun to write for me, as you can keep it fast paced throughout with both men hitting their big spots. The kickout from the diving headbutt seemed a tad early, and Eddie looked even more beast for breaking free from two crossfaces after this. That was perhaps a one crossface attempt too many when you consider that's what ended the match. Anyway, both men came out of the match looking good, and at over 20 mins this was a great effort and well written.

Surely I'm not the only one who noticed the start of each sentence spells out the word Sting? Two reviewers above me didn't mention it.

Given the way you've pushed him recently, especially the win over Hogan, Angle was always going to win this one for me. Not so sure about another 20 mins+ match with plenty of false finishes, and I dunno if Austin's body was capable of such, but I know your stance on realism so we won't say anymore about it. The action was good, but it was too simillar to the previous match, as once again we had plenty of submission survivals and finisher kick outs. But again the booking was smart, and Angle is onto major things going forward having knocked off two legends over the last few weeks.

And main event time, which is a third (almost) 20mins match with plenty of false finishes in a row. Crowd would have been drained by now imo. Lesnar came out of this looking like a monster, even though he didn't get in too much offense beside the bearhug. The finish was a good way of protecting 'Taker, and like I said, Brock looks beast for taking so mch punishment yet still getting a clean win. A good match, but it couldn't touch Benoit/Eddie, which was MotN imo.

Overall, the first ppv of yours I've read, and I enjoyed it. Perhaps the last hour was a bit draining, I could have done with a shorter match to break that sequence of matches up, but apart from that not much to fault. The booking throughout made sense, and two heels in Awesome and Angle both emerged. Could see them challenging for the US and WWE championships respectivly, and if so, tonight did a lot to promote them both. Good job man, looking forward to Raw now.
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