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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

I'd eliminate the cardio day completely, and tweak the diet to make do. Take out the calorie burn that the cardio gives you and subtract that even from the days you don't work out. For 600 calorie cardio burn, subtract 200 daily for the three rest days. I'd also not devote a whole day for abs. It will take an additional 10 minutes with your daily routine to work the abs. Just add it to one or two of the work-out days.

That leaves you with two workouts over four days. I'd split the days into chest (add. triceps), legs, shoulder (add. deltoids) and back (add. biceps). That's four days worth of workout. Abdominal exercise can be done on the days of chest + another session if you want. A healthy split would be -,1,2,-,3,-,4 (in the respective order of sessions I've explained).

Muscle recovery depends on rest and nourishment. For nourishment, get a reasonable amount of protein and carbohydrates following the workout. I'd eat prior to the workout too, although just a small snack will do. Keep yourself hydrated and make sure to stay with the homeostasis. Your body will only recover if it knows you're going to be putting yourself through the training all over again.

In other words, eat (appropriately), drink (water) and sleep (plenty). Additionally, keep track of your workouts. Some people have bodies that react better to slow and long workouts, which work over the body continually, while for others short, super-intense workouts give better results. You know your body better than anybody else, so you'll have to figure out what works for you.

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