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Why Is The BTB Like This

I would love to join in and do this BTB thing but the rules insist that you need to unnessisarily fill up all your inital posts with backstory and promo dialouge and explain the matches in to-the-wire details and in some cases actually write down what the commmentators are saying.

I know we have a showcase thread for this but 1. no one cares what happens there 2. what if someone has long term booking ideas but doesnt want to go in great detail, just show us the blue prints of their ideas

I need to know why BTB was establishsed on these grounds

There are no other forums that are invested in Fantasy Booking like this Website is, or at least none that i know of, like i expressed when i did that WCW Big Bang sceanario i did on here a year ago, what's the point of putting hard work into something only to be ignored and forgotten like you were neveer even there, it feels like such a waste.

Now that that's explained you are probably wondering, why do i even care?

For one thing wrestling in the real world,whichever way you look has seen better days, except for maybe Chikara, FWA, IPW:UK and EVOLVE, cause they kick ass

I may think highly of my booking style and methods but i am still a student, willing to learn every trick therer has been, would have been,can be and every possibility to make the most of this dying artform in any area one can grasp. I mean, hey, you never know when a real life opputunity to do this might come down the pipe and right away will make one need to grab it by the balls and run with them .

I would love to do this as an actual career and or living, even if it just small or indy, i still do every day of my life. (im pretty sure some of you guys can concur)

But this over scripting you do here, well, you know what eveyone in the other wrestling threads feel about that when it comes to real life wrestling.

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