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Re: Renegade Presents: WWE 2003 - Now Go Home And Get Your Fucking Shinebox

This one's a tad late too. And yes, I am up at 4 in the morning in the States, so you'd betta recognize.

619s Feedback for Reneís Judgment Day

Quick note on the video package - I cringed (yeah, I do that quite a lot) at the Ďexecutioner delivering your punishmentí with the image of Benoit applying the Crossface. Onto the actual showÖ

The cruiserweight contest really kicked things off on a really nice note. The Ďcontinuous tumbleí spot made me mark a little bit, I love that spot. Everyone seemed pretty much in their element with probably the exception of Kidman, who looked the weakest outside of the sick powerbomb/superplex spot. Wasnít surprised to see Hardy retain at all.

Great little match here, although I never like thought of Rey Mysterio punching anyone in the face, really. The match itself I will say was pretty well written, and Iím damn glad Cena got the win here. The finish was surprising to me though, seeing as how I wouldnít have thought Cena would counter the 619 twice in about 5 minutes. Good win for Cena, Rey still looks strong, and Cenaís rap wasÖa little off .

Wow. Great hardcore action here, although I have to say Iím not very familiar with Awesomeís moveset and such, but damn this sounded brutal. Again though, I cringed again at Awesome performing a suicide dive. My cringing aside, a great hardcore type match, although I do have a question Ė in a match with literally no rulesÖa foot on the ropes still breaks the count? Even so, absolutely SICK way to end the match too, seeing as how I didnít really see Awesome walking away with this one.

Good tag showcase between the APA and WGTT. Wasnít really in question over who was gonna win. Some nice formulaic tag team wrestling here, I will say what Iíve read of your tag matches is that theyíre always done very well. This was no different, although I have one complaint Ė thereís a HUGE wall of text that I almost didnít want to make it through in this match. Iím sure youíll see it. Other than that, the finish (whipping him out or Ďwipingí him out...?) was still keeping everybody looking strong and again, no surprise the titles stay where they are.

Oh man, this was stupid great of a match here. I thought throughout the whole thing, Benoit looked a lot stronger than Guerrero, but Eddie still looked strong b/c he was in his element of staying under the radar. Even so, Benoit almost completely absorbed Eddie in his awesome showing, with both men undoubtedly giving it everything they had. I thought Benoit looked a tad desperate towards the end with all the Crossface attempts, but everything was damn awesome. Not surprised its MOTN so far.

Since sting is an obvious choice for this promo here, Iím going to throw another guess and say Goldust. With a pet crow.

Another great match here, although I didnít like back-to-back 20-minute matches. Both in real life and it booking (well, for me at least) itís a tad exhausting reading/watching really long matches one after the other. Still, both were very well written, both worthy of main events, this one making up for in psychology for what the last one somewhat lacked. Iím not surprised as this is the only match of the night so far that thoroughly abused the outside part of the ring, and I will say I saw Angle winning, but I didnít see him winning this way. Nice seeing Angle expand himself just to get another win over the Rattlesnake.

Jesus, another huge wall of text. Iíve thoroughly enjoyed reading your Brock Lesnar (so much that Iíve nominated and pretty sure Iím voting for in the Awards), so reading him in a match would only suit my fancy. Iím not really surprised here that Taker pretty much carried Brock. I mean, reading it, Brock got what, 7 moves in outside of counters, and two of those were F-5ís. Brock didnít look weak though, thatís the surprising thing. Maybe it was your writing it, maybe it was just the fact that heís Brock fín Lesnar, but he still didnít look weak. All that aside, another great match, although not as evenly divided on the last two. This match approached 20 minutes, so three 20 minute matches back-to-back-to-back Iím not too keen on (thatís literally keeping peopleís attention for an hour), but hey, what happens happens. Wasnít MOTN for me, but it was still utterly awesome.

I donít have much criticism outside of the whole Ďthree 20-minuters in a rowí schtick thatís just me probably being nit-picky, and I picked up a few more grammar mistakes from you than Iím used to, which is me again being nit-picky (Iím a Grammar Nazi. What can I say?) MOTN definitely goes to Benoit/Eddie for me, although I will say what surprised me overall was there was no Hogan. You kinda set up for it, but him no showing was the most surprising thing. Another thing that turned me off a little was the numerous times there were these gigantic walls of texts, especially leading into the match finishes, see APA/WGTT and Lesnar/Taker. But still, booking wise, I canít complain (nor criticize. Not like I have any grounds on that anyway), as everything did a fantastic job at storytelling and sucking me in to tell the whole story.
OVERALL: 8.5/10


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