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Re: Shock Presents TNA Wrestling: The Revolution

On the note of burning out, please take a break if need be. I'm sorry to hear that it's befalling you. There's no point in pressing on if you're not on your game. Hell, there isn't a whole lot of point in posing the PPV if you're off game, either. But I guess jut do what you need to, Shock man.

But should you post, here's some predics...

Hard Justice Predictions

(8)TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Mr. Anderson © vs Jeff Hardy

As I noted before, I haven't seen Hardy have a single shining moment in this feud to even give the me slightest clue that he'll take the strap. A transitional defense, here, if I can invent a term.

(6)Desmond Wolfe vs Samoa Joe

I can see this one going either way. If Joe wins, I guess it would exact the revenge of Wolfe sending RVD packing, but at the same time, I could see Wolfe winning and forcing Joe to put his career on the line next, in which case, Joe would probably win that. That or I'm clearly not in the same booking mind as you. Either way its a tough call, but regardless, the feud isn't ending here.

(4)AJ Styles vs James Storm

Could easily see Styles getting his ass handed to him here, which may cause him to seek a tag team partner on down the road.

(1)TNA World Tag Team Championships
Motor City Machine Guns © vs Latin American Exchange

Love both teams, but I don't think those titles are going anywhere.

(3)Four-Way Elimination Match for the TNA X Division Championship
Christopher Daniels © vs Amazing Red vs. Jay Lethal vs. Kazarian

It would be a disapponitment to me for anyone else to walk out champion after that showcase on the take-home show. Maybe this frees up Daniels for a Styles/Daniels tag reunion...?

(5)Matt Morgan vs ???

...does it really matter who he's facing?

(2)Petey Williams vs. ???

Again going off the reports from this, but I'm guessing our mystery challenger will take the win here.

(7)The British Invasion vs. Generation Me

Was kinda added out of the blue, but I like the Bucks here.

Bonus Questions:

Predict the match order
It has been done, master.

Who will Matt Morgan's opponent be?
Some X-Division jobber.

Who will Petey Williams' opponent be?
Some future X-Division jobber. Or Shelton Benjamin. Poking in the dark here.

What will be the shortest match?

What will be the longest match?
Wolfe/Joe. It'll be better than the main event too.

Predict the order of eliminations in the X Division Championship match

Who will take the fall in the British Invasion/Generation Me match?
Not familiar too much with the Invasion, but...the fatter one.

Who will take the fall in the MCMG/LAX match?
Homicide, if they're retaining.


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