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Re: Being The Booker

Decent enough start to the show, HBK is quite simple to write with as a face and thats cool, you did well as usual. Estrada coming out without Umaga was nice too, a refreshing change from the brawls we've seen so often. Chilling words to end the segment from AAE, but I can see HBK pulling off the "unlikely" victory at Vengeance. That said, you were a huge Umaga mark so I'm expecting Mags to win and move onto a feud with Christian, but I don't rule HBK out either

Ugh if Paul London wins KOTR I'll kill you tbh. I've enjoyed the push you've given him but honestly I don't think he's good enough to be main event material at all. I don't know who else could win if he doesn't though, MVP and Albright are decent shouts and I'd like to see Albright get the chance

Legit @

Jim Ross: What ovation??
Expected Shelton to win here as Rey's too established to need KOTR anyways. I'd love to see Benji get to the final as Shelton/Albright would own and I'd be happy with either man winning. Nice end to the match as it's usually Shelton who gets owned with a Springboard counter. RHYNO! Ownage. Rey to job to Rhyno plz. Give the Man Beast a badass run at the IC title for major RATINGS

Ok stuff from Punk & Helms, hoping they have a good run as a tag team, as teams like this there's always potential to break them up and make a feud out of it, but that's so damn boring, and you've made these guys a good duo. They'll retain at Vengeance imo, as none of the other teams seem good enough

MNM managing to weasel a chance to get into the mix, hope they do, but I don't know if they will, and even if they do, they're not likely to take the titles. The Bisch being funny was nice too on the track record call

Surprised Regal beat Punk, but there's no way in hell he's beating Umaga at SNME. Umaga, I forgot was in the KOTR with his programme with HBK, is obviously the favourite for the crown but I can see HBK costing him the final to get them to have a final blow off to their feud

lol Gail Kim debuting. Trying to be like the WWE and conveniently forget her previous run in the company?

lol MNM lose. Well that makes it certain Straight Edge won't lose at Vengeance, and here comes the predictable split between MNM, which I can't say I'm happy with at all. One of your few good remaining credible teams being broken up annoys me. Really not looking forward to this angle and the equally mundane John Morrison gimmick which is likely coming

Melina squashing Maria is elementary, the promo that followed and Victoria's subsequent appearance was nice, Mickie's got her friends and I can definitely see her showing up on Sunday, it's set up all to well for her not to. Victoria/Beth in the mix will be good, would love to see a Victoria/Beth match

Intense promo from Cena and Angle there, really would like Angle to win as I fucking hate face Cena so much and he needs to gtfaway from the title. However with Undertaker probably wanting some revenge (Kane too) I can see that happening by Summerslam and Cena back to boring us all in the title picture. Overall, an enjoyable segment with both men in character, let's face it it's not hard to write SUPERCENA anyways as a face but Angle impressed me

Goldust > Cody. Cody fucking sucks. Job plz

Not surprised to see Helms follow suit from Punk earlier and lose, and to a much more credible threat in Matt Hardy. Good action in this match and Hardy/Benji likewise at Vengeance should be quite the contest. The Brotherhood are some force atm, ratings for this and X-PAC too. Replace JTG with Elijah Burke for the ultimate Brotherhood stable tbh. Good stuff from the heels to send the faces a message

Nice promo for Vengeance and good run down of a solid card

Was wondering if Kennedy and Christian were gonna get some mic time and was pleased to see them do so. I'm a fan of you with Christian as you keep his humour around and Kennedy certainately contributes to a good promo here. Awesome way to start the main event aswell with run downs galore and the brawl

Huge rocker of a main event, thoroughly enjoyable stuff to close the show off with total chaos, partners turning on each other and big spots galore. Not a fan of two back to back heel beatdowns as it almost promises a bunch of face wins at Vengeance but I'll be damned if this didn't make me care about the PPV a whole lot more, even if Christian's predictably beating Kennedy, the HBK/Umaga match is definite RATINGS and Angle/Cena has potential

Overall = RATINGS. You continue to deliver despite taking a nosedive into the mundane realism valley, and keeping up with what's happened IRL by making changes into your thread which I don't like (shit like Cody Rhodes being around, MNM splitting up) but you've still got some goodness to work with so thumbs up to you sir


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