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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by geraldinhio View Post

Yes it is.

Disc #5 - Sunday Afternoon Wrestling Matches
NWA World Heavyweight champ Adam Pearce gets knocked out in a battle with his top contender, plus "Queen City Killer" Zack Salvation pushes "The Ultimate...errr American Dragon" Bryan Danielson to the limit.
NWA World Title Match: Phill Shatter vs. Adam Pearce
Bryan Danielson vs. Zack Salvation
New Wave vs. Damien Wayne and Chris Escobar
Caleb Konley vs. Chase Stevens
Chance Prophet vs. Cedric Alexander
Josh Magnum vs. Drew Haskins
Commentary by Les Thatcher and Rowdy James

Really want to see this .
I know it's on the DVD. On the file of it that's online it cuts off before the end of the match and I'm 90% sure it's supposed to be like that but I wanted to check if anyone had the DVD could confirm it or knew why.

Watched the 1st ROH double shot of 2011, or at least what I wanted to of it. Decided to give Bennett/Cole a chance seeing as I want to see Bennett have a decent match to see what he can pull out and 187 said it was good. It's better than their match on HDNet this week but that was god awful so it wasn't hard to improve on that. Was still pretty bad and Bennett looked average bar some power moves.

Daniels/Strong was .... not really good. Wasn't a proper match tbf but they didn't do a single thing that made you want to see them have a full match.

King vs O'Reilly was awesome. Really fun and a great match too. Kings showing some more character jarring with the fans was great and both men put in great performances. This was MOTN for me and comfortably better than the 8 man ....

.... which was extremely uneventful. Hopefully this and Tag Title Classic II not getting the rave reviews they probably hoped for will hopefully make Hunter think twice about having these epic matches go so long. The psychology with Daniels tagging with heels was nice and well done. The match just seemed to be there and barely achieved anything though. The Roddy/Davey echanges were nice towards the end. Wouldn't call it a let down because I wasn't expecting much but all the same it could have so easily been better.

Hero/Davey on the 2nd night was a letdown for me too. It wouldn't suprise me in the slightest to see MOTYC ratings get thrown at it by some people but I didn't think much of it. Hero seemed to have an off day of sorts and Davey's selling was an all time low. They tried to put over Davey's concussion from Final Battle and the effects of it but no one seemed to tell Davey this. The amount of times that Hero would "knock him out" only for Davey to leap straight back up like nothing happened was tedious towards the end. Hated how Davey constantly did the KO fall in the Seven match and it ticked me off here too. Matwork seemed arkward at times and it went much longer than it should have done, just short of 30 mins I think.

The 4CS was pretty poor. Cide had a really bad day, Mark didn't do much and made a noticeable big botch, King didn't have his best match and Generico had little to work with. Cide being pissed off with everyone and attacking Generico after made little sense seeing as it led to nothing.

The main event was awesome. Best match of the weekend which was a big suprise. I dont wanna seem .... sadistic or blood thirsty but by god Jay's head being busted open made it so much better than it would have been without, it just did. Jay's fighting spirit and refusal to give up was great with blood all over his face and Roddy actually showed some decent character when Jay got busted open. Jay Driller through the table was an awesome spot on it's own but worked in the context of the match too. Strong took basically nothing before so the huge hope spot from a desperate Jay to take Roddy out and buy him time was awesome. Didn't mind Jay kicking out of big moves because of how much blood he lost and he played an awesome "never say die" babyface. There was some awesome near falls for Jay too. Easily Strong's best match as champ bar the Davey match and I think I preffered this one personally.

Cole vs Bennett - **1/2
O'Reilly vs King - ***3/4
8 Man - ***1/4
Hero vs Davey - ***
4CS - **1/2
Strong vs Jay - ****
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