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Re: The Official BTB Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Melvisboy View Post
So wait, if BkB or iMac or someone go past Benoit's death date, they have to stop using him?
Pfft, even if that was the case, I would just bring in Zombie Benoit.

No, but should I ever got to that time (highly unlikely, it's ages away) I would stop using him and run RAW as a tribute show for Benoit the wrestler that we all saw and loved.

Originally Posted by Melvisboy View Post
First sentence I agree with. Second paragraph I don't, really. The tourney only failed, really, because Dubya disappeared. The disappearance was probably justifiable, but it really messed things up, and when he got back, the "who cares anymore" attitude took over. The tourney would have been just fine, it was rolling really well up until that point. There'd been some great material posted, and we were looking forward to the results for the first knockout round. It genuinely could have gone well, but it just took the instigator's disappearance to change that. Again, nothing against Dubya, I think he's brilliant, but maybe a more reliable host next time could make the difference between a huge success and a resounding failure.
Actually, the tournament failed before that, really. The round we were up to only had one set of matches judged, or so I was told, and I had done my judging. For the record, I judged your match against Shock, which makes it amusing seeing the banter between you two over the past few years since I actually know who won. I might even have the critiques somewhere still as well.

Tournaments CAN work, but it's very unlikely for it to happen because you have to have so many people pulling their weight and not backing out. I guess it all depends about whether or not you have faith in people to follow through on their word.

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