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Re: Shock Presents TNA Wrestling: The Revolution

A little thank you for the thread name change

619s Feedback For Shocks Thursday Night iMPACT!

This opening promo seemed a tad unsetting for me. Just a hair. I like that Wolfe is still kicking ass and taking names, and now he’s set to meet with the only guy who can kick his ass and take his name, but it was a tad off. With that said, I still can’t judge character too much, although Joe’s awful pun may have had something to do with the off-ness. Either way, it gets a main focus of the show across. Also, I’m not sure if Joe meant to say “you’ll be stood in the ring”. I think that was meant to be ‘standing’.

I find myself becoming suckers to good cruiserweight action. This was a pretty sweet match, I’m guessing this would’ve gone on for a good ten minutes before the finish. A great win for Red here, perhaps signifying a push, although a hurricanrana pin out of the blue would be a stretch, but Red had a great showing as it was, so it didn’t have a deus ex machina feel to it. Solid job.

Dinero promo’s got me thinkin’ he’ll get the winnin’ fall. I just used like four apostrophes in a row, dude. On with the show…

Williams/Buck seemed exactly like what it was and that’s filler/PPV plugging. Not much to say about that, and the subsequent promo did pretty much the same thing. At least now I know AMW plan on completely dominating Styles and his partner come Sunday.

Intense promo here by Daniels. It wasn’t that long, it I could feel the frustration and pent up fury by the Angel here. I’m kind of hoping that he’ll lose the title come Sunday and go completely bloodthirsty to regain it. Or I just have a hard-on for psycho champs/contenders. Moving on to the following squash match, again, not much to say, but LAX has a tag finisher, no? I thought maybe it’d make sense to let them finish it with that to establish a little more team connection, but what happened here isn’t complaint worthy either.

I enjoyed the Anderson/Morgan promo here. They reminded me of a Vegeta/Nappa connection from Dragon Ball Z (if you have any clue what that is ). Not surprised to see them on the same page, seeing as how it only makes sense. Actually kinda curious to see this tandem continue, actually.

I’m not too high on Harris, so Styles rolling him up for the win isn’t so bad, but I’m slightly offed by Styles just getting pounded with no help from whoever he’ll be tagging with come Sunday. Still, the point was for the AMW to put their money where their mouths are and they did just that.

American Oriental Exchange? Avenged Octo-Fold? Anti-oxidants? This intrigues me.

Main event put me in question. Is Dinero really injured? Or will that just be something Morgan will play with…? The gang-up on Hardy was almost expected at that point, but frankly, I’m scared that Hardy hasn’t looked strong in this feud at all. Or maybe I skipped a show? Either way, what I have seen is Hardy not looking so hot other than actually winning the contnendership.

. The show did it’s obvious job of setting the final things in place for Hard Justice, but there was just no “umph’, y’knowwhattimean? Just not a whole lot to get me excited for the PPV outside of the cruiserweight program, really. I felt as if the show were drained, but that may be perhaps because the writer was drained…? My apologies if I got the wrong signals, but I’m getting the feelings that maybe you’re a tad burnt out…? Or at least on the path to getting that way. Judging from this show and the last, I get that feeling anyway. I hope you don’t burn yourself out, but hope all is well on the PPV. Again, apologies if I got the wrong signals there, just checking on me section Mods (wait, isn’t it the other way around…?)


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