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Re: Renegade Presents: WWE 2003 - Now Go Home And Get Your Fucking Shinebox

Great way to kick off the PPV having the Cruiserweight title match up. Can’t really see any of these guys beating Hardy though, but we’ll soon see. Really liked the opening with the three challengers ganging up on Hardy. Loved the spot where Tajiri and Chavo suplex Hardy, whilst Kidman power bombs them. Very innovative. Overall, a good start to the show, not surprised Hardy won and liked the fact that Moore and Holly helped him out, just adds to his heat furthermore.

I’ve never been a big fan of people writing Cena’s raps in their BTB’s but I thought you did a good job here. So well done for that! Onto the match itself now, and again I liked the way you opened the match with Mysterio not taking any of Cena’s taunting. Enjoyed Cena countering Mysterio’s moonsault into a shoulder breaker. Alos, loved Cena countering the West coast pop into a power bomb. Glad to see Cena get the win and I enjoyed this match up. Think you’ve done Cena the world of good here, whilst not really harming Rey at all so good job.

Rhyno v Awesome was as expected really. I thought you did a good job here in making this exactly what it needed to be and that was full on extreme. Some really brutal spots here, the glass pitcher was a nice one as well as the Awesome bomb through the table. This match definitely served its purpose and it was a nice addition to the card.

APA v Team Angle. Only one winner here in pretty much everybody’s eyes. Not got too much to say on this really except that the right team won and that some more teams are necessary to provide a real threat to Benjamin/Haas. APA are on the way down unfortunately so hopefully you bring a team through the ranks.

Benoit/Guerrero should be a show stealer here. Liked the middle part of the match a lot, from the three amigos to a missed forg splash, then Benoit gains momentum and gets the crossface in. Was very well written here. Good comedy spot also with Eddie in typical Eddie fashion, nice touch. Benoit getting the win wasn’t a major surprise and definitely MOTN so far, very impressive.

Decent video package there to intrigue the crowd. Guessing Sting, though I could be wrong!

Austin/Angle really surprised me as I expected this to not go beyond the 15 minute mark so to see this go longer than Eddie/Benoit shocked me. Was definitely a great match though and the right man won, Angle needed this more than Austin. When Angle had the ankle lock in, I honestly thought, surely Austin won’t tap? So it was a good move in having Angle turn it into a pinning position. Very good match and this may just shade Benoit/Eddie from earlier.

Main event time and the beginning of your matches have all been fantastic. Likewise here with the crowd being somewhat split on who to cheer for. Liked the countering of the tombstone from Lesnar into a suplex and you’re really keeping this match hot with the crowd still not knowing who to cheer for. Lesnar kicking out of the last ride really solidifies him as a complete beast, I know Taker hesitated for a few moments but still, big move there. Evening it out though with Taker kicking out of the F5, very nicely done there, again small hesitation from Lesnar, allowing Taker a bit of time. Lensar then finally finishes the job and retains. Great main event and possibly my favourite match of the night.

Overall, a really good job here Renegade. From top to bottom all matches served a purpose and entertained in one way or another, be it extreme rules or a technical battle. The main event to close things was brilliant also. Looking forward to the fall out from this.
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