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Re: Shock Presents TNA Wrestling: The Revolution


TNAwrestling.com has learned that this Sunday at Hard Justice, two of the best tag teams in TNA will collide as The British Invasion and Generation Me square off. That's not all, because with TNA's new Knockouts-exclusive webshow premiering next Sunday night, Daffney will defend the TNA Knockouts Championship against Angelina Love and Tara at the pay per view!

Hard Justice looks to be one hell of a show, so order it now before it's too late!
OK, so last show before Hard Justice, which I have only written one match for so far, so by my estimations that PPV will probably take a while to complete. I've done all of the promos/backstage segments and the opening match for this Impact, so the rest of the matches are very brief recaps because quite frankly I couldn't be bothered to write the rest of them in full.


TNA IMPACT - August 5 - Manhattan, NY

- After the opening video and a shot of the packed-out Hammerstein Ballroom with the crowd chanting "TNA!", we are greeted by the voice of "The Professor" Mike Tenay. He and "The Hardcore Legend" Mick Foley hype up tonight's main event with D'Angelo Dinero and Jeff Hardy facing the TNA World Television Champion "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Anderson, as well as the meeting between AJ Styles and Chris Harris and also the TNA X Division Champion "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels and The Amazing Red.

- "Menacing" plays, and Desmond Wolfe walks out. Wearing a suit and sunglasses, Wolfe gives the fans his two-fingered gesture before sauntering down the aisle to the ring and taking a microphone.

Wolfe - With this being a former home of Extreme Championship Wrestling... I feel that it's necessary that I introduce myself, because obviously none of you people know anything about real professional wrestling.

Heavy heat for Wolfe.

Wolfe - My name is Wolfe... Desmond Wolfe. And to make sure that you all remember me, I'm going to reiterate that I'm the reason none of you ungrateful tossers are ever gonna see Rob Van Dam in a proper wrestling ring again!

More heat for Desmond, who removes his sunglasses.

Wolfe - Ever since I beat Rob and chucked him out of this company last month at Victory Road, people have been hoping and praying that he'll make a triumphant return. Just four days after, he showed up and tried to attack myself and Ric Flair.

The crowd cheer, as an RVD chant begins.

Wolfe - Shut your bloody mouths!

The boos return for Wolfe.

Wolfe - The only man that has the right to mention RVD's name in this building is me, do you understand that?!

The RVD chant starts again, and Desmond decides to ignore it.

Wolfe - I see what you're doing. You're trying to make me angry. Well it ain't gonna work! I'm just gonna ignore all of you and continue. As I was saying, four days later he showed up again and then last week, his music played and it cost me my match against AJ Styles.

Cheers again.

Wolfe - But, but... don't get your hopes up because of that. Y'see, it wasn't Rob Van Dam who was responsible for that... it was Samoa Joe.

Huge pop when Samoa Joe is mentioned, and a Joe chant starts.

Wolfe - Yeah, Samoa Joe! You all know him, of course, he doesn't know a damn thing about wrestling! You wanna play mindgames with me, sunshine? You wanna try and throw me off my game? Well it ain't gonna work! I'm not gonna lower myself to your level, Joe, I'm not gonna stoop that low. I don't need mind games, because there's nothing that you or anybody else can do to stop what's gonna happen this Sunday at Hard Justice. This Sunday, Joe, I'm gonna pummel you, I'm gonna annihilate you, and I'm gonna do it in front of all of your loyal fans.

Wolfe laughs to himself, before continuing.

Wolfe - You think you're the big bad wolf around here, well I've got news for ya', there's only room for one big bad wolf in this company and that's me, Desmond Wolfe!

- After he says that, "Crush U Up" hits to a big pop from the crowd and Samoa Joe walks out! Wearing a black T-shirt and jeans, Joe walks from the entranceway to the ring and takes a microphone, coming face-to-face with Wolfe.

Joe - First thing's first, Desmond... I had nothing to do with what happened during your match with AJ last week.

Wolfe looks at Joe in confusion.

Joe - I didn't come out last week to own up to anything... I came out last week to beat you down.

Cheers from the crowd.

Joe - And I may not have done that, but I did the second best thing and that was take out your 'leader' Ric Flair.

More cheers.

Joe - But y'see, you're not my main concern right now. Neither is Ric Flair. It's Mr. Anderson that I want, but I wanna go through everybody else in Fortune first. And unfortunately for you... you're first up.

Joe smirks at Wolfe, who tries to stay relaxed.

Joe - Desmond, you might think you escaped last week, but believe me when I say you haven't escaped at all. This Sunday at Hard Justice, you won't be able to escape, because you'll be stood in the ring looking at a guy who's gonna whoop your ass. That's unless... you don't have the balls to even show up on Sunday.

Desmond frantically shakes his head, before replying.

Wolfe - Me? Scared of you? Give me a bloody break! I'm not scared of you! Rest assured, I'm gonna be there this Sunday and I'm gonna make you eat your words. And looking at you right now, Joe... I think you'll enjoy that.

Wolfe laughs, but Joe doesn't look impressed.

Joe - Oh, I see now. You wanna make jokes. Well that's fine, Desmond, make all the jokes you want. But the fact is, it's because you're scared. You're afraid. When I look at your eyes... I see fear.

Wolfe - Stop flattering yourself.

Joe - All I'm doing is telling the truth. And besides... you're the one that's gonna be flattened on Sunday... by me. And after it's all said and done, after you're taken down along with Morgan and Storm... Anderson's gonna be next.

- "Crush U Up" hits and Joe drops the microphone, stepping out of the ring and walking up the ramp. Wolfe watches him leave and Joe lets him know that he's saving the best for Sunday before walking behind the curtain.

*Commercial Break*

- Back on IMPACT, The Amazing Red and the TNA X Division Champion "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels respectively make their entrances for their match.

Christopher Daniels vs. The Amazing Red
The bell rings and Amazing Red and Christopher Daniels approach the middle of the ring. A confident Daniels points to Red and tells him that he is nothing compared to him, but Red responds with a right hand! Daniels staggers backwards into the ropes but Red doesn't stop there, hitting him with more blows before going for an Irish whip. Daniels counters it into an Irish whip of his own and Red goes across the ring into the ropes. He comes back and slides through Daniels' legs, then getting back up. Daniels turns around and Red hits him with a kneeling jawbreaker, before running off the ropes and taking Daniels down with a Clothesline. Red runs off the ropes again and Christopher rolls over onto his stomach, as Red jumps over him and runs off the ropes again. Daniels gets back up and Red comes towards him, Daniels going for a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker but Red counters it into a spectacular Tilt-a-Whirl Arm Drag which sends Daniels through the ropes and out of the ring!

Daniels goes crashing down to the concrete floor and the crowd applaud, chanting 'Let's go, Red!' The high-flying Red looks around the Hammerstein Ballroom before running off the ropes behind him, charging across the ring and looking to go for a high-risk maneuver to the outside of the ring. However, Red stops himself when Daniels frantically crawls out of harm's way, the disappointed crowd booing. 'The Fallen Angel' gets back up and angrily tells the fans to shut up, which only gets more heat, before climbing onto the ring apron and cautiously stepping back into the ring. Daniels and Red prepare to lock up, but he catches Red off guard with a kick to the mid-section before applying a standing headlock. Daniels keeps Red in the headlock for about a dozen seconds until Red pushes him forward into the corner. Daniels looks to immediately regain control, running towards Red but Red jumps up and hits Daniels with a Frankensteiner, holding onto his legs as the cover is made! One! Two! Daniels kicks out.

Red gets back up, followed moments later by Daniels and Red hits him with some right hands before running off the ropes, but when he comes back the X Division Champion lifts Red up and drives him face-first into the canvas with a Flapjack! Daniels quickly turns Red over onto his back and makes the cover: One! Two! Red kicks out. Christopher wastes no time, getting back to a vertical base and hitting Red with a few stomps before getting him up. Daniels hits Red with some knife-edge chops to the chest before running off the ropes but Red takes him down with an Arm Drag. Daniels gets back up and this time Red executes a Dropkick, which floors 'The Fallen Angel' once again. Daniels takes a little longer to get up this time but when he does, Red runs towards him but gets taken down with a Drop Toe Hold. Daniels gets back up and jumps onto the ropes, hitting an Arabian Press onto the back of Red. Daniels then turns Red over onto his back and hooks his legs, making the cover: One! Two! Red gets the shoulder up, much to the chagrin of Daniels.

Daniels gets up and gets Red to his feet as well, Irish whipping him into the corner of the ring. 'The Fallen Angel' runs across the ring and hits Red with a running high knee to the face, before taking a few steps back, running forward and hitting another running high knee to the face. Daniels backs right into the opposite corner before running forward and hitting Red with a third and final running high knee to the face! Daniels then brings Red into the middle of the ring, lifts him onto the back of his shoulders, and nails him with a Death Valley Driver! The X Division Champion then makes the cover: One! Two! No! Red gets the shoulder up on two and a half! Daniels looks at the referee in shock, thinking that he had the match won there, before slowly getting back to his feet. Daniels turns to the crowd and says he's gonna finish Red off right now, before getting him to his feet. He Irish whips Red into the ropes, but when Red comes back he puts himself in the Wheelbarrow position and then goes up into the air, twisting around and hitting Daniels with a Wheelbarrow Arm Drag!

Red slowly gets back up and runs off the ropes, hitting Daniels with a Standing Shooting Star Press! Red crawls across the mat towards the corner of the ring and gets up, climbing to the top rope. Red makes his signature hand-gesture for the crowd before going for the Infrared from the top rope... but Daniels rolls out of the way! Red goes crashing into the canvas, and a few moments later when Daniels gets back to his feet he gets Red up, gets him in a Dragon Sleeper position, and then nails Red with the Last Rites! Seconds later, Daniels slowly turns Red over onto his back and hooks his legs, making the cover: One! Two! Three- No! Red gets the shoulder up a split-second before the count of three! The crowd cheer, but Daniels does not feel the same, sitting on the floor with his head in his hands. 'The Fallen Angel' slowly gets back to his feet and looks down at Red whilst shaking his head, before getting him up. Daniels places Red's head in between his legs and hooks his arms.

Daniels lifts Red up to go for the Angel's Wings, but Red reverses it into a Hurricanrana and holds onto Daniels' legs as the cover is made! One! Two! Three! The Amazing Red has just pinned the X Division Champion!
The Amazing Red def. Christopher Daniels

- The camera cuts to the backstage area where Jeremy Borash is stood with D'Angelo Dinero, ready to begin an interview.

Borash - I'm here with 'The Pope' D'Angelo Dinero, who later tonight will be teaming with 'The Charismatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy to face the TNA Television Champion, 'The Blueprint' Matt Morgan, and the TNA World Champion, Mr. Anderson, in our main event. How are you feeling going into this match?

Dinero - You're absolutely right, Jerry, tonight in New York City it's Pope and Jeff Hardy, teaming for the first time ever! And it's against the TNA World Champion Mr. Anderson and the TNA Television Champion Matt Morgan. Pope's not worrying about Anderson, Jeff can take care of that business tonight, because all that Pope's thinking about right now is Morgan, daddy. Pope doesn't care whatever that title is called right now, because Pope just got confirmation from Eric Bischoff that he's got a rematch with you this Sunday at Hard Justice.

Dinero removes his sunglasses and grins, before continuing.

Dinero - Don't worry, daddy, it ain't for the title 'cause that title can only be defended here on iMPACT!. But after Pope cuts you down on Sunday and beats you, boy, you ain't gonna have no choice but to give Pope what he deserves, and that's a title shot. And when Pope gets his shot... he's gonna take it. Pope has spoken.

D'Angelo puts his sunglasses back on and walks away.

*Commercial Break*

Back on IMPACT, Doug Williams and Max Buck are both in the ring.

Doug Williams vs. Max Buck
Doug Williams and Max Buck will be on opposite sides again this Sunday at Hard Justice when The British Invasion face Generation Me, but tonight on IMPACT they're facing off in one-on-one competition with their tag team partners not present at ringside. In a solid seven-minute match, Max narrowly loses to Williams after submitting to a Guillotine Choke.
Doug Williams def. Max Buck

- The camera cuts backstage where Chris Harris and James Storm are standing around, ready to talk.

Storm - AJ Styles! This Sunday, it's me and you, boy! You wanna back up Bobby Roode, you wanna cover for him? Well you're making a big mistake! Lemme' ask you a question. Did you see what happened to Bobby at Victory Road? Huh? Well if ya' didn't, then after Sunday you will, 'cause the same is gonna happen to you!

Harris - But hey, AJ. If you wanna drop out of the match against James, then do it. Hell, you can drop out of the match against me tonight if you want. Don't worry if you wanna do that, AJ, nobody will think any less of you! I mean, look at us. We're America's Most Wanted! We are without a doubt the greatest tag team of all time! We're the guys that put asses in seats, drew money for this company, and we're the reason that TNA is still alive today! But if you do face me tonight, AJ, and if you do face James on Sunday... well...

Storm - Sorry about your damn luck.

*Commercial Break*

- Back on the show, "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels is sat in his locker room with his X Division Championship over his shoulder.

Daniels - I requested this time because I want to make one thing clear to everyone. What happened earlier was a fluke! The Amazing Red is not in my league! I said it last week, and I'm saying it again right now! Red rolled me up, he cheated, tonight doesn't prove anything.

Daniels holds up his title.

Daniels - I wanna remind all of you again that I am the X Division Champion. I am the reason this title exists. I have single-handedly made this title worth something, not Red, not Jay Lethal, not Kazarian, not Petey Williams, not Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, not even AJ Styles or Samoa Joe, me! I don't care how good everybody else is at wrestling, I don't care how popular they are with the fans, because the fact remains that the best they can do is second best to 'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels... and that's the gospel.

- With Kazuchika Okada and Kiyoshi already in the ring, The Latin American Exchange make their way out for their match getting a big pop from the crowd!

Kazuchika Okada & Kiyoshi vs. The Latin American Exchange
With a shot at the TNA World Tag Team Championships in store for The Latin American Exchange this Sunday at Hard Justice, Hernandez and Homicide dominate their opponents Kazuchika Okada and Kiyoshi who barely get any offense in. LAX win after Homicide pins Okada following the Gringo Killa.
The Latin American Exchange def. Kazuchika Okada & Kiyoshi

- Camera cuts backstage where the TNA Television Champion “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan and the TNA World Champion Mr. Anderson are ready to talk.

Morgan - Can you believe it, Ken? We're here, in the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York!

Anderson - Yeah, I believe it. I mean, ya' can't mistake this place for anywhere else when you look at the crap all around ya'. And the most crap isn't even in the crowd, no, it's the guys that we're facing tonight.

Morgan - D'Angelo Dinero and Jeff Hardy.

Both men laugh to themselves.

Morgan - D'Angelo, Pope, whatever you wanna call yourself, doesn't matter, I don't care... if you like the sound of stepping into the ring with me on Sunday then that's great, good for you. But I want you to cherish every single moment that you have until that bell rings at Hard Justice and me and you square off again, because I'll be the first to admit it, I underestimated you last month at Victory Road. Did I dominate you in our last match? Yeah. But, not as much as I would have liked to. Y'see, Pope, I'm a perfectionist. Everything I do, I like to do it better than anybody else, which is why this Sunday, I'm gonna tear you apart, limb by limb, better than that anybody ever has inside a wrestling ring!

Anderson - As for you, Jeffrey, all of your hard work, if that's what ya' wanna call it anyway, all of the needless effort you've put in to get these people to accept you, it's all gonna go up in smoke at Hard Justice! Get it, smoke?

Matt grins and pats Anderson on the back.

Anderson - I know, I'm so funny it hurts sometimes, but as I was saying, Jeff, after Sunday you're gonna realize that none of it was worth it because face the facts, no matter how many fans you have, no matter how many posters of you there are on the walls of teenage girls, it will not win you this TNA World Championship!

Anderson points to his title over his shoulder.

Anderson - So far, few have tried... well, just AJ Styles to be precise, but mark my words, Jeff, just like AJ did, you will fail this Sunday, just like ya' always have! And at the other end of the mountain, at the top of the mountain, the man that will be standing there as the TNA World Champion will be MIIIISSTTEERRRR ANNDDEERRRSSOONNN... ANNDDEERRRSSOONNN!

*Commercial Break*

Back on IMPACT, AJ Styles and Chris Harris, who is with James Storm, both make their way to the ring for their match.

AJ Styles vs. Chris Harris
Before the match begins, the referee decides to eject James Storm from the ringside area, much to the delight of the crowd but Storm's chagrin. With Storm out of the picture, overall this is a fair and evenly-matched contest and when Styles lands on his feet after Harris attempts the Catatonic, AJ pins Harris with a Small Package for the victory!
AJ Styles def. Chris Harris

- Styles gets up and has his hand raised, but immediately after that Storm runs the ring and knocks AJ down with a blow to the back! An irate Storm unloads on Styles with stomps, followed by some punches to the face and continuing to do so until Harris is back up. He joins in on the attack with his partner Storm and they get AJ up, Harris lifting him up, swinging him around and nailing Styles with the Catatonic! "Wildcat" talks some trash to AJ before Storm raises his hand in the air, getting a lot of heat from the New York crowd. AMW then leave the ring and exit, ignoring the plethora of abuse they get from the fans.

- A vignette begins with a black screen, remaining like that for several moments with slow-paced music playing in the background. Then, the letters A, O and X appear along with the word 'Sunday' before the video fades to black.

*Commercial Break*

After a Hard Justice commercial, the TNA World Television Champion "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan andthe TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Anderson make their way out, followed by "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero and "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy.

D'Angelo Dinero & Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan & Mr. Anderson
This main event tag team match gets a good amount of time, roughly eleven minutes to be precise, with a fair few tags in and out between both duos. We only really get glimpses of Anderson and Hardy in the ring together, but that changes when Dinero runs off the ropes and Morgan, who is stood outside the ring as opposed to the ring apron, grabs Dinero by the foot and pulls him down. In the process, Dinero seemingly injures his ankle and is taken to the back by medical personnel shortly after, leaving Hardy to face Anderson and Morgan on his own. Jeff fights valiantly against the Fortune duo, but in the end Anderson pins his opponent this Sunday at Hard Justice following the Mic Drop.
Matt Morgan & Mr. Anderson def. D'Angelo Dinero & Jeff Hardy



Current Hard Justice Card

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

Desmond Wolfe vs. Samoa Joe

AJ Styles vs. James Storm

TNA World Tag Team Championships
Motor City Machine Guns vs. Latin American Exchange

Four-Way Elimination Match for the TNA X Division Championship
Christopher Daniels vs. Amazing Red vs. Jay Lethal vs. Kazarian

Matt Morgan vs. D'Angelo Dinero

Three-Way Match for the TNA Knockouts Championship
Daffney vs. Angelina Love vs. Tara

The British Invasion vs. Generation Me

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