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Re: Renegade Presents: WWE 2003 - Now Go Home And Get Your Fucking Shinebox

Fuck a preview tbh...

Velocity Results

Kanyon def. Funaki @ 3:45

2Cool & Billy Gunn def. The FBI & A-Train @ 6:12


WWE Judgment Day
Charlotte Coliseum
Charlotte; North Carolina

Theme Music: "Saliva - Raise Up"

The opening video begins as we see shots of people being hung in the old days at the gallows, as we hear the noise of spectators, before the screen fades to black

Narrator: The time has come...

Shots of Lesnar, Taker, Austin, Angle, Benoit, Guerrero, APA, WGTT, Rhyno, Awesome, Rey, Cena, Chavo, Kidman, Tajiri, Matt Hardy

Narrator: To be judged for your actions...

Clips of Mike Awesome hitting Rhyno with the steel chair, Cena using his steel chain on Rey, Taker delivering the Chokeslam to Brock Lesnar through the SmackDown! announce table

Narrator: For the jury to decide your sentence...

Lesnar putting Taker through the same table a week later with the F5, Rhyno hitting the Gore on Awesome, Rey pinning Cena with the West Coast Pop

Narrator: And for the executioner to deliver your punishment...

Benoit applying the Crossface on Eddie, Kidman planting Matt Hardy with the BK Bomb

Narrator: Because tonight there is no going back...

Austin & Angle staring each other down

Narrator: No forgiveness to be found...

Tajiri spraying Hardy with the Green Mist

Narrator: You reap what you sow...

The APA & Team Angle brawling backstage

Narrator: Your fate is sealed...

Chavo hitting the Frogsplash on Shannon Moore, Taker & Lesnar nose to nose

Narrator: Because Judgment Day is upon us!

A large executioner brings his axe down on the screen as the video finishes

Narrator: And now, M&M's Crispy and SmackDown! presents, WWE Judgment Day!


The camera pans around the arena as the crowd goes wild. After a few moments it focuses on Cole & Tazz who welcome us to the show. After Cole & Tazz give the event some hype they hand things over to Hugo Savinovich & Carlos Cabrera who speak Spanish for a few moments as nobody understands a word they're saying when

*LWo Remix*

Hits and the crowd pops as Chavo Guerrero makes his way to the ring. Chavito slaps hands with some fans at ringside before leaping from the floor through the middle rope into the ring


Tajiri comes out next to heat from the fans. The Buzzsaw heads to the ring with his own unique crouching walk


It's a solid cheer as Billy Kidman heads to the ring. Kidman gets into the ring and plays to the crowd getting another decent reaction


The crowd has reserved most of their heat for Matt Hardy who comes out holding the CW title up high. Hardy's fact this week is he "Enjoys Hot Chocolate". Matt seems to be alone, with Shannon Moore & Crash Holly not in tow

Match 1
Cruiserweight Championship; Fatal 4 Way Match
Chavo Guerrero vs Billy Kidman vs Tajiri vs Matt Hardy ©

All four men start off in a separate corner of the ring as the bell is rung. Suddenly, all three of the challengers jump Matt Hardy to a big pop and begin beating on him. After stomping away at Matt Hardy for a bit, Chavo & Kidman bring him to his feet and send him to the ropes, then knock him down with a Double reverse elbow. Tajiri then hits a fist drop to Hardy. The Cruiserweight champ gets back to his feet dazed and Chavo throws him out of the ring. Kidman and Tajiri start battling it out as Matt Hardy gets back to his feet on the outside, Chavo rebounds off the ropes and LEAPS OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A SOMERSAULT PLANCHA TAKING MATT HARDY DOWN! The crowd pops for that. Inside the ring, Tajiri gets the better of Kidman in their fist fight and takes Billy down with a double handed cross chop, then sees Chavo & Hardy getting back to their feet and springs off the ropes and SOARS OVER WITH A CORKSCREW ATTACK, TAKINNG OUT BOTH CHAVO & MATT HARDY! The crowd pops again as Tajiri sacrifices himself in a nice spot. As Chavo, Tajiri and Hardy regain their footing, Billy Kidman climbs to the top rope, balances himself and FLIPS OFF WITH A MOONSAULT, TAKING EVERYBODY DOWN! Another cheer and a small "Kidman" chant breaks out after that as all four men are down now. Billy Kidman is the first to his feet and brings Hardy up, and rolls him into the ring. Kidman shoots Matt to the ropes and meets him on the return with a dropkick to the jaw! Kidman covers 1...kickout. Matt Hardy backs away from Kidman, but gets himself cornered as Kidman puts the boots to him. Chavo and Tajiri are fighting on the outside, and Tajiri attempts to Suplex Chavo, but it's blocked, and Chavo Guerrero manages to SUPLEX TAJIRI ONTO THE FLOOR! Chavo then slides into the ring and sneaks up on Kidman, hitting an axe handle over his back, then shooting him to the ropes and taking him down with a Hip Toss. Chavo looks for a quick cover 1...Kidman kicks out.

Chavo and Kidman are quick to their feet and Chavito swings a right hand, but Kidman ducks under it, then goes to load Chavo up with a Back Suplex, but Chavo flips out of it. Kidman turns to Chavo and goes for a right hand, but Chavo ducks under it, rebounds off the ropes and comes back with a Spinning Wheel Kick, catching Billy Kidman on the jaw. Chavo covers 1...2.kickout.
Chavo gets to his feet but is taken down by a clothesline from Matt Hardy! Hardy then hits Chavo with a right hand as Guerrero regains his footing, then grabs him and goes for an early TWIST OF FATE...but Chavo shoves Hardy into the ropes and meets him on the return with a Hurricanrana, and then hooks back a leg of Hardy with a pin 1...2.kickout.
Chavo gets up but is grabbed from behind by Kidman in a waist lock, however Chavo quickly runs to the ropes and grabs onto them, with the momentum causing Kidman to lose his grip and fall backwards, but he's able to roll through it and get back up, only for Chavo to take him down with a clothesline! Tajiri gets back into the match, sneaking up on Chavo and hitting a Shin Kick to the chest. Tajiri then hits another kick this time to the side of Guerrero as he drops to his feet, then Tajiri sizes Chavo up and goes for the BUZZSAW KICK...but Chavo ducks it and then scores with a European uppercut to Tajiri. The Japanese Buzzsaw staggers away and Chavo grabs him and again hits a European uppercut, then hooks Tajiri up for a Suplex, but Tajiri counters it into a Sunset Pin 1...2..Chavo counters that, pushing forward and sitting on Tajiri in a pin 1...2..Tajiri counters it back 1...2..Chavo kicks out. The two men get to their feet and Chavo hits Tajiri with a right hand, then another, then another. Guerrero whips Tajiri to the corner. Chavo then runs towards Tajiri and leaps up, grabs him and flings him across the ring with a Monkey Flip! Guerrero gets back to his feet and is met with a boot to the gut from Matt Hardy. Hardy then plants Chavo with a Scoop Slam. Matt now climbs to the middle rope and throws up the V1 sign to heat and then leaps off and hits the Leg Drop to Chavo. Matt hooks the leg 1...2..kickout.

Hardy gets up and is met with a right hand from Billy Kidman. Kidman then shoots Matt to the ropes, but lowers his head too early and Matt puts the breaks on, raises a kick to the chest of Kidman and then takes him down with the Side Effect! Lateral press from the champ on Kidman 1...2...shoulder up! Matt looks up at Jimmy Korderas, thinking he had the win there, and gets to his feet, only to be met with a chop from Tajiri. The Japanese Buzzsaw continues to unleash chop after chop as he backs Hardy to the corner. Tajiri speeds the chops up now, going crazy on the chest of the Sensei of Mattitude, and then finishes the combo off with a Jump Kick to the head. Tajiri now locks Matt up in a front face lock and lifts him onto the top rope. Tajiri climbs up after him and tries to go for a Superplex, but Matt Hardy is holding onto the ropes! Tajiri tries again, but again Hardy blocks it by holding the ropes. Chavo Guerrero is back on his feet and sees the two in the corner and climbs up aswell, and both he and Tajiri get in position to Double Superplex the Cruiserweight champ, when Billy Kidman gets back up and gets underneath Chavo & Tajiri AND POWERBOMBS BOTH MEN DOWN, WHO TAKE MATT HARDY WITH THEM IN A DOUBLE SUPERPLEX! The crowd goes wild for the spot as Kidman drills everyone to the mat and covers Matt Hardy 1...2...NO! Hardy kicks out, just. Kidman quickly covers Tajiri next 1...2...NO! Tajiri gets a shoulder up. Kidman scrambles over to Chavo now and hooks back both legs 1...2...NO! Chavo kicks out too. Kidman puts his hands on his hips, taking a breather. Billy then grabs Matt Hardy and plants him with a Sidewalk Slam. Kidman now exits onto the ring apron and comes back into the ring, dropping a Slingshot Leg Drop to Matt Hardy! Cover 1...2...Hardy rolls a shoulder off the mat.

Billy Kidman gets to his feet and Tajiri is back up and on the assault, hitting a kick to the thigh of Kidman. Tajiri then scores with a double handed chop to the chest, then goes to whip Kidman to the ropes, but it's reversed by BK, who sends Tajiri to them, but Tajiri comes back with the Handspring Back Elbow to Kidman! Tajiri covers 1...2..kickout. Tajiri looks to measure Kidman up for the Buzzsaw Kick when suddenly CHAVO ROLLS HIM UP FROM NOWHERE 1...2...NO! Tajiri just kicks out. Both Chavo and Tajiri are quick to their feet and Chavo hits a right hand, then shoots Tajiri to the ropes. Tajiri comes back and Chavo takes him down with a Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors Takedown! Chavo tries to cover, but Matt Hardy grabs him from behind AND DROPS HIM WITH THE SLEEPER DROP! Hardy hooks the legs 1...2...NO! Chavo gets a shoulder off the mat. Hardy sees Kidman getting to his feet and then motions to Tajiri that they double team him. Tajiri agrees and the two start beating on Billy Kidman in the corner. Hardy and Tajiri whip Kidman to the ropes and Tajiri meets him with a shin kick to the gut. Matt Hardy then rebounds off the ropes and takes Kidman down with a Swinging Neckbreaker! Matt Hardy gets to his feet and TAJIRI SPRAYS THE GREEN MIST IN HARDY'S FACE! Hardy is blinded and stumbles around right into a BUZZSAW KICK! Tajiri covers 1...2...CHAVO BREAKS IT UP! The crowd pops as Chavo keeps the match alive and denies Tajiri the win. Chavo brings Tajiri up, but Tajiri quickly counters with a go behind and goes for a Tiger Suplex...but Chavo flips through it and lands on his feet, then takes Tajiri down with a Small Package 1...2...NO! Tajiri manages to escape. Both men quick to their feet and Tajiri charges at Chavo, who ducks and low bridges the top rope, causing Tajiri to tumble out to the floor! Chavo now sees Kidman struggling back to his feet and tries to go for the GORY BOMB...but Kidman blocks it and elevates Chavo over with a Back Body Drop. Chavo gets back up and runs at Kidman RIGHT INTO A BK BOMB! Kidman covers 1...2...TAJIRI PULLS KIDMAN OUT OF THE RING! Tajiri goes for a Buzzsaw Kick, but Kidman ducks under it and shoves Tajiri shoulder first into the ring post!

Billy Kidman now sees Chavo still down in the ring and climbs onto the apron, then up to the top rope. The crowd get to their feet as they know what's coming, as Kidman balances himself and LEAPS OFF WITH THE SHOOTING STAR PRESS...AND HITS IT! Kidman hits his trademark splash and covers 1...2...THE COUNT STOPS BECAUSE SHANNON MOORE & CRASH HOLLY ARE DISTRACTING THE REFEREE! The Mattitude followers have rushed down to keep their leader's title defense alive, and are distracting Jimmy Korderas. Billy Kidman gets to his feet and hits a Split Legged Dropkick, catching Moore and Crash on the jaw, sending them off the apron to a pop. Kidman then turns back around AND IS HIT WITH A TWIST OF FATE BY MATT HARDY! Hardy covers 1.....2.....3!

Winner @ 12:43 - Matt Hardy
Retains Cruiserweight Championship

The crowd boo's as Hardy once again retains his title thanks to some help, and he rolls out of the ring ecstatic that he's able to keep his belt. Hardy still has green mist all over his face as Moore & Crash help their leader to his feet and he is handed the title. Mattitude retreat up the ramp as Cole says that one day, Matt Hardy won't have Moore & Crash to help him

Backstage now and Funaki interviews Rey Mysterio. Rey says that on Thursday, Cena crossed the line. Rey says he proved himself right, that he knew Cena couldn't beat him fairly, and then John Cena used the chain out of frustration because Rey was right. Rey says Cena disrespects him week in week out, and tonight that stops, because Mysterio is going to show the world that Cena is a phony, inside the ring aswell as outside


Out comes Rey Mysterio to a good pop from the fans, as he jumps out from behind his small pyro set. Mysterio runs to the edge of the stage and pumps up the fans before heading to the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside on his way down the ramp


The crowd lets out some strong heat as John Cena steps out on stage sporting an Atlanta Falcons jersey (cheap heat owned) to some major heat. Cena has a mic in hand as we get ready for his usual pre match routine

Cena: Yo, I'm back on pay per view, throw up the double clutch if you're down to represent
The Great White hope's about to put a beatin' on this illegal immigrant!
And Rey you still talkin' smack, it's makin' me yawn
Go back to being useful and mow my damn lawn!

You should've stuck to selling fruit on a freeway off ramp
Yo, I see you gettin' cut up kid, it ain't my fault your girls a tramp!
You're embarrassing yourself, you look younger than Macauly Culkin
It's almost as bad as watching the Panthers trying to beat the Atlanta Falcons!

Tonight, I'm too much to handle like a scorchin' hot burrito
In this match I'm Michael Jackson and you endin' up as Tito!
You messed with me and now it's time to pay the toll
Have you runnin' from me like you run from the Border Patrol!

I'm winnin' this match and dismissing your theory about luck
You may not like that Rey, but I don't give a {crowd} FUCK!


Match 2
Grudge Match
Rey Mysterio vs John Cena

Cena taunts Rey with the "You Can't See Me" gesture and Rey proves him wrong as he hits him with a right hand and we're underway. Rey fires a few more rights to Cena, then tries to send him to the ropes, but Cena reverses it. Rey rebounds off the ropes and hits a Front dropkick on Cena, taking him down. Rey then takes Cena down with a Drop Toe Hold as Cena gets back up and charges at him. Rey floats over and applies a headlock on Cena, who battles back to his feet and shoves Rey to the ropes, and meets him with a shoulder block, taking Rey down. Cena then hops over Rey and hits the ropes, rebounding at Rey who Leap Frogs over Cena, then turns around and catches John Cena coming back off the opposite side with a Spinning Wheel Kick! Rey covers Cena 1...2.kickout. Cena rolls out of the ring, annoyed that Rey's speed is causing him problems. Rey waits for John Cena to turn around and then VAULTS OVER THE TOP ROPE AND HITS A BODY PRESS ONTO CENA! The crowd pops and a "619" chant begins as Rey gets Cena up and slides him back into the ring. Rey makes another cover on Cena 1...kickout. Rey now rebounds off the ropes and leaps at Cena with a scissors, going for the Wheelbarrow Bulldog...BUT CENA SHOWS HIS POWER AND COUNTERS IT WITH A WHEELBARROW SUPLEX! Cena takes Mysterio down and is all over him, applying a choke hold on Rey for a count of 4 before he breaks it, not wanting to get DQ'd and have Rey's words proven right. Cena pulls Rey up and whips him hard into the corner, then follows in, but Rey gets his feet up in Cena's face! John Cena staggers away holding his jaw as Rey gets up onto the top turnbuckle, then leaps off and scores with a Missile Dropkick to Cena! Cover 1...2..kickout.

Rey grabs onto Cena and looks to bring him up to a vertical base, but Cena pulls him SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE RING POST! The crowd groans as Rey's shoulder smacks off the ring post and he drops to the mat holding it. Cena attempts to capitalize and hooks both legs of Rey back 1...2..kickout. Now in control John Cena gets to his feet and throws up the Double Clutch to some heat from the fans. Cena cops a "Cena Sucks" chant as he picks Mysterio up and shoots him to the ropes, but REY LEAPS ONTO THE MIDDLE ROPE AND SPRINGBOARDS BACK WITH A MOONSAULT...ONLY FOR CENA TO CATCH HIM AND PLANT HIM WITH A SHOULDER BREAKER! Cena then covers Rey fairly laxly 1...2..shoulder up.
The Doctor of Thuganomics applies a Cross Arm Breaker on Rey now (LOL @ this being Alberto Del Rio's "finisher", fucking weak faggot ) as he works on the injured shoulder of Mysterio. Rey is asked by referee Brian Hebner if he wants to give it up, but Mysterio refuses to, as the crowd wills him on, Rey begins to pound on Cena with right hands, as the Franchise's grip on the Arm Breaker starts to loosen. Rey continues to hit Cena with right hands until Cena has no choice but to break the hold and roll away. Mysterio tries to get back to his feet but John Cena quickly gets up, grabs Rey by the arm and delivers an Arm DDT, driving Rey's left arm to the mat, again targeting that shoulder area. John Cena covers Rey again 1...2..kickout. Cena looks at Hebner as if demanding a faster count, then grabs Rey's left arm and applies a hammerlock, pressing Rey chest first into the mat with Cena lying to the side with Rey's arm in place over his back. Mysterio is close to the ropes however and manages to grab onto them, as Brian Hebner gets involved and breaks Cena from the hold. Cena brings Rey to his feet and whips him to the ropes, but Rey comes back with a Headscissors and transitions into a Tornado DDT! The crowd pops as both men are down.

Rey and Cena get to their feet at the same time and Rey hits a kick to the thigh of Cena, then a right hand, then another kick, then another right as he fights back into the match. Rey foolishly tries to send Cena to the ropes, but Cena counters, however Rey ducks under a clothesline and takes Cena down with a Schoolboy rollup 1...2...kickout. Both men are quick to their feet again but Cena halts Rey's momentum with a boot to the gut, and then plants Rey with the Protoplex! Cover 1...2...Rey kicks out! Cena starts to get a little frustrated as he let's out a grunt, then grabs Rey and brings him up, loading him onto his shoulders for the FU...BUT REY GRABS ONTO THE ROPES! Rey blocks the hold holding onto the ropes, but Cena attempts to FU REY TO THE OUTSIDE...BUT MYSTERIO LANDS FEET FIRST ON THE APRON! Rey then scores with a right hand to Cena, before SPRINGBOARDING ONTO THE TOP ROPE AND LEAPING OFF, TAKING CENA DOWN WITH A HURRICANRANA! Rey grabs onto his shoulder after landing on it, and gets back to his feet still clutching at it. Mysterio waits as John Cena gets back up a little dazed, then charges at Rey who dropkicks out the knee of Cena who falls onto the middle rope! Rey dials it up and then HITS THE 619 TO CENA! The crowd erupts as Rey waits on the apron as Cena gets back up, stumbling around from the 619 and Rey springs up again GOING FOR THE WEST COAST POP...BUT CENA COUNTERS WITH A SIT OUT POWERBOMB! There's quite a mark out for that as both men are down, and then Cena begins to stir and drapes an arm over Rey 1...2...NO! Rey kicks out again! The crowd comes alive as Rey refuses to lose to Cena and the Doctor is getting agitated. Cena catches his breath and glares at Rey, who's clutching at his shoulder still. Cena gets to his feet and stalks Rey, who's slowly getting back up himself. Cena grabs Rey and goes for a Back Suplex, but Rey flips out of it, lands on his feet and dropkicks Cena in the back, as Cena falls onto the middle rope again! Rey wastes no time and goes for the 619...BUT THIS TIME CENA MOVES, THEN GETS REY ON HIS SHOULDERS AND PLANTS MYSTERIO WITH AN FU! Cena hooks back both legs in desperation of getting the win 1...2...3!

Winner @ 10:14 - John Cena

John Cena manages to beat Rey cleanly, defying what many had thought. Cena has his hand raised by Brian Hebner and shows off to the crowd

Backstage now and Torrie Wilson interviews Chris Benoit. Torrie asks Benoit how he's feeling, having to defend the US Title against one of his most well known opponents and closest friends in Eddie Guerrero tonight? Benoit says he's feeling fine. He knows Eddie, and Eddie knows him. Benoit says they've travelled the world together, and they know everything about each other. Benoit says he knows Eddie usually has a trick or two up his sleeve, but he's seen them all, and tonight, the friendship is on hold, because Benoit doesn't plan on losing the US Title at all


The crowd gives some pretty good heat as Mike Awesome makes his way out. Awesome has a trash can with him, which is filled with various weapons, as he dumps the contents out into the ring, as baking sheets, road signs, a kendo stick all come out, Awesome then chucks the trash can in and the lid too, before reaching under the ring and throwing another trash can into the squared circle


The crowd erupts with a big pop as Rhyno comes out, perhaps taken aback somewhat by how over he is here tonight. The Man Beast pounds on his chest and raises his hands into the air to another cheer before charging to the ring, sliding in and tackling Awesome down, getting the match underway!

Match 3
ECW Rules Match
Rhyno vs Mike Awesome

Rhyno pounds on Awesome with right hands as The Career Killer gets his hands up to try and block the shots, but Rhyno is like a man possessed and just lays the punches into him. Rhyno gets up and pounds on his chest as the crowd starts an "E-C-W" chant before anything meaningful has even happened. Rhyno grabs Awesome and brings him to his feet, then shoots him to the ropes and takes him down with a clothesline. Rhyno covers 1...kickout. Rhyno brings Awesome up, but has his eyes raked by the Awesome one, as Mike Awesome gets some separation from the rampant Man Beast. Mike Awesome then glares at Rhyno and clubs him with a big right hand, then shoots him to the ropes and hits a Lariat, taking Rhyno down. Awesome looks to cover Rhyno, but then his eyes fixate on the selection of weapons and he grins as he picks up a trash can. Awesome waits for Rhyno to get back up and whacks him over the head with the trash can! Rhyno goes down and Awesome covers 1...2..kickout. Awesome places the trash can down and gets Rhyno up, then whips him to the ropes and catches Rhyno on the return with a FLAPJACK ONTO THE TRASH CAN! Mike Awesome knocks the can away and covers Rhyno once more 1...2..kickout.
Awesome now stomps at Rhyno as the Man Beast rolls away into the corner, but can't escape the attentions of the Career Killer as Awesome follows him and begins to put the boots to Rhyno in the corner. Referee Mike Sparks gets in Awesome's face, but gets brushed away for interfering in Mike's attack. Awesome gets Rhyno up and looks to shoot him across the ring, but it's countered by Rhyno, who sends Awesome into the opposite corner, but does it at such velocity that Awesome's taken off his feet as he hits back first! Mike Awesome holds onto his back as Rhyno grabs a road sign, and then waits for Awesome to get to his feet before nailing him on the temple with the road sign. Awesome drops to a knee, and Rhyno then grabs Awesome and shoots him to the ropes and meets him on the rebound, leaping at him with a FLYING SHOT WITH THE ROAD SIGN! Rhyno covers Awesome 1...2..kickout.

Mike Awesome begins crawling away from Rhyno, but is stopped by a stomp to the back, as Rhyno then whacks Awesome across the back with the road sign, before discarding of the weapon, which has become a dented mess. Rhyno grabs the second trash can and lifts it high into the air, before slamming it down over the back of Awesome! Rhyno then walks over to the corner and wedges it in between the top and middle buckles, making sure it's stuck in tight and won't burst out. The Man Beast then turns back to Awesome who's struggling to his feet, and hits him with a right hand. Awesome fights back with one of his own, but Rhyno again strikes with a right hand, and then another in quick succession. Rhyno now shoots Awesome towards the corner, BUT AWESOME COUNTERS AND RHYNO GOES BACK FIRST INTO THE TRASH CAN! Rhyno staggers out into the grip of Awesome who takes him down with an Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex! Awesome hooks the leg 1...2...shoulder up. Awesome grabs a baking sheet now and brings Rhyno up, looking to nail him with it, but Rhyno has the presence of mind to duck under it, then takes Awesome down with a Spinning Spinebuster! Rhyno makes a lateral press 1...2..kickout by Awesome.
Rhyno now slides out of the ring and looks under the ring and pulls out a TABLE! The crowd erupts and another "E-C-W" chant breaks out as Rhyno drags the table out from under the ring. The Man Beast sets the table up on the outside and then rolls back into the ring, but is met by Mike Awesome who leaps onto him and begins hammering away with right hands. The Career Killer then gets up and grabs the kendo stick off the mat, measuring Rhyno who's on all fours now and CRACKS THE STICK IN HALF OVER THE BACK OF RHYNO! Awesome throws one half of the broken kendo stick away, and uses the other half to choke Rhyno, who's still on all fours. Awesome applies the choke for a few seconds, as Mike Sparks gets in his face again, trying to get Awesome to play fair, stupidly, as Mike gives him a death stare, causing the ref to back off.

Awesome stops the choke and then hits Rhyno over the back of the head with the broken stick. The Awesome One then brings Rhyno to his feet and looks ready to go for the AWESOME BOMB...but Rhyno blocks it, and elevates Mike Awesome up over his shoulders to the mat with a Back Body Drop! Rhyno falls to the ropes and leans onto them, catching a breather, as Awesome gets up gingerly and charges at Rhyno, but Rhyno ducks his clothesline attempt, then clotheslines Awesome out to the floor, and the momentum takes the Man Beast over too! Both men are down for a moment, before Rhyno gets up and the fans at ringside cheer as he raises his hands into the air. Rhyno gets Awesome to his feet and WHIPS HIM INTO THE BARRICADE! Awesome's back smacks into the barricade and the Career Killer is propped up against it. Rhyno points to Awesome and then mouths "You're dead" before charging full on towards Awesome looking for the GORE...BUT AWESOME GETS A BOOT UP IN RHYNO'S FACE AND NEARLY TAKES HIS HEAD OFF! Awesome quickly covers Rhyno 1...2...kickout. Mike Awesome looks down at Rhyno, thinking he had him beaten then. Awesome gets to his feet and ponders what to do next, as he then walks over to the announce table and grabs the glass pitcher off the table. Michael Cole yells at Awesome like the whiney bitch he is, but Awesome ignores Cole, walks back over to Rhyno and SMASHES THE GLASS PITCHER IN THE FACE OF RHYNO! The crowd collectively groans for that as Rhyno drops to the floor and ice water goes everywhere on impact. Mike Awesome shakes his hand, with some of the glass perhaps cutting him and he then drops down and covers Rhyno 1...2.....NO! Rhyno gets a shoulder up to a huge pop. Awesome rolls off the Man Beast and shakes his head, wondering how much more punishment he can take. Awesome reaches into the ring and grabs a baking sheet, then walks over to where Rhyno has crawled to and hits Rhyno with the sheet. Awesome then rolls back into the ring and seems to be waiting for Rhyno to get up again, and once Rhyno starts to pull himself back up, Awesome rebounds off the ropes and LEAPS WITH THE OVER THE TOP ROPE SUICIDE DIVE...BUT RHYNO GETS THE BAKING SHEET UP IN AWESOMES FACE, WIPING HIM OUT MID AIR! The crowd erupts for that and a "Holy Shit" chant breaks out as Rhyno finally gets some offense back in the match, and derails the momentum Awesome had. Rhyno takes his time but finally makes a cover 1...2...NO! Awesome shoots a shoulder up just in time.

Rhyno rolls off Awesome holding his head, wincing in pain after having the glass pitcher smashed over him earlier, as he's cut above his right eye. Rhyno gets to his feet and with Awesome down, reaches under the ring, searching for some more toys. Rhyno pulls out another trash can! Rhyno walks back over to Awesome and DENTS THE CAN OVER THE HEAD OF AWESOME! The crowd pops for that and Rhyno makes another cover 1...2...Awesome kicks out. Rhyno notices the table he set up earlier and grins, thinking it's time to end this match. Rhyno grabs Awesome to bring him to his feet, but Awesome is playing possum and breaks free, rocking Rhyno with a right hand. Awesome grabs Rhyno and rolls him into the ring, then follows in. Awesome hits Rhyno with another right hand, but Rhyno fights back with one of his own. Awesome fires another one back, and again Rhyno retaliates. Awesome halts the Man Beast however with a knee strike into the gut, and then plants Rhyno with a DDT ONTO A ROAD SIGN! Cover 1...2...NO! Rhyno kicks out again.
Awesome puts his head in his hands, wanting Rhyno to stay down, but not getting his wish. Awesome has spotted the table now however and he gets Rhyno to his feet and points to the table to some cheers but mainly heat, and Awesome takes too long taunting as Rhyno kicks Awesome in the stomach, and then rocks him with a right hand. Rhyno tries to shoot Awesome to the ropes but it's countered by the Career Killer, and Awesome goes for a clothesline, but Rhyno ducks under it and rebounds off the opposite side AND HITS THE GORE TO AWESOME ON THE REBOUND! The crowd pops as Rhyno hits his finisher but he's in no condition to capitalize. Rhyno does manage to cover Awesome after a few seconds 1...2...AWESOME GETS A FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! The crowd can't believe it and Rhyno is stunned. Rhyno gets up and again sees the table from earlier and decides it's time to finish Awesome off. Rhyno brings Mike Awesome to his feet and drags him to the ropes, then out onto the apron WHEN SUDDENLY AWESOME HITS A LOW BLOW TO RHYNO! The crowd groans as Rhyno grabs onto his privates and grimaces in pain, and Awesome gets Rhyno in between his legs, THEN LOADS HIM UP AND AWESOME BOMBS RHYNO OFF THE APRON DOWN THROUGH THE TABLE! The crowd goes nuts for the spot and a huge "Holy Shit" chant rings around the Coliseum again. Awesome hops off the apron and covers Rhyno 1...2...3!

Winner @ 11:28 - Mike Awesome

Awesome has his hand raised by Mike Sparks, as both men lay down after a brutal fight. Awesome gets up holding his head, breathing heavily, and celebrates his win as EMT's rush down to attend to Rhyno after the big finishing spot

We cut to the back as Josh Matthews is standing by with Team Angle. Matthews asks the tag champs how they're feeling after what happened on Thursday with the APA? Shelton says Thursday was nothing. They lost a poker game. Tonight is what counts, tonight is a wrestling match, and Benji says they know that the APA can't hang with them in the squared circle. Haas follows on saying drinking beer and smoking cigars counts for nothing when it comes down to the tag titles, and the APA are about to find that out, as they get embarrassed by Team Angle


Hits and out comes Bradshaw & Faarooq to a good pop from the fans. The two throw up their right hands, saluting the fans as they head to the ring. Bradshaw and Faarooq both mount a turnbuckle and again salute the crowd to another pop


The crowd boos as Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas, the World's Greatest Tag Team, make their way to the ring. They're met with the usual "You Suck" chants as they get into the ring, ready to go

Match 4
WWE Tag Team Championships Match
The APA vs Team Angle ©

Bradshaw starts things off with Shelton, and the two tie up in the middle of the ring, as Bradshaw uses his power and backs Benji into the corner. The ref calls for a clean break, and Bradshaw obliges. Benjamin tries to sucker punch him, but Bradshaw has it scouted and blocks it, before rocking Shelton with a right hand. Bradshaw hits Benji with another, and then shoots him to the ropes and knocks him down with a hard shoulder block. Bradshaw brings Shelton up and whips him into the corner, following in and sandwiching Shelton between the turnbuckle and a clothesline. Bradshaw lets Benjamin drop to the mat and then covers 1...kickout.
Bradshaw gets Shelton to his feet and shoves him back into the corner, and raises a knee strike into the ribs. Bradshaw repeats the process with a couple more knees, then shoots Shelton to the ropes and takes him down with a Samoan Drop! Cover 1...2.kickout.
Bradshaw brings Shelton up and tags in Faarooq, then exposes Shelton's midsection as Faarooq places a right hand into them. Faarooq then clubs over the back of Benjamin, and takes him down with a Pendulum Backbreaker! Cover 1..2..kickout again.
Faarooq grabs Shelton and brings him to his feet, but Benji rakes the eyes of Faarooq out of desperation and tags in Charlie Haas. Faarooq is temporarily blinded and Haas takes advantage, hitting him with a right hand, and then another, before placing a kick to the midsection of Faarooq. Haas shoots Faarooq to the ropes and hits a Manhattan Drop, as Faarooq's groin meets Haas' knee. Haas then rebounds off the ropes and takes Faarooq down with a Diving Clothesline! Cover 1...2.kickout. Haas mounts Faarooq now and pummels on him with right hands until the ref breaks it up. Haas gets up in Charles Robinson's face, telling him to stay out of this. Faarooq meanwhile gets to his feet, and Haas sees this and runs at Faarooq, RIGHT INTO A SNAP POWERSLAM! The crowd pops as Faarooq covers Haas 1...2.kickout.

Faarooq tags Bradshaw back in and places Haas in a front face lock, as Bradshaw whacks Haas over the back with a hard clubbing shot, taking Haas down. Bradshaw brings Charlie back up and shoots him to the ropes, but Haas comes back looking for a Crossbody...ONLY FOR BRADSHAW TO CATCH HIM AND TAKE HIM DOWN WITH THE FALLAWAY SLAM! Bradshaw hooks the leg of Haas 1...2..kickout. Bradshaw is snorting and huffing like the usual beast he is as he takes Haas to the corner and lights him up with a knife edge chop, echoing throughout the arena. Bradshaw then hits a big right hand to Charlie Haas, and then another chop. Bradshaw drags Haas out of the corner and plants him with a Scoop Slam. Tag in to Faarooq who drops an elbow onto Haas and covers 1...2.kickout. Faarooq brings Haas up to a vertical base and backs him to the ropes, but doesn't see Shelton slap Haas on the back, tagging in and shoots Charlie to the ropes, going for a clothesline as Haas rebounds, but Haas ducks under it and Faarooq TURNS AROUND INTO A SUPERKICK ON THE JAW FROM SHELTON! The smack echoes throughout the arena as Benji covers Faarooq 1...2..kickout. From here, it's Team Angle tagging in and out, working on Faarooq in their corner, keeping him away from tagging out. Shelton distracts the ref as Haas uses the tag rope to choke Faarooq out, and then Shelton puts him down with a Double Underhook Suplex! Cover 1...2..kickout. Shelton tags in Haas and the duo send Faarooq to the ropes and take him down with a Double STO! Haas makes a lateral press on Faarooq 1...2...Bradshaw breaks it up! This however goes against the APA as Charles Robinson remonstrates with Bradshaw to get back in his corner, Shelton Benjamin joins Charlie Haas in the ring and two make a Wishbone Split on Faarooq! The Acolyte rolls around on the mat holding his groin area, before Haas stomps on his head to stop him. Haas then applies a Chin Lock on Faarooq. Bradshaw gets the crowd to make some noise and spur Faarooq on, as he looks like fading away, as his hand drops for a count of one. Robinson checks the hand again and it drops for a second time. The ref does it once more, but Faarooq is able to keep it from falling as the crowd comes alive, and Faarooq feeds off their support as he battles to his feet, goes behind Haas, and then loads him up and slams him down with the Cannon Ball Buster! Both men down. Haas is the first to stir and he crawls over and tags in Shelton, as Faarooq begins to move, but Benjamin stops him from making the tag to Bradshaw, dropping an elbow across the back. Shelton drags Faarooq back to the middle of the ring, and then drops another elbow to him, before covering 1...2..kickout. Benji gets Faarooq up whips him to the ropes, and goes to meet him with a kick to the gut on the rebound, but Faarooq catches it! Faarooq looks to spin Shelton around, BUT SHELTON COUNTERS IT MID AIR, SWINGING BACK WITH THE DRAGON KICK! The crowd marks for the impressive move as Benjamin covers 1...2...Faarooq gets a shoulder up. Shelton shakes his head, thinking he had the match won there as Faarooq tries to regain his footing, Benji hits him with a right hand. Shelton continues to hammer away at Faarooq with right hands, backing him into the corner. Shelton now backs off with Faarooq propped up in the corner and charges in, going for the Stinger Splash, but Faarooq moves and Shelton crashes chest first into the corner! Benji turns around holding his chest RIGHT INTO A SPINEBUSTER FROM FAAROOQ! Both men down. The crowd again get behind Faarooq as he begins to stir, as does Benjamin, and Benjamin reaches out and tags in Haas AS FAAROOQ HOT TAGS IN BRADSHAW!

The crowd erupts as the big Texan comes in snorting and grunting and runs right through Haas with a shoulder block. Haas gets back to his feet and Bradshaw rocks him with a savage chop, taking him down again. Haas gets to his feet again and Bradshaw sends him to the ropes, then elevates him up into the lights with a Back Body Drop on the return. Shelton Benjamin tries to help his partner out but Bradshaw takes him down with a Big Boot! Bradshaw turns back to Charlie Haas and loads him up before planting him down with a Powerbomb! Bradshaw covers 1...2...NO! Haas shoots a shoulder off the canvas. Bradshaw gets to his feet but is jumped by Shelton Benjamin, going on the offensive with right hands on Bradshaw. Shelton then sizes up Bradshaw and goes for a Superkick, but Bradshaw ducks and Benjamin tumbles out to the floor! With Bradshaw's back turned however, Charlie Haas trips him down and locks on the HAAS OF PAIN! Bradshaw is in trouble and can't reach the ropes, as he looks set to tap when FAAROOQ BREAKS IT UP! Faarooq saves his partner just as he looked like he'd have to tap, kicking Haas in the face. Faarooq brings Haas up and rocks him with a right hand and then loads him up for the DOMINATOR...but Haas kicks like a mad man and manages to wiggle out of Faarooq's grip, slipping out the back. Haas then throws Faarooq over the top rope and out of the ring. On the outside, Shelton has grabbed one of the tag belts and places it in the ring, in clear view of Charles Robinson, who grabs the belt and calls over Tony Chimel to hand it back to him, but as this exchange happens, Shelton hands Haas the other belt, Haas turns around INTO A CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL...NO! HAAS GETS THE TAG TITLE BELT UP IN BRADSHAW'S FACE, WHIPING HIM OUT! The crowd boos as Haas discards of the evidence and makes the cover on Bradshaw 1...2...3!

Winners @ 9:26 - Team Angle
Retain WWE Tag Team Championships

The heat pours in as Shelton & Haas steal the win and take their titles, getting the hell out of dodge as a pissed off Faarooq rolls into the ring to attend to Bradshaw who's out of it after copping the title belt to the face

-WWE Bad Blood Promo-
Live from the Compaq Center
Houston; Texas
Theme Music: Trapt - Headstrong


Eddie Guerrero comes out first to a good pop from the fans. Eddie plays to the fans before sliding into the ring and mounting the turnbuckle and slaps his chest as he continues to play to the fans


The crowd erupts with a big pop as Chris Benoit marches to the ring, tilting his head side to side as he goes down the ramp. Benoit gets into the ring and raises his US title up to the fans, before handing it over to Brian Hebner

Match 5
WWE United States Championship Match
Chris Benoit (c) vs Eddie Guerrero

The two men circle around each other before knuxing together in a sign of respect. Benoit and Eddie tie up and both men jostle for position, and Eddie quickly goes behind Benoit, applying a hammerlock. Benoit searches for a way out, and then turns the tables on Eddie, going behind and putting Guerrero in a hammerlock. Eddie tries to once again reverse things back in his favour, but Benoit has that scouted, so Guerrero hits an elbow to the side of Benoit's head, then rebounds off the ropes, coming back into an Arm Drag from Benoit. Eddie is quickly up after that as is Benoit and this time Guerrero beats Chris to it and takes him down with an Arm Drag. Again their both up and Benoit takes Eddie down with a Headlock Takedown and keeps the lock applied, only for Eddie to counter with a scissors to the neck of Benoit, causing him to release. Both men are up again and this time Eddie takes Benoit down with a Headlock Takedown and Benoit counters with the scissors. The two get to their feet again and pause themselves, with a face off taking place as the crowd applauds the opening exchanges. The two men circle around the ring again, not taking their eyes off each other, before tying up again in the middle of the ring. Benoit muscles Guerrero towards the corner, but the wily Eddie counters it and backs Benoit into the corner. Brian Hebner gets in there and calls for a clean break, which Eddie obliges to, backing away, grinning at Benoit. Benoit tilts his head, knowing Eddie got the better of him there and again the two begin to circle around the ring, when Eddie offers a test of strength to the Rabid Wolverine. Benoit seems skeptical at first but agrees to it, only for Eddie to go for a kick to the gut, but Benoit had it scouted and catches it. Eddie pleads with Benoit not to punish him, but Benoit just grins his own toothy grin and trips Eddie down and drops an elbow to the leg he's holding on to. Benoit tries to keep the pressure on Eddie and turns him over before applying a Single Leg Boston Crab, but Guerrero is close enough to reach out and hold onto the ropes, forcing Benoit to break the hold. Guerrero hugs the ropes like it's his girlfriend, as Benoit is the one smiling now after getting the better of Eddie.

Eddie cautiously gets to his feet and tries to fake Benoit out, looking past him like there's something going on behind the Crippler. It only takes a split second of indecision from Benoit for Guerrero to pounce as he hits a right hand to the US Champ. Guerrero hits another right, then whips Benoit to the ropes and catches him with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker! Eddie covers after hitting the impressive move 1...2.kickout by Benoit.
Guerrero gets up and stomps away at the back of Benoit as he looks to take control of this match. Eddie then brings Benoit up and shoots him into the corner, then follows in and sends Benoit back across the ring with a Monkey Flip! Benoit however is quick to his feet after that and nails a vicious knife edge chop to Guerrero! Eddie let's out a loud yell in pain as Benoit hits another chop, and then another, lighting up the chest of Eddie. Benoit then whips Eddie to the ropes and hits a short armed clothesline, taking Guerrero down. Benoit quickly tries to apply the CROSSFACE but Eddie is close to the ropes and again grabs onto them like his life depends on it. Benoit abides by Brian Hebner's instruction to break the hold. Eddie rolls onto the apron and brings himself up, as Benoit comes for him and hits him with a right hand, then gets Guerrero in a front face lock and attempts to SUPLEX EDDIE INTO THE RING...but Eddie blocks it, and then counters with a Guillotine, bringing Benoit's neck down across the top rope! Eddie then gets back on the apron and comes back in with a HILO ONTO BENOIT! Guerrero covers 1...2.kickout.

Eddie applies a Seated Chin Lock on Benoit now, wearing the Rabid Wolverine down in the center of the ring. After looking like fading away, Chris Benoit battles back up to a vertical base, then pulls out an uncharacteristic Jawbreaker to counter the hold from Guerrero! Eddie stumbles back into the ropes holding his jaw and then tries to use the momentum to rebound and clothesline Benoit, but the Crippler ducks it and TAKES EDDIE DOWN WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX! Benoit keeps the waist lock on like a pitbull and takes Eddie down with a second, and then a third to complete the GERMAN SUPLEX TRIFECTA! Benoit gets up and makes the cut throat taunt to a huge pop from the fans before climbing the turnbuckle and SOARING OFF WITH THE DIVING HEADBUTT...AND CONNECTS! Benoit rolls around in pain after using his own head as a battering ram, before managing to make a cover on Guerrero 1...2...EDDIE GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPES! Benoit is surprised Eddie managed to stay alive in the match after that and shakes the cobwebs loose after hitting the Diving Headbutt. Benoit gets up and then brings Eddie Guerrero up too, and sends him into the corner. Benoit lights Eddie up with a knife edge chop, then gets him in a front face lock and powers him up onto the top rope. Benoit climbs up after Guerrero and attempts to Superplex Eddie, but Guerrero blocks it and fires a right hand into the midsection of Benoit. Eddie hits another right as Benoit loses his grip on Guerrero, and then Eddie slams Benoit's face into the top buckle AND TAKES BENOIT OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! The crowd pops for the spot, but after the beating Eddie took he can't capitalize straight away. Guerrero manages to get an arm over Benoit eventually 1...2...Benoit kicks out! Eddie runs his fingers through his hair, thinking he had Benoit done there. Eddie brings Benoit up and rocks him with a right hand, before loading him up with a Suplex! Eddie pops the hips and keeps the front face lock applied as he brings Benoit up again and takes him down with a second Suplex! Again Guerrero keeps the lock applied as he hits a third Suplex, completing the THREE AMIGOS! The crowd starts a small "Eddie" chant as he gets to his feet and now climbs the turnbuckle. Guerrero baits the crowd into making some noise and then LEAPS OFF WITH THE FROGSPLASH...BUT BENOIT MOVES AND EDDIE CRASHES AND BURNS TO THE CANVAS!

The crowd pops as Benoit crawls over to Guerrero and drapes an arm over him 1...2...NO! Eddie gets a shoulder up! Benoit winces, hoping he'd put Guerrero away there. The Rabid Wolverine is slow to his feet, as is Eddie Guerrero. Benoit lights Eddie up with a knife edge chop, and Guerrero responds in kind with a chop of his own. Benoit staggers back and then comes back with a savage chop, echoing throughout the arena as Guerrero covers up his chest. Benoit then hits a forearm smash, and whips Eddie to the ropes, meeting him with a running knee strike which causes Eddie to flip over on impact. Benoit quickly goes for the CROSSFACE AND SLAPS IT ON! The crowd erupts as Benoit applies his lethal submission hold. Brian Hebner asks Eddie if he wants to give it up, but Guerrero refuses to do so as Benoit keeps the hold applied EDDIE ROLLS THROUGH PINNING BENOIT'S SHOULDERS TO THE MAT 1...2...BENOIT ROLLS THROUGH BACK INTO THE CROSSFACE! The crowd is on their feet as Benoit turns the tide back in his favour and Eddie's hand is shaking, close to tapping it seems, then with all his strength Eddie pushes himself off the mat and GRABS ONTO THE ROPES...JUST! Hebner forces Benoit to break the hold and the Crippler does so, annoyed he didn't put Eddie away there. Chris Benoit gets to his feet, breathing heavily and stomps on a downed Guerrero. Benoit reaches down and grabs Eddie, bring him to his feet and then takes him down with a Snap Suplex! Benoit covers 1...2...kickout.
Benoit now attempts to apply the SHARPSHOOTER...but Eddie uses his feet to kick Benoit back, and the US Champ stumbles out through the ropes to the floor. Eddie Guerrero brings himself up to a vertical base gingerly, clutching at the left shoulder after the time in the Crossface, and sees Benoit getting back to his feet on the outside, as he runs towards Benoit and hits a Baseball Slide, knocking Benoit off his feet. Eddie seems to get a second wind as he takes a moment to catch his breath, before scooping Benoit up and DROPPING HIM RIBS FIRST ACROSS THE BARRICADE! Benoit rolls around on the floor as Eddie breaks the ref's 10 count, then rolls back out of the ring and grabs Benoit and slides him back into the ring. Eddie mounts Benoit and begins pummeling him with right hands, as he takes control back in this match. Guerrero then brings Benoit to his feet and performs an arm twist, then still holding onto Benoit's arm, Guerrero climbs the turnbuckle and runs along the top rope, balancing himself delicately before jumping off and taking Benoit down with a Hurricanrana! Eddie scurries over to Benoit and covers 1...2..shoulder up.

Eddie gets to his feet as Benoit tries to do the same, and kicks Benoit in the ribs, then clobbers him over the back with a right hand. Guerrero gets Benoit up, but Benoit breaks free from his grasp and hits a knife edge chop! Guerrero fights back with a thumb to the eye, blinding Benoit, and then takes Chris Benoit down with a perfect Brainbuster! Eddie hooks the leg 1...2...NO! Benoit gets a shoulder up again. Guerrero grabs onto Benoit's left leg and starts stomping at the hamstring and then the knee, softening it up. Eddie then drops an elbow down across it, before getting up and dropping another. Guerrero drags Benoit to the ring ropes, places Benoit's left leg across the middle rope, then using the top rope, jumps into the air and drops his weight down onto the leg, in a seated position. Eddie repeats this process until Brian Hebner tells him to get it away from the ropes, which Eddie does, as he APPLIES THE LASSO FROM EL PASO! Eddie applies his submission hold now and it's the champ in trouble as he yells out in pain. Hebner asks Benoit if he wants to give it up but the Crippler refuses as he starts to crawl towards the ropes. Eddie keeps the hold locked on as Benoit reaches out...AND GRABS ONTO THE ROPES! The crowd pops as Benoit saves himself and Eddie refuses to let the hold go straight away, but breaks it before Brian Hebner reaches his count of five to disqualify him. Eddie looks down at Benoit, breathing heavily, and then his head turns to the outside. Guerrero drops to his knees and then rolls out of the ring, walking over to the time keepers table and grabbing the US Title belt! Eddie slides back into the ring with the belt and measures up Benoit, ready to wipe him out, when Hebner grabs the United States Championship off of Eddie and tells Guerrero off. Hebner then goes to hand the belt back to Chimel as Guerrero swings a right, which Benoit ducks under and goes for a German Suplex...BUT WITH THE REFS BACK TURNED, EDDIE LIFTS HIS LEG UP AND CATCHES BENOIT IN THE BALLS! The Rabid Wolverine drops down holding his groin and Guerrero notices Hebner turning back around and not wanting to risk a disqualification, DROPS TO THE MAT LIKE HE'S BEEN HIT IN THE GROIN TOO! The crowd laughs for the comedy spot as both Eddie and Benoit are rolling around holding their private parts as Brian Hebner looks totally confused. Eddie then miraculously recovers and makes the pin on Benoit, hooking back both legs 1...2...Benoit kicks out!

Eddie lets out a loud sigh in disappointment he can't put Benoit away still. Eddie brings Benoit to his feet and applies a front head lock on Benoit, trying to wear him down again, but Benoit counters it and takes Eddie down with a Northern Lights Suplex and bridges it for a pinfall 1...2...EDDIE POWERS UP! Eddie shows great upper body strength to power up from the hold, and then spin Benoit around and take him down with a Backslide pin 1...2...Benoit gets out of it. Both men get to their feet as quickly as they can, with fatigue setting in, and Eddie hits Benoit with a right hand. Benoit staggers backwards, then comes back with a forearm smash to Guerrero. Eddie swings a wild shot back at Benoit, WHO CATCHES IT AND LOOKS TO APPLY THE CROSSFACE! The crowd erupts as Benoit wrestles with Eddie, trying to get him down for the Crossface, but Guerrero is blocking it for all he's worth, then Benoit surprises us all, turning it into a Magistral Cradle 1...2...EDDIE KICKS OUT! Just in time, Eddie escapes the fall. Both men are up again and Eddie beats Benoit to the punch, hitting him with a right hand. Guerrero now whips Benoit to the ropes and looks to take him down with a Hip Toss...BUT BENOIT FLOATS THROUGH IT AND TAKES EDDIE DOWN WITH THE CROSSFACE! The crowd erupts as Benoit gets the hold on in the middle of the ring. Guerrero is yelling in pain as Benoit leans back, increasing the pressure to Eddie, as he desperately tries to grab the ropes, but they're too far out of reach. Eddie looks to be fading when suddenly HE ROLLS THROUGH IT AND PINS BENOIT'S SHOULDERS TO THE MAT 1...2...BENOIT ROLLS BACK OVER AND KEEPS THE CROSSFACE ON! The crowd is on their feet as Benoit still has Eddie locked in the hold as Guerrero once again tries to reach for the ropes but he can't and then EDDIE GUERRERO TAPS OUT!

Winner @ 21:38 - Chris Benoit
Retains the WWE United States Championship

The crowd explodes as Benoit wins a fantastic wrestling match between the two. Brian Hebner hands an exhausted Chris Benoit the US Title and raises his hand in victory, before allowing Benoit to celebrate with the fans. Benoit continues to do so, then checks on his good friend Eddie before helping Guerrero up and the two hug in the ring to a nice response from the fans, before Eddie leaves the Rabid Wolverine to celebrate with the crowd

We now see Torrie Wilson interview Kurt Angle. Torrie asks Angle how he's prepared for this match considering it was only announced on Thursday. Angle says he's always prepared, no matter who he's facing and when it takes place. Angle says Austin's getting in his way of getting the WWE Championship back, and he's going to remove him not just from his way, but from the WWE altogether. Kurt says Austin made a mistake coming back, he should've retired like he considered doing. Angle says he'll show Austin why he should've retired when he beats his broken down ass tonight

Back to ringside when suddenly THE LIGHTS GO OUT. The crowd is buzzing, wondering what's going on.

*Video Plays*

Then, the titantron's power is restored as a solitary figure in black stands in the middle of a very dimly lit ring. The figure doesn't move, and doesn't say a word as the single light that is shining over him flickers on and off, and then a loud bang is heard, like a thunderous clap, as the feed cuts, and the following words are displayed on the screen in white

Shadows hide his appearance
The noise masks his presence
In the dark, he's there, watching
Nearing the time, patiently
Get ready, he's coming

The black screen engulfs the words and then a white flash comes and goes, wiping away the black, as the screen shows a video of a dark, stormy night setting as (presumably) the same figure, still completely un-identifiable, walks into view again, head dropped, looking to the ground. A loud "cawww" is heard as a crow flies over the figure. The figure then slowly begins to raise it's head when another white flash hits the screen and the video cuts out altogether

*Video Ends*

The crowd is left stunned as are Cole & Tazz, who can barely get a sentence together, totally bemused by the video. Cole finally is able to send us back to Josh Matthews who's standing by with Stone Cold. Austin gets a mega pop from the fans. Austin says he heard what Angle's said, but he'll be damned if he's not gonna go out there and open up the biggest can of whoop ass Charlotte has ever seen! Austin says he's not gonna pack it in, he still wants that WWE Championship one more time, and if Kurt Angle thinks this is gonna be a walk in the park, he better get ready for the shock of his life. Austin says he's gonna raise hell whenever he wants, and Kurt Angle had better get to understand that. Austin says the WWE Championship is crying out for another Austin 3:16 reign, and he'll do everything he can to make that happen, and THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE COZ STONE COLD SAID SO!


The crowd erupts into huge heat as Kurt Angle heads to the ring, focused as ever. Kurt let's his pyro fly off at the ramp before getting into the ring, ready and raring to go, looking extremely focused on this match


The crowd EXPLODES with the biggest pop of the night without doubt as Stone Cold makes his way out, walking and talking trash at Angle on his way to the ring. Austin salutes the fans on all four corners and then comes face to face with Angle as his music dies down

Match 6
Singles Match
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle

The two men stand face to face, as Nick Patrick calls for the bell, and Austin slowly begins to take his vest off as Angle doesn't move an inch, doesn't blink. Austin removes his vest and throws it to the outside as Angle then attempts to get the jump on Austin, but Austin blocks it and hits Angle with a right hand! The crowd pops as Austin begins teeing off on Angle, with right hand after right hand, backing the Olympian to the ropes. Austin now whips Kurt to the ropes and meets him with a boot to the gut and GOES FOR THE STUNNER...but Kurt shoves Austin away and quickly hops out of the ring to heat from the fans. Stone Cold waists no time and hops out after him as Angle looks to head to the back, but Austin charges up the ramp after him and takes him down with a clothesline over the back of the head. Kurt Angle tries to crawl away from Austin but the Rattlesnake is having none of it, grabbing Angle, bringing him up and slamming Angle's head into the top of the barricade. Nick Patrick is trying to get the two back into the ring, but isn't enforcing his count out. Austin lights up Angle with a knife edge chop, then hits a right hand. Patrick starts berating Austin and Stone Cold replies with the trademark Up Yours gesture, then clotheslines Kurt out into the crowd! Austin hops over the barricade and rocks Angle with a right hand as Kurt gets to his feet, sending Angle stumbling away. Austin follows him and clubs him with a shot across the back, then grabs a beer off a fan and THROWS THE BEER IN ANGLE'S FACE! The crowd starts an "Austin" chant as Angle, temporarily blinded by the beer staggers around and Austin raises a knee into the midsection, then LAUNCHES ANGLE INTO THE STAIR RAILING! Angle goes back first into the steel and falls to the floor, holding his lower back as Austin turns to the fans and yells out "WHAT?" to a big pop. Austin grabs Angle and walks him over to an open part of the floor, then attempts a PILEDRIVER ON THE FLOOR...BUT ANGLE BLOCKS IT AND BACK BODY DROPS AUSTIN ONTO THE FLOOR! Austin holds his back in pain as Angle drops to his knees, looking to recover after copping a beating in the early going. Angle gets up and grabs Stone Cold, bringing him up, and then walks him over to the barricade and then WHIPS AUSTIN BACK FIRST INTO THE BARRICADE! Austin's back is taking some punishment here, and Kurt charges in at Stone Cold, but Austin sees him coming and ELEVATES HIM OVER THE BARRICADE TO THE FLOOR! Angle's turn to splat back first on the floor now as he yells out in pain.

Austin hops over the barricade back to ringside and follows Kurt Angle around the ring as the Olympian tries to distance himself from Stone Cold, and Angle sees the Rattlesnake closing in and rolls into the ring, and as Austin slides in after him, Angle quickly drops an Axe Handle over the back of Austin and begins laying into him with right hands. Kurt then gets to his feet and stomps away at the back of Austin as Nick Patrick tells him to wrestle a proper match, to which Angle just glares at the ref. Angle brings Austin up and hits a European uppercut on Stone Cold, then whips him to the ropes and knocks him down with a reverse elbow. Angle covers 1...2.kickout.
Angle gets Austin up again and this time shoots him to the corner, then looks to follow in, but Austin gets an elbow up in the face of Angle! Angle staggers back holding his jaw, as Austin explodes from the corner and wipes the Olympian out with a clothesline! Austin makes a lateral press 1...2.kickout. Austin now drags Angle over to the ropes and places Kurt on the middle rope, then uses his leg to push Angle's neck down onto said rope, choking him. Nick Patrick administers his count for Stone Cold to break, and he does, as he rebounds off the ropes and comes back with the Leapfrog Body Guillotine, again using his leg to drive Angle's throat onto the middle rope.
Austin covers 1...Angle kicks out easily.
Stone Cold gets to his feet and the crowd begins another "Austin" chant as the Rattlesnake follows Angle, who crawls to the corner and tries to pull himself up using the buckles, but Austin places a kick to the gut, and then begins to STOMP A MUDHOLE in Kurt Angle as the crowd chants along "WHAT" to every stomp. Stone Cold finishes it off eventually with the double bird to Kurt and one more stomp for good measure. Austin then brings Angle to his feet and scoops him up, before planting him with a Scoop Slam. Stone Cold then climbs to the second rope and leaps off with the Pointed Elbow Drop. Austin then hooks the legs 1...2..kickout.
Austin gets up and grabs Angle by the legs, splitting them apart and then STOMPING ON THE GROIN of Angle in trademark Stone Cold fashion, as Nick Patrick warns him to keep it above the belt, which results in the ref getting flipped off again. Stone Cold brings Angle to his feet and whips him to the ropes, then swings a clothesline at Angle on the rebound, but Kurt ducks under it and then takes Austin down with a German Suplex! Both men down.

Nick Patrick begins to utilise his ten count 1.....2.....3......4......both men start to stir.....5......both men to their feet. Angle hits Austin with a right, and Stone Cold fights back with one of his own. Angle again fights back with a right hand, and again Austin returns. Austin then picks up the pace, beating Angle to the punch and then again, unloading with right hands. Austin goes to send Kurt to the ropes but Angle counters and PULLS AUSTIN INTO AN OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Angle quickly covers 1...2..kickout by Austin.
Kurt tries to capitalize on taking control and apply the ANKLE LOCK but Austin is close enough to grab the ropes and save himself. Angle gets frustrated by that and drops an elbow down across Austin's left leg instead. Kurt gets straight back to his feet and then repeats the process, dropping the elbow down over Austin's leg again. The Olympian then lets go of the leg and stomps on it, as Austin rolls onto the apron, clutching at his leg. Kurt exits onto the apron also and turns Austin around so that his leg is dangling over the edge. Angle hops onto the floor and then grabs Austin's leg, lifting it into the air before slamming it down onto the apron. Austin clutches at his leg again and rolls around in pain inside the ring as Kurt takes the time to taunt the fans, getting big heat as he does. Austin is backing himself to the corner and Angle follows him in, slugging him with a right hand. Angle hits another right as a booming "Angle Sucks" chant begins in the Coliseum, which causes Angle to stop working over Austin and look at the crowd, annoyed to be copping such abuse.
Angle goes back to Austin who's pulled himself up in the corner, and goes to grapple Stone Cold, but Austin is playing possum and turns the tables on Kurt, placing him in the corner and unloading on him with knife edge chops! Austin hits chop after chop, lighting Angle up, and then goes to load up Angle with a Suplex, but Angle floats out of it and takes Austin down with a Reverse Mat Slam, driving Austin chest first into the canvas in the traditional wrestling takedown maneuver. Angle keeps the lock around Austin's waist as he applies a Rear Naked Choke to Stone Cold now.

Austin tries to fight it but seems to be fading away as Angle says "it's all over Austin" as Nick Patrick checks the arm and it drops once. Patrick again checks Austin's arm and it drops a second time. The crowd starts to make some noise, trying to spur Stone Cold on as Nick Patrick cautiously lifts the arm up a third time and let's it drop...BUT AUSTIN SAVES IT! The crowd erupts as Stone Cold begins elbowing Angle in the ribs, causing Angle to lose the body scissors of the hold as he attempts to block the elbows with his knee, which allows Austin to battle back to a vertical base, as Angle turns it into a side head lock. Austin fires a right into the midsection of Angle, then shoves him to the ropes, but Angle scores with a clothesline on the rebound, taking Stone Cold down.
Kurt covers 1....2.kickout. Angle quickly grabs Austin and tries to lock the ANKLE LOCK on but Austin uses his leg to roll through it and send Angle crashing into the turnbuckle! Stone Cold gets to his feet and meets Angle with a right hand, and then hits another, and then another, battling back into the match. Austin then sends Kurt to the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Angle ducks under it and rebounds off the opposite side RIGHT INTO THE LOU THESZ PRESS! Austin fires piston like right hands at the temple of Angle and then gets up and hits the ropes, coming back and dropping the Fuck You Elbow! Austin covers 1...2..kickout.
Austin gets to his feet and shakes his left leg around, trying to loosen it up after the earlier attack from Angle. Stone Cold is crouching down, urging Kurt to get to his feet. Angle does and turns around into a boot to the gut and a STUNNER...NO! Kurt shoves Austin away, then grabs him in a waist lock and TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX! Angle keeps the waist lock on and delivers a second German to Austin, and then completes the trifecta with A THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX! Angle gets to his feet and pulls down the straps on his attire now and let's out a loud "Woo" to huge heat from the fans. Angle now grabs Austin's left leg AND LOCKS IN THE ANKLE LOCK! The crowd groans as Angle applies the dreaded hold and Stone Cold immediately yells out in pain. Nick Patrick asks Austin if he wants to give it up, but the Rattlesnake refuses to do so, holding his head and grimacing as the pain is clear to see for all. Austin begins trying to crawl to the ropes, but Kurt PULLS HIM BACK TO THE MIDDLE! The crowd is chanting "Austin" as they try to get their hero to stay in the match as Angle is yelling "Tap you son of a bitch. TAP!" as again Austin refuses to tap. Nick Patrick continues to ask him to give it up, but Austin fights it and begins crawling to the ropes. Stone Cold reaches out but can't reach the ropes! Austin then with all his might, crawls forward again and GRABS THE ROPES! The crowd erupts as Patrick forces Angle to break the hold, and the Olympian is furious Austin didn't tap.

Kurt Angle gets up and looks wide eyed at Austin, who is using the ropes to pull himself up. Angle hits Austin with a right hand, then attempts to whip him to the ropes, but Stone Cold reverses it, and Angle rebounds off the ropes INTO THE WHIPLASH SPINEBUSTER FROM AUSTIN! Both men down again. The crowd continues to make some noise and get behind the Rattlesnake with another "Austin" chant as Nick Patrick starts another ten count 1.....2.....3.....both men start to stir.....4......5......Angle is up, and Austin is pulling himself up using the ropes again. Angle hits Austin with a right hand, as Stone Cold buckles down to a knee, and Angle hits another right. Angle brings Austin up and walks him over to the corner and slams Austin's face into the top buckle. Angle now loads up Austin from behind in a Back Suplex position, and places him on the top turnbuckle. Kurt climbs up to the middle rope behind Austin and grabs onto him with a waist lock BEFORE DELIVERING A SPIDER GERMAN RELEASE SUPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE! The crowd marks out for that as Austin crashes to the mat back first and a small "Holy Shit" chant begins, and Angle is still on the ropes, hanging like a spider. Kurt then rises up and gets onto the top rope, and looks back at Austin, before getting his balance and LEAPING OFF WITH A HUGE MOONSAULT...BUT AUSTIN GETS HIS KNEES UP AND ANGLE CRASHES RIBS FIRST ONTO THEM! The crowd erupts as Austin is able to block what surely would've been the move to finish him off. Angle rolls around on the mat holding his ribs and Austin is barley moving after the big Spider German Suplex. The two gingerly get to their feet, Austin favouring that left leg and Angle clutching at his ribs, as Kurt throws a right hand at Austin, who blocks it and rocks Angle with a right hand! Angle staggers back, then comes back with a right of his own which rocks Austin, who wobbles before hitting Kurt back with another right hand. Angle returns the favour, then Austin, Angle, Austin, Angle, Austin, Austin, Austin gets the better of the battle as the crowd comes alive, but Angle halts that, raking the eyes of Austin! Austin stumbles away and Kurt gets under him AND HITS THE ANGLE SLAM! ANGLE SLAM CONNECTS! The crowd jeers as Kurt can't take advantage straight away. Angle then covers Austin after recovering 1...2...AUSTIN ROLLS A SHOULDER OFF THE MAT! The crowd erupts as Stone Cold stays alive and Angle can't believe it, putting his head in his hands. The Olympian gets back to his feet, wincing and glaring at Austin, still annoyed he kicked out of the Angle Slam. Kurt is the one crouched now, urging Austin to get back up as the Rattlesnake starts to stir. Austin slowly gets to his feet and turns around into a boot to the gut as ANGLE GOES FOR THE STUNNER...BUT AUSTIN SHOVES HIM AWAY INTO THE ROPES AND ANGLE REBOUNDS INTO A BOOT TO THE GUT AND THE STONE COLD STUNNER! The crowd goes wild as Angle's mockery backfires and Austin has the chance to win the match, but after copping the punishment he has, he can't capitalize much like Angle before him. Austin takes a few seconds to come around before hooking back a leg 1...2...ANGLE GETS A SHOULDER UP! The crowd groans as Angle stays alive and this time it's Austin who's shocked, breathing heavily and looking down at Angle.

Stone Cold rolls away and gets to his feet, catching a quick breather in the corner as Angle starts to stir. Stone Cold stalks Angle, setting him up for the end as Kurt brings himself up and turns around into a boot to the gut AND ANOTHER STUNNER...NO! ANGLE CATCHES AUSTIN'S LEG AND TRIPS HIM DOWN, TURNING HIM OVER AND LOCKING IN THE ANKLE LOCK AGAIN! Austin yells out in pain and is near the center of the ring, unable to reach the ropes, when he ROLLS THROUGH IT AGAIN...BUT ANGLE COUNTERS IT, PUTTING ON THE BRAKES AND PINNING AUSTIN WITH A REVERSE RANA PIN 1...2...ANGLE GRABS ONTO THE ROPES...3! Angle steals it!

Winner @ 24:10 - Kurt Angle

The crowd pours in the heat as Angle quickly escapes the ring, raising his hands in the air. Austin meanwhile is sitting down, stunned he lost, before yelling at Patrick that Angle had the ropes but the ref shakes his head, not seeing it. Stone Cold stares a hole through Angle with those cold blue eyes as th Olympian makes his way up the ramp, smirking back at Austin, fully knowing he got one over the Rattlesnake tonight

We cut backstage to see The Undertaker making his final preparations for the upcoming WWE Title match and then we switch to see Brock Lesnar doing likewise

*Main Event Video Package*
Saliva - Raise Up

- Undertaker earns the right to challenge for the WWE Championship as he wins a triple threat match at Backlash also involving Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan, after pinning Angle. Lesnar was the guest referee
- Lesnar claiming he did Taker a favour and basically won the match for him
- Taker reminding Brock of all the times he and Hogan saved Lesnar from attacks from Team Angle
- The confrontation two weeks ago, erupting into a wild brawl with Taker Chokeslamming Lesnar through the announce table
- This past Thursday on SmackDown! the WWE Champion gets revenge, reversing the roles from the week before as he F5's Taker through the table
- Despite being banged and taped up, Taker manages to beat The Big Show
- Clips of the two beating the hell out of each other last year at Unforgiven and in the Hell in a Cell at No Mercy, then also their brawls over the past few weeks
- The two staring down at the end of SmackDown! just three days ago, with Lesnar holding up the WWE Title to Taker


The crowd explodes with a huge ovation as The American Bad Ass rides his motorcycle out on stage and raises his right hand into the air, saluting the fans. The Undertaker then rides down to the ring and circles around before parking the bike at the foot of the ramp and getting into the ring, going to all four sides of the ring and raising his hands into the air to the fans


The crowd pops, although definitely not as strongly as they did for Taker, as the WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar heads out on stage and stops, bobbing up and down. Lesnar breaks from the taunt and heads to the ring, looking confident as ever. Lesnar stops at the foot of the ring and leaps up onto the apron as his pyro shoots off, and then he gets into the ring and again bobs up and down. Charles Robinson takes the WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar and presents it to the crowd, showing them what's on offer

Match 7
Main Event
WWE Championship Match
The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar ©

The bell is rung and the two men come face to face in the center of the ring. Taker with the height advantage is looking down slightly at Lesnar, as they are basically nose to nose talking trash to each other as a booming "Un-der-taker" chant breaks out, as the Lesnar fans try to match it with a "Let's go Lesnar" chant, although Taker seems to have 2/3 of the crowd on his side. The two men back off and then tie up in the middle of the ring. Neither man seems to be able to budge the other, as they struggle, as you hear both men grunting as they strain to assert their dominance. Just as it seems nothing will come of it, Lesnar SHOVES TAKER AWAY, with Deadman Inc stumbling backwards. Brock Lesnar flexes after that show of strength to a mixed reaction as the Undertaker nods, acknowledging the power that the champ possesses. The two men come together again and Lesnar looks to take Big Evil down with a double leg takedown, but Undertaker steps out of the way, then the two tie up once more, and again, neither man can budge the other. Brock starts to get the better of it, slowly managing to push Taker back, when suddenly Undertaker SHOVES LESNAR DOWN TO THE MAT! The crowd erupts and Brock is wide eyed in shock, with the Undertaker catching him off guard there. Lesnar gets to his feet and charges at Taker, driving him into the turnbuckle with a shoulder thrust. Lesnar begins to lay the shoulders into the ribs of Undertaker. Lesnar stops as he thinks he's got Taker on struggle street BUT TAKER GRABS HIM BY THE THROAT AND TOSSES HIM INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! The crowd erupts again as Taker unloads with those trademark soup bones to the forehead of Lesnar, then mixes it up with a flurry of rights and lefts to the midsection of Brock, before ending the combo off with a big right hand, sending Lesnar tumbling out of the ring to the floor. The WWE Champion is furious that Undertaker had his number once more as he slams his hands down across the announce table, before turning to stare at Taker, with Lesnar shaking in anger. Brock quickly slides back into the ring and locks up with the Undertaker once more, and quickly drives a knee into the ribs of Taker, then clubs him over the back. Brock whips Taker to the ropes but Big Evil comes back with a shoulder block, taking Lesnar down. Taker hops over Brock and rebounds off the ropes, and Lesnar gets to his feet and goes to take Undertaker down with a clothesline, but Taker blocks it and takes Lesnar down with a Hip Toss! Cover 1...kickout.

Undertaker brings Lesnar to his feet and measure him with a big soup bone, rocking Brock back to the ropes, and then Taker charges in and clotheslines Lesnar out to the floor! Undertaker hops over the top rope and joins the WWE Champion out on the floor. Taker follows Lesnar as he walks around the ring, trying to get away and catch his breath. Undertaker catches up to Brock and hits him with a soup bone as Lesnar wobbles, Taker strikes him with another, as Lesnar stumbles back and is propped up against the barricade now. Charles Robinson is telling them to take the match back into the ring, but Taker turns to him, scaring him off as Robinson runs away, not wanting to feel Taker's wrath. This lapse in concentration comes back to haunt Undertaker however as Lesnar places a kick to the gut of Undertaker, then gets Taker into an Elevated Bearhug position, THEN DRILLS TAKER BACK FIRST INTO THE RING POST! Lesnar backs off, with Taker still up in his hands, and then RAMS TAKER INTO THE STEEL AGAIN! Lesnar drops Taker after that, with Big Evil holding his lower back, as The Next Big Thing takes a deep breath. Brock now grabs Undertaker and rolls him back into the ring and follows in, making a cover on Taker 1...2.kickout. Brock now grabs onto the top ring rope and begins to stomp away at Taker, with the lower back being the main target for softening up. Lesnar then grabs Taker and brings him up, but Undertaker breaks free from his grasp and hits Brock with a big right, then hits a side elbow, as Lesnar staggers back. Undertaker grabs onto the left arm of Lesnar and performs an Arm Twist, then delivers a shoulder block to Lesnar's left shoulder. Taker leans back and hits a second shoulder to Brock, then yanks on the arm, with the pain shooting through Lesnar who drops to his knees. Undertaker wrenches the arm again, and then heads to the top rope as the crowd gets on their feet as Taker leaps off and delivers the OLD SCHOOL, clubbing down across the left shoulder of Lesnar. The WWE Champion drops to his knees, holding his left shoulder, as Taker rebounds off the ropes and scores with a boot to the face! Lateral press is made 1...2.kickout. Undertaker gets to his feet and clutches his lower back, wincing in pain after having it slammed into the ring post earlier, as Lesnar rolls to the outside holding his shoulder. Undertaker drops to the mat and rolls out after Lesnar, grabbing him by the head and slamming it face first into the ring apron. Taker then scoops Lesnar up and places him on the ring apron, with Lesnar's neck and head hanging over the edge and his legs under the ring ropes. Taker drives an elbow to the sternum of Brock, and then does the same again, before striking Brock with a right hand. Big Evil climbs onto the apron now and runs along AND DROPS A LEG DROP TO LESNAR, CAUSING HIM TO FLIP OVER TAKER'S LEG TO THE FLOOR ON IMPACT! The crowd close to ringside starts an "Un-der-taker" chant after that as Lesnar sells the move brilliantly.

Charles Robinson seems to have lost patience with Taker as he starts his ring out count, which Undertaker breaks up, before rolling back out and bringing Lesnar to his feet and rolling him into the ring. Brock Lesnar begins backing off to the corner as Taker follows him in, Lesnar uses the ropes to pull himself up and kick Taker in the gut. Brock then hits Undertaker with a right hand. The American Bad Ass staggers back and Lesnar comes charging out of the corner RIGHT INTO A BIG BOOT! The crowd pops as Brock gets back up reasonably quickly after that but Taker is waiting, scooping him up onto his shoulders, then walking over to the corner and dropping him face first onto the top turnbuckle with the Snake Eyes, before rebounding off the ropes and wiping out Brock with another Big Boot! The Undertaker then springs back off the ropes and drops a Running Leg Drop to Lesnar, before hooking the leg and covering 1...2...kickout! The crowd can sense Taker is in the zone early here as he gets up and raises his right hand into the air, signalling for the Chokeslam. Brock Lesnar comes to and shakes the cobwebs loose, pulling himself up and turns into the goozle as TAKER LIFTS HIM UP FOR THE CHOKESLAM...BUT LESNAR DROPS OUT THE SIDE...BOOT TO THE GUT ANMD POWERS TAKER ONTO HIS SHOULDERS FOR THE F5...BUT TAKER LANDS ON HIS FEET AND GOOZLES BROCK AGAIN...AND PLANTS HIM WITH THE CHOKESLAM! Undertaker drops to his knees and covers Brock 1...2...NO! Lesnar rolls a shoulder off the mat. Taker yells out "Damn!" thinking he had the champ beaten. The Undertaker gets back to his feet and runs his thumb along his throat, making the cut throat taunt. Lesnar is slow to his feet after the Chokeslam and a little dazed as he gets up and turns into Taker who scoops him up going for the TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER...BUT LESNAR SLIPS OUT THE BACK AND TAKES BIG EVIL DOWN WITH A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! Both men down.

Clashing chants start up again as the Lesnar fans begin chanting "Let's go Lesnar" again and the majority of the crowd cancels it out with another "Un-der-taker" chant as the two men struggle back to their feet, Lesnar beating Taker to the punch with a right hand, as Taker staggers back, then comes back with a big soup bone. Lesnar is rocked by the shot but manages to fight back with another right hand, as Taker throws another soup bone back to Lesnar, and then begins to get the upper hand of the fist fight as he begins unloading on Lesnar with his soup bones. Taker has The Next Big Thing reeling, backing him up to the ropes. Undertaker attempts to whip Brock to the ropes, but it's reversed, as Lesnar sends Taker to the ropes and meets him on the return, locking him up and hitting a perfect Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex! Brock Lesnar makes a cover 1...2.kickout by The Undertaker. Lesnar rolls off Taker and gets to his feet as The Undertaker attempts to do the same, but Lesnar hits him with a right hand. Brock then gets behind Undertaker and drives a forearm shot into the lower back of Big Evil. Taker holds his lower back and tries to walk away, but Brock pulls him back into another forearm smash. Brock then loads up Taker and hits a Backbreaker to The American Bad Ass before hooking the leg and covering 1...2..kickout. Lesnar gets Taker so he's sat on his backside and sticks a knee into the back of Taker as he applies a Chin Lock. Taker winces in pain as Charles Robinson asks him if he wants to give it up, but Big Evil refuses to do so as he feeds off the crowd's energy and battles his way back to his feet. Taker hits an elbow to the gut of Brock, trying to get him to lose his grip. Taker hits another elbow, and then another, and then another as Lesnar loses his grip, and The Undertaker rebounds off the ropes BUT LESNAR CATCHES HIM AND PLANTS HIM WITH A SIT OUT SPINEBUSTER! Brock quickly hooks back the leg for another pinfall 1...2...Taker gets a shoulder up. Brock let's out a sigh of disappointment, thinking he had Taker beaten then. Lesnar gets to his feet and stomps away a couple of times at Taker as Big Evil tries to create some space between himself and the now rampant champ. Lesnar grabs onto Taker and helps the American Bad Ass to his feet and lifts him up and locks on a Bearhug!

Lesnar has the hold applied in the middle of the ring, showcasing his amazing power. The Undertaker is in pain as he grimaces, refusing to give it up as Robinson asks him. Undertaker tries to stay alive but seems to be fading away. Charles Robinson checks the hand and it falls once. Robinson checks again and for the second time, Taker's hand drops. One more time and Lesnar retains as Robinson let's the hand drop...BUT TAKER STOPS IT! The crowd comes alive as The Undertaker pummels Brock on the side of the head with a right hand. Lesnar keeps the hold locked on as Taker starts to unload with rights and lefts, and finally gets enough separation to break free from the hold and start throwing those big soup bones again much to the crowds delight. Undertaker has Brock rocking with the barrage of right hands, and then goes to shoot Brock to the ropes, but Lesnar counters it, and then lowers his head, but does so too early as UNDERTAKER TAKES HIM DOWN WITH THE RUNNING DDT! Both men are down again as the contrasting chants start up again. Brock gets to his feet quicker than Undertaker and throws the first right, but it's blocked by Deadman Inc who rocks Lesnar with another big soup bone. Taker whips Brock to the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Brock ducks under, and both men hit the ropes at the same time and come back to the middle of the ring as Taker hits the Flying Lariat! Undertaker gets to his feet, favouring his back somewhat and as Lesnar regains his footing, places a boot to the midsection of him, then places him between his legs and signals for the Last Ride! The crowd erupts as Taker goes for it but Lesnar is desperately blocking it! Taker goes for it again, and again Brock puts the breaks on, not wanting to suffer the finisher, but Taker punches Brock in the ribs and third time's a charm as he POWERS BROCK UP...BUT HIS BACK SEEMS TO GIVE OUT ON HIM...HOWEVER TAKER STILL MANAGES TO DRILL LESNAR DOWN TO THE MAT WITH THE LAST RIDE. Taker hits the big Powerbomb but definitely doesn't get all of it as he clutches at his lower back in pain. Undertaker sucks the pain up and manages to make the cover on Brock after a few moments 1...2...NO! LESNAR GETS A SHOULDER UP! The crowd is split to this, half cheering that Brock's still alive, the other half jeering that Undertaker didn't win the title. Undertaker can't believe he didn't get the three as he gets up in Charles Robinson's face, making the ref shit himself as he backs off from Taker. Undertaker then makes the cut throat taunt, running his thumb along his neck, signalling it's Tombstone time. Taker waits for Lesnar to get up, and as the WWE Champion does he turns around into Taker who scoops him up, but Brock is close to the ropes and grabs onto them, then hits an elbow to the face of Taker, causing Taker to drop Lesnar, who lands on his feet AND POWERS TAKER UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS AND HITS THE F5 ON THE UNDERTAKER! The crowd pops as Brock hits the lethal move, but he can't capitalize straight away after receiving the Last Ride. Brock starts to stir after a couple of seconds and makes a lateral press, hooking back the near leg of Taker 1...2...NO! TAKER JUST ROLLS A SHOULDER OFF THE MAT! The crowd explodes and Lesnar is beside himself, not believing Taker just kicked out. Brock holds up three fingers to Charles Robinson saying "that was three!" but the ref shakes his head, showing Brock it was only a two count. Brock Lesnar winces in pain as he struggles back to a vertical base, a little groggily after the Last Ride he got earlier. Lesnar glares down at The Undertaker who begins to stir, furious he kicked out of the F5. Brock sets himself, readying for another one, yelling out "Come on Taker! Get your ass up!" as Big Evil grabs onto the ring ropes to help him up. Taker reaches his feet and Lesnar LOADS HIM UP FOR ANOTHER F5...BUT TAKER ELBOWS AWAY AT LESNAR! Brock drops Taker after copping a series of elbows to the face and staggers away. Brock shakes the cobwebs loose and turns around into Undertaker who SCOOPS HIM UP FOR THE TOMBSTONE...BUT LESNAR DROPS OUT THE BACK, SPINS TAKER AROUND AND GETS HIM UP...AND NAILS A SECOND F5! Lesnar hooks back both legs of The Undertaker, hoping to put the American Bad Ass away 1...2...3!

Winner @ 19:47 - Brock Lesnar

The arena erupts as Brock Lesnar manages to retain in one hell of a back and forth match. Charles Robinson raises Lesnar's hand into the air and then hands Brock the title. Lesnar hugs the belt tightly, pleased to have retained. Brock Lesnar mounts the turnbuckle and raises the belt above his head into the air, savoring the reaction from the fans

Fade to black


Alright so yeah, all feedback gets returned as soon as I can, that's a promise. Congrats to JBWinner, TKOW and Stojy who all totalled 9/13 possible points in the Predictions contest. Credits on the way. Not one person got the match order correct btw. Anyways yeah, enjoy and all that. <3


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