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Re: Renegade Presents: WWE 2003 - Now Go Home And Get Your Fucking Shinebox

Raw Feedback

Liked the arrogance of The Rock, esepcially that line about ratings. Him calling out Steiner after what happened last week was natural, and Steiner was good when he answered the call he had some good comments, especially the Vanilla Ice one. Typical chicken shit heel stiff from Rocky, liked the use of 3 Minute Warning to sfoten Steiner up ahead of the main even tonight. Real strong segement to open the show.

Interesting little segment between the Evolution guys. The fear of Goldberg is interesting, but I'm sure you'll save that for a ppv at least. But the segment got the point across that Hunter is fearful of 'The Berg'. Lol at going from Goldberg to Xpac. What a comedown. Surprised Pac got so much offense in early on, but obv that Trips is winning here. Was a nice momment to see the two former DX memebrs go at it, and will be interesting to see if you do anything with Pac in the future.

Solid enough from Test, adding a little hype to the match. The match itself was very interesting, what with Test hitting Stacy, suggesting a break up between the two. If this turns into Stacy somehow costing Test the IC strap then it would be massive for Christian heading forward.

Meh at Kane and RVD being friendly. Let's have them baying for each other's blood!

Decent enough match here, with Trish as champion getting the pin a smart move. Maybe it could also lead to something for the Dudleyz and Thuggin' and Buggin' down the line. The post match attack was the important part, and it worked fine to progress the feud between Trish and Victoria.

Good promo from jericho, would have been nice to have read it in full. Some very smart lines throughout, liked the comment about Nash being in the hospital bed next to Michaels, that was a nice touch. Everything seemed to connect nicely from what Jericho put forward, and the cheat heat throughout was solid. Nice promo to keep everything ticking over between Jericho and Nash.

Gosh, when you compare Xpac to Batista it's no comparison really. Loved the mayhem of the ending, with the ref bump, and the beatdown, and here comes 'The Berg'! A bit time win for Batista, despite how it came about, and once again everything seemed to tie in nicely. I personally am not a fan of I Quit Matches, as I always think they're very hard for faces to lose, so while on hand I dunno why you've gone to this, I'm intrigued to see the match as the finish will be very interesting.

Nice week sounds beast, looking forward to it.

Should have seen this coming tbh what with Regal and Storm still chasing the champs. I'm happy they're still involved in the title hunt, and this outcome might leave the door open for Test to get a shot.

Nice hype from Steiner for the main event, and another solid match added to next week.

Crazy main event for Raw, but I guess that was the nature of the beast back in those days. Dunno how I feel about only a chair being used, am I wrong in thinking Steiner's weapon of choice was a steel pipe? Have I made that up? Anyway, seemed a real battle, and the finish was exciting. Steiner gets the win, and with the series even, is there a third match in the future? Anyway, good way to finish a very solid show.

Smackdown Feedback

After last week, opening with Brock makes sense. It could have been Angle after what he did to Hogan, but Brock is fine. it was certainly different to see Brock verbally kick his own ass to start things. And the humility continued throughout. Can't say I rememebr too many times I've heard that from Lesnar, so at least you were different. Here comes Undi (last time, I swear ) Um, with regards to you losing work, if you're using firefox may I suggest an add on called Lazarus. It saves work you enter into forum forms automatically. Saved my ass a few times. Anyway, the brawl was good, building on what happened last week, and I liked the F5 through the table. I'm a fan of big spots like that being turned around, so good job with that. Overall, a real good way to start.

another good Cena rap. Impressed again. Made sense for Rey to win, evening things up, but the attack afterwards was the big moment. Brutal stuff from Cena using the chain. Liked that a lot, and this feud continues to build.

And this is what I was looking forward to, the poker segments. And of course The APA are gonna win. Brawl later in the show imo.

Well we know you're high on Kanyon, but much like last week, he's not winning here. Although he seemed competitve once again.

Funaki as announcer! <3 Pretty short from Show, but got his message across fine, adding an element of revenge to tonight's match.

A simple promo from Big Show, but it worked just fine, shaking off the loss to ĎTaker back at WrestleMania well and giving the big man a real purpose in his match tonight. I canít see him winning, but itís still good to see him maybe having a reason to.

Lol at Haas and Benjamin trying to hustle The APA. That's not gonna end well.

A good way to build towards the four way CW match, and I'm glad Matt and Co. got their heat back after an awful week for them last week. The action was good throughout, perhaps the faces worked a little too well since they're scheduled to be opponents at the PPV, but apart from that this was fine.

Wow, big time promo bewteen Austin and Angle. You captured the way Austin interacts with the crowd pretty well, Austin was good throughout. Massive match for Judgment Day, and having seen what he did to Hogan, I gotta go with Angle to win, with Kurt moving on to challenge for the gold. Austin may have won the promo battle here, but Angle will win the war this Sunday imo.

It was logic to book Benoit/Awesome after what went down last week. Both men looked good throughout, as did Rhyno in the way he got a little revenge. Some real solid booking here, with everything ticking along nicely. And the match announcement for Judgment Day only adds to that.

Not sure what to make of this match other than FBI picked up a dirty win over two jobbers. Not sure who benfits from that tbh.

Lol at Haas and Benjamin being hustlers but getting busted. Spinebuster through the table means game, but this was good for what it was and I'm glad it carried on throughout the show. Gonna go with Team Angle to retain at JD, but this was an enjoyable set of segments.

Considering Big Show was involved, this was never going to be the most exciting of main events, but it was good enough and gave Undetaker a good win heading into his match with Lesnar. The staredown between the two was a good final image before he hit Judgment Day, once again hyping the show. Btw, Big Show not on the card this Sunday? Surprising tbh.

Overall, I enjoyed Smackdown more than Raw. Maybe cos it was in full, iunno. Anyway, a good go home show. And finally, predictions...

7. WWE Championship Match
The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar (c)

6. Singles Match
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle

3. United States Championship Match
Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit (c)

5. WWE Tag Team Championships Match
The APA vs The World's Greatest Tag Team (c)

1. Grudge Match
Rey Mysterio vs John Cena - Yeah, yeah, kick off the show with a face winning, blah, blah. Fuck that, kick off with an exciting match and a win for the rising star.

4. ECW Rules Match
Rhyno vs Mike Awesome

2. WWE Cruiserweight Championship; Fatal 4 Way Match
Chavo Guerrero vs Billy Kidman vs Tajiri vs Matt Hardy (c)


1. Predict the match order. Yip
2. How many title changes will occur (if any)? One.
3. What will be the longest match? Taker/Lesnar
4, What will be the shortest match? Rhyno/Awesome.
5. Who will take the fall in the Cruiserweight 4 Way? Tajiri.
6. Will there be any surprise appearances? If so, who? I can't think of anyone tbh. Unless you mega swerve us and have Hogan screw Angle. Apart from that I got nothin.
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