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Re: Survivor: Micronesia; Fans vs. Favourites - Day 1

Day 1

[Several shots are shown of tropical islands and beautiful ocean water. The camera then pans over to DH, who is standing on the edge of helictoper]

DH: Just below me is the beautiful waters and land of Micronesia, where 11 WF members, who are lifelong fans of Survivor (might be a stretch for some of you ) will be marooned for 30 days as they participate in one of the most thrillion variations of Survivor to date.

[Shot of the Fans looking focused as they are paddled into shore]

DH: But what they don't realize is that they will be going up against 11 of their favourite Survivors of all time - the Favourites.

[Shot of the Favourites looking determined]

[Some more quick shots of dangerous animals and the tropical paradise in which they live in before we see two differnt-coloured kayaks in the water]

DH: Now, these two tribes will go head-to-head in an all-out warfare. But with harsh conditions, grueling challenges, and fierce competitors, who will outlast the rest and earn the title of Sole Survivor?

... Let's find out.



The Fan's kayak pulls up to the beach where DH awaits as the castaways make their way to their tribal mat.

DH: Welcome to the 8th season of WF Survivor ... Survivor: Micronesia

[Everyone cheers in anticipation]

DH: In a matter of moments, you'll be starting your adventure. So you guys wanna see who you're going up against?

[They cheer once more]

DH: This summer will be Survivor All-Stars...

[Some more cheers ... stupid lunatic fans imo]

DH: And in preparation for what is expected to be our best season ever, we thought we'd bring back some of your favourite Survivors of all time for you to go head-to-head with.

[Everyone starts freaking out, especially Hiplop, who practically creams his pants]

DH: Come on out!

[IMPULSE walks out the jungle with his usual swag on]

DH: IMPULSE, from Survivor: Australia.

[IMPULSE owning someone in a challenge]

DH: CM Dealer, from Survivor: North America.

[CM Dealer strategizing]

DH: Rising, from Survivor: Vietnam

[Rising collecting firewood for the tribe while making alliances]

DH: TheIrishProdigy, from Survivor: The United Kingdom

[TIP trying to start a fire, but failing miserably]

DH: Roy no wait Rigor, from Survivor: Botswana

[Roy making a deal with the infamous Postage]

DH: RKO920, from Survivor: North America

[RKO920 using all of his grit in a tough challenge]

DH: sXe_Maverick, from Survivor: The Greek Islands

[sXe fishing with some of his fellow tribemates]

DH: Lostfap (girly screams) ... from Survivor: Vietnam

[Lostfap working extremely hard to win Immunity]

DH: Mr. Lawls, from Survivor: The United Kingdom

[Mr. Lawls looking exhausted during a challenge, yet still competing]

DH: Fail, from Survivor: WrestlingForum

[Fail getting quite involved in the camp life, creating drama with the Kangaroo Kliq ]

DH: And last, but certainly not least, MetalX, from Survivor: WrestlingForum

[MetalX ownin' kids, playing Idols and winning games.]

DH: Fans - get a good look at this tribe of Favourites. These guys are the expert. They've been here before, so they all know the ropes to the game. If you wanna win, you're gonna have to get through the pros, and considering Postage isn't playing, there's hope for that to happen.

It's now time for your first task. Across the water on that island over there (pointing) are your tribe boats - the boats you use to get to Tribal Council and to get to challenges. Attached to each tribe boat is an Immunity Idol.


DH: The first person from each tribe to swim across the lagoon and retrieve the Immunity Idol will be safe from the vote the first time their tribe attends Tribal Council.

To swim, you must post this:

[Name] swims 10 metres.
[Name] has swam [X/250] metres.

***Note: There is a 2 minute time limit between posts, and remember newbies, you must post in your tribe colour (most people bold it, too, since it looks nicer and stands out more)

Good luck, and let the games begin.
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