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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

Sorry for double post (not sure who I should say sorry to seeing as I'm a mod ) but it's been nine days so whatever.

I'm bored waiting for 2-21-11 (~!) and I just watched a Chris Hero/Akira Tozawa (who I haven't seen wrestle before this) from PWG BOLA 2010 because I've never watched anything from PWG before and I got bored so I watched the match. It was a fun match so I tried out writing a Tozawa match to see how it went, and I think it went pretty well. I wrote a match between Tozawa and Jay Lethal, so if I want to use it in my TNA thread in the future then I can. Here it is, didn't see the point in making it too long so yeah.


'Tozawa Juku' hits to a lukewarm reaction as Akira Tozawa walks through the curtain. With a stern look on his face, Tozawa marches down the aisle and enters the ring, walking into the corner. 'Push It' then hits and Jay Lethal walks out, getting a good pop from the crowd. With a smile on his face, Lethal high-fives some fans on his way down the aisle before entering the ring, standing against the ropes as he and Tozawa fix their eyes on each other prior to their match.

Akira Tozawa vs. Jay Lethal

The bell rings and Akira Tozawa and Jay Lethal approach the middle of the ring, Lethal extending his hand to Tozawa... but Tozawa slaps his hand away! The crowd murmur amongst themselves as Jay looks at his hand and laughs, before slapping Tozawa across the face! Immediately after, Lethal and Tozawa lock up and they remain in the lock-up for a while until they both break out of it and Akira screams in Jay's face! The crowd are both confused and amused by Tozawa's scream at his opponent and Lethal laughs at him, pointing to him and looking around the crowd to see their reaction but Akira grabs Jay's arm and wrenches it around. Tozawa pulls Lethal in and knees him in the mid-section, trying to pull his right arm back over his right shoulder as far as it can go which causes Jay some temporary excrutiating pain. Lethal manages to spin around and he hits Akira with a forearm to the face, breaking out of the hold. Jay runs off the ropes and both competitors go for a Shoulder Block, both of them staying on their feet in the end. Both of them run off the ropes and go for it again, both of them staying up once again. After they come to a standstill, Lethal kicks Tozawa in the mid-section and applies a cravat.

Jay keeps Akira in the cravat for several moments, walking around the ring in circles whilst keeping the hold applied until Tozawa is able to push Lethal away into the ropes. Jay handstands into the ropes and goes for a spinning elbow smash but Tozawa dodges it and hits Lethal with a dropkick to the legs, which brings him down to the mat on his stomach. Tozawa rolls Lethal over onto his back and makes a quick and optimistic cover, One... Jay gets his shoulder up with ease. Both men get back to a vertical base and Akira goes for an Irish whip into the corner, Lethal countering it with an Irish whip into the corner of his own. Jay then runs towards him but Tozawa comes out of the corner and runs at Lethal, hitting him with a Frankensteiner! Akira holds onto Jay's legs behind his back as the cover is made again, One... Two... Lethal kicks out on two. Both of them get back up again and Tozawa hits Lethal with a chop to the chest, the crowd reacting with loud wooo's. Jay looks around the Frontier Park Fieldhouse before hitting Tozawa with a chop of his own, and for the next dozen seconds Lethal and Tozawa rapidly exchange chops much to the amusement of the fans.

The chop-fest is cut short when Jay ducks a chop and moves behind Tozawa, going for a Belly-to-Back Suplex. Akira flips back and lands on his feet behind Lethal, wrapping his hands around his waist and driving him forward into the corner. Tozawa rolls backwards, hoping to hold onto his opponent and pin him, but Jay holds onto the ropes into the corner and Tozawa rolls backwards into the middle of the ring alone. Both men come to a standstill before Akira quickly rises to his feet and charges at Lethal but gets a boot to the face. A groggy Tozawa staggers backwards and Lethal runs forward but Tozawa shakes off the grogginess and floors Jay with an Arm Drag. Lethal gets back up and runs at his opponent but Tozawa gets in the wheelbarrow position on him and goes up into the air, spinning around in mid-air and hitting Lethal with a Wheelbarrow Armdrag! The crowd applaud after that maneuver, chanting both 'Let's go, Lethal!' and 'Tozawa!' as Tozawa gets back up, followed by Lethal moments later. Akira grabs Jay by the head and floors him with a Snapmare.

Tozawa lets out a loud scream, before hitting Lethal with a stiff kick to the back! Akira's leg spins around and he takes a one hundred and eighty degree turn after, following up with a heel kick to the back of Lethal's neck! Tozawa subsequently runs off the ropes behind and charges forward, running off the opposite ropes before hitting Lethal with a Dropkick to the face! Tozawa then makes the cover, One... Two... Lethal kicks out! Akira gets up and gets Jay up to his feet as well. Tozawa hits Lethal with some chops to the chest before running off the ropes behind him and charging forward, but Jay quickly grabs Tozawa and throws him across the ring with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex out of no where! The crowd applaud as Lethal and Tozawa both lie on the mat on opposite sides of the ring. They stay down for several moments until both getting back to their feet at the same time. The two competitors approach each other and begin to trade right hands, the crowd cheering when both men land blows. The exchange eventually becomes a chop-a-thon, both Lethal and Tozawa landing a shedload of chops to one another until Jay blocks an attempted chop, quickly gets Tozawa in position, and hits him with the Lethal Combination out of no where!

Lethal is unable to capitalize on the big move straight away though, as he is tired from this match and it takes a few moments for him to cover Tozawa, One... Two... Tozawa gets the shoulder up on two-and-a-half! Lethal almost had the win there, but Tozawa refuses to quit now. Lethal gets back up and gets Tozawa to his feet, going behind him. Jay lifts him up in a Back Suplex position and spins around, going for the Lethal Injection but Akira slips out of Lethal's grasps and rolls forward out of harm's way. Tozawa gets up and Lethal runs at him but Tozawa slides through his legs and gets back up. Jay turns around and sees Akira, backing into the ropes before running forward but Tozawa hits Lethal with a Double Knee Drop to the shoulders, pinning them down to the mat as the pin is made! One... Two... Lethal kicks out! Another close fall in this great X Division match, and Tozawa gets up, climbing out onto the ring apron. Tozawa runs across the apron and leaps to the top rope, immediately going for a Diving Headbutt... but Lethal rolls out of the way, and Tozawa goes head-first into the canvas!

Moments later, Lethal gets to his feet and gets Tozawa up, lifting him up in a Belly-to-Back position before spinning around and nailing Tozawa with the Lethal Injection! Jay then hooks the legs as the cover is made: 1... 2... 3! Lethal picks up the victory, but Tozawa has an impressive performance in his TNA debut!

Winner - Jay Lethal (8:58)
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