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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

A video recap plays of the Smackdown and Interpromotional Matches at Wrestlemania, Chavo helping Eddie defeat Rey Mysterio, Big Show winning the sumo match, The Undertaker losing to Randy Orton, Kurt Angle defeating Shawn Michaels, John Cena defeating John Bradshaw Layfield to win the WWE Championship.

The pyro goes off and the Smackdown Theme plays throughout the arena.

Michael Cole: Welcome to WWE Smackdown, we are just several days removed from Wrestlemania 21!!!!

Tazz: That Wrestlemania had to be one of the best ever Cole, so many great matches it was just unbelievable!

“My Time is now” hits throughout the arena to a huge pop from the crowd as John Cena makes his way to the ring.

Michael Cole: We’re gonna kick the show off with the new WWE Champion…John Cena!!!

The Doctor Of Thugonomics climbs into the ring with the WWE Championship raised with his left arm. Cena points to the fans and showing that he has a great deal of respect for them. Cena now climbs to the top turnbuckle as the crowd is going wild over the new champion of SmackDown! John Cena climbs to another turnbuckle and raises the Heavyweight Title as high as he can. Pyros explode and confetti falls from the sky. John Cena jumps down from the turnbuckle and catches his breath from all the excitement. The Champion grabs a microphone as his music is cut. The fans continue to chant, “Cena-Cena-Cena!” John Cena points to the fans to show them how much he appreciates them. The Doctor waits for the fans to quiet down the begins to speak…

Cena: “…New York…”

The crowd pops again after hearing their city name heard.

Cena: “…The Champ…IS…HERE!!!!!”

The crowd erupts once again and the “Cena!” chants begin. John Cena gets them to quiet down a little so he can continue speaking.

Cena: “Wow! WrestleMania 21…the most exciting moment in my life. After just three short years, I’m on top of the World! Yeahhh!!!!”

The crowd is off their feet and giving John Cena a standing ovation.

Cena: “Like I said before…there’s people who talk about…and people who…BE about it! Well…I’m here to represent…not only the WWE…not only SmackDown…but to all of you.”

The Doctor of Thugonomics points around to the fans and they cheer a little.

Cena: “Hell…you’re the chain gang! You’re all my homies! Without you…none of this would’ve happen. That’s why…from the bottom of my heart…to all of you that stood in line for three hours to get my autograph…to those who slept in tents for a week just to get tickets to see me…to those who…can’t see me ‘cause they’re way back up in the nosebleed section…to those forced to sit and watch at home ‘cause they couldn’t afford a ticket…thank you!”

The crowd gives another standing ovation and a few whistles.

Cena: “WrestleMania is indescribable…my first WrestleMania, I beat Big Show for the United States Title. It was a hell of a moment and I thought there was no way I was going to top that but…I did it! And you know…I have to thank JBL too. He put up a heck of a fight…the longest reigning champion in ten years…the self-proclaimed wresting…god. Bradshaw…there’s one flaw in your strategy…I noticed it…I don’t know if anybody else noticed it…but you’re missing support. Hell, I used to be like you…trashing every wrestler…talking smack to the fans…but when you earn their respect…when they follow your every move…they give you that adrenaline rush that you need in desperate times….they are the sixth man…they are your defensive back…they drive you to do the very best you can do! With them…I am untouchable! With them…I’m the man! With them…you can’t see me!”

“Longhorn” begins to play over the PA system and the white stretch limo pulls into the arena. It stops in the aisleway and the limo driver comes out. He goes all the way to the end of the long vehicle and opens the door for the former champion, John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL comes out in his suit with an angry look on his face. He slowly climbs into the ring as the crowd boos him the entire time. The music stops playing and the fans quiet down. JBL grabs a microphone and gets ready to speak.

Cena: “Surprise…surprise…surprise…It’s J…B…L! Now…why would JBL be out here interrupting the new WWE Champion?”

JBL: “You know damn well why I am out here tonight! Due to your actions at WrestleMania…I have no other option but to challenge you right here…right now for the WWE Championship! It says so in my contract that I can have a rematch anytime…anywhere…so let’s go right now!”

Cena: “Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah! Hang on there a sec Skippy…you can’t be just jumping out here challenging the champ like that…show some respect.”

JBL: “Respect? You want ME…a high class…wealthy…successful man to show respect to you low-life, egotistical punk? I don’t think so! You’re nothing but a piece of garbage! Whenever I look at MY Heavyweight Title…and read your nameplate across it rather than mine…it makes me feel sick! I actually want to vomit every time I hear your name and WWE Champion in the same sentence! And here you are talking about respect…you with that title around your waist…the very title that I held onto longer than anybody else in the past decade…THAT is disrespectful…that is throwing the class…the dignity…the prestige all out the window. That title with you is about as worthless as your career!”

The fans boo emphatically now as JBL and John Cena stare each other down.

Cena: “So that’s what you want to do? You want to stir the pot a little more? You want your rematch right now? Let me tell you something…now that this is with me…I’m not letting go that easily! Because tonight…you’re not just facing me…you’re facing the ENTIRE Chain Gang! And we’re here to represent in this house!!!!!!!”

The crowd erupts into a frenzy. The champ waits for them to quiet down and continues what he was going to say.

Cena: “Even if we are here…in your hometown of New York City…it seems like I’ve still got the home field advantage. Hell, whether we’re in Iraq…Japan…or the good old U.S.A…nobody seems to like you! But back to business…we’re in MSG baby!!!!! You know what that means? We’re gonna have to blow the roof of this joint! And you know how we’re gonna do that? Thugonomics Style baby!!!!!!”

The crowd erupts and JBL is trying to get them to shut up. Just then, “Mac Militant” begins to play and General Manager, Theodore Long makes his way to the ring. He has a microphone in hand and ready to make an announcement.

Long: “It seems to me…that we have a problem…with you two getting along! …So…it’s true that in the contract at WrestleMania, JBL did sign the rematch clause….and I’m proud to say we’re in Madison Square Garden! But most importantly…we have a new champion! Congratulations John Cena…you’re going to have many challenges ahead of you…and your first one…is tonight! It will be a WrestleMania rematch tonight for the WWE Championship!”

The crowd erupts and Cena gets them worked up too over the match. JBL seems pleased as well with that announcement. Long gets them to quiet down.

Long: “But we don’t want just any kind of match…no, no…we’re gonna do this, like John Cena said…Thugonomics style! Which means…for the first time in the history of Smackdown…we’re gonna have a Thugonomics Match! Ya feel me? Now…let me hear everybody…if you like the sound of tonight’s main event…gimme a holla holla!”

The fans yell out, “Holla! Holla!” as they continue to cheer. JBL and John Cena stare each other down with evil glares in their eyes as the cameras cut to a commercial break.


Cole: We’re back to SmackDown! And ladies and gentlemen…just a few moments ago, we witnessed a great moment. It was the dawning of a new era here for SmackDown…it’s John Cena’s time! Then General Manager, Theodore Long came out and made a Thugonomics Match between the two tonight for the WWE Championship.”

Tazz: “I think the question in everybody’s mind is what in the hell a Thugonomics Match is.”

Cole: “Exactly. But folks…at WrestleMania, during the Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio match, Chavo Guerrero got involved and helped Eddie win the match. Los Guerreros are reformed…but the question I want answered is what becomes of the tag team titles?”

Tazz: “You know what, I’m not sure. I’ve never seen this happen where reigning tag team champions turn on each other and go their separate ways like that. I’m sure the GM will think of something.”

…Oooooo Chavo…

Chavo Guerrer’s music hits and he comes out with Eddie Guerrero in the lowrider to huge heat from the crowd.

Tazz: "This is what Rey Mysterio has been wanting all week long…he’s gonna be stepping into the ring with Chavo Guerrero to try and gain some redemption costing him a match at WrestleMania 21.”

A video recap of Eddie Guerrero against Rey Mysterio is shown with Chavo helping Eddie win.

Chavo Guerrero (w/Eddie) vs. Rey Mysterio


Chavo Guerrero goes for a Gory Bomb but Rey counters into a sunset flip…




Rey Mysterio delivers an arm drag on Chavo who gets up quickly. Rey hits another arm drag followed by several right hands to the forehead. Rey Mysterio quickly climbs up the turnbuckle and comes off with a hurricanrana followed by the cover but he gets no count as Eddie jumps up onto the apron to distract the referee. Rey breaks the pin and runs at Eddie delivering a dropkick to the knee causing Eddie to fall face first into the ring apron. The distraction allows Chavo to nail Rey from behind. Chavo delivers several right hands on Rey causing him to stagger across the ring. Chavo then runs at Rey but Rey hits a drop toe hold sending Chavo onto the middle rope. Mysterio signals for the 619 and runs off the ropes but gets tripped up by Eddie Guerrero. Eddie then drags Mysterio out by his feet and whips him HARD into the steel steps causing the referee to signal for the DQ.

Winner: Rey Mysterio by DQ

Eddie throws Rey back into the ring and climbs in himself. Los Guerreros begin stomping away at Rey Mysterio. Eddie signals for Chavo to get a steel chair. Chavo grabs a steel chair and comes into the ring. Eddie holds up Mysterio and Chavo strikes him in the head with a chair, Eddie then flings down Mysterio. Los Guerreros taunt the crowd to huge heat before leaving.

Cole: "That was uncalled for, Rey Mysterio had the match won and that damn Eddie Guerrero attacked him!"

Tazz: "Well Mysterio needs help to the back here Cole, there’s no doubt, Los Guerreros definitely did a number on Rey Mysterio."

Cole: "Yeah to say the least…they cracked his skull with the damn steel chair!! Wait…what’s this? I’m being told that we understand Josh Matthews is standing by with Los Guerreros."

We cut backstage to see Josh Matthews standing with Los Guerreros on either side of him.

Josh: "Eddie Guerrero moments ago you attacked Rey Mysterio when he clearly had your nephew Chavo beaten…"

Chavo: "Woah, hold on a second Josh, he didn’t have me beaten…"

Eddie: "You want to know why I attacked Rey? You wanna know why I attacked my pal, Rey Mysterio? He took advantage of me homes! He rode my coattail! I worked my ass off to give myself a name and he was taking it away from me! Just look at WrestleMania shall we? I mean…last year I was in SmackDown’s main event taking on Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship. Now…look at me…I had a hard time beating Rey Mysterio. Why? Because he’s been holding me back, Essa! I’m not a tag team wrestler anymore! I proved that wrong at No Way Out last year…when I defeated Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship! I’m a former WWE Champion Essa…I shouldn’t be opening up WrestleMania! I am Latino Heat! I am Eddie Guerrero! I am the best pure entertainer there is today! Rey Mysterio is nothing but a glory hog…and I needed to take care of him before he did any more damage! Now you see what I mean…Essa?"

Josh: Uh…"

Chavo: “Eddie…screw this guy…let’s go out and celebrate homes!”

Eddie and Chavo start talking about their family then bump into Theodore Long.

Long: “Now listen up! I can not…have not…will not stand for actions like I just seen out there…and like the stunt you two pulled at WrestleMania! Now…I know there’s a lottery draft coming up where all the SmackDown wrestlers will be there, and personally…I would love to see the two of you outta here! Because you’re nothing but trouble! However…if you do stay…Eddie Guerrero…like it or not, you are still tag team champions with Rey Mysterio! Therefore…next week…it’s going to be Rey Mysterio…and a partner of his choice…against Los Guerreros! And if I see anything going on…any funny business at all…you’ll both be out of a job! Now holla back playa!”

Long smiles and pats Los Guerreros on the backs then walks off. Eddie and Chavo are pissed off.


A short video is shown of the phenomenal match between HBK Shawn Micheals and Kurt Angle. The video then cuts to Kurt Angle who is in the ring.

Kurt: “Now…at WrestleMania 21…I defeated Shawn Micheals. That’s right! Your Olympic Hero is still the man! I did everything I said I was…from accomplishing everything Shawn did in his career to beating his ass at Wrestlemania! I won the ladder match…I made Marty Janetty tap out…I made Sensational Sherri tap out…and I made Shawn Micheals tap out! Swish! Three points for Kurt right here! Wooo! But I’m not here to brag about how bad I beat a has been, I’m here to bring an issue forward. You see…while I became occupied and obsessed with defeating Shawn Micheals…I put my men on the sidelines. I completely forgot about them! I’m talking about Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak! I finally have the time to take care of this problem…both of them seem to be having their differences so I wanna resolve the issue right now! Come on guys…get out here!”

Both Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak walk out at the same time, keeping a close eye on each other. They step into the ring and Kurt asks them off the microphone what’s wrong with them. Both competitors aren’t talking so Angle gives them both a slap to wake up to.

Kurt: “What the hell is wrong with the both of you?! I take you under my wing! I take you and try to make you become the best that you can be! I give you the chance to make a name for yourselves and you blow it all away? Not on my watch! Mark…what did knocking out Luther Reigns get for you? Huh? NOWHERE!”

Luther Reigns starts chuckling.

Kurt: “Shutup Luther! I took you from a semi-recognized actor…brutal thug…ass whooping machine…and I tried transforming you into a decent wrestler. But all you can do is make an ass out of yourself trying to tip over a Jeep. What the hell?”

Both competitors are quiet again.

Kurt: “You both…obviously don’t remember anything I taught you. Teamwork is everything! I won’t stand for this! Luther…you’re going to be the referee…next week though…since we’re going to be in Phoenix, Arizona…I suggest you get ready because you’re going to be facing me in my hometown hero challenge. As for you Mark Jindrak…today’s your lucky day because tonight…we’re in New York…just like you! Now ring the bell!”

Cole: “What?”

Tazz: “Ring the bell…you don’t think that…”

Hometown Hero Challenge: Kurt Angle Vs. Mark Jindrak


Mark Jindrak has Kurt Angle up in a military press. The veteran, Kurt Angle shifts his weight, drops to his feet, sweeps the leg of Mark Jindrak and applies the Ankle Lock! Mark Jindrak tries to desperately hang on but to no avail because within a minute or so…Jindrak taps out!

Winner: Kurt Angle by Submission

Kurt Angle celebrates his victory pointing to Luther Reigns that he is next. Cameras cut backstage to Paul London who is doing a handstand and holding position very well. Someone walks by the Cruiserweight Champion and gives him a hard kidney slap. Paul London buckles to the floor and looks up to see Spike Dudley.

Spike: “I’ll see you in the ring. I can’t wait to be Cruiserweight Champion again!”

London: “What makes you say you’re going to win?”

Spike: “I’m the boss! I always win!”

Spike boots London in the face and walks away.

Cole: “Next, ladies and gentlemen, the Cruiserweight Championship is on the line as Paul London defends against…Spike Dudley! We’ll be back!”


WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: Paul London(c) Vs. Spike Dudley


Paul London bodyslams Spike near the corner and taunts the crowd. They rise to their feet as the Cruiserweight Champion climbs up to the top turnbuckle. He signals for the 450 splash and goes for it however, Spike Dudley slides out of the ring! Spike gets back in the ring quickly and picks up Paul London. He gets ready to deliver the Dudley Dog until…

A long, rocket-like pyro dives from the center of the arena to the titantron and sets off a few more. The Dudleys come out to their theme music and seem happy to be back on SmackDown. Spike smiles too, seeing that his brothers are back with him. The Dudleys come into the ring and they both give Spike a hug. Spike is loving this moment and tells them to pick up Paul London and give them the 3D. D-Von goes over to pick up London as Bubba gives Spike a long hug and picks him up too. D-Von picks up London and puts him up against the corner. D-Von turns around and delivers a shocking 3D to Spike Dudley! The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Spike Dudley by DQ

Bubba gives D-Von a quick shove and tells him to get the tables. D-Von darts to the outside and pulls out a table from under the ring. They set it up and Paul London quickly leaves the ring to avoid trouble. Bubba sits on the top rope as D-Von sets up the table. D-Von picks up Spike and places him on Bubba’s shoulder. Bubba powerbombs Spike through the table and then the Dudleys celebrate.

Cole: “What a return for Bubba Ray and D-Von.”

Tazz: “But why would they attack their brother and boss?”

Cole: “Maybe because they’re tired of being bossed around.”

Tazz: “That’s not fair. It’s not Spike’s fault.”

Cole: “Anyways, ladies and gentlemen, this past week on Raw, it was announced that a lottery draft will occur this coming Monday. You know what that means Tazz?”

Tazz: “Yeah…we’re gonna get five new superstars from Raw. Can you imagine if we got a Triple H or Chris Benoit?”

Cole: “That would be awesome. But that also means we have to lose five SmackDown superstars. Imagine if we lost Kurt Angle and Undertaker…”

Tazz: “You can’t think like that Cole…think on the bright side. That’s what I always do. Anyway…let’s take a look at the Raw Rebound.”

Clips are shown of Raw this past Monday with Bischoff announcing the Lottery Draft. It then shows Chris Masters and Chris Benoit having an argue in the back and the main event in which Chris Jericho, Kane and Batista defeating Evolution and Gene Snitsky.

Cameras cut to a dark room where The Undertaker appears from the shadows.

Undertaker: "Randy Orton...you awakened the beast when you slapped me in the face. And at WrestleMania...you relinquished a demon...a demon that hid in the darkest of dark recesses...waiting to arise from the spirit...the spirit...of The Undertaker! I am here to issue a warning...Randy. A warning that is well deserved. Next week...you and I will meet again. Maybe not in a match, maybe not in even in the ring...but when I find you...you will...rest...in...peace!"

Undertaker rolls his eyes into the back of his head as cameras cut to commercials.


We come back from commercials and Theodore Long is in his office looking at a picture of Martin Luther King Junior.

Long: "Oh …Mr. King…I also have a dream…I have a dream of prosperity…a dream of victory…a dream…of SmackDown’s prosperity. And that prosperity…lies within a certain superstar…that superstar is…”

Voice: “Carlito…Caribbean…Cool!”

The camera cuts to Carlito who just snuck into the General Manager’s office.

Long: “Carlito…I see you’re done sweeping the basement. I have another job for you…”

Carlito: “No! All these jobs you’re giving me…all this disrespect that you’re showing to Carlito…that’s not cool! But let me tell you what is cool…I have the doctor’s orders…the papers are coming in this weekend…Carlito will be able to compete in the ring. Now…that’s cool!”

Long: “That is definitely cool! Now let me tell ya playa…next week…if you’re still with us on SmackDown…you’re going to be in a match…with the WWE Champion whether it be John Cena or John Bradshaw Layfield.”

Carlito: “That’s cool! But you know what’s even cooler? Carlito Caribbean Cool…WWE…Champion!”

Long: “That might be cool to you…but you’re gonna have to wait because the match is going to be a non-title match! Ya feel me? Holla back!”

Carlito seems pissed off as he takes a big bite into his apple. Long walks out of his office and Carlito spits out his apple on the floor.

Carlito: “That’s not cool!”

The camera focuses on Carlito before cutting to John Bradshaw Layfield standing by with Josh Matthews.

Josh: “JBL…tonight you face John Cena in a WWE Title Match…but the deal is…it’s a Basic Thugonomics Match! We don’t know what the rules are…what’s your strategy going into this?”

JBL: “Pain! My plan is to inflict as much pain as possible on that piece of garbage, John Cena! That lowlife punk is going to get the beating of his life. I was WWE Champion longer than any other wrestler in the past decade! His win at WrestleMania was nothing…but a fluke! Nobody beats JBL and gets away with it. I am a wrestling…GOD! Tonight…I guarantee…victory!”

Tazz: “Strong words from JBL.”

Cole: “Ladies and gentlemen…our main event is next…John Cena defending the newly won WWE Championship against JBL in a Basic Thugonomics Match. After this commercial break.”


Chimel: “Ladies and gentlemen…this is the Basic Thugonomics Match. Now in this match…the only way to score a victory by pinfall or submission. Weapons of all kinds are scattered on the ropes and around ringside related to thug life.”

Basic Thugonomics WWE Championship Match: John Cena(c) Vs. JBL


John Bradshaw Layfield picks up the chain and padlock and whips it across Cena’s spine. JBL waits for Cena to get up and attempts the Closeline From Hell. Cena dodges it then kicks Bradshaw in the mid-section and picks the challenger up for the FU. Layfield slides off Cena’s shoulders and attempts a Powerbomb now. Cena counters by standing up with JBL on his back and delivering the FU! Cena goes for the cover…




Winner: Still WWE Champion…John Cena!!!!!!!

John Cena celebrates with the fans in their seats as JBL retreats in pain to end the show.

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