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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar

Sorry this took me so long. Have had a busy week.

Iím glad you went into more detail with the opening promo. Certainly gave a greater sense of the situation. I liked the way you wrote Jericho, although off the top of my head I canít really remember what his character was like back in those days. I always like Jericho referencing the night he beat Austin and Rock, so nice on including that. Edge out, but without the briefcase? Iíd have thought he would have brought down with him, to once again threaten to use it, especially after last weekís main event. Bischoff out, and while it all makes sense for him to make the match, I wonder about two heels being in the main event. Although maybe by the way you wrote the crowd reaction Jericho is in line for a face turn? Anyway, an improvement on last week, with Jericho shinning through.

Yeah, I gave my opinion on the tag champs last week, so I guess this follows on from that. Conway and Murdoch teaming is tad odd. Canít see them being any challenge tbh. Champs go over, as expected, so Iím really wondering what youíll do with them at Backlash. Looking at the roster I dunno who they could go against. I think I said Christian and Tomko last week, but apart from them there isnít much. Anyone but The Hearthrobs plz.

Hassan and Benjamin was definitely the best feud you created last week, so nice to see it continue. Hassan was well written, although maybe a tad OTT with the whole death threat bit. Shelton is just... hard to write really. Anyway, segment was fine, leading to a brawl, with Shelton looking good out of it. Title match announcement should happen soon.

Slipped back into old habits with the Triple H interview. Again, very short. Would like to have heard more.

Christian/Matt would have been a very solid match back in the day. One thing Iíve just realise, but putting match times at the end would be a nice touch. Doesnít necessarily have to be represented by the volume of words you put into it, but a rough idea of how long a match went always helps imo. The video idea was pretty cool, handing Christian the win and continuing the Matt/Kane feud. Liked that, good stuff. And the little follow up with Bischoff.

Lol @ Michaels/Viscera. ĎHBKí deserves better, even if it was just a squash match. Again, nice feud progression with the Orton attack. Iíd have really liked to have seen Orton grab a mic after this though, standing over Michaels and saying that Ďlegend of HBK is killedí line for us all to hear. Having an intense promo after the attack would have suited better than the interview with Grisham.

Main event time, and we havenít heard from Batista all night. An interview with him earlier in the evening, discussing the events of last week and his opinions on being the ref for tonight is something that really should have happened. All hell breaks loose, and Iím glad that Batista got back some of the momentum he lost last week.

Overall, and improvement over last weekís Raw. The opening promo was much better, and you continued to develop feuds. Again though, a few promos were short and felt a bit forced. Try and have a more natural flow to the way the characters speak. But definite signs of improvement, which is always a good thing.
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