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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar

WWE Smackdown! 4/15/05- United Center, Chicago, Illinois

Opening video plays and pyro hits.

Michael Cole: Hello everybody and welcome to Friday Night Smackdown! Iím Michael Cole alongside Tazz and partner, what a show we have lined up here tonight!

Tazz: These folks in Chicago better be ready Cole. We have got ourselves a blockbuster show baby.

Michael Cole: JBL meets Booker T in our main event later for a place in the semi-finals of the #1 contenders tournament!!

Cole is cut off as ĎOne of a kindí hits to a rousing response as Rob Van Dam makes his way to the ring.

Michael Cole: Speaking of the #1 contenders tournament, we are kicking things off with Rob Van Dam one on one with Kurt Angle!!

Tazz: Cole, this is gonna be summin special lemme tell ya. When ya got two guys with the skill of Van Dam and Angle goiní at it, we are gonna be in for a treat here tonight.

ĎMedalí hits as Angle makes his way down to the ring to a chorus of boos.

Michael Cole: Well, Kurt Angle is on a roll Tazz. At Wrestlemania he beat the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and last week he decimated Shannon Moore. RVD is going to have to be on his game here tonight to get past Kurt Angle.

Tazz: Ainít no doubt about it Cole. I havenít seen Angle this focused, this intense for, well, for as long as I can remember.

Match One- Singles match- #1 contenders tournament

Kurt Angle vs RVD

The bell rings and Van Dam immediately goes after Angle, Angle though takes Van Dam down with a go behind before trying to take RVD with a head scissors. Van Dam counters however and kicks Angle square in the mouth, knocking Angle flat out and going for an early pinfall, but the Olympic champion kicks out at one.

Van Dam goes for an early attempt at rolling thunder but Angle was playing possum and gets up to take Van Dam down with an arm drag as he goes to work on the left arm of RVD. Angle has the left arm of Van Dam being stretched at its fullest as the crowd starts an RVD chant. The adrenaline kicks in and RVD forces himself up and out of the predicament, going to work on Angle with a series of hard kicks, but Angle ducks one to the head and hitís a brutal belly to belly suplex on Van Dam before posing for the crowd. The boos ring through the United Center as Angle is back in control.

Angle goes right back after Van Dam, picking him up to his feet and running him into the ropes before attempting a clothesline but RVD ducks, Angle attempts a second one but Van Dam ducks again and connects with a vicious spinning heel kick to a big pop from the crowd. Cover by RVD, 1-2-kick out by Angle!

RVD then goes to the top rope, is he gonna attempt a frog splash here? The crowd are on their feet but Angle is back to his feet. Van Dam though hitís a dropkick from the top rope!! Angle though rolls out of the ring with the force of that kick as RVD does his signature crowd pose of the thumbs to the shoulders mouthing ĎR-V-Dí with the fans fully behind Mr.Friday Nights!!

We go to a commercial as the match continues

We return with Angle now being in control and having a headlock in on Van Dam. We are shown replays of what happened during the break which showed RVD going outside the ring to try and get Angle back in but Angle took Van Dam down and threw him into the steel steps, allowing him time to regroup inside the ring.

Angle continues to apply pressure in the headlock but Van Dam begins to find his feet as he hits some hard elbows to the gut of Angle with the former champion losing grip of the hold and Van Dam hitting Angle with some hard right hands before going at angle big time with some huge kicks to the ribs. Van Dam then whips Angle into the corner and hitís a running knee right to the temple of Angle!! Angle drops to the mat and Van Dam goes up high and attempts and hitís a split legged moonsault!! This one could be over!! 1-2-3-NO!! Angle kicks out at the last split second as Van Dam looks on in disbelief.

Van Dam waits for Angle to rise once more as he goes for another one of his hard kicks to the ribs but Angle catches the leg of Van Dam and heís got the Ankle lock locked in now!! Will Van Dam tap? Van Dam is in a lot of pain as Angle roars loudly, knowing heís got his opponent right where he wants him.

Van Dam is squirming, trying desperately to get to the ropes but Angle is applying pressure hard on RVDís left ankle. Van Damís hand goes to tap but he refuses to give up and gets ever closer to the ropes, he reaches out one more time and he reaches the ropes!! The crowd cheers like crazy as Angle cannot believe he didnít finish it off.

Angle then pulls down the straps on his attire and goes to pick RVD up, in position for the Angle slam, Angle hits it!! No!! Van Dam lands on his feet and hitís the VANDAMINATOR!! RVD goes up to the top rope, heís gonna hit the 5 star frog splash!!

But wait, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! Melina comes down to the ring. What does she want?! RVD is distracted and Melina gets on the apron to confront RVD. The referee tries to deal with her but with RVDís back turned, Nitro and Mercury enter the ring through the crowd !! They hit Van Dam with the snapshot!! Angle is back to his feet now and goes for the cover!! 1-2-3, Angle advances to the semi-finals!!

Winner: Kurt Angle

Michael Cole: DAMN IT!! What the hell was that for?! Rob Van Dam was heading to the semi finals!! Rob Van Dam was heading to face The Big Show and those punks MNM had to come out here and cost him the match!!

Tazz: Well Cole, I think RVD ainít gonna be putting this trio down anymore. MNM have made yet another big impact here tonight thatís for sure.

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle has escaped here tonight but by god did he have a huge slice of luck, with MNM sticking their noses in.

Tazz: Hey, it doesnít matter how the job gets done, Angle got it done here tonight.

We head to a video package, the same one as last week for Judgement Day before returning backstage to find MNM walking down the halls when Josh Matthews enters to try and get a word from the trio.

Matthews: Melina, Nitro, Mercury, could I just get a few comments on what transpired out there in the RVD-Kurt Angle match?

Melina: Josh, last week RVD told us we didnít deserve anything here on Smackdown. He told us that weíd only been here five minutes and that we donít deserve to be handed things.

Melina: Well Rob you just got your ass handed to you haha. You wanna stick your nose in our business? Try us and the same thing will happen then as what happened tonight. Címon boys, weíve got a party to get to.

The trio leave the arena to boos as we return to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Wow, Melina sure thinks sheís somethingí huh Tazz?

Tazz: Well Cole, I think the message is loud and clear, the way I see it these guys wanna make an impact and theyíre doiní it in a big way.

Michael Cole: Well I canít wait for when Rob Van Dam gets his hands on Mercury and Nitro thatís for sure.

Ď Hey Youí hits as Paul London makes his way out to the ring with his partner for the evening, Brian Kendrick.

Michael Cole: Here comes a man though who is certainly on a roll at this moment in time! Paul London became Cruiserweight champion a couple of weeks ago and last week he retained the title successfully against Chavo Guerrero in a great match up.

Tazz: Youíre dead on Cole. London has looked mighty impressive of late and tonight he teams with another great young talent, Brian Kendrick, be interesting to see how these two guys work together when ultimately Kendrick has gotta want that Cruiserweight title!

Michael Cole:
Come back and find out only on Friday Night Smackdown!!

We go to a commercial

We return with London and Kendrick awaiting their opponents for the evening as ĎChavo Ardienteí hits and Chavo Guerrero makes his way out to the ring with his partner for the evening, Kid Kash making his Smackdown debut.

Tazz: Wow, I did not expect Kid Kash to be Chavoís partner here tonight Cole. These two joininí forces is gonna end in big success, ainít no doubt about it. Kash is a new recruit here to Smackdown and I am lookiní forward to seeiní this.

Michael Cole: This should be a good one partner! Chavo, a former Cruiserweight champion, as is Kid Kash, two of the more experienced members of the roster up against two of the youngest, lets get this party started!!

Match two- Tag team match

Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs Chavo Guerrero and Kid Kash

Kendrick and Kash start the match off with a lot of fast paced action. Kendrick got several early roll ups and near falls on Kash who eventually got the upper hand taking down his opponent with a Springboard Sommersault dropkick, knocking Kendrick down before going for a pinfall but Kendrick kicked out at two.

Kash then went on the offensive, smashing Kendrick over the head several times before hitting a nasty elbow to the stomach of the champion. Kash then pulled his opponent over to the corner and tagged in Chavo who went straight on the offensive, hitting a nasty looking german suplex with Kendrick landing quite badly on his head. Chavo went for the pinfall but London came in to break it up! This angered Kash who came in while the referee tried to get London back in his corner, allowing Kash and Chavo to double team Kendrick, stomping away at the ribs of the youngster.

Chavo then lifted Kendrick up and whipped Kendrick into the ropes before hitting a painful looking back body drop as Kendrick seems to be really struggling in the match up. Chavo again went for a pinfall but Kendrick hung in to kick out at two. The crowd urged Kendrick on as Chavo locked a sleeper hold in, but the guts of Kendrick shone through as he brought himself back to his feet and managed to break the hold before hitting a drop kick on Chavo to give him a breather. Both men try and make their way to the corner as London is itching to get into the ring. Kendrick makes the tag!! But so does Chavo!! London and Kash go at it as London hitís a flying forearm to Kash who goes down but returns to his feet as London arm drags Kash across the ring before hitting a hard drop kick to the jaw of Kash. Chavo then tried to get back in the ring but Kendrick got back in and took the former champ over the top rope to the outside!! London and Kendrick then hit a nasty looking double DDT as London goes up to the top rope and hitís the 450 splash!! This one is over!! 1-2-3, London and Kendrick get the win as the crowd pops big time!!

Winners: Paul London and Brian Kendrick

Michael Cole: Now that was impressive Tazz!

Tazz: Big credit to London here tonight. Man, he took the match straight to Chavo and Kash and that is a big win for these two young dudes, high class match up right there, you will only find that on Smackdown!!

Michael Cole: And still to come folks, John Cena will introduce to us the new WWE title belt!! And JBL meets Booker T for a place in the semi-finals of the #1 contenders tournament!!


We return to the locker room of JBL who is standing up looking down on his cabinet members, Orlando Jordan and The Basham Brothers.

JBL: Last week. Last week was unacceptable gentleman.

The Bashams nod their head as Jordan looks down at his feet.

JBL: Last week was meant to be the first step towards me becoming WWE champion once again and what happens?!

JBL: You blow it, thatís what happens. You, you and you( JBL points at all three men one after the other) blew it.

JBL: As stupid as you three were last week, we move on. We move on to tonight, when it REALLY does matter.

JBL: Yísee Orlando was never gonna win the tournament, that was guarandamnteed. (Orlando looks pissed off at this comment) So tonight, you three make sure that I walk out of this rotten city with a place in the semi finals assured.

JBL: Cos if I donít, you can kiss goodbye following me, you can kiss goodbye making a name through me and YOU WILL KISS GOODBYE YOUR FUTURES!!

JBL: Do you understand me?

The Bashams nod in approval as Jordan continues looking down.


Jordan: John, I hear you loud and clear.

Jordan pats JBL on the chest before leaving the room, holding his U.S.Title.

JBL: What the hell is that kidís problem?

We return ringside to Michael Cole and Tazz as ĎMy Time Is Nowí hits to a thunderous ovation as John Cena makes his way out to the ring with his WWE title and a briefacse, clearly holding the new WWE title belt.

Michael Cole: The time is indeed now Tazz! John Cena, the WWE champion is all set to give us a glimpse at his new championship belt!!

Tazz: I canít wait for this Cole haha. When John Cena does something, you know itís gonna be big!!

Michael Cole: It was certainly big last week when Cena stopped JBL and his cabinet from screwing Rey Mysterio out of the #1 Contenders tournament.

Tazz: For sure, without Cena, Mysterio woulda been outta the runniní right now.

Cena: Yo yo yo, ChicaGOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

The fans pop big for this as Cena milks it as usual.

Cena: I promised that tonight would see the dawning of a new era, the dawning of the John Cena era and this baby here(tapping the briefcase) marks that new era.

Small pop.

Cena: When I asked for a new championship design, people were quick to criticise, they were quick to say ĎJohn, what are ya doing? The WWE title is as prestigious as they come, and youíre going to turn it into something else, why would you do that John?í

Cena: Well hereís why.

Cena goes into his passionate mode.

Cena: Yísee, it ainít everyday you become WWE champion. It ainít every day that you get to travel the world as the pinnacle of a company, as the guy that everybody wants to beat.

Cena: And right now, I am that guy. It donít matter whether itís Spike Dudley or Big Show, everybody wants to be in my spot, holidní what I hold.

Cena: So I made a decision, I made a choice that the title reign of John Cena wasnít going to be forgotten, the title reign of John Cena was always goiní to be remembered.

Cena: So to hell with it, I decided I may never get in this position again. Guys like Roddy Piper, Mr.Perfect, they never got to be known as the WWE champion.

Cena: Sad ainít it?

Cena: But I am!! I am the WWE champion and thatís why we gonní do things my way duriní my reign!!

Good pop here for the champion.

Cena: I wanted to do summin crazy, to make the people go wow, this Cena is summiní different.

Cena: And I ainít one to let the fans down. So without any further a due, let me introduce to you, the new WWE championship belt!! The John Cena inspired WWE championship belt!!

The tension builds as Cena is set for his reveal with the fans on the edge of their seat when surprisingly ĎBooyakaí hits.

Michael Cole: Well this is certainly a surprise Tazz! We did not expect Rey Mysterio to be a part of all this unveiling.

Well, you gotta think about these things Cole. Some people arenít gonna be happy, JBL wasnít happy last week and I got a feeliní that Rey Mysterio ainít happy with Cena either for Ďtaintingí the WWE championship.

Michael Cole: It isnít tainting Tazz.

Tazz: Hey, I agree wití ya but some people feel that way man.

Cena: Rey Mysterio, the Ultimate Underdog, what can I do for you my man?

Mysterio: John, I just came out here to say thanks for helpní me out last week man.

The fans cheers slightly for this.

Mysterio: I mean, Orlando Jordan wouldíve beaten me, I donít think thereís any doubt about it. When itís 4-on-1 itís pretty tough to stay in the game, but thanks to Booker T and thanks to you, I got through it and I appreciate it John.

Cena: Rey, it was my pleasure. I have seen enough of JBL and his bitches runniní Smackdown for too long now and I ainít about to stand for it anymore.

Cena: So as I was saying, lets introduce ourselves a new tiÖ

Mysterio: Easy John, I ainít done yet homie. Yísee while I appreciate your help, you may have made a mistake last week.

The fans seem quite confused as to what Mysterio is getting at.

Mysterio: Iím now in the semi finals of this #1 contenders tournament and that means Iím one step closer to facing you for the WWE title and believe me John, that is something you donít want. Iíve been sittiní at home all week thinkingí to myself, ĎIs Cena taking me lightly?í

Cena laughs as he realises what Mysterio is getting at.

Cena: Rey, I know your game. I know you got what it takes man. Donít fret it.

Cena: I know that if it comes down to me aní you, it ainít gonna be easy. I would never underestimate you man and last week was simply a case of me having the chance at gettiní my hands on JBL and Iím not one to pass on that offer!!

The fans cheer for this and the thought of a potential Cena-Rey match for the title.

Mysterio: John, thatís all I needed to know man. And hey, I ainít gonna hold this off any longer, so go ahead and get down to business with this championship belt.

The fans pop again as Cena looks around the crowd holding the briefcase before opening it slowly and revealing the spinner belt which we all know and love/hate. The fans are amazed by it as Cena spins the middle bit round to a big pop.

Mysterio is smiling and clapping as Cena takes the mic again.

Cena: Ladies and gentleman, how about this huh??? How do yíall like the new WWE championship belt baby?!!!?

The fans roar in approval as Cena holds his title belt high in the sky.

Mysterio: Only one thing left to say then John.

Mysterio: Hereís hoping that John Cena defends that very title against Rey Mysterrrrrrrrrrrrrio.

The fans pop huge for this.

Cena: Rey, it would be my pleasure. Good luck man.

Cena and Rey face off almost with the title belt held high and both men smiling before a handshake as Rey leaves the ring with the music of John Cena playing.

Michael Cole: Wow. Tazz, John Cena has shocked the world here tonight with that new championship belt!!

Tazz: Aw man, that is one fine lookiní championship baby. Did you see that thing spin?!

Michael Cole: Oh yeah! And how about the confrontation? Mysterio and Cena!!

Tazz: Cole, that would be one hell of a match and if Rey Mysterio does indeed win the #1 contenders tournament I would not be disappointed at all.

Michael Cole: Well, when we return Tazz, we will see Carlito go one on one with Vito, stay tuned!!


We return with Vito already in the ring as ĎCoolí hits allowing Carlito to make his way down to the ring.

Michael Cole: Well, this man has had an unfortunate seven days Tazz. Carlito thought he had the Big Show beat, he thought he was on his way to the semi finals of the #1 contenders tournament but the referee reversed the decision and Carlito lost the match up.

Tazz: Cole, these things happen, but itís important for Carlito not to dwell on it, cos this dude has talent and I predict a huge future for Carlito.

Match three- Singles match

Carlito vs Vito

The match begins with Vito taking down Carlito with a huge running knee to the head which Carlito kicked out of at two. Vito made an early attempt at a powerbomb but Carlito countered out. This then allowed the Apple Spitter to gain momentum and go on the offensive.

Carlito hit a very hard DDT that legitimately looked like it hurt the big man. Carlito then proceeded to pummel Vito with some hard rights and lefts. The referee pleaded with Carlito to stop but the former United States champion wouldnít budge and the referee called for the bell.

Winner via Disqualification: Vito

Carlito then threw his opponent outside the ring and continued to hammer away with some hard shots to the skull. Carlito then rammed Vito into the ringpost before stomping away at his opponent. The assault then continued as Carlito hit Vito brutally over the head with the ring bell as officials came down to ringside to pull Carlito away. Carlito eventually gave in and left ringside to a chorus of boos from the crowd with this vicious streak coming out of him.

Michael Cole: Well I canít believe what weíve just witnessed. Shocking actions from Carlito here tonight. Iíve never seen Carlito act this way before Tazz, what has gotten into him?

Tazz: Frustration. I think thatís the only answer Cole. When you lose a big match up like last week, it gets to you and I think Vito has felt the full force of Carlitoís frustration here tonight.

Michael Cole: Sickening display here tonight from the former United States champion folks. Sickening.

Tazz: You call it sickening, I call it impressive. If Carlito ups his game like this from now on inside the ring, heís onto a winner man.


Michael Cole: We are back on Friday Night Smackdown and folks still to come in just a matter of minutes, we have JBL going one on one with Booker T for a spot in the semi finals of the #1 contenders tournament. An old rivalry renewed here tonight!

Tazz: I am hyped for this one Cole. Two of the best in the business, should be a main event to remember thatís for sure. Booker came up short in taking the title from JBL when he was champ and you gotta be sure Booker is out for retribution here tonight.

Michael Cole: What do ya think Booker T has to do Tazz to fend off JBL and the cabinet here tonight? What kinda game plan will the former WCW champion bring with him?

Tazz: Well, you gotta believe that Booker T will look to finish this as early as possible. The longer this match goes on, the more it favours JBL. If Booker tires, then the Cabinet are gonna pick their moment and strike.

Michael Cole:
Well Tazz earlier tonight we saw Rob Van Dam cost his opportunity at reaching the semi finals, take a look if you missed it folks.

We are shown a replay of MNM costing Van Dam his match with Angle.

Michael Cole: Lets head backstage now to our colleague Josh Matthews who is standing by with the man himself RVD.

Matthews: Rob, what is your reaction to MNM interfering in your match up earlier tonight against Kurt Angle?

RVD: Josh, I was so close to beating Kurt Angle tonight and hey, I can accept when the better man wins, but tonight Kurt wasnít the better man. Kurt didnít beat me. MNM cost me.

RVD: And let me tell you, I had no problem with those guys last week when I told them to earn respect. Iíve seen it all before, young guys cominí in to the business and thinking theyíre it but they soon figure out it ainít that simple.

RVD: Next week I promise you and I promise all these fans that MNM will find out that life here on Smackdown, just ainít that simple.

RVD leaves as we return ringside. ĎCan You Dig It?í hits to a loud ovation as Booker T makes his way to the ring for the big main event match.

Michael Cole: Well some strong words from RVD there Tazz but moving along, we are all set for our main event and here comes a man who has yet to taste a World title during his time in the WWE. Could this be Booker Tís time to shine?

Tazz: It may very well be. Booker has all the attributes, all the talent to go on and face John Cena for the WWE title, though heís certainly got his hands full tonight.

ĎLonghorní hits to great heat as JBL arrives in his limo, with the Basham Brothers also appearing, however, Orlando Jordan is not the rest of the group.

Michael Cole: Here he comes, the self proclaimed ĎWrestling Godí and the man who John Cena defeated to become WWE champion at Wrestlemania!

Tazz: That loss still hurts this man Cole, I know that for a fact, that JBL is still beatiní himself up about that night, waitiní for his opportunity to win back his prized posession.

Michael Cole: Accompanied by the Bashams but no Orlando Jordan accompanying JBL here, we saw earlier a heated discussion between the two and has Orlando really turned his back on his mentor?

Tazz: I ainít buyiní it Cole. Orlando would be stupid to leave JBLís side.

Michael Cole: Time will tell thatís for sure partner.

Match four- Singles match- #1 contenders tournament

JBL vs Booker T

The match starts off with Booker T going right at JBL who backs into the ropes to get the referee to start a count as Booker eases off, but this allows Bradshaw to pummel his opponent with some ruthless right hands, but Booker fights back with some right hands of his own. The two men are fighting a real hard hitting affair here as Booker gets the upper hand and forces JBL into the corner where Booker stomps at JBLís gut before whipping him across the ring to the other corner where Booker goes running at Layfield but JBL connects with a big boot to the face of Booker!!

JBL goes for the cover but Booker kicks out at two as JBL goes to work on Booker, two elbows to the ribs of the fallen former WCW champ as Booker writhes in pain with JBL looking in a no nonsense mood. JBL then threw Booker outside the ring before following Booker to the outside. JBL then went to whip Booker in to the ring post but Booker countered and whipped JBL into the post, knocking the former champ down as Booker picks up some momentum. As the referee went to check on JBL though, the Bashams took advantage and double teamed Booker, hitting a vicious double DDT onto the mat outside the ring as the referee catches it out of the corner of his eye. The referee then banishes Doug and Danny Basham to the back!! The fans cheer massively as it is now a definite one on one match up.

As JBL gets to his feet, he realises that the Bashams have been sent to to the back and questions the referee relentlessly but the referee is having none of it as both men are now back in the ring. Booker hitís a hard kick to the face of JBL, knocking the champion down. Booker goes for the cover but itís a kick out at two.

Booker then surprisingly goes to the top rope and waits for JBL to regroup, Booker attempts a missile drop kick off the top!! Connects!! Booker is heading to the Semi Finals! Cover, 1-2- 3, NO!! JBL kicks out at the last second as the fans boo, believing that Booker had it won.

Booker looks horrified as he gets to his feet and brings JBL back up with him before again looking to whip JBL into the corner but JBL reverses and whips Booker T into the referee!! The referee is down and so is Booker T. JBL is confused with what to do next as he signals for the back, hoping for the Bashams to return back to the ring but thereís no sign of them. Booker T gets back to his feet and stares down with JBL. JBL is pleading with Booker not to do anything while the referee is down.

JBL then hits Booker with a low blow to the disgust of the fans and Michael Cole who is going crazy. Booker is down to his knees when suddenly Orlando Jordan runs down to the ring!! Jordan gets a mixed reaction as the fans wonder whether heís for or against JBL.

Jordan and JBL stare off as the referee gingerly makes his way to his feet as does Booker T. JBL mumbles to do the right thing as the fans start a small ĎOr-Lan-Doí chant, urging the U.S. champ to turn on his mentor. Jordan nails JBL with a huge uppercut!! Sending the former champion to the mat!! The crowd goes crazy!! But suddenly the referee rings the bell.

Tony Chimel: The winner of this match as a result of a disqualification- John Bradshaw Layfieldddddddd.
Booker T looks distraught as Jordan looks on, seemingly puzzled while JBL makes his way to his feet, holding his jaw. JBL then hitís a nasty clothesline from hell from behind to an oblivious Booker T before setting his sights on Orlando Jordan.

Michael Cole: Oh man, this is gonna be big!!

Tazz: Orlando is gonna pay Cole!!

JBL gets in OJís face with a look of anger and hatred which soon turns into a wry smile as JBL and Jordan embrace each other in the ring!! The crowd is going crazy at what seems to be a master plan from the Cabinet here tonight.

Michael Cole: No way, no way did this just happen!! I thought for sure that Orlando Jordan had finally stood up to JBL!! I thought Orlando Jordan had finally had enough but damn it to hell!! They were both in on it all along and JBL has screwed Booker T big time here tonight.

Tazz: Cole, this dude is a genius. JBL will always and I mean always have a plan and tonight that plan was executed to perfection. They had us all fooled, Iím shocked.

Michael Cole: Shocked is one word, but I got plenty more for JBL and the rest of the cabinet!! And I will put money on Booker T getting payback next week!!

The show ends with JBL and Orlando Jordan raising their hands up together on the ramp with huge smiles as Booker T looks on, head down in the ring with rage at what has transpired here tonight.
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