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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

I've been reading your work the last few weeks and I have to say you are quite a consistent and polished writer, so I thought I'd give you some feedback on SmackDown!...

Eww @ Batista promo. Especially as a face. Really, I think he came across a bit out of the ordinary face Tista, I just wasn't entirely feeling it when he was going on about Kennedy. Speaking of Kennedy, here he comes and this was a pick up for the segment as Kennedy shone here, really good stuff. He's good on the stick and you wrote him well, the cheap shot was typical heel action and leaving the champ busted, is gonna come back and bite him I think, but for now, puts him over as the cocky heel as he would rather admire his work rather than ruthlessly beat Batista down, which is a refreshing change as others would've had him continue the attack. After a patchy start with Batista, Kennedy made the segment much better

A no contest and the ensuing brawl is surely pointing to a Bluebirds victory at No Way Out, which I guess was always on the cards as let's face it, the Extremists aren't ever gonna be more than midcarders at this stage of their careers

Booker/Long segment was pretty well written, you got both men's ghetto babble (King breaking character a bit at the endtbh) down pat and Taker, can't see him picking HIAC. Buried Alive is a possibility, but I think Last Ride or Casket could be the way he goes in the end, either way, Booker's in trouble

lol wut @ The "Godfather" of the FBI being here. I don't recall seeing this in the last SD! I read, should be interesting to find out who it is. RATINGS for having The FBI around tbh, always good addition to the tag division

Yuck. Davairi. Future endeavour plz. Helms is the man in the CW division, sadly the faces were never winning this as you picked three jobbers really, who have no shot of winning the strap at NWO. Nice work on Helms after the match, and then all the others turning on him was awesome, only for inner bitching to fuck them over, good one Chavo you dick. DANIELSON. I was wondering if he'd come down, and quite a unique way to debut, he could very much win at NWO and go on to face Helms at mania, would be a sweet programme as you've got a good basis to build on here with Danielson smashing Helms and leaving him to the rest of the cruisers

hmm Edge's promo was solid, then Teddy banning him from the PPV makes for some interesting opportunities to tease us. Will Edge maybe go back to RAW, seeing as he hasn't signed to become a SD! star and challenge for the WHC, or will he indeed listen to Long, and wait it out before making his impact next week on the show? Well played out segment and you captured Edge pretty well with his deviousness at the end

Haha. Booker losing his accent. That was great . Really good stuff there

Kennedy gets a good win thanks to Finlay, who's gonna give Benoit a run for his money at NWO especially with Little Bastard, but I can't see him winning. This also makes Kennedy look good that he beat the US champ and a name like Benoit, without making Benoit look weak, which is smart and safe booking

Finlay promo was decent and then here comes the predictable backlash from Benoit, nice little brawl here and the face gets his revenge, which tips the balance in regards to their US Title match. Still think Benoit's retaining, but atleast now it's not gonna be obvious

La Resistance! Great to see them being used again, always thought they got jobbed after a promising first six months or so. Would like to see them take the tag gold, although I wouldn't mind some sort of clusterfuck tag feud brewing for Mania involving these teams plus The FBI and Bluebloods and Extremists, would be interesting. Anyways, Dupree winning thanks to the bitch fight at ringside points to a London/Kendrick retainment at NWO, but I don't think it'll be quite over then

lol Matt Hardy. Will it really be his year? I'm not so sure, but we'll find out come NWO

Good segment here featuring the four men at NWO for the US contendership, fuck The Miz tbh, I hate him. I can see MVP winning it, not really feeling Kane in the US scene at all, he'll be in something bigger come Mania I think. Good move by the heels beating down the face Hardy and you were smart to keep Kane off the mic and just have him demolish everyone

Pretty good main event here between Batista and King Booker, and Taker's cameo was pretty awesome, Casket match was a good choice, should be a good match and EDGE making his mark at the end of the show was quite cool too. Overall, with Taker/Booker getting their stipulation sorted, Batista getting owned, Edge looking threatening and then the nod to Kennedy, it's set up some intriguing stuff for NWO, and has capped off a very enjoyable show

Overall I gotta say I'm impressed. You're a good booker, and you're got a neat and tidy presentation which always help, add the fact you're writing some good stuff, and I'll be keeping up with this one. Good show.


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