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Re: Being The Booker

SmackDown! Feedback

A nice way to start the show, really drumming home the importance of this promo with Andersonís future on the line by starting cold and allowing Ventura to come out to open things up. Having Ventura get right down to business in calling Anderson out to the ring makes sense, because he has portrayed that no nonsense type of authority character since being made commissioner. Ventura distancing himself from the decision to cancel the title match is a nice way to keep him looking like a face, while Iím glad youíre delivering the title match tonight, as I feel like it shouldnít be teased at too much without actually being delivered. The line that it would be the last title match Anderson would decide for some time came out of nowhere, but, as Ventura said, he was going to be abrupt, and I personally felt like it made the announcement have a higher impact upon the reader (or viewer, whatever). The reasoning that was went over by Ventura was well done, because, while he was telling Arn off in a way, at the same time he was coming off as the face that youíd want him to. At the same time, Ventura standing up for Anderson by not actually firing him, but rather giving him that suspension. Itís actually an interesting dynamic that youíve created with Anderson being gone for twelve weeks too, because upon return it could lead to some interesting storylines, should he actually return. Andersonís heartfelt speech was pretty nice too, giving the promo that realistic feel, before the introduction of Eric Bischoff. Honestly, I found it a bit weird that Bischoff did get the gig from Ventura after Ventura ran him down and said he needed watching over just a few weeks ago, but I obviously donít mind it, because Bischoffís character can always be one that gets involved in your storylines. At least the tension was still there, as shown by Ventura not taking Bischoffís crap before leaving. Very nice announcements from Bischoff too, as youíd expect from a GM who wants to make an impact, making for a big SmackDown!. Have to say that I love the inclusion of Paul London in the number one contenders match, because, while he wonít win, he obviously gets a bit of a rub there. Edge being included confuses me if his complaint was ignored due to supposedly having to go to the back of the line, but still, a big match added to an already pretty stacked card, making for an exciting show. Good way to kick things off.

Not at all a fan of the heel/heel dynamic weíve got here. While Kendrick may still get some cheers in his matches, heís in the midst of a pretty much complete heel turn, and having him against Albright is only going to slow down his heel momentum. Either that or the crowd just wouldnít care, which doesnít make for much of a match. Regardless of that, this was a nice win for Albright to keep him looking strong, although I canít help but feel it makes Kendrickís possible claim for a US Title match a bit weak considering he just lost to the guy who London beat to become champion.

Nice reminder of Ortonís actions from last week with him rocking up, also giving a bit of hype to the main event.

Pretty simple win here for Hardy to send him through to the next round, as expected. Kash has barely featured since losing his Cruiserweight Title at WrestleMania, so itís no surprise he fell here.

All four KOTF sweet sixteen matches next week? That already has the card looking pretty damn exciting.

A nice promo from Paul London here. You overcame his lack of real character well with him having that fun vibe, while also talking up himself and the US Title well. The talk about his possible future, while a bit arrogant, was still done in a way that endears him to the crowd too, which is good to see. The speech about wanting it to be Orton was done really well too, giving the promo some real emotion by creating that connection with Van Dam. While I thought the loss earlier was damaging for Kendrick, as Iíve already said, the interruption here was great, having Kendrick come off as a hypocrite to really have him heel it up. Iím still not sold on a champion vs. champion feud, as Iíd like to see Chavo/Kendrick continuing, but this was certainly a nice promo.

While I get the storyline youíre running with is that AMW are sneaking away with the titles against Booker and Burke time and time again, it seems to be getting a bit repetitive. I think this is the third time in four blue brand shows that itís happened, so Iíd say something needs to happen to maybe freshen this feud up.

Nice promo here to capitalise on Bischoff becoming familiar with his surroundings, giving Noble something to do. While I feel like weíve been through it all before and that Noble will likely either get his ass kicked or win through a distraction from ĎTaker, Iím happy heís at least getting something to do here.

The Great American Bash vignette was nice, although I have to ask Ė clips of Edge costing Batista the WWE Title? Surely thatís an error, because I donít think itís happened yet. I do, however, think I suddenly know how tonightís main event ends.

Nice promo from Lesnar, again, despite him not being the most interesting guy on the roster, by using the point that he hadnít had a singles match for the title in a long time. Interesting confrontation between Edge and Lesnar to end the segment, although Iím not sure whether or not to read anything into it.

I really liked the way you went about this match, making it almost a sprint from the beginning due to it not getting the time of a three way on a bigger event, making for some good action, with all three men often involved. The time given to the match was good to see, and having London come so close to winning the title, only to be cost by Kendrick not only allows London to look good, but also furthers their blossoming feud. Lesnar as the winner is a fine choice, as Lesnar/Orton at The Bash should be a pretty great main event. Looking forward to seeing how you build to that one, as Orton certainly wonít be able to bully Lesnar.

ĎMags is still my new pick for KOTR. I really donít see how he can be stopped.

With him not competing in the King of the Ring this week, itís certainly not a bad idea to give MVP some mic time to both get him on the show and keep his feud with Carlito in mind. I didnít mind the point to MVPís speech at all, really playing up his gimmick that heís all about the cash, creating his problem with Carlito a natural due to him costing him all of his bonuses. Running with the King of the Ring bonus really works too, because obviously Carlito has a shot at costing him that too. The other thing I liked about this is the way the dynamic has changed Ė suddenly Carlito is the aggressor (well, not suddenly, but you know what I mean), and now MVP is a total coward, despite being up for some violence when he was the real aggressor in the feud earlier. Itís a lovely bit of heel hypocrisy to get heat, as shown by MVP wanting Carlito to get locked up and thrown out of the King of the Ring tournament, despite an apology supposedly being enough for MVP earlier in the feud. The little touch of having MVP run as soon as Carlitoís music hit was nice, and I was a little surprised ĎLito didnít go for the beatdown before talking, because it seems like heís easing up a bit here. The bit from ĎLito was fine too, running down why he wants MVP, before making the expected big promise before next weekís match. A pretty nice promo here to keep this thing simmering along this week.

Loving the heel aspect Cole is bringing to the announce desk. Itís different to real life Cole, and I think in a good way, with the tension seeming very natural.

Simple win for Noble over Daivari, which I donít mind. A good way to show off his intensity ahead of his No DQ match next week.

@ the campaign video from JBL against ĎTaker. I really do love the way you use the JBL character.

A decent promo from Batista here, playing his past relationship with Orton up well. Orton was fine too, although I thought it was a bit odd for them to have their confrontation so close to the actual match. Still, as I said, it was a pretty good promo.

Nice little touch to have Lesnar watching the match due to his main event slot at The Bash already been locked in.

I really liked that you had Batista look good in the early parts of this match, while Orton looking for a count out win was a nice way to show his desperation too. The build towards the end was good, with some nice back and forth counters, along with a ref bump that seemed to fit in well with the flow of the match. The ending was expected due to The Bash vignette, as I said above, but this was still a well written finish to the show, setting up another feud for The Bash.

Another pretty good show from you here, Wolfy. While the SmackDown! midcard perhaps isnít as exciting as its RAW counterpart, the King of the Ring is helping you build some pretty stacked cards. The main event scene is looking good too, with Orton/Lesnar and Batista/Edge looking like a high quality pair of main event matches for The Bash. Not long to go now until Vengeance, so Iím really looking forward to seeing what you bring with RAW. Good stuff, my man.

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