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Re: Which Evolution Star became Bigger?

Originally Posted by Mr. Rager View Post
*Looks at all his opponents...
Doesn't work.

The only person on that list who could have a good match with pretty much anybody is Eddie Guerrero. It speaks to his ability that he was able to carry the 2005 Batista to such a good match.

But Shawn Michaels doesn't tear up the house no matter who the opponent, nor does Undertaker, nor does Triple H. They've had plenty of stinkers, even with good opponents. And I think it's quite the insult to try and insinuate Kane is a better wrestler than Batista in 2007. Kane was great back in the day. But he's been a shell of his former self since several years back. As for JBL and MVP, they've never been better than Batista in the ring.

Or to put it another term, Batista/Kane Last Man Standing is better than any recent Taker/Kane match. Batista/Triple H at Vengeance 2005 inside Hell In A Cell is a far better Hell In A Cell match than the ones that came after it. Batista/MVP is better than MVP/Orton or MVP/Matt Hardy. Batista/Mark Henry on Smackdown was better than Undertaker/Henry on PPV. Batista/Ted Dibiase was better than Cena/Ted Dibiase or Orton/Ted Dibiase. Batista/Edge from 2005 sucked, yet Batista/Edge from 2007/2008 were some good/great matches (because Batista had improved so much). I could come up with several more comparisons too.

Chemistry and match quality isn't determined by one superstar. As already said by another poster, it takes two to tango. Batista was good pro-wrestler for a big man. Undertaker has worked with many superstars in his career. His work with Batista is close to being his best. That didn't happen off Undertaker's back alone.

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