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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar

WWE Monday Night Raw- 4/11/05- United Center, Chicago, Illinois

The show begins with a video from last week showing Chris Jericho beat the World Champ Batista thanks to Edge and earn himself a place in the World title match at Backlash. We go to the opening video and pyro.

Jim Ross: 20,000 strong here tonight from the United Center, Chicago, Illinois. We are live on Monday Night Raw as the road to Backlash picks up steam!

The Coach: I am hyped for tonight J.R!! Batista’s reign as champion is one week older and one week closer to coming to an end!

Jim Ross: Well, that’s your opinion Coach, but you have gotta be sure that Batista is gonna be out for payback here tonight.

‘Break down the Walls’ hits as Chris Jericho makes his way out to decent heat after stealing the win over Batista last week.

The Coach: That man in your picture folks could very well be the next World Heavyweight champion and I for one would love it!

J.R: Of course you would Coach, anybody who cheats to win gets an ‘A’ grade in your eyes.

The Coach: Chris Jericho did not cheat last week J.R. He didn’t ask for Edge to come down to the ring. Jericho simply took advantage.

Jericho takes the mic, dressed casually with a beaming smile on his face.

Jericho: Ladies and gentleman, your next World Heavyweight Champion!!

Heat drowns Jericho out as he continues to revel in it.

Jericho: Do not boo me. I am simply stating a fact. Come Backlash, Batista’s little reign will be over and the ayatollah of rock and rollaaaaaaaaaaaa will stand before you as the king of Monday Night Raw.

The fans don’t take kindly to this as Jericho’s smile is beaming.

Jericho: It doesn’t take a genius to work it out. You people should know that when I step into the ring, there is nobody better! Batista isn’t on my level, Triple H isn’t on my level, nobody is on my level. I set the standard in the WWE.

Jericho has the crowd in the palm of his hand.

Jericho: It doesn’t matter who I come up against, week in, week out, the result ends the same and that young lady over there( Jericho points at Lillian Garcia), what’s her name? Jilian? She will stand there and say the words, ‘Here is your winner- CHRIS JERICHOOOOOOO!!!!’

The fans are really hating on Jericho right now.

Jericho: In fact, why not do it now? Here and now Jilian, come on.

Lilian looks confused as Jericho laughs.

Jericho: Jilian, don’t make me come over there. DO IT NOW!! DECLARE ME YOUR WINNER!!

The heat is thunderous as Lilian stands up hesitantly.

Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner- Chris Jericho

Jericho takes a deep breath seemingly taking those words in.

Jericho: Ha. How good does that sound?

The fans boo loudly as Jericho continues grinning broadly.

Jericho: One problem I do have though that is really bugging me is that people have been coming up to me all week long saying the same thing over and over again.

Jericho: Chris, do ya think you would have won without Edge interfering, do ya think you would be heading to Backlash?

Jericho: People seem to forget who I am. I am Chris Jericho. I am the first eeeeeeeeeeever Undisputed champion, I am the man who defeated The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin on the same night. How many of you people have done that? Huh? How many?

The heat is huge for Jericho now.

Jericho: My thoughts exactly. None of you. None of you, none of the guys in the back. Not Batista, not Triple H. I hold all the cards heading to Backlash and there isn’t anything, anybody can do about it.

Jericho: Now, onto the other piece in the puzzle that of course being...

Jericho: Edge.

Decent heat for Edge’s name being mentioned.

Jericho: Y’see I don’t get what Edge thinks he’s doing getting involved in my business.

Jericho: Yeah he holds the money in the bank briefcase. So what? If he thinks he’s going to use that contract at Backlash, he better think again.

Jericho: Because at Backlash, there will be a new World champion, but it won’t be Edge and it certainly won’t be Triple H, it will be me!!

The boos ring around the United Center once more before ‘Metalingus’ hits and Edge walks out, also to some considerable heat. Edge is dressed in street clothes.

Edge: Did I hear you right Chris?

Edge: Did you really say that you didn’t need my help last week?

Edge: Cos the way I see it, without me, you wouldn’t be heading to Backlash Chris. Way I see it, you owe me, you owe me big time.

Jericho: You think you’re some big shot now don’t you Edge? You think, just because you hold that briefcase that you’re suddenly one of the big boys in the locker room, you’re one of the stars.

Edge nods as Jericho shakes his head.

Jericho: Time for a little reality check. You have done nothing to put yourself in my league, hell you aren’t even in Batista’s league. At least he has a World title to his name. What do you have Edge? What do you have to your name?

Edge goes to speak but Jericho cuts him off with the intensity in his voice picking up.

Jericho: I’ll tell you what you have. Nothing, not a thing.

Edge: Hold it right there! I am a former tag team champion, a former Intercontinental champion, a king of the ring winner! You call that nothing huh?

Jericho: Intercontinental champion, check. Tag team champion, check. King of the ring winner, you got me there, but where you don’t have me is the World title count.

Jericho: How many World titles have you won Edge? Come on, count ‘em out for me buddy.

Jericho: One? Two? Three? Oh wait, I just remembered, it’s a big, fat, spanking ZERO.

The fans oooh Edge a little bit who is fuming with Jericho.

Edge: Enough Chris!! Enough!! I am not prepared to stand here and take this kinda crap from you.

Jericho: What are you gonna do about it then Junior?

Jericho takes off his shirt, wanting to go toe to toe with Edge, the fans are behind Jericho now before, ‘I’m Back’ hits and Eric Bischoff makes his way out.

Bischoff: Gentleman, gentleman, hold it right there. Now if you two have a problem with each other, let’s settle it!

Bischoff: Chris Jericho, one on one with Edge in our main event tonight!!

This gets a decent pop, more with intrigue than anything.

Bischoff: Oh wait, before I go, one other thing, how could I forget? It’ll be Chris Jericho one on one with Edge with Batista as the special guest referee!!

Both men look horrified as this gets a huge pop as Raw heads into a commercial

We return with the camera going to Eric Bischoff’s office, where there is a knock at the door.

Bischoff: Come on in.

In walk William Regal and Tajiri,the World tag team champions.

Bischoff: Mr.Regal, what can I do for you?

Regal: Well Eric, I was wondering just what role your tag team champions were going to be playing at Backlash? We really don’t seem to have much competition at all and young Tajiri seems to be getting very impatient.

The camera pans to Tajiri who is smiling like crazy.

Bischoff: Well Regal, tonight you boys are going to be in action against Rob Conway and Trevor Murdoch, how’s that sound? And if they beat you here tonight, they will get a title shot at Backlash!

Regal: Wonderful Eric. Come on Tajiri son, we’ve got what we wanted.

Tajiri sprays the green mist in Eric Bischoff’s office before leaving much to Bischoff’s annoyance as Regal rolls his eyes and the crowd get a good laugh.

Bischoff: We gotta get a rule in place about foreign superstars, good god.

Jim Ross: Well Coach, that was certainly…. Interesting.

The Coach: Tajiri has got a screw loose J.R. Summin ain’t right with the Japanese Buzzsaw.

Rob Conway and Trevor Murdoch await in the ring as ‘Born Naughty’ hits and Regal and Tajiri make their way out to the ring to a small pop.

Jim Ross: Speaking of which, here come your World Tag team champions!!

The Coach: I do not like William Regal. I do not like Tajiri but I will be the first to admit, these two have got talent, ain’t no doubt about it. Regal is as tough as they come and Tajiri as smooth as butter inside the ring.

Jim Ross: Great analogy Coach.

Match One- Non title tag team match

William Regal and Tajiri vs Rob Conway and Trevor Murdoch

The match starts off with Regal and Conway locking up. Regal gets on the offensive, throwing some hard lefts on Conway before whipping him into the corner and tagging in Tajiri early. Tajiri goes to work with some stiff kicks to Conway’s back with Conway stumbling to his knees.

The former Crusierweight champion then ran the ropes before Conway lifted Tajiri up high but the Japanese Buzzsaw came back down and hit a huge hurricanrana! The crowd applauded as Tajiri went for the cover but got just a two count. Tajiri then went to the top rope and attempted a drop kick but missed as Conway looked to gain some momentum. The former La Resistance’ member picked Tajiri up with ease and hit two scoop slams in a row on Tajiri, posing for the fans to a small amount of heat. Conway then went to work on Tajiri’s back, hitting a vicious running knee to already worked on back. Conway then tagged in Trevor Murdoch who went straight at Tajiri in typical Murdoch fashion, tough, mean, rugged offence.

Murdoch then set Tajiri up for a clothesline but Tajiri ducked it and ran at Murdoch before locking him up in the ropes for the tarantula!! The crowd popped for this as Murdoch writhed in pain. Tajiri let go as Conway then made his way into the ring but Regal also made his way in and got the better of Conway with a running clothesline. Regal then threw Conway over the top rope as Murdoch made his way back in to the ring where Tajiri awaited to hit the Buzzsaw kick!! 1-2-3, all over!!

Winners: William Regal and Tajiri

Jim Ross: A convincing win for the tag team champions!! And maybe William Regal was right Coach, maybe there is no competition for them.

The Coach: There is always competition J.R. And I am pretty sure Regal and Tajiri are in for a rude awakening when that competition comes. Cockiness is a good thing but overconfidence, uh uh, Regal and Tajiri need to keep their game face on.

Jim Ross: So far, so good for the tag champs though.! Moving on Coach and still to come here tonight. Chris Jericho goes one on one with Edge with Batista the special guest referee!!

The Coach: A huge main event J.R. Batista better not abuse his power tonight or I am going straight to Eric Bischoff!!

Jim Ross: For gods sake Coach.


We return as Muhammad Hassan and Daivari make their way out to the ring to enormous amounts of heat. Hassan soaking it all up in typical fashion.

Jim Ross: Well this man certainly didn’t do himself any favours last week when he attacked Shelton Benjamin. He wants respect, he needs to earn it, not attack people when their guard is down.

The Coach: J.R. Muhammad Hassan has my respect, that’s all that matters babyboy. Last week, he made a statement, a statement that he was coming for Shelton Benjamin’s Intercontinental gold and I was impressed.

Jim Ross: He took advantage of a defenceless Benjamin! How is that impressive!?!

Coach remains silent as J.R. looks at him disgusted.

Jim Ross: My point exactly Coach, my point exactly.

Daivari has a mic and is rambling away in Arabic or whatever it is he rambles in. The heat is immense as Hassan looks on before taking the mic from his manager.

Hassan: I see great similarities between all you people and Shelton Benjamin.

Hassan: You see, the Intercontinental championship is as prestigious as they come. It is..

Hassan is cut off by loud chants of ‘USA USA’.

Hassan: It is an incredible achievement to become Intercontinental champion, to hold that belt would be an honour. But here’s where the similarities lie.

Hassan: Shelton Benjamin disrespects that title the same way you people disrespect me!!

The boos are thunderous as Hassan can’t get a word in. Daivari is shouting at the crowd but this just makes things worse.

Hassan: You people know it’s true. Since I came to the WWE, I have been treated like an outsider, I have been treated like I don’t deserve to be here. I deserve to be here as much as any one of you people!!

Again the crowd is going mad at Hassan.

Hassan: I am an Arab American. I grew up here in this country and yet I have to walk the streets with people whispering, with people staring. How do you think that makes me feel?

The crowd starts an asshole chant to which Daivari again goes mad at.

Hassan: Well, it is time that something makes me feel like I belong here. It’s time for Muhammad Hassan to wear some gold in the WWE. It is time for Muhammad Hassan to bring some honour back to the Intercontinental championship.

‘Ain’t no stopping me now’ hits to a big pop, probably more out of relief than anything as Shelton Benjamin makes his way down to the ring.

Benjamin: Are you done Hassan?

Benjamin: I have had enough of all your antics. Since you came to Raw it’s been nothing but the same damn thing every week, you either come out here and screw someone over or you come out here and moan about being disrespected. Now either you put up, or you shut up.

Benjamin gets in Hassan’s face as the fans get ready for the confrontation. Hassan laughs and pulls away.

Hassan: You think I’m worried about you Shelton? You think that getting in my face is going to scare me?

Hassan: I don‘t fear you Shelton. Fear is waking up to find death threats in your mail. To know that people out there want you dead! All because of the colour of your skin!! I haven’t done anything wrong but I am victimised by every single one of you people who are supposed to be true Americans!!

Benjamin has heard enough and attacks Hassan to a huge pop! However, the numbers game catches Shelton up and Daivari gets on top of Benjamin, raking his eyes, before hitting a low blow on the champ which allows Hassan to get out of the ring and up the ramp.

Jim Ross: That damn Daivari gets Hassan out of jail here tonight!! Damn it!! I thought Shelton was finally gonna shut Muhammad Hassan up once and for all!

The Coach: J.R. Hassan is right though.

Jim Ross: What?!

The Coach: He’s right, people are victimising him for no good reason!! And Shelton Benjamin joined them here tonight when he attacked Hassan, that was completely unprovoked J.R.

Jim Ross: Coach, gimme a break. Hassan beat the holy hell out of Benjamin here last week, I think that’s provocation enough.

The Coach: Well whatever way you look at it, when these two men do collide it’s gonna be one hell of a match up!!

Jim Ross: You got one thing right tonight Coach.

We head backstage where Todd Grisham is standing by with Triple H!

Grisham: Triple H, just wanted to get your thoughts on what transpired last week during the Batista-Jericho match?

Triple H: My thoughts are Todd that that scrawny piece of trash Edge got involved in something’ that was none of his business and Edge needs to realise that I don’t forget these things.

Triple H: There is a reason I am called the cerebral assassin and when, not if, but when I get my hands on Edge, he better be ready cos’ I will take that briefcase and stick it straight up his ass.

Grisham: Well, due to that man Edge, Chris Jericho is now in your title match at Backlash, how do you feel about having to go through two men now to win back the World title?

Triple H: Jericho isn’t a threat to me Todd. Never has been, never will be.

Triple H: As far as I’m concerned, Backlash is already a done deal. I am walking out as the World Heavyweight champion again. Jericho can try, Batista can try, hell, Edge can be stupid enough to try but nobody, nobody beats the game and when all is said and done, I will become an 11 time World Champion.

Triple H walks away as we go to a commercial.

We come back and head to the ring where ‘Just close your eyes’ hits to some good heat as Captain Charisma makes his way down to the ring accompanied by Tomko.

The Coach: Yes!! Here he is J.R. The man who is going to have his breakout year this year. Captain charisma is gonna be a major player this time next year, mark my words J.R!!

Jim Ross:
Well Christian and Tomko certainly started things off well last week, defeating the odd pairing of Matt Hardy and Kane.

The Coach: Where’s that pen J.R.? I don’t see you marking it down.

Jim Ross: Will you shut up?

The Coach: Don’t try and silence the voice of Monday Nights J.R.

Live for the moment’ hits as Matt Hardy makes his way out to a good reception.Jim Ross: Matt Hardy is another young man who could well have a breakout year this year Coach.

The Coach: Could he? News to my ears J.R.

Jim Ross: He sure could and we are gonna have ourselves a heck of a match here tonight that’s for sure.

Match two- Singles match

Christian vs Matt Hardy

The match starts off quite slow as both men get to grips with each other before Hardy gets the early advantage taking Christian down to the mat. Hardy went to work on his old rival, getting on top of him and hitting him with some hard shots to the head before the ref has to separate him.

As Christian makes his way to his feet, Hardy leaps at Captain Charisma who ducks as Hardy goes into the turnbuckle and Christian climbs on to the middle rope, hitting Hardy with right hands before posing to the crowd, but as he does so, Hardy pushes Christian off the ropes and onto the mat. Hardy goes up top and hit’s a huge leg drop!! This one could be over early!! 1-2-kick out by Christian!!

Hardy sighs with disappointment as he waits patiently for Christian to rise, signalling for the twist of fate before a video plays on the titantron of a woman screaming for Matt. She was in the corner of a dark room, screaming, pleading for Matt. The woman was of course Lita, who was forced to marry Kane last year after he defeated Hardy. She was crying as she said, ‘Matt I still love you, please help me, he’s harming me, I need you to finish him off once and for all.‘ Hardy looked on in disgust as out of nowhere, Christian came from behind and hit the un-prettier on Hardy before scoring the three count.

Winner- Christian

As Christian celebrates, the crowd is still reeling from the video of Lita.

Jim Ross: I-I don’t quite know what to say, that was disturbing Coach.

The Coach: J.R. I am stunned. Goodness knows how Lita must be feeling right now and the question I gotta ask is, where’s Kane and what has he been doing to Lita?

Jim Ross: The thought just makes me sick Coach.

The Coach: Was this payback for last week when Hardy ‘accidently’ hit Kane J.R.?

Jim Ross: Coach that was an accident and you know it!! If Kane wants to stoop so low then to hell with him but I got a feelin’ that this whole thing runs a lot deeper than last week.

The Coach: For once J.R. you may well be right.

We go to a video package for Backlash. The video shows Batista winning the title at Wrestlemania and shows the faces of Batista, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Edge and Randy Orton with the saying, ‘For every incident, there’s always a Backlash.’ Backlash, May 1st 2005, Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, New Hampshire.

We return and head backstage where Matt Hardy is on a rampage as he storms into Eric Bischoff’s office.

Hardy: BISCHOFF! BISCHOFF!! Where is Kane? Where is that son of a bitch?

Bischoff: Whoa whoa Matt, easy. Calm down a second.

Hardy: Calm down? Did you see that video? Did you see her?

Bischoff: I did Matt and I’m as shocked as you are.

Hardy: I thought this was all over Eric, you give me Kane next week or I will hunt him down and deal with this myself. I need to get her outta there!! Do you hear me Eric?!?

Bischoff: Matt, you and Kane, one on one at Backlash and this will be the final chapter I assure you.

Hardy: BACKLASH ISN‘T GOOD ENOUGH ERIC!!! Next week, me and Kane, make it happen.

Hardy walks out of Bischoff’s office as Bischoff breathes a sigh of relief.

Jim Ross: Well who can really blame Matt Hardy? Hardy has long been in love with Lita and to see her being held captive almost by that sick human being Kane is not right.

The Coach: Next week J.R. whether Eric Bischoff likes it or not, I think we’re gonna see Matt Hardy get his hands on Kane.

The music of Viscera hits to a pretty much nothing reaction as he makes his way out to the ring.

Jim Ross: Back to the action though folks and here comes one of the largest, most unique performers on the roster.

The Coach: Big Vis is always a huge obstacle to overcome and whoever his opponent is tonight will have their hands full baby.

Jim Ross: Look at the size of this man, my God.

‘Sexy Boy’ hits to a huge ovation as Shawn Michaels makes his way out to face Viscera.

Jim Ross: H-B-K Coach. The Showstopper all set to go one on one with this monster Viscera. Well last week, Shawn Michaels gave a taste of sweet chin music to Randy Orton and those two will meet at Backlash in what is sure to be a heck of a contest.

The Coach: Oh no doubting that Orton-Michaels will be a great match up. And maybe this time Orton will be ready. Last week’s sneak attack by Michaels caught Orton off guard, at Backlash, HBK won’t get that privilege.

Match three- Singles match

Shawn Michaels vs Viscera

Michaels struggles to get around the monster that is Viscera to begin with and the mastodon hurls HBK into the corner. Vis goes for a running clothesline but HBK ducks and begins to unload on the big man. Michaels then ran the ropes and hit a big clothesline on Viscera but the big man wouldn’t fall down, HBK went for another one but it still didn’t knock Big Vis down! HBK finally took the big man off his feet, with a third clothesline much to the delight of the fans. Michaels then went up top and connected with a huge elbow off the top rope.

Instead of covering the enormous Viscera though, HBK started tuning up the band! The showstopper stomped the mat several times awaiting Viscera to rise to his feet before BAM!! Sweet chin music!! The cover, 1-2-3, Michaels wins convincingly.

Winner: Shawn Michaels

As Michaels picks himself up though, he turns around straight into an RKO from the awaiting Randy Orton!! Orton strikes back before staring a whole through HBK’s fallen body. Orton then leaned down to Michaels face and whispered to Michaels that ‘at Backlash, the legend of HBK is killed.'

Jim Ross: That damn snake!! Orton waited, he waited for Michaels to be at a disadvantage and he took control.

Jim Ross: A calculated move from this devious young man. I can’t believe the levels he goes to Randy Orton, for someone with so much talent, he puts that all out the window with these actions Coach.

The Coach: What about last week J.R.? What about when HBK hit sweet chin music on Orton? Oh wait, you forgot about that didn’t you?

The Coach: Tonight, Randy Orton simply gave Shawn Michaels what he deserved. Maybe next time Michaels will think twice before going after the Legend Killer.

Jim Ross: At Backlash Coach, Randy Orton is gonna get what’s coming to him!! No doubt in my mind that HBK will bring his ‘A’ game to New Hampshire and Orton is gonna have to be ready.

The Coach: Randy Orton is always ready baby boy, always.

We go to a commercial as the image of HBK holding the back of his head plays with Orton smirking slyly.

We return with a replay of what happened before the break with Orton RKO’ing Shawn Michaels and J.R again going mad. We are then shown a clip of what happened during the commercial break. We are shown footage of Randy Orton being interviewed by Todd Grisham.

Grisham: Randy, Randy, hold up. Just wanted to get a quick word, could you explain your actions out there in the ring just now for us?

Orton: Explain my actions Todd? I don’t need to explain anything, It’s all there for you to see last week on Raw. Shawn Michaels wants to hit me with Sweet chin music, well we’ll see how he feels now he’s been hit with an RKO. Shawn, you came back after a supposed career ending injury Well at Backlash, I guarantee there’ll be no coming back when the Legend Killer adds yet another name to his list.

Metalingus’ then hits and Edge makes his way down to the ring for tonights main event.

Jim Ross: Well, here comes Mr.Money In the Bank and Coach, this one’s gonna be a slobber knocker in my book!

The Coach: J.R. I think you’re gonna be on the money there. We saw it earlier tonight, Edge wants to prove a point here tonight to Chris Jericho.

Jim Ross: The key factor here tonight though Coach could be Batista.

The Coach: I am telling’ you J.R. If he gets involved I’m goin’ to Bischoff.

‘Break down the Walls’ hits to a mixed reaction after his tweener work earlier as Y2J comes down to the ring.

Jim Ross: This man also has a lot to prove if he wants to live up to his word of becoming the next World Champion that’s for sure cos at the minute Coach, I’m not believing it.

The Coach: Jericho has absolutely nothing to prove and you know it. Did you know? He was the first ever Undisputed champion. Did you know that?

Jim Ross: I think Jericho might have told everyone on just a few occasions Coach.

As Jericho and Edge prepare themselves, ‘I walk alone’ hits to a huge ovation as Batista walks out in his referee shirt, ready to get down to business.

Jim Ross: Well, if I were Batista I would find it damn hard here tonight to keep my cool after what Edge did last week.

The Coach:
He better keep his cool, he is a WWE official for the night so he better damn well act like one.

Match four- Singles match

Chris Jericho vs Edge- Special Guest referee: Batista

The contest begins with both men hesitant knowing just what impact Batista could have in the match. The two then lock up before holding off each other again. Jericho then slaps Edge as Edge loses his cool, and takes down Jericho, beating him down viciously as Batista simply looks on, not getting Edge off his opponent.

As Edge does back off Jericho, the #1 contender makes his way to his feet and goes at Edge who is caught off guard and turns around right into Jericho. Jericho goes for a drop kick but Edge catches Jericho’s foot and spins it round but the foot comes full circle and hits Edge square in the mouth. Jericho goes for the cover but Edge kicks out at two. Jericho then goes for the Walls of Jericho but Edge isn’t letting him lock it in and kicks Jericho out of the ring with Jericho hitting his head pretty hard on the mat. Edge makes his way up and goes outside the ring but Jericho catches him with the low blow which Batista claims he didn’t see! Edge is down and Jericho hurls Edge over the announce table, nearly taking out J.R and Coach!

Jericho gets back inside the ring and waits for Batista to count but the Animal refuses! Jericho is disgusted and starts arguing with Batista who asks Jericho if he wants to go? Jericho backs down and brings Edge back into the ring. Edge suddenly finds a new lease of life though and hit’s a vicious DDT on Jericho before going for the pin, Jericho kicks out at two though. Edge can’t believe it and asks Batista to count quicker. Batista laughs at Edge’s feeble request.

Edge then goes up to the top rope but Jericho is up and joins Edge on the top rope!! Jericho looking for a suplex off the top but Edge refuses to give in and pushes Jericho back down to the mat before looking for an elbow from the top. This time Jericho gets the advantage though, moving out of the way and hitting a superb drop kick. Jericho then looks to hit the lionsault but Edge rolls out of the way and gets up, runs into the ropes and hit’s the spear!! Edge hit’s the spear!! Goes for the cover, 1-2-No!! Jericho’s foot was on the bottom rope, Batista saw it!!

Edge is going berserk as he demands Batista count to three but the Animal is losing his patience and Edge puts his hands on Batista, Batista snaps and clotheslines Edge!! The crowd goes nuts as Batista rips off his referee shirt and looks poised to hit the Batista bomb but Triple H comes from nowhere and goes to blows with Batista!! The crowd is eating it up as Batista and The Game go at each other. Batista gets the advantage though before Jericho comes back into the equation and goes to hit Batista but he ducks it and nails Triple H!! Jericho takes out the game before turning round into the waiting Animal! Batista lifts Jericho up and hit’s the Batista bomb!! Triple H is now ready to return to his feet and so is Edge! Edge is up first and looks to spear Batista but Batista saw it coming and moves out of the way, Edge spears Triple H!! The Game is taken out yet again!! Edge now awaits his fate though as Batista spins him round and hit’s the Batista bomb again! The Animal has dominated here tonight!!

Jim Ross: My god, look at the bodies!! Carnage everywhere here tonight as Batista gets his payback!!

The Coach: This is a travesty J.R. Eric Bischoff will not be happy about this! Who the hell does Batista think he is?

Jim Ross: He’s the World Heavyweight Champion, that’s who he is!! And tonight he stands tall inside that very ring! Tonight is Batista’s night as Edge gets his comeuppance!! Goodnight everybody!!
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