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Hey Rush, Sheik didn't want to face you at Rantsamania because he thought he "would get destroyed". He practically begged me not to book you against him because he was scared shitless of losing an internet poll. He asked for Klebold instead. Sounds like a confidence issue, which is probably why that girl didn't want him and dumped him for his friend. Sheik wouldn't even know what to do with a woman like that.
LMFAO at you making shit up. I PRACTICALLY BEGGED YOU.

Shut the fuck up. And what do you get out of posting a picture of me with an actual hot girl? Does it make you feel better about yourself since you don't get to see girls more than once a year? You dumb fuck, keep making up stories to make yourself look better.

Oh and I didn't come cry to you for advice. I was drunk as hell iming everyone, stop trying to make yourself feel especial because your 30 and you have nothing better to do but make rants.


Fact is Travis, you're jealous of me because I have a life and you don't. You keep bringing up how you're so popular on here, well good for you, at least I have actual fucking friends in real life. I don't see how you making constantly making shit up about me is "silver bullets."

Pretty sure your girl wanted to meet up with me in Canada but I refused. Not to mention she was all over my shit.

That right there should shut you the fuck up.

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