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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Good way to start, highlighting last weeks events. Looking forward to what Edge has in store tonight particularly.

Batista kicking off the show is smart after what’s been going down with Kennedy and I think you nailed this perfectly. Talking about all the men he’s fought over the years for the title was a nice touch. You can really feel the intensity in him as he puts down Kennedy, really good stuff. Kennedy coming out and putting Batista in his place almost was brilliant. I thought the way you put about how Kennedy wasn’t even in his prime yet whilst the others were all over the hill, typical Kennedy way of approaching things and the cheap shot at the end rounded off this segment well.

Good match up between Dreamer and Burchill with all the extremists and the Bluebloods getting involved. Expected the little brawl afterwards and this feud is coming along nicely. Liked the fact that Sandman brought the kendo stick into play as that’s pretty much all he can do and surely an extreme rules match will be on the cards somewhere down the line.

Loved the Booker promo here. The way he changed accents was brilliant. Hope you continue to do that and the announcement of Undertaker choosing the match was good, just makes Booker lose his cool that bit more, good decision there.

The FBI, again, I’m not really sure about this angle but I will wait and see where you take it. JBL’s commentary on it is great though haha.

Again, great stuff with JBL and Helms here, can really imagine this during JBL’s time at the announce table. The way he called him Greg but didn’t allow Cole to was priceless.

Really good six man tag here, good move in allowing them all some time to show their qualities as Helms continues to put them down, shows the fans they do have talent. Great move after the match with Helms showing his video package, great way to putting even more heat on him and JBL applauding was brilliant haha.

Danielson showing up was expected and him getting the better of Helms was the smart thing to do, gives Danielson some momentum now heading into No Way Out which was needed seeing as not everyone knows who he is.

Fantastic Edge promo here, you capture his character perfectly. The way he talks about it all being in his control and that it is his decision what the main event be at Wrestlemania, everything is about him is the right way to go.

Good announcement from Teddy Long. Really putting Edge in his place and also adds some fire to what I’m sure over the next few months will lead to Edge and Long continuing to go up against each other.

Again, another good Booker segment with Sharmell, the accent change again adds an awful lot to his character.

Great match up between Kennedy and Benoit, there was only going to be one winner. Would have maybe liked to have seen Finlay attack Benoit after the match and give Kennedy the win for himself but I understood it. Keeps Benoit strong and gives Kennedy some steam going into No Way Out.

Benoit getting some payback immediately after in the interview was a good move again as it shows just how intense these two are gonna be when they come to blows in the ring. Should be brutal.

Good match up between Dupree and Kendrick, only a matter of time you feel before La Resistance’ get the straps. That’s just my opinion. Maryse distracting Kendrick was a good move as it also adds to the fact that she’s a major player in all of this feud.

One side note would be that you put something about Matt Hardy and Edge’s altercation before it actually occurred, just a small error.

The altercation itself was good, Edge being typical Edge in listing his accomplishments to Hardy was nice, just adds to the seemingly endless story of Hardy not being able to break through which is what it feels like you’re going for.

VIP lounge was a good way to go ahead of the title match at No Way Out. MVP and Miz interaction was good, Miz’s catchphrase being used so early was bit disappointing I felt, could’ve built it up a bit more. The tension builds between the two but then they suddenly forget all that and focus on Hardy and Kane. I liked that as it showed there’s no friends come Sunday but showed that they can get along to take out the other two.

Matt’s work here was top notch, talking about his achievements and that he will break through, keeping up with what went down earlier with Edge. Miz interrupting him was no surprise and those two going at it would no doubt be good to see.

Kane comes out and cleans house in typical Kane fashion, Good move giving the big man some momentum as to be honest he’s the one I think stands no chance come No Way Out.

Good way to close the show with a big match up between the champion and the king. Some good hard hitting action was pleasing to see and Batista being busted open was a good way to go with things, shows the brutality of the match. Taker coming out was expected as we need to know the match stipulation and it’s a casket match. Good move and I expect something fishy to happen at No Way Out leading to these two one on one at Mania.

Edge then spearing Batista and seemingly aligning himself with Kennedy was smart as well as it leaves the champion looking at a disadvantage heading into the PPV.

Overall a great show imac. One of your best in my opinion, especially for a go home show. Your promos were on the money and everything went smoothly in furthering the feuds. Only negative would be the Hardy/Edge little mistake. Looking forward to No Way Out!
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