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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Smackdown Feedback

Good thing you had a video package highlighting what went down last week. It shows me that your main event scene right now is rather entertaining, and it gives me one less thing to pick up on as I read.

Honestly, there is only a handful of guys on here that Iíd trust to write a Batista promo and make it readable, and youíve just put yourself on that list. I thought the characterization was, and I donít say this often, perfect. Big Dave was no nonsense right from the get go here, yet at the same time, you had him get extra intense at just the right time. Not only that, but you had him put himself over as a badass to which is awesome. Much like ĎTista, KK was on song from the get go, being his usual arrogant self. One thing I didnít like though is that Batista is supposed to be all fired up, yet he just stood there and listened to KK talk shit, that shouldnít have happened. The attack from KK once he was done was good to, even if it did make ĎTista look a little dumb, not being on the look out for that sort of thing.

I like the idea of The Extremists feuding with The Englishman. I donít know how long this has been going, or if itís a new thing, but itís very good booking. They are pretty much the complete opposites, so naturally they make a good feud. The no contest and the brawl makes me believe this is still going to continue, which is good for me, since Iím just reading now.

Umm, absolutely no idea whatís happening with The FBI. It seems interesting though.

at the bromance between JBL and Helms, good stuff.

A pretty good Cruiserweight match, getting all the cruiserweights on display. The only issue is that Guerrero and Mercury are the only two guys I could take seriously in this match, so whilst I was glad their team picked up the victory, your division isnít exactly blossoming with talent. Wow. I didnít realize Noble was around, and I forgot about the commentators mentioning Danielson before, my bad. Your division actually is pretty good then, imo. Helms was spot on, being his usual cocky self, with the video package being a very nice touch. The attack of all the cruiserweights, somewhat lead by Danielson was good as well, finally giving Helms what he deserves, in a very well orchestrated segment.

Much like with the opening promo, this promo with Edge really delivered. Edge was spot on, complaining about everything as per usual, yet thereís that little bit of arrogance as well, as he knows he has he title shot in the bag no matter what. The angle he was playing was decent enough though, trying to get inside Batista and Kennedyís head and what not. Teddy Long was good, and his argument makes sense, although I do think itís a little rare that Edge would be constantly allowed to show up on SD if he wasnít an official member of the roster yet. Besides that, everything was in check, beginning Edgeís relationship with Teddy Long in a bad way.

at Bookers accent leaving and then coming back. The segment itself was alright, showing Bookerís fear and reminding us that ĎTaker needs to talk later.

Kennedy/Benoit was definitely an awesome affair, getting a good amount of time into it. Finlay costing Benoit the match was nice, making me think that they are feuding, but whilst this was going down, Kennedy still looks really good heading into No Way Out. I guess considering he is probably going to lose to Batista, I would have preferred if he got a clean win here to make up for it.

Judging by the Finlay interview, Iím guessing he just randomly decided to attack Benoit. Usually I really wouldnít like that, but with Finlay, and the explanation he gave, it kind of makes sense. Finlay is the type of character who would attack somebody just to prove they are tougher. Benoit getting the last laugh tonight was good as well, meaning things will just escalate from here, although imo, tonight should have been Finlayís night.

Maryse being paired with La Resistance is another thing youíve done thatís different that I really dig. Plus, she has a hot accent. Anyway, the match itself was good, with Dupree picking up the win, making the champs looking vulnerable, but it was a cheap win so they donít look weak at the same time. The simplest booking formula there is, but sometimes itís the most effective.

Edgeís arrogance was done brilliantly here, bragging, and I loved the mentioning of Lita. Hardyís response was rather intense, and gives me the inkling that he has big things coming to him in this thread. Champion by the end of the year perhaps?

VIP lounge? Simple, yet it suits MVP to a tee. Honestly, I really donít know what to say. Despite the fact that I felt this segment may have dragged a little, I really canít complain, everything was written sensationally well. Porter was his cocky self, The Miz the same, and Hardy continues to play the guy who canít break through the glass ceiling. The brawl at the end was nice, and Kane taking out Hardy adds a little extra excitement, showing that it really is every man for himself. Good work.

Commentary hyping up NWO was done well too.

The main event was another well written affair, with both men going at it nicely. I donít really have an issue with the match. The Undertaker making an appearance was always going to happen, and the fact that he is in a casket match with Booker just makes it that much better. The aftermath with Edge and Kennedy somewhat having an understanding was a nice touch as well. Please go triple threat for ĎMania because Edge/Batista is just way to overly done at this point.

Honestly, I remember reading one of your Rawís awhile ago, and enjoying the show, but still having some issues. I think even since then youíve come a pretty long way. Your promos are all written extremely well, your match writing isnít to shabby, and everything seems to be leading to something at this point. Great job with this SD, I really enjoyed the read.

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