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Originally Posted by Sheik View Post
okay Cerbs wants to get grimey. Now it's my turn.

You're a more popular poster? WTF does that even mean?

Good for you Cerbs. OMG I said you're moms name. Cry me a fucking river you stupid hopeless fuck. Go find a real job before you call me all these names and I think it's hilarious you think I got my ass beat. You trying' to fight bro? Haha. You're truly a stupid piece of trash. Go play Mass Effect and think of some more COOL RANTS!~ you could make to impress your girl.

And while your at it ask her why she's Facebook chatting me telling me I'm cute.

Oh yeah it's because she wants a real mam... but you already knew that.

Btw what do you do for a living? Oh yeah, think of rants, play Mass Effect, and try to get people to like your hopeless cringe worthy awful music page on Facebook. You broke ass, toothless, inbred fuck.
Was that the post that you were bragging earlier about saying if you posted it it would destroy Cerbs?

Surely that couldn't have been it.

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