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Re: Being The Booker

Friday Night Smackdown | June 8 2007 | Denver CO

No opening video, and no pyro. The show opens cold, straight into the arena, where Tony Chimmel is seen, standing in the ring…

Tony Chimmel: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, the Commissioner of the WWE, Jesse, THE BODY, Venturaaa!!!


And kicking the show off is the WWE Commissioner!! Jesse Ventura strides onto the stage, offering the fans a wave, as he makes his way down the aisle toward the ring.

Michael Cole: Friday Night Smackdown is on the air, and gentlemen, this is an ominous sign for our General Manager.

Tazz: I don’t like the looks of this for Arn Andersons future, Cole.

Joey Styles: We certainly didn’t expect an announcement as early as this. Obviously it doesn’t bode well for Arn Anderson, but what about Batista?? The Animal, for the second week running is scheduled to challenge Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. If, as we expect, Arn Anderson IS fired tonight, will that championship match be null and void??

Tazz: Good question Joe. Ya go-

Michael Cole: Yeah, good question Joe. I’m sure that’s the main concern for Arn Anderson right now.

Ventura enters the ring, and takes a mic from the exiting Chimmel, as the music of the Commissioner dies down.

Jesse Ventura: By now, you’ll all know why I’m here tonight, and before I get started, let me assure you all, I wont be eating up too much of your time. But- I do have a lot to get through, and not much time to do it, so excuse me if I appear rather abrupt this evening. … … Arn Anderson, please, come down to the ring.

There is a momentary pause, as Ventura patiently waits …


Wasting little time, the current Smackdown GM, wearing an open collared shirt, walks down the aisle, nodding to the fans at the side of the aisle. Anderson climbs inside, and shares a handshake with Ventura, as the music dies down, and the two get set to get down to business.

Jesse Ventura: Arn, first of all, I want to apologise for overruling your scheduled WWE Championship Match last week. Unfortunately, that decision was out of my hands, and to clarify, the decision had nothing to do with Edge’s whining. The board simply thought it would be in Smackdowns best interest to postpone any major championship matches, whilst your tenure was being investigated.

Anderson nods, accepting the reasoning.

Jesse Ventura: That being said … you then went and rescheduled the match for tonight-

Ventura is cut off by a crowd pop.

Jesse Ventura: And while I should cancel it … I’m stating right here, right now, that tonight, that WWE Championship match WILL happen.

Pop. Ventura readies himself, trying to calm the fans down, before speaking again.

Jesse Ventura: Because Arn … it’s the last WWE Championship Match you will announce for the foreseeable future.

Heat. Again, Anderson - like a defeated man - nods.

Jesse Ventura: You and I go way back, and this decision is the hardest I’ve had to make in my short tenure as Commissioner. But Arn, you’ve left me very little choice in the matter. Over the last two months, you’ve allowed things to get outta hand on this show. Un-contracted talent picking up career threatening injuries … THREE contracted superstars finding themselves on the shelf indefinitely … even the fans have been attacked by your Smackdown superstars.

Ventura pauses, and looks at Anderson, as if to say “and there’s more”.

Jesse Ventura: Things have gotten outta control Arn. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because two weeks ago on Smackdown, you admitted negligence in the case of Rob Van Dam. You allowed him to compete at Judgment Day, knowing full well he was nowhere near ready to step back inside the ring. Not only that, but you also admitted to hating - HATING - the WWE Champion, Randy Orton.

Heat for the mention of Orton.

Jesse Ventura: I don’t really like the kid much myself Arn, but hate?? Hate, Arn, is a very strong word. It’s one you cant afford in the position you hold. And you’ve allowed that hatred of Orton to consume you. You signed the Fatal Four Way at Judgment Day in an attempt to stack the deck against Orton … and frankly, that’s unacceptable.

Anderson blankly stares at Ventura, before turning his head away, looking to the fans.

Jesse Ventura: I don’t want it to seem like I’m demeaning you, Arn. Or trying to embarrass you in front of a worldwide audience … You deserve credit for the job you’ve done on Smackdown as it’s General Manager up until WrestleMania. The unfortunate thing for you Arn, is that you allowed your emotions, you allowed your heart to rule your head, when it came to Randy Orton.

Ventura steps forward, getting eye contact from Arn.

Jesse Ventura: We all know you and Ric Flair are like brothers, and what Orton subjected him to was disgusting. In all honesty, if Randy Orton ran my very best friend outta the profession he loved … I think I woulda done the same. But Arn, in the position you hold … that just cant happen.

Anderson nods again, knowing what he’s done.

Jesse Ventura: Arn … after lengthy discussions this past week with the Board of Directors, I’ve been advised that the best course of action, and the recommendation of the board is that your contract as General Manager should be terminated immediately.

Heat from the fans. Anderson, having already expected this announcement last week, doesn’t look shocked.

Jesse Ventura: That’s their recommendation … but Arn, this might come as a surprise to you … I’m NOT firing you.

Pop from the fans, an Andersons eyes widen in surprise.

Jesse Ventura: I wont fire you … but Arn, it’s clear to see that you’ve allowed aspects of your job to weigh you down. You came out here tonight like a beaten man. That’s not the Arn Anderson I know. That’s not ‘The Enforcer’ as far as I’m concerned. But like I said … I wont fire you. If you’ve had enough, and you wanna quit … be my guest … but I still believe you’re the right man for this job.

Small pop from the fans, as Ventura gears up.

Jesse Ventura: But-

The fans die down, as the dreaded three letter word pops up again.

Jesse Ventura: I still have to take action for the mistakes you’ve made Arn. For the record, after investigation into Edge’s complaints against your decision making, those accusations were unfounded. As far as I, and the board are concerned, there was no case for Edge to lodge a complaint. However, as a result of your negligence towards Rob Van Dam, and your admitted bias against Randy Orton … I’m officially suspending you for TWELVE WEEKS … beginning … as of right now.

Heat. The expression on Andersons face drops in astonishment.

Jesse Ventura: Arn, don’t look at this as a punishment. Take the time off to recharge those batteries, and think about your future as Smackdown General Manager. Get your head clear, and if you feel like you can return and do this job to the best of your ability - like you did prior to WrestleMania - then you’ll be back on Smackdown, running this show on August 31 once the WWE returns from the World Tour.

Ventura reaches a hand out, offering Anderson a handshake, which the - now suspended - GM accepts. The fans semi-cheer, as Anderson pulls away, and asks for the mic.

Arn Anderson: Jess, I appreciate what you’ve done for me t’night. I know it coulda been easy t’fire me on the spot. I sure as hell couldn’t have had any complaints. I realise more than anyone that I’ve abused my position, and before I leave tonight, I jus’ want to apologise to the fans-

Small pop.

Arn Anderson: I’m sorry for letting you guys down in the last few months. An’ I want to apologise to all the boys in the back. I began my reign as GM on Smackdown, telling the entire locker room that I wouldn’t play favourites, that I wouldn’t take any crap, and that I would do everything in my power to make Smackdown the undisputed ‘A’ brand in the WWE. And I didn’t stay true to my word.

Anderson then holds his finger up.

Arn Anderson: BUT- if I feel I CAN return to duty as General Manager at the end of August, and do the job as I should’ve done this entire time … and that is IMPARTIALLY!!

Pop for Anderson, who hands the mic back to Ventura, and shakes hands with the Commissioner again, before waving to the fans, as he hops out of the ring, and leaves up the ramp, whilst Ventura waits to continue. Jesse waits until Double A disappears behind the curtain, then moves on…

Jesse Ventura: Now … we cant have Smackdown ungoverned for the next three months. While Arn Anderson is given time off to reconsider his future, someone needs to step into the breach here on Friday Nights. And I’ve got just the guy. I’ll be honest … I don’t like him, I don’t trust him, and he’s pretty damn slimy to say the least. But what I will say, is that the guy knows what he’s doin. Allow me to introduce to you, the interim General Manager of Smackdown … RAWS General Manager, ERIC BISCHOFF!!

Michael Cole: WHAT??!!

Joey Styles: Oh please no.

Tazz: Whoa boy … BISCHOFF??

**I‘M BACK**

To the astonishment of the fans, ERIC BISCHOFF steps onto the stage, more smug than ever - now taking the reigns of BOTH flagship shows in the WWE, albeit temporarily. Bischoff confidently strides down the aisle, unable to wipe the smirk off his face, whilst Ventura looks to the fans, seemingly unimpressed with the man he has chosen as Interim Smackdown GM.

Joey Styles: What have we done to deserve this snake as our General Manager - even if it is only on a temporary basis. Was this really the best available option??

Tazz: I don’t know what to think about this Joe. Bischoff is a shady, shady dude, but I gotta say, he’s been doin a helluva job on Raw lately.

Michael Cole: That he has Tazz. Eric Bischoff has been making big strides on Raw in recent months. I gotta say, I don’t see where your negativity is coming from Joey. What do you have against Eric Bischoff??

Joey Styles: He’s a slime ball. An untrustworthy slime ball, Michael. A leech, a parasite, that done his absolute best to cripple ECW, picking off our best stars with Ted Turners billions when he ran WCW.

Michael Cole: Oh, move on Styles!! ECW died years ago!! You’re in the big leagues now, perhaps you should start to move on. You’re in the WWE, calling Smackdown. You’re not in Paul Heymans basement doing voice overs anymore. Stop harbouring old, outdated grudges.

Joey Styles: I don’t like that man, I don’t trust that man, and don’t you dare undermine my past Michael Cole.

Bischoff’s music dies down, and the new interim GM prepares to speak.

Eric Bischoff: Well, well, well. Jesse Ventura- Commissioner Ventura … this is a pleasure. Let me assure you Jesse, you’ve made the right decision. As a matter of fact, when you see what I’ve done with Smackdown in twelve weeks time, you’ll be giving ‘ol man Anderson the heave ho, and you’ll be begging me to take this show on full time. Bec-

Jesse Ventura: Let’s set the record straight, Bischoff. You got the job because you were ready, and you were available. I’ll admit, you’ve raised your game with Raw, but believe me … if you screw this up Bischoff … in twelve weeks time, you’ll be begging me not to fire you.

Ventura then moves in close to Bischoff.

Jesse Ventura: With that being said … good luck.

Ventura gives Bischoff a HARD pat on the back, jolting the GM, before the Commissioner exit’s the ring, leaving Bischoff to hold court. Eric steadies himself, and fixes his jacket, before continuing, as we watch Ventura leave up the ramp, slapping out stretched hands of the fans as he passes by.

Eric Bischoff: Let’s move on, shall we??

Bischoff disingenuously smiles, before continuing.

Eric Bischoff: First of all, I want to let all the talent here on Smackdown know that I will be taking this role just as seriously as I do my role on Raw. I may be the permanent General Manager on Raw, but I wont favour that job over this. As far as I’m concerned, this is an opportunity to prove just how far ahead of the curve I am. I want to cement my position as the premiere General Manager in the WWE, and by successfully running BOTH flagship shows … I will do just that.

Heat. Again, Anderson - like a defeated man - nods.

Eric Bischoff: And I want to kick off with a bang. Tonight, as you will already know, ‘The Animal’ Batista challenges Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, but that’s not all. Tonight, in this very ring, we will determine the NEXT man to challenge for that WWE Championship, and that title shot will come at Smackdowns next Pay Per View extravaganza, ‘The Great American Bash’. And I intend on promoting a show just as good, just as newsworthy as I have over on Raw with next Sundays Vengeance.

Bischoff pauses for a second.

Eric Bischoff: So tonight, we’re gonna find out the main event for The Great American Bash on July 8. Whomever the WWE Champion may be will be defending his championship against the winner of tonights triple threat match. And the three men battling it out for that title shot are … EDGE!!!

Heat for Edge, who has ANOTHER opportunity to earn an outright one on one title shot.

Eric Bischoff: The most exciting talent not on Monday Night Raw, the United States Champion himself, PAUL LONDON!!!

Big pop for a big opportunity for London.

Eric Bischoff: And the third man?? He’s the guy that was screwed outta the title at Judgment Day … BRRROCK LESSSSSNARRRR!!!

Massive pop for The Iron Man!!

Eric Bischoff: Ladies and Gentlemen … I suggest you buckle up. Because with Eric Bischoff in charge of Smackdown … you are guaranteed the ride of your life.

**I‘M BACK**

Bischoffs music plays again, as the interim GM exit’s the ring.

Michael Cole: Talk about an instant impact. But I’m sure you’ll have a complaint Joey, right??

Joey Styles: No complaints on the match up, Michael. I just hate Bischoffs stinkin guts.

Tazz: I aint the mans biggest fan either, but Bischoff knows how to deliver. Gotta give him credit for that triple threat match.

Michael Cole: The main event for the Great American Bash WILL be decided tonight!! It’s an unmissable edition of Friday Night Smackdown, and when we come back, we’re kicking off, with the continuation of the King of the Ring tournament!!

Commercial Break

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, and if you’ve just joined us, boy oh boy, have you missed a BIG opening.

Joey Styles: Absolutely, Michael. It is ALL change on Smackdown. Arn Anderson has been suspended and relieved of his duties for three months. Jesse Ventura has placed Raw GM Eric Bischoff in charge of Smackdown in the interim. AND, tonight, we will find out the main event for next months Great American Bash.

Michael Cole: That’s right, Joey. Despite your blind hatred for the man, Eric Bischoff has made a sudden impact on Smackdown. One of Brock Lesnar, Paul London and Edge will meet the WWE Champion on July 8. Will Randy Orton or Batista be holding the gold though?? We find out the answer to that in our main event.

Tazz: Off the hook gentlemen. Forget your opinions on Bischoff, he’s delivered tonight.

Michael Cole: Indeed he has, and that’s not all. Because, during the commercial break, Eric Bischoff has announced that Americas Most Wanted will once again defend their WWE Tag Team Championships against Booker T & Elijah Burke!! They got themselves disqualified last week, but the champions must put the titles on the line again - TONIGHT!!!


To a proper heel response now, Brian Kendrick enters for his King of the Ring match.

Joey Styles: The Great American Bash will have to take a backseat for the time being I’m afraid, Cole, because right now, the King of the Ring takes centre stage. It’s the final two first round matches tonight, and we are kicking off with the Cruiserweight Champion!!

Tazz: Huge test for Kendrick tonight, Joe. This kids head has been in the clouds since winnin that title. He’s shunned his friends, he’s forgotten his roots. Just last week, he left his supposed best friend out to dry, and started posing with Paul Londons U.S title!!

Michael Cole: But it’s hard to argue the results gentlemen. Brian Kendrick is on the biggest roll of his career.

Tazz: It is a cut throat business, and he has been enjoying success like never before since his change in attitude. I guess, you got a point, Cole.

Joey Styles: Seems like a lot of people are going through a change in attitude around here at the minute, huh Michael??

Kendrick hops into the ring, brandishing his Cruiserweight title, as he gets set for his match.

Michael Cole: Tonight for Kendrick, it’s all about the King of the Ring - BUT the Cruiserweight Champion has a title defence on the horizon, after Chavo Guerrero earned a shot this past Tuesday on Superstars.

Joey Styles: Kendrick escaped by the skin of his teeth at Judgment Day, but Chavo Guerrero gets his rematch. When?? We don’t know, but I bet Chavo wont want to wait too long to get his hands on the champ.

Tazz: Yeah. Kendrick had better stop thinkin about parading with other peoples title belts, and focus on defending his own, otherwise he’ll be left with none!!


The former United States Champion, Brent Albright jogs onto the stage, ignoring the heat from the fans, as we get set for an unusual heel/heel contest.

Michael Cole: What a match we’re set for here. Arguably the toughest to call in the entire opening round of this years King of the Ring tournament.

Joey Styles: Brent Albright won a lot of admirers during his incredible seven month reign as the United States Champion. Winning the King of the Ring is on his radar now, and what an accomplishment it would be for this guy.

Tazz: One of the favourites in my opinion. Big match specialist guys, and it don’t come much bigger than the King of the Ring.

Brian Kendrick vs. Brent Albright
Despite the tweener/heel dynamic here, it’s a technically sound contest, with Kendrick taking on a face role in terms of offence, but plays it cocky when in control. The speed of the CW champ is a problem for Albright, but the former U.S Champion eventually takes over, and gets to work on Kendrick, as the three man commentary booth begin to ask how much does Kendrick really want the KOTR crown.

The answer is made obvious, as Kendrick digs deep to spark a comeback, albeit, without the fans on his side. The Cruiserweight Champion puts Albright on the back foot, and scores a few near falls himself, as Brent is forced to show his own determination and will to win. Kendrick attempts to hit the flashy Doctor Smooth’s Secret Recipe, but Albright catches the foot and shoves BK away, with Kendrick crashing hard on the mat, allowing Brent to follow up and grabs Kendrick when he is up; smashing him with the Half Nelson Suplex!!! Albright follows up, and covers, but Kendrick manages to kick out at two.

Albright then targets the arm, softening Kendrick up for the Crowbar, but just as he looks to clench it on, Kendrick squirms free, trying to avoid it for all he’s worth, kicking and clawing at Albright to keep him at arms length. In a VERY heelish move, Kendrick RAKES the eyes of Albright, showing his desperation to avoid the crowbar, and it nearly pays off, as when Brent reels away, Kendrick spots an opening to go for SLICED BREAD … BUT ALBRIGHT THROWS HIM OFF!!! Kendrick staggers back up after crashing onto the mat … and walks into an arm drag takedown … STRAIGHT INTO THE CROWBAR!!! Kendrick almost INSTANTLY taps, and Albright advances!!
Winner: Brent Albright @ 07:12

‘The Master Craftsman’ progresses to the next round, where Jeff Hardy or Kid Kash will await, as those two clash later for the right to qualify for the Sweet Sixteen. In the ring, Albright has his arm raised, whilst Kendrick rolls straight out of the ring, clutching his arm, selling the effects of the arm work and Crowbar.

Tazz: That right there is a genuine contender to win this thing. Brent Albright is a man on a mission right now. He doesn’t have any other distractions. No titles to defend, nobody to look over his shoulder for. He’s got all his focus on becoming the 2007 King of the Ring.

Michael Cole: Brian Kendrick came up a fraction short tonight. But like you said Tazz, Brent Albright doesn’t have his attention diverted elsewhere. He has one goal right now; one objective - win the King of the Ring.

Joey Styles: Kendrick has paid the price here if you ask me. Dreaming of double gold, completely in love with himself, I’m surprised the Cruiserweight Champion even had time to show up here tonight!!

Michael Cole: Brian Kendrick has nothing to be ashamed of here, he lost on the night, but he damn sure gave it his all. Meanwhile, Brent Albright DOES advance, and we’re gonna find out in just a moment who he faces in the second round. Will it be Jeff Hardy or Kid Kash??

Commercial Break


The New Wave vs. Batista & Brock Lesnar
Dinsmore tentatively steps inside, keeping close to the ropes, with Batista challenging him to come at him, but The Prodigy remains cagey, and soon, we see why … AS CADE AND DOANE ATTACK BATISTA!!! The other two members of the group jump The Animal, which sparks Lesnar into life, and The Iron Man clears house; sending Doane flying with a Belly to Belly suplex, then topples Cade over the top rope with a clothesline, taking himself out of the ring too!!! In the ring, Dinsmore AGAIN runs into a SPINEBUSTER!!! And as Batista picks him back up, Orton merely watches on, with The Animal trying to goad the champion into action … but Orton stands on the apron, allowing his troops to be dismantled … AS BATISTA DELIVERS THE BATISTA BOMB!!! The Animal hooks the leg, keeping his eyes on Orton the entire time … 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Batista & Brock Lesnar @ 13:04

Orton steps into the ring, and turns his attention back to the ring, and the defeated Nick Dinsmore, taking up a position in the corner. Orton looks down at Dinsmore, who slowly comes around, not knowing what is about to come. Cade and Doane both look on in shock, not sure what to expect next, having seen this set up before … and almost in an instant, as Dinsmore looks up… ORTON RUNS ACROSS THE RING … AND PUNTS NICK DINSMORE IN THE SKULL!!!!!

RANDY ORTON JUST PUNTED HIS OWN TEAM MATE!!! Immediately, Ken Doane slides into the ring, looking to tend to Dinsmore … but Orton shoves him away, ordering him not to. On the outside, Garrison Cade shakes his head in disgust at the actions of his leader, and walks away, up the ramp, as medics now arrive on the scene.

In the ring, Orton berates Doane, as the camera picks him up, telling Ken ‘I WARNED YOU ALL!! I SAID I WOULDN’T TOLERATE FAILURE’ before leaving the ring, without a seconds thought for poor Nick Dinsmore … out cold, whilst Ken Doane stands in the ring, looking down on Dinsmore, before looking outside to Orton, who doesn’t look back, simply walking out.


We return to Smackdown, and see the arrival of RANDY ORTON!! The WWE Champion walks into the arena from the parking lot, carrying his bag over his shoulder, and it’s evident that tonight he is ALONE.

Michael Cole: Well, last week, Randy Orton alienated The New Wave, after LITERALLY kicking - punting - Nick Dinsmore out of the group. We have it on good authority that Garrison Cade and Ken Doane have both requested the evening off, and that request was granted by Jesse Ventura. What could be going through the minds of Cade and Doane this evening??

Tazz: What must be goin through the mind of Orton, Cole?? The Champ defends his title tonight, and he’s got no insurance policy to bail him out on this one!!

Joey Styles: And if ever he needed it, it was tonight, gentlemen. The threat of Batista is SERIOUS. The WWE Championship is in SERIOUS jeopardy if you ask me. Can Orton overcome The Animal on his own??

Michael Cole: What comes around, goes around, and tonight, Randy Orton may just find his actions coming back to bite him on the ass.

Joey Styles: And after the way he bullied Ric Flair into retirement … after the way he brutally - and needlessly - disposed of Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam and now Nick Dinsmore, he deserves all the punishment he gets!! It’s been a long time coming if you ask me. Nick Dinsmore wont be in a ring for God knows how long. And for what?? Losing a match?? Gimme a break.


High energy, Jeff Hardy races onto the stage, with his first round King of the Ring contest coming up next.

Commercial Break

Jeff Hardy vs. Kid Kash
Fast paced contest, with little time given to the pair to put anything really good together. Jeff brings his usual reckless abandon to the table, whilst Kash plays it a little more safe, and uses Hardys wild offence against him, forcing Jeff to crash and burn, allowing himself to take over. Kash though, is unable to put Jeff away despite his best efforts, and naturally, Hardy is able to muster a slight comeback, getting the fans on their feet with his high flying style.

Kash attempts to put the kybosh on it by slapping on an energy sapping sleeper … but Hardy twists out of it, and plants KK with a jaw breaker, then knocks Kash down with a running forearm. Hitting another gear now, Jeff gets Kash up, drilling him with a front suplex, which sets him up perfectly, as he quickly ascends to the top rope … AND FLIES WITH A SWANTON BOMB!!! Hardy covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Jeff Hardy @ 05:38

It’ll be Hardy and Albright in the Sweet Sixteen, with Jeff overcoming the former Cruiserweight champion.

Michael Cole: Jeff Hardy advances, and gentlemen, the first round of the 2007 King of the Ring is OFFICIALLY over!!

Tazz: Now it gets serious, Cole. Eight guys left on Smackdown; seven left from Raw. All these guys are one win away from Saturday Nights Main Event now. It’s all beginning to get very real for these guys.

Joey Styles: Umaga from Raw is the first man to officially make it to Saturday Nights Main Event, and by this time next week, we will know the Elite Eight. All FOUR second round matches from Smackdown will take place NEXT WEEK on Smackdown. Jeff Hardy and Brent Albright, Paul London and Ken Doane, Charlie Haas and Finlay, and of course, the big one - the grudge match - MVP and Carlito.

Tazz: Has there ever been a match in King of the Ring history with more hatred between the two competitors?? I don’t think so. Carlito and MVP have been at each others throats for months. It’s personal - very personal.

Michael Cole: Indeed it is, Tazz. It began as a clash of personalities, but it has become so much more.

Joey Styles: That’s an understatement, Michael. MVP tried to end Carlitos little brothers career before it has even begun. Primo Colon has - excuse me, HAD been training to follow in the footsteps of his big brother. That dream has had to be put on the backburner for the best part of a year.

Michael Cole: And Carlito tried to do the exact same to MVP at Judgment Day!! MVP feels he shouldn’t have to face Carlito again. He fears for his own safety, because he knows Carlito isn’t interested in wrestling - Carlito wants to destroy the highest paid superstar in Smackdown history!! Surely you don’t agree with that, Joe??

Joey Styles: I never said I did. Carlito has allowed his aggression - that latin temper - to get the best of him recently, and it could cost him next week, if he blows his chance to become King of the Ring.

Commercial Break

We return backstage, with the sight of BATISTA warming up.

Joey Styles: There he is gentlemen!! The Animal challenges Randy Orton later tonight for the WWE Title!! Is tonight the dawn of a new era - an animalistic era here on Smackdown??

Tazz: He’s got the tools to do it, no damn doubt about it, Joe. Can he win the big one tonight, though.

Michael Cole: That is our main event. Former team mates in Evolution, clash for the gold tonight. Batista and Orton know one another inside out. They know each others strengths, they know their weaknesses. It promises to be explosive. And one of the two men will meet the winner of tonights triple threat match to determine the number one contender at the Great American Bash. And right now, Josh Mathews is with one of those three competitors. Josh??

Josh Mathews standing by…

Josh Mathews: Thank you Michael, and Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, one of the three competitors in tonight’s number one contenders triple threat match, the United States Champion, Paul London!!

A smiling Paul London steps into view, proudly carrying his U.S Title.

Josh Mathews: Paul, tonight, you have been handed the opportunity to earn the right to challenge Randy Orton or Batista at the Great American Bash. Standing in your way however, are two of the most decorated stars, two of the biggest names in the WWE today, Brock Lesnar and Edge. What are your thoughts on tonights opportunity??

Paul London: Yeah … pretty big deal, huh?? Y’know, I arrived here today in Denver-

Unintentional cheap pop. London smirks.

Paul London: And to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ll tell ya though … the last thing I would’ve expected today was to be thrust into a Number One Contenders Match. But hey, I’m not complaining. Tonight, I’ve been handed the ultimate opportunity … a chance to earn a shot at the WWE Championship. And Josh, ya might’ve noticed, I’m grabbing all the opportunities that come my way lately.

London pats the United States Title.

Paul London: This right here is my pride and joy, Josh. The United States Championship is the most important thing in my life … but it’s still just the beginning of what I’m hoping is goin to be a perfect summer for Paul London. Winning the U.S title was step one … becoming number one contender tonight is next-

Pop in the background. London smiles again, but shakes his head as if to say that’s not all.

Paul London: THEN, it’s onto Saturday Nights Main Event where I WILL be crowned King of the Ring … and I’m goin full circle at the Great American Bash … by becoming W … W … E … CHAMPION!!!

Pop. London looks deadly serious, FULL of belief in his abilities.

Paul London: And ya wanna know somethin else, Josh?? … I hope it’s Orton.

Heat from the fans.

Paul London: Hear me out. I got a lotta love for Batista. It’d be an honour to face the big guy with the WWE title on the line … but I want a piece of Orton. Josh, I have been itching to get my hands on Orton ever since he kicked RVD in the skull at WrestleMania.

London pauses, breathing heavily, looking more serious than ever.

Paul London: Rob Van Dam is one of the best friends I’ve had in the WWE. We’ve rode together on the road, we have the same interests, similar personalities. I’ve learned so much from RVD … to the point where he’s been more like a brother to me than a colleague. So … to see him taken out the way he was … seconds after his biggest achievement; retaining the WWE title at WrestleMania … it made me sick. And after the way Orton disposed of Rob at Judgment Day … he proved that he wasn’t a damn bit sorry. Well Josh … I want to make him sorry. I want to beat him at the Great American Bash, and have his world crumble around him. And I’ll do it for (does the thumb taunt) Rob … Van … Dam.

London fixes his belt, and turns to leave … but walks into BRIAN KENDRICK. Kendrick has the look of a Bulldog chewing a wasp,

Brian Kendrick: Did I just hear that right?? Your best friend in this business is … RVD??

Kendrick scoffs.

Brian Kendrick: All that time we spent tagging?? That mean nothing to you?? I always thought you and I were close, Paul. Brothers almost. But now that you’ve branched out and got yourself a title … I guess our friendship is no longer important to you??

Paul London: What??

Brian Kendrick: Y’know, I’m just coming off a big loss. I’m out of the running for the King of the Ring, and you don’t seem to give to damn!! Screw your old buddy Brian, you’ve got more important things on your mind, right?? You won your United States title, you’re aiming to win the King of the Ring, and STILL you’re not happy?? You’re not content with that?? Ohhhh no. That’s not good enough for you, is it, Paul?? You’re not happy with one title, are ya?? You want it all. I bet you’re looking at MY Cruiserweight title, and you want that too, right??

Kendrick holds up the CW belt, then pulls it away.

Brian Kendrick: Well you cant have it!! Ever since you won that title, you’ve become so selfish, so self-centred. It’s all about you now, isn’t it Paul?? Y’know something?? … You’ve changed.

Kendrick pushes past London, and walks on, but turns and shouts.

Brian Kendrick: You know what you need Paul?? You need someone to bring you down off that perch!!

Kendrick disappears from view, as London stands in the hallway, shaking his head in disgust at the attitude of his former friend, Brian Kendrick.

Back to ringside…

Joey Styles: Brian Kendricks ego aside, let’s talk about Paul London, and the opportunity that awaits him tonight. Gentlemen??

Michael Cole: Tazz and I have had the pleasure to watch Paul London blossom before our eyes over the past two and a half years. He has had one previous WWE Title shot, but despite a valiant effort, he just wasn’t ready for it at that time. Now though?? Paul London is a viable threat. On any given night, Paul London can beat ANYONE. Could tonight be that night??

Tazz: He doesn’t just want a shot at the gold guys, he wants a piece o’ Orton too. Like many guys in that locker room, Paul London harbours a grudge with the WWE Champ for his actions, and the Golden Boy wants Orton in the worst way.

Michael Cole: Well, that triple threat match is still to come tonight, but next on Smackdown tonight, the WWE Tag Team Championships are on the line!! For the third time, the team of youth and experience; Elijah Burke and Booker T will challenge Americas Most Wanted. Is tonight the night, where finally the challengers overcome the champions??

Joey Styles: That was last week, Michael. Booker T & Elijah Burke had the titles won last week on Smackdown, but AMW saved the championships by getting themselves disqualified.


To a strong response, Booker & Burke enter, looking pumped, having gotten another bite at the cherry tonight.

Michael Cole: Can Booker T and Elijah Burke pick up where they left off last week on Smackdown?? Can this exciting duo finally capture the WWE Tag Team Titles?? Find out, when we come back!!

Commercial Break

We return, with Booker & Burke in the ring awaiting AMW…


The champions make their way out … but it’s obvious that Booker & Burke aren’t taking any chances … AND THEY COME TO MEET THEM IN THE AISLE!!!

The two teams square off on the ramp, trading blows, with the challengers getting the better of the exchange, dragging Harris and Storm to the ring, throwing them inside and getting the match started.

Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke
The challengers open up on the champions in the ring, beating them with rights, lefts and chops in opposite corners, then both go for an Irish whip … AND SEND THE CHAMPIONS RUNNING INTO EACH OTHER!!! Dazed and confused, Harris and Storm stagger around the ring, with Burke taking Storm out of the equation, clothes lining The Cowboy out of the ring, taking himself out too!!!

It leaves Booker and Harris in the ring, with Booker in control, hammering Harris, throwing him off the ropes, and putting him down with a side kick!! Feeling the energy, Booker signals for it, and to the delight of the fans, DISPLAYS THE SPIN-A-ROONIE!!! Spotting Harris getting up, Booker looks to finish things off … AND GOES FOR THE SCISSORS KICK … BUT MISSES!! Harris avoids the kick, and SCHOOL BOYS BOOKER … HOLDING THE TIGHTS … AND THE ROPES … 1...2...3!!!
Winners: And STILL WWE Tag Team Champions - Americas Most Wanted @ 02:33

In the blink of an eye it’s over!!! Too busy pounding down Storm on the outside, Burke doesn’t even realise it’s over until the bell rings, and looks up … stupefied to see that it’s Chris Harris that’s got his hand raised!! Booker is on his knees in the ring, wild eyed, motioning with his tights, as Harris immediately gets out of dodge, whilst Storm scrambles on his hands and knees around ringside - with the titles in his possession.

Joey Styles: No, no, no. Not again!!! Booker T and Elijah Burke have been ROBBED AGAIN!!!

Tazz: You ever get the feeling that some things just aint meant to be?? I’d say Booker T and Elijah Burke are thinking that right now!!

Michael Cole: By hook, or by crook, AMW remain the champions here tonight. They have beaten the challengers again. Is there any way back for Burke and Booker from this loss??

Joey Styles: If they could get a shot at the titles where Harris and Storm didn’t have to resort to underhanded tactics to win, we’d have new champions - THAT I guarantee. Americas Most Wanted know that Booker T and Elijah Burke have their number.

Michael Cole: But Joey, after tonight, they may just be out of title shots.

Joey Styles: If that’s the case, it’s a damn shame.

Burke and Booker stand in the ring, shaking their heads in annoyance, talking over what went down, as Booker again motions to his tights, before leaning on the ropes, head down, disappointed to have missed out on the titles AGAIN.

Backstage, ERIC BISCHOFF is seen making his way around, shaking hands with staff members, seemingly getting to know them, including lower ranked members of the roster; Chris Masters, Deuce, Domino, Hardcore Holly … and as he attempts to pass by Jamie Noble with a quick hello, Noble has other ideas, and makes a point to stop the GM.

Jamie Noble: Mister Bischoff, if I could have just’a moment of your time, I’d be truly grateful.

Bischoff steps back, smirks, then nods.

Eric Bischoff: Jamie Noble, isn’t it??

Noble nods.

Jamie Noble: Yes sir, Jamie Noble boyyy.

Bischoff chuckles.

Eric Bischoff: And how can I help you this evening, Jamie??

Jamie Noble: Look, I know he aint here tonight, but I want a match wi’ JBL. Me an’ him, one on one. I don’t care when it is. Next week, two weeks, I don’t care. Please Mister Bischoff.

Bischoff stands emotionless for a moment … then bursts into laughter.

Eric Bischoff: Puh-lease. I like your humour Jamie, but now isn’t the time.

Bischoff attempts to walk on, but Noble - serious as a heart attack - stands in his way.

Jamie Noble: I’m serious Mister Bischoff. I want JBL in that ring.

Eric Bischoff: Okay. Let me get this straight. You want a match. One on one?? With JBL - John Bradshaw Layfield?? After the beating he gave you last month?? Hell, after the beating he gave you … last week??

Noble nods.

Jamie Noble: Listen Mister Bischoff, I don’t care that he’s kicked ma rear end before. I don’t even care if he does it again. But I aint no pushover. Jamie Noble aint gonna take no ass whipping lyin down!! If JBL thinks he can bully me, that sonnuvabitch has another thing comin to him, I guarantee ya!!

Looking fired up, Noble stares through Bischoff, wanting his match with JBL.

Eric Bischoff: You really want a piece of JBL, huh??

Noble nods.

Eric Bischoff: Okay. Then prove it. Tonight. Go out to that ring later tonight Jamie, and prove to me how much you want JBL in that ring.

Noble accepts the challenge, and nods.

Jamie Noble: You got it.

The little ball of intensity walks off, leaving a bemused Bischoff to smirk, as he walks on down the hallway.

Commercial Break


Opening shot of the American Flag waving proudly.

“What makes a GREAT American?”

Clips of Booker T & Elijah Burke high fiving, Paul London celebrating at Judgment Day with the United States title and Brock Lesnar fighting off The New Wave in May.

“Pride? Honour? Fighting spirit?”

ade to darkness, then clips of the cocky Brian Kendrick holding the Cruiserweight and United States titles on June 1, Edge screwing Batista out of the WWE title, and Randy Orton punting Nick Dinsmore.

“Or is it Greed? Callousness? Malice?”

Shot of JBL looking cocky, arms spread wide, soaking up heat most likely, before switching to the rugged Batista, shaking the ropes in the ring during a match.

“In todays society, it becomes more and more difficult to decipher just who are the noble, and who are dishonourable by looks alone”

Clip of Americas Most Wanted, decked out in their ring attire containing the American Flag.

“There are those that bring shame to the stars and stripes”

Shot of M.V.P throwing money away, whilst sporting an overload of bling necklaces, and JBL assaulting Jamie Noble.

“There are those that have brought shame to living the American Dream”

Clip of Randy Orton hitting the Hangmans DDT on RVD at Judgment Day, Americas Most Wanted getting in the face of young fans at ringside, and Brian Kendrick strutting.

“Champions with no class, dignity, honour or respect”


“But a true hallmark of ALL Great Americans … is hope”

Euphoric music kicks in, and lots of rapid shots are shown now, of Paul London soaring through the air, Brock Lesnar with an F5 on Garrison Cade, Brian Kendrick running like a scalded dog, Booker & Eli getting the better of AMW … and a flashing image of a dark figure (The Undertaker??) in the distance??

“On July 8, the WWE welcomes ALL Great Americans to gather as one, and HOPE for justice … HOPE for righteousness … HOPE that good overcomes evil … ”

The euphoric music stops, and slow images of the cold Randy Orton, the bitter Edge, the cocky Brian Kendrick, then the toothy grin of JBL.


*Banner Credit (as ever) TKOW*


We return, backstage with Kristal Marshall…

Kristal Marshall: In just a few moments, we will crown the Number One Contender to challenge the WWE Champion at The Great American Bash. And right now, I am standing by with one of the three men set to battle it out for that honour, The Iron Man, Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar enters the picture to a big pop.

Kristal Marshall: Brock, last week you made your intentions clear, stating that your focus was on reclaiming the WWE Championship. Now, the opportunity has come, with a title shot hanging in the balance tonight. Standing in your way though, is Edge and Paul London. Your thoughts??

Brock Lesnar: Let me ask you a question Kristal. When was the last time Brock Lesnar had a one on one shot at a World title??

Kristal shrugs, not knowing the answer.

Brock Lesnar: Ten months. It’s been ten months since I had a one on one match for a World title. Now, as far as I’m concerned, that’s ten months too long. I’m not in this business to make up the numbers Kristal. I’m not here for a pay check. There are two things that drive me on … and that’s busting heads and winning championships.

Small pop from the fans.

Brock Lesnar: Busting heads is fun, don’t get me wrong, Kristal. But right now, I just want to hold that WWE Championship again. Ten months for me is a long time … and I’m not known for being a patient guy either. So to say my patience is running thin would be an understatement … I’m desperate to get my hands on that title. And I don’t care if it’s Orton or Batista … if they’re bringing that WWE Title to the Great American Bash, they’re on my radar.

Lesnar tails off on the last few words, as his attention is diverted, and we see why … as EDGE arrives on the set.

Brock Lesnar: Can I help you with something??

Edge s......s, and rubs his beard.

Edge: Did- did you just say … you’re … desperate??

Brock stands still for a moment, wondering why the question was asked, before nodding. Edge shakes his head in response, and takes off his shades, looking Brock dead in the eye.

Edge: Until you step in my shoes … you don’t know the MEANING of the word.

The Rated ‘R’ Superstar storms off, leaving Lesnar to contemplate, as we fade out.

Back to ringside…


Paul London, to a heck of a response, walks onto the stage, ahead of the #1 Contender Match.

Michael Cole: What an opportunity this is for Paul London!! The United States Champion could book a date with destiny on July 8 with the WWE Champion, whomever that may be at the end of tonight.

Joey Styles: What a fairytale story it could be for this man. In the next four weeks Paul London could possibly be holding not just the U.S Title, but the King of the Ring crown, and the WWE Championship. This could turn out to be THE defining month of Paul Londons career!!

Tazz: Lotta people are gonna be pullin for London to win this one if you ask me guys. A true underdog story in the makin.


To undeniable heat, Edge emerges through the smoke, looking as focused and as fired up as ever.

Joey Styles: How many more chances will Edge get?? He carried the Money in the Bank briefcase for twelve months, pondering when to cash it in, and he blew it. He’s lost a number one contender match to Chris Jericho, then got another bite at the cherry at Judgment Day in the Fatal Four Way and lost that too. Somehow, he weaselled his way to another #1 Contenders match two weeks ago and lost to Batista!! Yet, here he is again with ANOTHER opportunity to earn a shot at the title. Surely THIS is the last crack Edge will get for the foreseeable future??

Tazz: You make a strong point, Joe. Edge has been given chance after chance to grab that elusive first WWE Championship, yet he keeps coming up short.

Michael Cole: But gentlemen, Edge believes he was wronged two weeks ago, he-

Joey Styles: He’s full of excuses, Michael Cole. At some point, Edge has to take responsibility for his shortcomings.


And it’s a massive reaction for a massive superstar!! Brock Lesnar charges onto the stage with a purpose, wasting no time in storming down the aisle.

Michael Cole: For London and Edge, this match represents an opportunity to climb to the top of the mountain for the very first time. But for Lesnar, this is an opportunity to go back where he believes he belongs - at the very top. Lesnar is a former four time WWE Champion, but since losing the title at WrestleMania Twenty Two last year, he has not tasted any form of championship gold. The Iron Man admitted himself - he’s desperate!!

Joey Styles: And that is not a man you want to deal with when he’s desperate. Brock Lesnar is the type of person that gets what he wants, when he wants. Tonight, he wants to be the number one contender, and good luck to Edge and Paul London in trying to stop him.

Tazz: Yeah. Good luck indeed.

Michael Cole: Which of these three men will advance to the Great American Bash and challenge the WWE Champion?? Find out, when we return!!

Commercial Break


Paul London vs. Edge vs. Brock Lesnar
Cagey opening seconds, with all three men wary … until Lesnar clocks Edge, and hammers the Rated ‘R’ Superstar through the middle rope, sending him out of the ring, leaving Brock and London. London, despite being very much disadvantaged here, shows no signs of fear, and launches at Brock, throwing everything he has at the Iron Man, with Lesnar shoving him off, then looking to decapitate London with a running clothesline, but London ducks under, then hits Lesnar with a dropsault, sending Brock tumbling into the ropes, which Edge lowers, and Brock tumbles out of the ring!!!

Edge then stomps Brock on the outside, before sending him into the barrier, taking the big man out of the equation for the time being. Edge re-enters the ring, and collides with London, with the two men going back and forth, but not for long, with Lesnar not staying down for long, and getting back inside. Brock makes a beeline for Edge, but London doesn’t take a back seat, getting involved with both men. After a series of all three men trading kicks, punches and blows, Edge and London momentarily team together to take down Brock with a double suplex … then Edge walks into a roundhouse kick from London!!! London scores a two, then gets to his feet, running off the ropes … BUT RUNS INTO BROCK LESNAR ON THE REBOUND … AND LESNAR TURNS HIM INSIDE OUT WITH A BELLY TO BELLY!!!

Lesnar returns from nowhere, surprising London, and the impact of the move sends the U.S Champion out of the ring, leaving Brock and Edge to battle it out. The two bonafide main eventers duke it out, with Lesnar winning a fist fight, but drops his guard, and falls to the Buzz Killer, but it’s only good for a two count. Edge stays on top, hammering Brock, but the Iron Man battles back, fighting to his feet, and runs off the ropes to gather steam - BUT EDGE BOOTS HIM ON THE RETURN!! Again, it’s only good enough for two, but now, Edge senses the opening is there, and rises to his feet, hovering in the corner, crouching down … AND LOOKS FOR THE SPEAR … BUT LONDON DROPSAULTS LESNAR … AND EDGE RUNS INTO THE CORNER!!!

The Golden Boy instantly rolls up Edge, 1...2...NO!!! Edge kicks out, and as London gets back to his feet, Lesnar - a little worse for wear - looks for a clothesline, but London ducks, and Brock knocks Edge back down instead as he follows through, sending Edge out of the ring. Now, London and Lesnar are left to battle, with London trying to stick and move, not staying within range for Lesnar … but is captured eventually, and DRILLED with a German suplex for a close fall. The Iron Man now has his wicked way with London, dominating the smaller man, but CANT put him away, as London finds the strength to kick out of a Fisherman buster and a second Belly to Belly.

Brock begins to wonder what he has to do, and lifts London up … WITH LONDON FIGHTING BACK!!! London surprises the big man, rocking Brock with everything he’s got, eventually taking Lesnar down with a series of arm drags, dazing the big man, allowing London to climb the ropes, and look for a cross body … BUT HE GETS CAUGHT … AND THROWN ONTO LESNARS SHOULDERS … F5 … NO!!! LONDON COUNTERS … INTO A TORNADO DDT!!!!! Could it be a shocking upset?? London covers … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

London cant believe it. The U.S Champion shakes his head, and gets to his feet - NOT REALISING WHAT’S COMING - and turns around … INTO A SPEAR!!! Edge sneaks into the ring, and scores a massive spear … sneaking through the back door for the win, making the cover … 1...2...LESNAR BREAKS THE COUNT!!! Edge is livid, and leaps onto the Iron Man, wildly pounding Brock, before dragging him up, and ramming him into the corner, shoulder first into the post!!! Edge then shoves the big man out, leaving himself and London in the ring, with London looking like easy prey. Edge sets himself, waiting for the U.S Champion to get up … AND CHARGES AT HIM … BUT LONDON LEAP FROGS HIM!! Edge stops himself from hitting the corner, but London dropkicks him from behind, forcing Edge into the buckle, and London follows up - BRIDGING DRAGON SUPLEX … 1...2...NO!!!

Edge gets a shoulder up, leaving London to once again despair. The Golden Boy runs his fingers through his hair, as he gets up … WHEN BROCK LESNAR COMES FROM BEHIND … AND CHUCKS HIM OUT OF THE RING THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE - HEAD FIRST!!! London lands horribly on the outside, as it comes down to Edge and Lesnar again. The Iron Man gets on Edge immediately, hoisting him up, looking for the kill … GOING FOR THE F5 … BUT EDGE COUNTERS INTO A CRADLE … 1...2...NO!!!

Lesnar was nearly caught, but gets up, and runs through Edge with a clothesline putting him straight back down. Brock drags Edge up, whipping him to the corner, and running in, nailing Edge with a running knee to the face, then attempts to do it again in the opposite corner … BUT EDGE DARTS OUT OF THE CORNER - NO ONE HOME FOR LESNAR!!! Edge races off the ropes … AND THE SPEAR CONNECTS!!! Edge hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! The Rated ‘R’ Superstar cant believe it, his eyes bugging out, fingers running through his hair. Now, looking more desperate, Edge gets up, and inexplicably climbs the ropes, perching himself up top … but before he can fly - LESNAR IS UP!!! Brock stops Edge with a shot to the gut, and then follows up top, as the two men trade blows, with both having differing ideas. Lesnar looks for a superplex, while Edge tries to fight it … but Lesnar overpowers him … AND GOES FOR THE SUPERPLEX … BUT EDGE TRIES TO COUNTER WITH A CROSS BODY IN MID AIR … AND BOTH MEN CRASH ONTO THE CANVAS!!!

Both men are down - and both stay down!! Suddenly, the fans come alive … AS LONDON REAPPEARS … CLIMBING THE TURNBUCKLES!!! The U.S Champion could do it here, with both opponents down, and Edge looking in a perfect spot for the 450 Splash … The Golden Boy takes an eternity to reach the top rope, selling the effects of the landing he took out of the ring, but he gets there in the end, and it looks like London could set up a Champion vs. Champion match at The Great American Bash … HE SETS HIMSELF … BUT GETS SHOVED OFF THE TOP ROPE AND INTO THE BARRIER!!!!


The jealous Cruiserweight Champion costs Paul London a certain win, and a shot at the richest prize in the game!!! Kendrick hops off the apron, with a cocky smile on his face, and makes his way up the aisle, nodding, ignoring the abuse of the fans … whilst in the ring, Edge and Lesnar both begin to stir, and it’s Brock to strike first, pounding the back of Edge, sending him off the ropes … BUT EDGE DUCKS UNDER A CLOTHESLINE … COMES OFF THE OPPOSITE SIDE … LESNAR AVOIDS A SPEAR ATTEMPT!!! Edge crashes onto the middle rope, and bounces up, staggering … RIGHT INTO LESNAR … RIGHT INTO AN F5!!! Lesnar scrambles, and hooks BOTH legs, making sure of the win, 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: And #1 CONTENDER - Brock Lesnar @ 13:10

Joey Styles: BROCK LESNAR WINS!!! The Iron Man is going to the Great American Bash, and he will challenge the WWE Champion!! Will it be Randy Orton, or will it be Batista??

Michael Cole: Whichever it is Joey, it will be the FIRST EVER meeting between them!! Brock Lesnar has never faced Randy Orton OR Batista one on one.

Tazz: It’s gonna be off the hook guys!! July 8 in Philly!!

Joey Styles: A huge win for Brock Lesnar, but you’ve gotta feel for Paul London tonight. It looked to me that he had the opportunity to connect with the 450 Splash, and in my opinion, had he done so, he’d be on his way to a Champion vs. Champion match at the Bash!!

Tazz: What the heck was Brian Kendrick thinkin!!??

Michael Cole: If there was any doubt that that friendship had dissolved, there is none now, surely. Brian Kendrick just burned any bridge with Paul London.

Brock Lesnar, having had his hand raised, walks up the aisle, happy with the result tonight, on his way to the Great American Bash. On the outside, Paul London regroups, holding his head, as the official checks on the U.S Champ, making sure he’s okay. Meanwhile, in the ring, Edge sits up, leaning back on the ropes, looking to the heavens, having BLOWN another chance to challenge for the WWE Title.

Commercial Break


Clip of Bret Hart rolling up Bam Bam Bigelow to win the King of the Ring tournament in 1993.


Narrator: It has given the platform for champions to establish themselves.

Clip of Owen Hart being crowned King of the Ring in 1994, as we hear him yell over it.


Narrator: It has immortalized greats forever.

Clip of Stone Cold Steve Austin winning the 1996 King of the Ring tournament, with the sound bite over it.


Narrator: It ushered in the birth of a new attitude.

Clip of Triple H having his hand raised in 1997.


Narrator: Stars have been born.

Clip of Kurt Angle dropping to his knees in victory in 2000.


Narrator: Legends have been made.

Clip of Brock Lesnar having his hand raised in 2002, as we hear Paul Heymans voice over the top.


Narrator: Careers have skyrocketed.

Clips of Mister Kennedy with the crown last year, and Edge with his trophy in 2001

Narrator: The King of the Ring tournament has provided some of the most memorable moments in sports entertainment history, and on Saturday, June 23, 2007 … the King of the Ring lends itself to another staple in the illustrious history of the WWE … Saturday Nights Main Event.

Clips of current superstars, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Straight Edge, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, MNM, Carlito and Brent Albright.

Narrator: The year, the King of the Ring tournament climaxes on NBC, with quarter finals, semi finals and the grand final, on the most special edition of Saturday Nights Main Event in history!!!

Quick clips again of the prominent former winners.

Narrator: Which superstar will use the King of the Ring tournament to follow these legends, icons and immortals into the pantheon of greatness??



Back into the arena…

Michael Cole: The 2007 King of the Ring will be crowned two weeks tomorrow on Saturday Nights Main Event, and next week, the entire Quarter Final line up will be determined. We have just been informed that this coming Tuesday on Superstars that Charlie Haas will meet Finlay for a place in the Elite Eight, whilst the remaining three Smackdown qualifiers will all take place on Smackdown.

Joey Styles: And what a week it promises to be next Friday. Brent Albright and Jeff Hardy, Paul London and Ken Doane, and of course, the biggest grudge match in the entire history of the King of the Ring tournament, MVP and Carlito.

Tazz: Oh boy. We might just see the winner of that Albright, Hardy match up getting a bye to the Semi Finals. Because if you ask me, Carlito is entering that match next week with bad intentions. He could get himself disqualified, and injure MVP in the process.

Michael Cole: Which is totally the wrong frame of mind. Carlito is allowing his emotions to get the better of him. He has the opportunity to become the King of the Ring here. The chance to follow in the footsteps of greats like Bret Hart, Kurt Angle and Steve Austin. And he’s gonna blow it for revenge!!


To vociferous heat, MVP enters the arena, dressed immaculately in a sharp, tailor made suit - accompanied as ever by the overload of bling necklaces etc.

Joey Styles: Well, we know MVP isn’t happy with this situation. He’s made it abundantly clear that he wants no part of Carlito. He feels he is putting his career in jeopardy by getting in the ring with Carlito.

Michael Cole: And I can see where he’s coming from. MVP is the highest paid superstar on this show. He doesn’t want to put that in jeopardy by wrestling a guy that doesn’t care if he loses. He doesn’t want to get in the ring with a man that is only interested in decapitating him. Why should he!!??

MVP picks up a mic, and talks over the cat calls from the fans.

M.V.P: When I pitched up here on Smackdown six months ago, I negotiated the biggest contract in the shows history. My basic salary alone blew everyone else outta the water.


M.V.P: But that wasn’t all. Thanks to my bargaining skills, I worked in a whole range of added bonuses. Things like a ten per cent raise if I won the Royal Rumble and headlined WrestleMania. A one off sum if I became Mister Money in the Bank … Ten grand for every month I stayed undefeated, an extra fifty grand if I went six months without being pinned or made to submit.

Porter leans up against the ropes, looking to the fans.

M.V.P: Well … I didn’t win the Royal Rumble. No biggie. I only debuted a month before it anyway. But what about Money in the Bank?? How about that six month undefeated bonus?? Missed out on those. Wanna know why?? Because of a little pest that goes by the name of Carlito. That’s why I didn’t get those bonuses.

MVP shakes his head in disgust.

M.V.P: That punk cost me Money in the Bank at WrestleMania. And then, by the grace of God, he scored the luckiest win of his career when he beat me on Smackdown two months back.

Ironic cheers from the fans.

M.V.P: No bonuses, no rises. Undefeated streak?? That’s gone. Carlito has cost me all kinds of cash by stickin his nose in my damn business. Not only is that idiot costing me money … the lunatic is now tryin to cost me my damn livelihood.

Faint ‘CAR-LIT-O’ chant.

M.V.P: Yeah, chant his name. That bloodthirsty fool wanted to end my career at Judgment Day!! I admit, I went a little too far when I attacked Carlitos little brother. We all make mistakes in the heat of the moment, right?? I’ve apologised, time and time again for my actions. Carlito?? He has no excuse. He’s cold. He’s calculated. That guy needs to be locked up if you ask me. He wants to end my God damn career!!!

Porter pauses for a moment.

M.V.P: I should be protected from this maniac … and yet I have to face him next week in the King of the Ring?? I’m due a massive bonus if I win the King of the Ring tournament. How in the hell do I do that if Carlito breaks my neck!!?? Answer me that!!

MVP looks around, as if to ask the fans for an answer.

M.V.P: I can accept losin. I can accept that. But I refuse to accept being injured - purposely - by a psychopathic madman!! That’s not fair if you ask me. So, Eric Bischoff, this is what I’m asking of you … throw Carlito out of the King of the Ring tournament-


M.V.P: Fire his ass, and give me a bye to the Elite Eight. That’s the fair way to do things if you ask me.

More boos for Porter.


Instantly, the fans boos turn to cheers, as Carlito enters the stage, whilst MVP immediately hops out of the ring, and puts a foot over the barrier, expecting a chase from Carlito. The man from the Caribbean though stands on the top of the ramp though, with a mic in hand, and talks as his music dies down.

Carlito: Carlito was jus sitting in the back listening to what ju’ve been sayin Montel. And, d’yknow what?? Ju’re full o’ crap.

Pop from the fans. MVP gets back into the ring meanwhile, narrowing his eyebrows.

Carlito: Did you really say you could handle getting beat?? Because, I gotta say, das not how Carlito remembers it. See, after Carlito beat you … you lost jure cool. You tried to end Carlitos career. Remember??

Porter shrugs in the ring.

Carlito: Das right. You tried to cripple Carlito … but ju failed. So instead, you went and targeted Carlitos little brother. And you didn’t fail second time, did’ju??

Carlito snarls, as he relives seeing his brothers brutal beat down.

Carlito: Dat wasn’t instinctive either. What ju did Montel … it was cold, calculated, heartless … and GUTLESS. An’ in Carlitos world, I don’t forgive … I don’t forget. Da best form of revenge in Carlitos world … is an eye … for an eye.

Pop from the fans.

Carlito: An’ next week, whether you like it, or not … you’re gonna look Carlito in da eye, face to face in dat ring. And lemme make somethin clear. Dis thing between you and Carlito?? It’ll end next week. Carlito’ll see to it personally. Because Motel, Carlito don’t care about winnin. Carlito don’t care about losin. Da only thing on Carlitos mind will be what you tried to do to Carlito, and what you did to Primo.

Porter gulps, as Carlito stares down the ramp.

Carlito: Like Carlito said … an eye … for an eye.

Carlito turns, and walks, leaving MVP to stand in the ring, and now for the next seven days, worry about what’s to come next week on Smackdown.

Commercial Break

We return with Jamie Noble already in the ring, awaiting his opponent this evening.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown, and moments ago, we witnessed something I never thought I’d see from Carlito. He has basically promised to end MVP’s career next week on Smackdown.

Tazz: Well, he didn’t quite go that far Cole-

Michael Cole: Not in so many words, but I think we all got the idea. Eric Bischoff could have a major problem on his hands next Friday, if Carlito comes into Smackdown with the intention on ending another mans career.

Joey Styles: Carlito is a proud man. He loves his family, and he can never forget what MVP done to his little brother. I’m not condoning what he’s doing by any stretch. An eye for an eye is NOT the answer. But it’s clear that Carlito has reached a point where it’s beyond wins and losses.

Michael Cole: Well, in that case, he shouldn’t be here. Once your primary objective is to hurt and maim opponents, rather than win matches, win championships, and further your career, then you should be fighting in underground fight clubs inside cages. Or in run down bingo halls, - you know the kind Joey - where you stab opponents with broken shards of glass. This is the WWE. We’re a global brand, and Carlitos attitude, his actions, are making it look second rate. It’s guys like Carlito that give the WWE a bad name.

Joey Styles: Run down bingo halls??

Tazz: Hey Cole, that aint cool. I came from those run down bingo halls, as you like to put it.

Joey Styles: It seems ignorance is bliss.

Michael Cole: Sorry guys, but I just don’t see the appeal in it.

Tazz: It’s a very narrow minded opinion, Cole. Something you’ve never said to me before. Maybe you oughta jump outside the bubble you-

Michael Cole: Listen guys, I’ve already apologised. I’m feeling very claustrophobic with this three man booth, okay?? This table isn’t big enough for three guys to sit around. I need room to think in order to do my job.


Daivaris music hits, and helps Cole to quickly change the subject, as the Arab-American cruiserweight is revealed as Nobles challenge tonight.

Match 5:
Jamie Noble vs. Daivari
With the big main event still to come, and little time left to showcase it, these two are deprived of the time needed to put together a meaningful match. Noble is aggressive from the outset, wanting to impress Bischoff enough for a crack at JBL. Daivari though, has an agenda himself, and doesn’t take things lying down, putting up a fight, but in the end, falls to the Tiger Bomb, with Noble getting an impressive 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Jamie Noble @ 03:37

Delighted, Noble celebrates his victory like a championship win, having done exactly what was asked of him to earn a match with JBL.

Joey Styles: Good for Jamie Noble!! What this guy lacks in stature, he more than makes up for it in tenacity and will. He doesn’t care if he’s a foot shorter than JBL, or a hundred pounds lighter. Jamie Noble wants a piece of his former leader, and he’s willing to do anything it takes to do it!!

Tazz: Jamie ‘By Gawd’ Noble has really caught fire recently. He’s got the desire back that he seemed to have lost, and y’know, don’t rule this kid out, guys.

Michael Cole: Has he done enough though to convince the interim General Manager that he deserves another match with the self proclaimed ‘Wrestling God’?? That remains to be seen.

Joey Styles: I’m sure we will soon find out, but Jamie Noble hasn’t hurt his chances tonight, that’s for sure.

Michael Cole: Well, the time is nearly upon us guys. We are gearing up for the main event. The WWE Championship will be on the line, as Randy Orton defends the WWE Title against Batista!!!

Commercial Break


The video opens up with a crowded picture akin to the ‘Where’s Waldo’ (or Wally for the British), and the voiceover speaks;

“Where is The Undertaker in this picture?”

The camera moves around the picture, moving closer, up, down, left, right … no sign of The Undertaker.

“Did you find him??”

The camera continues to move around the picture, but it seems like it’s impossible to spot where The Undertaker is.

“Of course you didn’t. Because he isn’t there.”

The clip changes to an early sight of The Undertaker, circa 91/92, methodically walking to the ring.

“After a decade and a half of destruction, The Undertaker has disappeared from the face of the earth … but why??”

Clips of The Undertaker with the title at WrestleMania XIII, face to face with Kane the following year, and throwing Mick Foley off the Hell in a Cell roof.

“This, a man who has struck fear into his rivals, a man who dominated men bigger even than he is, a man who won multiple championships … gone … but why??”

Cut to a clip of JBL, standing tall in the ring.

“This is why”

Clips of JBL attacking opponents.

“The Undertaker is a coward. He looks at JBL, and sees the biggest threat to his reign as the conscience of the WWE. And instead of standing tall, and fighting like a man, he has disappeared, into the shadows”

Cut back to a mix of old and recent shots of The Undertaker.

“So now, it‘s up to you … the fans … to decide”

Shot’s of Taker delivering countless Tombstones.

“Is The Undertaker a fraud??”

Clips of Takers wins at WrestleManias.

“Has The Undertaker fed you lies for over fifteen years??”

Flashing shots of Taker sitting up, hitting Old School, and the cut throat taunt.

“Is he the Deadman or the Conman??”

Close up of Taker rolling his eyes back.

“Phenom or Phoney??”

Cut to black. Then back to clips of JBL.

“JBL knows the answers. He has been hunting The Undertaker for over two months, but The Undertaker remains in hiding. JBL has publicly challenged The Undertaker … but The Undertaker remains in the shadows”

Mocking images of Taker; first with a yellow streak on his back, then a clear photoshop of JBL standing over The Deadman.

“Let it be known. Tell your friends, tell your neighbours, tell your family, and tell your work colleagues. The Undertaker fears … John … Bradshaw … Layfield”

Back to ringside…

Joey Styles: JBL continues to dog The Undertaker.

Tazz: Listen Joe, The Undertaker is one freaky dude. If he don’t wanna be found, he aint gonna be. And no amount of humiliating videos are gonna bring him out of the shadows.

Michael Cole: Indeed, The Undertaker has not been seen, since being carried from the ring at WrestleMania, after his epic victory against Kurt Angle. That match, more than any other in his career took The Deadman to the limit. As far as my opinion goes, I simply believe that that match took more out of The Undertaker than any before, to the point where The Deadman will never return.

Joey Styles: You make a good point Michael. However, the more JBL peddles this notion that The Undertaker is hiding in fear from him, more and more fans will start to actually believe it. Perception, as they say … is reality.

Michael Cole: Be that as it may, JBL will be here in person next Friday, because the self proclaimed ‘Wrestling God’ will be in action. That’s right, Jamie Noble has been granted a one on one shot at his former leader - and it will be a NO Disqualification Match.

Tazz: Oh boy, Jamie Noble could be in, WAY over his head on that one.

Joey Styles: And of course, the King of the Ring tournament heats up. THREE second round matches will take place on Smackdown; the United States Champion Paul London takes on Ken Doane, Jeff Hardy meets Brent Albright, and of course, the biggest grudge match in King of the Ring history; it’s MVP, one on one, with Carlito.

Tazz: I cannot wait for that, Joe. HUGE week on Smackdown next Friday.

Michael Cole: But that, gentlemen, is next Friday. TONIGHT, we still have our main event to come. And what a main event. They don’t come much bigger; Batista challenges Randy Orton!! The Animal has the opportunity to become WWE Champion for the first time, and right now, he is in the back, with Josh Mathews. Josh??

Cut to Mathews…

Josh Mathews: Indeed, I am standing by with none other than the #1 Contender, Batista!!

Batista steps into the picture to a rapturous pop from the fans.

Josh Mathews: Batista, the biggest opportunity of your career awaits in just a moment. The history between you and Randy Orton is well documented, but will that inside information on the champion prove to be a pivotal factor??

Batista: It’s true that I know Orton inside out. I know how his mind works. I know how the guy operates. I watched him develop in Evolution, I know all the tricks he was taught. I know his strengths … and his weaknesses. But Josh, there’s only one piece of information that truly matters tonight. And it’s not that I know what Orton is gonna do before he does it. Nuh uh. There’s one thing I know that makes the difference.

Batista pauses, and lets the suspense grow.

Batista: I know that tonight … I’m leavin Denver with the WWE Championship!!!

Big pop from the fans.

Batista: Randy?? Tonight, your world comes apart. You’ve pushed the only allies you had away … the only chance you had of stopping me … and you pushed them away. So, for all your misdemeanours, all your callous actions over the last six months … tonight is payback. And payback is a-

Voice: Dream.

The camera pans out … and shows RANDY ORTON. There is heat for the WWE Champion, as he walks onto the set, locking eyes with Batista.

Randy Orton: Payback is simply a dream. Just like this crazy notion that YOU are walking out with MY Championship.

Orton walks around Batista, trying to unnerve The Animal, but Batista shows no signs of nerves.

Randy Orton: You make it seem like I didn’t work out how your minds ticks Dave. In all our time together in Evolution, I worked you out too … not that there was much to gage from that head.

Batista clenches his jaw, refusing to respond to the insult.

Randy Orton: And as for strengths and weaknesses?? Please. I know ALL your strengths, and all your weaknesses. And trust me … there are way more weaknesses … than strengths.

Orton continues to try and walk around him, but Batista suddenly grips Orton, and shoves him into the wall, holding his forearm across the throat of the champion. Orton tries to wriggle free, but Batista overpowers him.

Batista: I GUESS … we’re even then.

The Animal lets go, as Orton looks to contemplate a cheap shot, but thinks better of it.

Batista: May the best man win, huh??

Batista shoves Orton out of the way, and charges out of the picture, as Orton tries to gather himself.

Commercial Break

Back into the arena…


Batista enters, and makes his way to the ring, with the fans solidly behind The Animal tonight, in his quest to take the WWE title.

The Animal goes through his usual ring entrance routine, as Cole, Styles and Tazz hype up this massive main event.

Batista paces around the ring now, as the camera quickly switches backstage, showing BROCK LESNAR standing, watching on a monitor, as he gears up to face the winner at the Great American Bash.


As always, the hatred of the fans for Orton is clear to see. The WWE Champion strides onto the stage, cold and as calculated as ever, ignoring the heat from the audience, pacing toward the ring, not taking his eyes off Batista.

Orton takes his time, stepping inside, with Batista chomping at the bit, pacing back and forth, wanting the match to be on already.

Again, we see Lesnar watching on a monitor backstage, whilst the introductions take place, and the main event set to begin.

Randy Orton vs. Batista
The match gets the big match build up, and starts off cagily, with a few lock ups, and a few stalemates. But, Batista eventually wins the battle, showing off his superior strength. The match soon breaks down, with Orton realising he cant compete with his challenger in the strength department, but the champion finds himself on the losing end of a fist fight too, beaten to the punch by Batista. Orton is livid, and takes a walk around ringside to clear his head … BUT BATISTA ISNT WAITING!!! The Animal follows out, and grabs Orton from behind, looking to send him into the post, but Orton manages to counter, and hurls Batista into the STEPS!!!

Orton gets the opening he wanted, and, doesn’t waste it, going to work on Batista, hammering him on the outside, then rolls back in. It seems Orton is content to score a count out win, not coming back for Dave, and instead allowing the referee to count him out. Batista though is far too fresh to lose the count, and makes it back inside the ring for SIX, but Orton is on him from the get go. Orton stomps down the big man, then sends him off into the corner, racing in after him - but Batista fires back with a reverse elbow!!

The champion staggers out, and The Animal follows up, charging out of the corner with a clothesline!! Orton stumbles straight back up, and staggers into a sidewalk slam, with Batista covering, 1...2...NO!! Orton doesn’t give in, but Batista has the advantage now, and the challenger gets to work, taking Orton apart, busting him in the corner with blows, elbows, knees … and the challenger enjoys seeing Orton squirm … but it doesn’t get the job done. The Animal is unable to put the champion down for the decisive three count, even after a running power slam.

Batista takes the fight to the outside, attempting to continue putting the hurting on the champion, and rams Orton into the apron - three times, as the pain is etched on Randys face, before Batista picks him up, running Orton into the ring post, back first!!! Back inside, Batista knocks him back down, and goes for the cover, 1...2...NO!!! Batista starts to get more agitated, getting to his feet, sticking his boot to the face of the fading champion, dragging him to his feet. Batista then runs off his ropes himself, building up some speed to nail Orton … BUT ORTON DUCKS UNDER … AND SCORES WITH HIS REVERSE NECK/BACK BREAKER!!! Orton makes the cover, 1...2...NO!!!


Now though, Orton has an opening back into the match, and he pounds Batista, not allowing The Animal back up. It’s all Orton for a period now, with The Animal unable to muster any offence, as Orton picks it up a gear … but like Batista, he cant find a way to finish the opponent off. Batista starts to fight back, hammering the gut of the champion, getting to his feet, running off the ropes … BUT RUNS RIGHT INTO A POWERSLAM!!! Orton hooks the leg, 1...2...NO!!! Batista refuses to give in … but he may not have a choice in the matter for much longer, as Orton now looks to be setting himself for the RKO!!!

Orton stalks The Animal, as the challenger struggles to his feet. Batista reaches his base, ORTON SPINS HIM AROUND … RK-NO!!! BATISTA SHOVES ORTON INTO THE ROPES … AND DRILLS HIM ON THE RETURN WITH A SPINEBUSTER!!!!! The Pepsi Centre is ROCKING, as the prospect of a NEW WWE Champion becomes a big reality!!! Batista is up, AND SHAKES THE ROPES!!! The fans are on their feet, as Batista picks Orton up … FOR THE BATISTA BOMB … BUT ORTON FIGHTS IT!!!

Orton, fighting with all he has left, hammers Batista, preventing the bomb, with Batista losing his grip, and Orton lands back on his feet!! The two men trade blows, back and forth … but Batista drills Orton with a knee to the gut, AND GOES FOR THE BATISTA BOMB AGAIN … BUT ORTON FREES HIMSELF AGAIN … RKO!!!!! Orton, worse for wear, is slow to make his cover, draping an arm over The Animal … 1...2...NO!!!

The match continues!!! Orton took too long with the cover, and Batista survives the count!! Orton slowly, wearily makes it to his feet, with Batista slowly beginning to stir himself. The champion reaches his feet, looking at the state of Batista … AND GOES FOR THE DEADLY PUNT … BUT MISSES!!! Orton kicks fresh air!! The champ spins around, and launches at Batista … BUT THE ANIMAL RISES … AND WITH A SURGE OF POWER CHARGES ORTON INTO THE CORNER!!!

Batista opens up on Orton, hammering the champion in the corner, then sends him with incredible velocity to the opposite corner. Fired up, The Animal CHARGES across the ring, looking for a splash in the corner … BUT ORTON DRAGS THE REFEREE IN HIS WAY!!! Charles Robinson gets squashed between challenger and champion, and the official is surely out of commission!!! Robinson drops in a heap, as Batista takes a moment to think, shaking his head in fury. The Animal now takes his frustration out on the champion, shoving Orton out of the ring, following outside himself.

On the outside, it’s all Batista again, with the challenger making the most of the referee bump; picking up the steps, and NAILING the champion with the object. The Animal effortlessly picks Orton up, dropping him on the barrier, before taking him back inside the ring, as he looks to finally put a finishing touch on Orton. The challenger stands over Orton, taking his time, signalling for the Batista Bomb again, getting Orton onto his knees, between his legs … BUT ORTON GETS DESPERATE … AND LOW BLOWS BATISTA!!!

Batista drops to a knee, and both men are now down, with the referee STILL out from the corner splash. Both men are worn out, and both struggle to get back to their feet, each using opposite sides to pull themselves up on the ropes getting to their feet, with Orton coming at Batista, but The Animal ducks under, and elevates Orton over the top rope, to the apron. Batista turns, and drags Orton back up, looking to suplex him back inside the ring … BUT WE SEE EDGE … COMING IN FROM THE CROWD … SLIDING INTO THE RING WITH A CHAIR … AND LEVELS BATISTA!!!

Batista staggers away after the impact of the chair shot to the back … AS EDGE FOLLOWS UP WITH A SHOT TO THE SKULL!!! Batista goes down, and a smiling Orton slithers back inside, looking to pick up the scraps … BUT EDGE SPEARS THE CHAMPION!!!!! Edges furies boil over!!! The frustration of Edge is clear to see, with the Rated ‘R’ Superstar taking out BOTH men. Edge though, isn’t done, and lifts the chair back up, standing over Batista … AND SLAMS THE CHAIR OFF HIS HEAD - ONE MAN (ONE CHAIR) CON-CHAIR-TO!!! Edge, remorseless, gets out of the ring, and hops back over the barrier, leaving as he came, as Orton somehow drapes an arm over the Animal. It takes a few moments, but Charles Robinson finally comes to, and makes the slowest of counts … 1 .……… 2 .……… 3!!!!!
Winner: And STILL WWE Champion - Randy Orton @ 15:27

The fans shit all over the finish, as Orton survives with his title in tact. Orton retains, but he looks far from being a champion right now, after suffering the spear from the frustrated Edge.

Joey Styles: Dress it up whatever way you like, Batista just got ROBBED!!!

Michael Cole: Dress it up whatever way you like; Randy Orton is STILL WWE Champion!!!

Joey Styles: Thanks to Edge, we’ll never know who would’ve walked out of here tonight as the better man. Batista appeared in my eyes to be seconds away from finishing off Orton once and for all!!

Tazz: What the heck has gotta be goin through the mind of Edge right now?? The guy has lost it if you ask me.

Michael Cole: Edge, after his loss tonight, is further away than he has ever been before from becoming WWE Champion. I guess in Edge’s eyes, if he cant be the champion, then perhaps NO ONE should be champ!!!

In the ring, Batista is STILL out cold, whilst Randy Orton, looking out of sorts, stumbles out of the ring, and up the ramp.

Joey Styles: There will be a price to pay, let me tell you that. Batista will not let Edge get away with this. No way.

Michael Cole: That may be true, Joey, but one thing is for SURE. Randy Orton will defend the WWE Championship on July 8 at the Great American Bash against none other than Brock Lesnar!!! Through hell or high water, Orton is STILL the champion, but for how much longer?? Goodnight everybody!!



Current Card for WWE Great American Bash:
Date: 8th July 2007
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: Alter Bridge; Rise Today

WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar


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